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Also Known As: Died: May 18, 1961
Born: August 10, 1891 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Orange, New Jersey, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

The Wings of Eagles (1957) as Capt. Spear
Biography of Frank "Spig" Wead, the pioneer aviator who turned to writing after being grounded by an accident.
Untamed (1955) as Squire O'Neill
When the great potato famine hits Ireland, the diaspora begins as thousands emigrate. Among those leaving the Emerald Isle is Katie O'Neill and her husband, who decide that the promised land is South Africa and make their way there. Once there, they discover the hardships that are the reality of the homesteader experience. To complicate matters, Katie meets up with the love of her life, Paul van Riebeck. Will there be betrayal on the veldt?
The Sun Shines Bright (1953) as Habersham
John Ford weaves three "Judge Priest" stories together to form a good- natured exploration of honour and small-town politics in the South around the turn of the century. Judge William Priest is involved variously in revealing the real identity of Lucy Lake, reliving his Civil War memories, preventing the lynching of a youth and contesting the elections with Yankee Horace K. Maydew.
Scarlet Angel (1952) as Morgan Caldwell
In 1865 New Orleans, sea captain Truscott goes to the notorious Scarlet Angel saloon, where he meets rapacious Roxy McClanahan, as rough and tough as he is. Despite his best efforts, Roxy manages to make off with Truscott's bankroll, and flees with war widow Linda Caldwell. Luck favors Roxy with a chance to slip into Linda's identity, and luckier still, Linda proves to have had wealthy in-laws in San Francisco, who are happy to give their new relation a chance to become a "lady." But inevitably, Truscott re-appears...
Scandal Sheet (1952) as Charlie Barnes
A tabloid editor assigns a young reporter to solve a murder the editor committed himself.
The People Against O'Hara (1951) as Judge Keating
A defense attorney jeopardizes his career to save his client.
The Family Secret (1951) as Donald Muir
When his son accidentally kills someone, a lawyer must defend the man wrongly charged with the murder.
The Flying Missile (1951) as Admiral Scott
The Milkman (1950) as Bradley, Sr.
Roger Bradley, son of a milk magnate, isn't allowed to work for his dad's company because of a lingering war trauma: in moments of stress he quacks like a duck. Desperate to escape from idleness, he gets a job with his father's arch-rival, sponsored by eccentric milkman Breezy Albright, and promptly falls in love with the boss's daughter. But his career as a milkman soon degenerates into slapstick.
No Man of Her Own (1950) as Mr. Harkness
Helen Ferguson, pregnant, penniless and dumped by her boyfriend Steve Morley, takes the identity of the pregnant Patrice Harkness, when she and her husband are killed in a train crash. The rich Harkness in-laws, and their other son Bill, had never seen Patrice, so they accept her and her newborn son into their family. However Steve eventually finds her and starts to blackmail her.
The Second Woman (1950) as Ben Sheppard
In flashback from a 'Rebecca'-style beginning: Ellen Foster, visiting her aunt on the California coast, meets neighbor Jeff Cohalan and his ultramodern clifftop house. Ellen is strongly attracted to Jeff, who's being plagued by unexplainable accidents, major and minor. Bad luck, persecution...or paranoia? Warned that Jeff could be dangerous, Ellen fears that he's in danger, as the menacing atmosphere darkens.
Convicted (1950) as Detective Dorn
A prison warden fights to prove one of his inmates was wrongly convicted.
Holiday Affair (1949) as Mr. Crowley
A young widow is torn between a boring businessman and a romantic ne'er-do-well.
The Reckless Moment (1949) as Mr. Harper
A mother attempts to protect her murderous daughter.
Alias Nick Beal (1949) as Judge Hobson
Strange Bargain (1949) as Timothy Herne
A young bookkeeper is framed for his boss''''s murder.
You're My Everything (1949) as Prof. Adams
In 1924, stage-struck Boston blueblood Hannah Adams picks up musical star Tim O'Connor and takes him home for dinner. One thing leads to another, and when Tim's show rolls on to Chicago a new Mrs. O'Connor comes along as incompetent chorus girl. Hollywood beckons, and we follow the star careers of the O'Connor family in silents and talkies. Includes good imitation "silents" with classic cameo by Buster Keaton.
Leather Gloves (1948) as Dudley
The Return of October (1948) as President Hotchkiss
An heiress discovers her racehorse is the reincarnation of her rich uncle, back to win the Kentucky Derby.
Little Mister Jim (1947) as Chaplain
After his mother''''s death, a young boy tries to help his father stop drinking.
