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Cast (feature film)

True Crime (1999) as Orangeman/Trumpet
A down and out journalist finds his chance to turn his life around when he successfully manages to have a murder case reopened, just as the man convicted for the crime awaits execution on death row. The journalist fights against time to prove the man's innocence and save his life.
Swing (1998) as Orangeman/Trumpet
Five down-on-their-luck working-class men in Liverpool fulfill their dreams and aspirations by starting a swing band. The band is organized by an ex-con who hires his former girlfriend as the lead singer, and soon the band is on its way to becoming an overnight sensation.

Editing (feature film)

Sorority Boys (2002) as Dialogue Editor
Three playboy chauvanists, strapped for cash, find themselves drawn to one last, desperate hope for free housing: one of their campus' sororities, Delta Omicron Gamma (or D.O.G.). With a little make-up, a little pantyhose, and lots of "pluck", Dave, Adam and Doofer go undercover in the sorority hous
Baby Boy (2001) as Dialogue Editor
A young black man, after spending too many years living at home with his mother and not acting like a real father to his child, finally accepts his responsibilites as a man and a father.
Focus (2001) as Dialogue Editor
In New York during the height of World War II, an American community begins to unravel when a man and his wife become victims of mistaken identity.
Forsaken, The (2001) as Dialogue Editor
Driving from L.A. to Florida to deliver a vintage Mercedes and attend his sister's wedding, Sean decides to pick up hitchhiker Nick. From that moment on, his cross country road trip is transformed into a surreal and blood-soaked nightmare. Sean soon realizes that Nick is not the laid back, aimless t
Proposition, The (1998) as Dialogue Editor
As told by Father Michael McKinnon, the story is set in 1930's Boston. Arthur Barret, an attorney and adviser to FDR, and Eleanor Barret, a successful author, have decided to have a child. Unfortunately, Arthur is impotent, forcing the couple to go outside of conventional means. Top Harvard Law stud
Bushwhacked (1995) as Dialogue Editor
Max Grabelski is a delivery guy living in a world all his own. With his leather jacket, Italian shoes and a self-confidence that's more a product of his imagination than anything else, he might bend the rules, but his heart is always in the right place. Unfortunately, he also has a knack for ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time. When he finds himself set up for a murder he didn't commit, he's forced to go on the lam. Fate (and a stolen automobile) bring Max together with six kids in need of a leader for their Ranger Scout troop. Seeing a golden opportunity to hide out, Max takes on the cover, albeit reluctantly, as the youngsters' Troop Leader. With the law hot on his trail, Max and his troop must together overcome the odds, and survive in a place Max has never been before... Outdoors.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: the Movie (1995) as Dialogue Editor
After their Command Center is trashed by the nefarious Ivan Ooze, the Power Rangers must obtain a new and greater power to rescue Zordon--and the world. With the help of a stunningly beautiful warrior named Dulcea, they learn the ancient art of Ninjetti, the perfect union of mind, body and spirit. W
Usual Suspects, The (1994) as Dialogue Editor
Five criminals are recruited by a mysterious underworld figure to stop a drug transaction.
Robocop 2 (1990) as Dialogue Editor
Cyborg law enforcement continues, this time battling a new, addictive designer drug, nuke.
Cloak and Dagger (1984) as Assistant Editor
Henry Thomas gets involved with murderous spies--but no one will believe him. He turns to a computer game called "Cloak and Dagger" and begins to fantasize that secret agent Jack Flack (Dabney Coleman) is helping him deal with his real-life dangers.
Psycho II (1983) as Assistant Editor
After 22 years in an asylum, Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins, reprising his most famous role) is released and allowed to return home over the objections of Lila Loomis (Vera Miles), sister of one of his victims in PSYCHO. Although Norman is somewhat apprehensive about returning to the old house and motel where he committed his murders, he seems to be completely recovered. He is given work at a local diner, where he meets Mary (Meg Tilly), a cute but spacy waitress who seems completely ignorant of the earlier horrors. As Norman gets close to Mary, strange things begin to occur. He finds notes signed by Mother, receives phone calls from Mother, even sees Mother standing in her bedroom window. Then the bodies begin to pile up.
Where the Buffalo Roam (1980) as Assistant Editor
A series of episodes from the career of counterculture, "gonzo" journalist Hunter S. Thompson are recounted. The stories, which may be fact or fiction, include Thompson and his attorney picking up and frightening a hitchhiker, and Thompson alone in a rest room with Richard Nixon.