The Beginning or the End (1947) as General Thomas F. Farrell
True story of the Manhattan Project and the race to build the atomic bomb.
Bad Bascomb (1946) as Governor Winton
A western bandit is reformed by his love for a little girl.
The Hoodlum Saint (1946) as Lewis J. Malbery
After finding religion, a cynical newspaperman tries to help young hoods.
The Green Years (1946) as Canon Roche
An orphaned Irish boy is taken in by his mother's Scottish relations.
Three Wise Fools (1946) as Horace Appleby
An orphan girl melts the hearts of three crusty old men.
The Virginian (1946) as Mr. Taylor
Best friends become enemies when one signs on with a rustler.
This Man's Navy (1945) as Lieut. Commander Roger Graystone
Two Navy vets compete to see whose son is the bigger hero.
Keep Your Powder Dry (1945) as Major General Lee Rand
Three girls overcome their differences when they join the WACS.
Dangerous Partners (1945) as Duffy
A young couple''''s accident could make them rich, if they can evade a Nazi spy ring.
Between Two Women (1945) as Goff
Dr. Gillespie''s young assistant finds himself pursued by two beautiful women.
Nothing But Trouble (1945) as Mr. [Basil] Hawkley
A pair of dimwits get jobs as servants to a boy king whose life is in danger.
Anchors Aweigh (1945) as Admiral Hammond
A pair of sailors on leave try to help a movie extra become a singing star.
The Heavenly Body (1944) as Professor Stowe
An astronomer's neglected wife takes up astrology and a handsome astrologer.
A Guy Named Joe (1944) as Colonel Sykes
A downed World War II pilot becomes the guardian angel for his successor in love and war.
Rationing (1944) as Senator Edward A. White
A small-town butcher has problems coping with meat rationing.
Lost Angel (1944) as Professor [Josh] Pringle
A girl raised to be a genius gets lost and discovers the simple pleasure of life.
Barbary Coast Gent (1944) as Colonel Watrous
A bandit from the gold fields moves to San Francisco and tries to go straight.
Two Girls and a Sailor (1944) as John Dyckman Brown II
Singing sisters create a World War II canteen and become rivals for the same man.
Air Raid Wardens (1943) as Rittenhouse
A pair of bumblers stumble upon Nazi spies on the home front.
Girl Crazy (1943) as Mr. [Danny] Churchill, Sr.
A womanizing playboy finds true love when he's sent to a desert college.
Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case (1943) as Warden Kenneson
A wheelchair-bound doctor tries to prove a convicted killer's innocence.
Best Foot Forward (1943) as Major [Roger W.] Reeber
A movie star wreaks havoc when she accepts an invitation to a military academy dance.
Whistling in Brooklyn (1943) as Inspector Holcomb
A radio sleuth infiltrates the Brooklyn Dodgers to solve a murder.
Stand by for Action (1943) as Comdr. Stone, M.C.
A Harvard graduate serving on a battleship is faced with the realities of war.
The Human Comedy (1943) as Charles Steed
A small-town telegraph boy deals with the strains of growing up during World War II.
Tortilla Flat (1942) as Father [Juan] Ramon
Inhabitants of a Southern California fishing village strive for the simple pleasures of life.
Johnny Eager (1942) as Mr. Verne
A handsome racketeer seduces the DA's daughter for revenge, then falls in love.
Born to Sing (1942) as Frank Eastman
Fledgling entertainers put on a show for Uncle Sam.
White Cargo (1942) as Reverend Roberts
A sultry native woman ignites the passions of workers on an African plantation.
This Time for Keeps (1942) as Arthur Freeman
A newlywed goes to work for his disapproving father-in-law.
The Bugle Sounds (1942) as Lieutenant Colonel Seton
An old-time cavalry sergeant's resistance to change could cost him his post.
Men of Boys Town (1941) as Mr. Maitland
Father Flanagan continues to fight for his pioneering orphanage.
Down in San Diego (1941) as Colonal Halliday
Teenagers take on enemy spies at a Navy base.
The Get-Away (1941) as Warden Alcott
A jailed cop befriends a mob chieftain and stages a breakout with him.
Billy the Kid (1941) as Tim Ward
A misunderstood youngster turns into one of the West''''s most notorious outlaws.
Whistling in the Dark (1941) as Philip Post
A radio detective is kidnapped and forced to plan the perfect murder.
Blossoms in the Dust (1941) as Judge
True-life story of Edna Gladney, who fought for orphans' rights in Texas.
Shadow of the Thin Man (1941) as Major Jason I. Sculley
High society sleuths Nick and Nora Charles run into a variety of shady characters while investigating a race-track murder.
The Trial of Mary Dugan (1941) as Galway
Honky Tonk (1941) as Daniel Wells
A young girl falls for a western gambler.
Money and the Woman (1940) as Mr. Mason
An embezzler''''s wife begs his boss for forgiveness, only to fall in love with him.
Calling Philo Vance (1940) as Markham
Society sleuth Philo Vance tangles with foreign agents when he investigates the murder of an aircraft manufacturer.
A Child Is Born (1940) as Dr. Lee
A pregnant prison inmate shares her problems with the patients in a maternity ward.
'Til We Meet Again (1940) as Dr. Cameron
A dying woman shares a shipboard romance with a criminal on his way to the gallows.
Castle on the Hudson (1940) as District Attorney
A hardened crook behind bars comes up against a reform-minded warden.
Knute Rockne--All American (1940) as Doctor
Biography of the famed Notre Dame coach and his fight to "win one for the Gipper."
Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet (1940) as Dr. Lenz
True story of the German scientist who devoted his life to curing syphilis.
Santa Fe Trail (1940) as Cyrus Halliday
Romantic rivals get caught in the battle to stop abolitionist John Brown.
Brother Rat and a Baby (1940) as Colonel Ramm
Three naval cadets graduate and help each other find jobs.
They Drive by Night (1940) as District Attorney
Truck driving brothers are framed for murder by a lady psycho.
The Fighting 69th (1940) as The colonel
A braggart soldier learns the true meaning of heroism when he joins World War I's all-Irish unit.
Lucky Night (1939) as Calvin Jordan
During a drunken night out, an heiress marries a broken-down gambler.
Torchy Blane in Chinatown (1939) as [Senator] Baldwin
A daring lady reporter sets out to catch a blackmailer.
City in Terror (1939) as Matthew Carter
Family who witness a murder are pursued by gangsters.
Everybody's Hobby (1939) as Tom Leslie
A hobby-mad family makes their obsessions pay off.
Confessions of a Nazi Spy (1939) as Attorney Kellogg
An FBI agent risks his life to infiltrate Nazi sympathizers in the U.S.
The Angels Wash Their Faces (1939) as Remson, Sr.
A young delinquent defies his sister to join a tough street gang.
Wings of the Navy (1939) as Prologue speaker
Pilot brothers vie for the same woman.
Invisible Stripes (1939) as Parole officer Masters
On his release from prison, a crook tries to stop his brother from following in his footsteps.
Dodge City (1939) as Colonel Dodge
A soldier of fortune takes on the corrupt boss of a Western town.
Juarez (1939) as Miguel Miramon
True story of Mexico's Abraham Lincoln and his fight against Napoleon's empire.
Four Wives (1939) as Dr. Clinton Forrest Sr.
Three married women play matchmaker for their widowed sister.
The Chaser (1938) as Calhoun
Love trips up an ambulance-chasing lawyer.
Girls on Probation (1938) as Judge
A dizzy young girl falls into crime but wins her lawyer's heart.
Gold Is Where You Find It (1938) as Judge
A gold strike in California triggers a bitter feud between farmers and prospectors.
Racket Busters (1938) as Governor
A mobster tries to take over the trucking business.
White Banners (1938) as Sam Trimble
A mysterious woman tries to help her son''''s foster family without revealing her true identity.
Yellow Jack (1938) as [Dr.] Gorgas
A Marine in turn-of-the-century Cuba risks his life in the fight to cure yellow fever.
Brother Rat (1938) as Colonel Ramm
A military cadet and his friends try to keep his marriage a secret.
The Amazing Doctor Clitterhouse (1938) as Judge
A doctor plots crimes so he can study criminal psychology.
Jezebel (1938) as General Bogardus
A tempestuous Southern belle's willfulness threatens to destroy all who care for her.
The Great Garrick (1937) as Sir Joshua Reynolds
French actors set out to deflate the ego of legendary stage star David Garrick.
The Great O'Malley (1937) as Attorney for the defense
A ruthless cop gets mixed up with a man who''''s only turned to crime to help his crippled daughter.
First Lady (1937) as George Mason
A U.S. president's granddaughter fights a femme fatale to groom her husband for the White House.
Mr. Dodd Takes the Air (1937) as Gateway
A country bumpkin becomes a singing sensation on the radio.
Green Light (1937) as Dr. Endicott
An idealistic doctor sacrifices his career to protect an elderly surgeon.
The Go Getter (1937) as Commander Tisdale
A Navy veteran with one leg fights to make himself a success.
Wells Fargo (1937) as Henry Wells
An employee of an express shipping service helps to provide people with the supplies they need.
Draegerman Courage (1937) as Dr. Thomas Haslett
After a mine cave in, the rescue crew risks their lives to search for two trapped miners.
The Singing Marine (1937) as Captain Skinner
A young Marine develops an inflated ego after winning a talent contest.
Submarine D-1 (1937) as Admiral Thomas
Recruits on a new submarine fall for the same girl.
Marked Woman (1937) as [District Attorney Arthur] Sheldon
A crusading DA fights to get a nightclub hostess to testify against her gangster boss.
The Life of Emile Zola (1937) as Colonel Picquart
The famed writer risks his reputation to defend a Jewish army officer accused of treason.
The Story of Louis Pasteur (1936) as Dr. Emile Roux
True story of the French scientist''''s battle to establish modern medical methods.
Road Gang (1936) as George Winston
A reporter exposes corruption on a southern chain gang.
Boulder Dam (1936) as Agnew
Man mistaken for a murderer hides out while working on construction project.
Anthony Adverse (1936) as Father Xavier
An orphan runs off to a life of adventure, then returns to France in search of the girl he left behind.
Rainbow on the River (1936) as Father Josef
Young Phillip Ainsworth, (Bobby Breen), an orphan of the US Civil War, has been lovingly raised by Toinette, (Louise Beavers) a former slave. Toinette has big plans for the boy. She has saved her money to send him to a private school. But when the local priest, Father Josef, (Henry O'Neill) finds Phillip's family living in New York, the boy is sent north to live with people who refuse to accept him as their own. His only friend is the butler, Barrett, (Charles Butterworth). But his curmodgeon of a grandmother, (May Robson) is finally broken down by the boy's charm and good manners, and all ends happily. Along the way Breen has ample opportunity to show off his voice by singing several songs, including the title song three times.
The Golden Arrow (1936) as Mr. Appleby
A fake heiress marries a common reporter to thwart the advances of gold-digging playboys.
Bullets or Ballots (1936) as Ward Bryant
A cop goes undercover to crack an influential crime ring.
Freshman Love (1936) as President Simpkins
A college coach uses a beautiful blonde to woo athletes into joining his team.
The Walking Dead (1936) as Werner
A framed man comes back from the dead to seek revenge.
The White Angel (1936) as Dr. Scott
In this true story, Florence Nightingale defies military leaders to organize humanitarian nursing services during the Crimean War.
The Big Noise (1936) as Charlie Caldwell
A meek businessman turns hero when he refuses to pay the mob for protection.
Living on Velvet (1935) as Thornton
A guilt-ridden pilot finds a new outlook on life when he falls for a society girl.
Bright Lights (1935) as J. C. Anderson
Husband-and-wife vaudeville stars separate when success goes to his head.
Personal Maid's Secret (1935) as Mr. Palmer
A maid''''s ability to pick stock market winners keeps her employer in the money.
We're in the Money (1935) as Stephen Dinsmore
Gold-digging process servers set their sights on a breach of promise defendant.
While the Patient Slept (1935) as [Elihu] Dimuck
A nurse investigates murder at a mysterious mansion.
Dr. Socrates (1935) as Greer
A small-town doctor gets mixed up with gangsters.
Stranded (1935) as Mr. Tuthill
A Traveler's Aid worker who delights in solving people's problems gets mixed up with gangsters.
Black Fury (1935) as [John W.] Hendricks
A coal worker gets mixed up in the mob''s efforts to infiltrate his union.
Oil for the Lamps of China (1935) as Hartford
An American oil company representative almost sacrifices his marriage for his career.
Bordertown (1935) as Mr. Elwell
An ambitious Mexican-American gets mixed up with his boss's neurotic wife.
Sweet Music (1935) as Louis Trumble
A band leader shares a tempestuous romance with his lead singer.
The Case of the Lucky Legs (1935) as Manchester
Perry Mason tries to stay on the wagon while investigating the murder of a crooked beauty contest promoter.
The Florentine Dagger (1935) as Victor Ballau
A playwright descended from the Borgias becomes a murder suspect.
Alias Mary Dow (1935) as Henry Dow
Dying Evelyn Dow anguishes over her lost daughter, who disappeared as a child. Evelyn's husband Henry, hoping to make his wife's final days more bearable, asks waitress Sally Gates to pose as the daughter. Sally does so, but Mrs. Dow is so cheered by her "daughter's" return that she regains her health, leaving Sally stuck in her role.
The Great Hotel Murder (1935) as Mr. [Claude] Harvey
Special Agent (1935) as District Attorney
A government agent poses as a newspaperman to get the goods on a mobster.
Dinky (1935) as Mr. Barnes
A military school cadet''''s mother is framed and sent to prison.
The Big Shakedown (1934) as Sheffner
A racketeer breaks into black-market medicine.
Side Streets (1934) as George [Richards]
A lady furrier marries a lovesick sailor then has to deal with his checkered past.
Journal of a Crime (1934) as Doctor
Before she can confess to shooting her husband''''s mistress, a woman succumbs to amnesia.
Gentlemen Are Born (1934) as Mr. Harper
Recent college graduates face the realities of the Great Depression.
Upper World (1934) as Banker
A wealthy man escapes his wife's social pretensions in the arms of a burlesque queen.
Now I'll Tell (1934) as [Tommy] Doran
Golden is a two-bit gambler who has promised wife Virginia he'll quit when he makes $200,000. When he fixes a fight he gets mobster Mossiter mad, then loses his fortune to him. He pawns his wife's jewels and takes out an insurance policy on himself.
Twenty Million Sweethearts (1934) as Lemuel Tappan
A promoter neglects his wife to make a singer a radio star.
Midnight Alibi (1934) as Ardsley
An elderly recluse shelters a gambler on the run from bogus murder charges.
The Man Who Reclaimed His Head (1934) as Fernand De Marnay
A brilliant but impoverished writer, who is a pacifist, goes to work for a publisher and writes anti-war editorials. When he discovers that the publisher has betrayed him and is in league with munitions manufacturers to make money off of war, he goes insane.
Murder in the Clouds (1934) as [John] Brownell
A hotshot pilot takes on enemy agents to fly a scientist and his new explosive to Washington.
I've Got Your Number (1934) as [John P.] Schuyler
Two telephone engineers try to clear a woman of criminal charges.
The Man with Two Faces (1934) as Inspector
An actor uses his skills to protect his sister from her sinister husband.
Flirtation Walk (1934) as Gen. Fitts
A West Point cadet falls for his commanding officer's daughter.
Bedside (1934) as Dr. Chester
A fake doctor sets up a lucrative high-society practice.
Madame Du Barry (1934) as Duc de Choiseul
True story of the legendary courtesan who was mistress to France''''s King Louis XV.
Fashions of 1934 (1934) as Duryea
A con artist and his beautiful assistant take on the fashion world.
Big Hearted Herbert (1934) as Goodrich, Sr.
A plumber''''s business success makes him neglect his family.
Midnight (1934) as Edgar V. Ingersoll
Jury foreman Edward Weldon's questioning leads to the death sentence for Ethel Saxon. His daughter Stella claims to have killed her lover, the gangster Garboni, just as Saxon was to sit in the electric chair.
Wonder Bar (1934) as Richard
The denizens of a Parisian night club deal with murder and romance.
Massacre (1934) as Mr. Dickinson
A college-educated Sioux goes to Washington to fight for his people''s rights.
The Key (1934) as Dan
A British officer stationed in Ireland falls for the wife of an intelligence man.
The Personality Kid (1934) as Stephens
Success corrupts a young prizefighter and leads him to neglect his wife.
The Secret Bride (1934) as [Jim] Lansdale
A district attorney secretly marries the daughter of a man he's trying to convict.
Fog over Frisco (1934) as Porter
A San Francisco heiress discovers her sister is hanging out with gangsters.
The Kennel Murder Case (1933) as Dubois
Society sleuth Philo Vance investigates a murder tied to a Long Island dog show.
From Headquarters (1933) as Inspector Donnelly
A police lieutenant uses scientific methods to solve a decadent playboy's murder.
Lady Killer (1933) as Ramick
A criminal on the run becomes a Hollywood movie star.
I Loved a Woman (1933) as Farrell
A Chicago meat-packer tries to keep a rein on his social-climbing wife.
The World Changes (1933) as Orin Nordholm, Sr.
When a farmer strikes it rich in business, success goes to his head.
The House on 56th Street (1933) as Baxter
A woman loses her family after being falsely convicted of a crime.

Cast (short)

Dark Shadows (1944)
This short film focuses on a psychiatrist investigating the murder of another psychiatrist.
Main Street Today (1944)
This short film promotes the U.S. war effort at home in a small town.
Service with the Colors (1940)
This short film focuses on new army recruits prior to the U.S. entry into World War II. Vitaphone Release 9933-9934.
The Making of a Great Motion Picture (1936)
This promotional short film provides a behind-the-scenes look at the making of "Anthony Adverse" (1936).
A Trip Thru a Hollywood Studio (1935)
This short film takes the viewer on a tour of the Warner Brothers studios lot. Vitaphone Release 6616.

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