Sound (feature film)

Wall of Secrets (2004)
A couple find that their new apartment is less than ideal as they discover mysterious happenings around them.
View of Terror (2004)
When a young woman moves into a new apartment, she unknowingly garners the attention of a neighbor whose interest quickly becomes obsessive. Frightened for her safety, she decides to take matters into her own hands and turn the tables on her stalker but her actions may put her life at stake.
Deception (2003) as Adr Supervisor
Erin is an actress who makes her living by helping an investigator set up cheating husbands. When she starts to fall for her next "target," Max, her world crumbles and her life begins to appear in jeopardy.
Max Keeble's Big Move (2001) as Adr Editor
A seventh grader seeks revenge on his classmates for branding him a nerd by wreaking havoc at his school, all the while thinking that his family is moving away to Chicago for his father's new job. Unfortunately, the job offer falls throug
Sour Grapes (1998) as Sound Editor
Two cousins battle when one wins $500,000 at an Atlantic City slot machine with change borrowed from the other. Brain surgeon Evan reckons that he is owed half the cash, while Richie argues it is his. Then Evan tells his cousin that he has an inoperable brain tumor - a joke that has far reaching con
Snow White: A Tale of Terror (1997)
A dark version of the classic Grimm Brothers' fairy tale, the story of Snow White set in Germany's Black Forest, circa 1493. Fair young Lilli's problems begin when her loving, widowed father marries the striking Claudia Alvise, a noblewoman who takes her direction from a dressing mirror that reflect
Playing God (1997) as Sound Editor
Stripped of his medical license after performing an operation while high on amphetamines, famed LA surgeon Dr Eugene Sands abandons his former life only to find himself crossing paths with Raymond Blossom, an infamous counterfeiter. Employed as a "gun-shot doctor" when Raymond's associates cannot risk visiting a hospital, Eugene is lured deep into the criminal world and becomes entangled with his boss's girlfriend.
Moll Flanders (1996) as Foley Editor
Born into poverty in early 18th Century London, Moll Flanders learns early the lessons of hardship and despair, and the cruelty of class. From the reputable home of the charitable Mrs. Mazzawatti to the house of ill-repute of the less benevolent Mrs. Allworthy, Moll steadfastly holds tight to her dr
Twister (1996) as Foley Editor
The largest storm to hit Oklahoma in more than half a century is brewing, and it promises to drop multiple twisters into Tornado Alley. It's the storm that two rival groups of scientists--Jo Harding and her band of brash university students, and corporate-sponsored Dr. Jonas Miller and his sleek, crack cadre with their state-of-the-art research vans--have been waiting for to earn their place in meteorological history. Each team wants to be the first to launch their own equipment pack inside a twister to transmit valuable scientific data about tornado behavior. But to do so, they must put themselves directly in the path of the marauding monster--and stay always just ahead of the swirling twister, anticipating its every move. Adding to the charged atmosphere, Jo's soon-to-be-ex-husband, meteorologist Bill Harding, reluctantly joins Jo and his old crew for this last, epic chase.
Rock, The (1996) as Sound Editor
For years Brigadier General Francis Xavier Hummel, a decorated military hero, has petitioned the United States government to honor his men who have lost their lives in service to their country during highly covert military operations by providing their families the same benefits and tributes due other war veterans. For years his efforts have been scorned. Now, angry and determined to seek justice, Hummel and a crack team of commandos seize control of Alcatraz Island, taking hostage a group of tourists. If reparations are not immediately forthcoming, Hummel plans to launch a battery of rockets charged with lethal V.X. poison gas on the San Francisco Bay area. The city's only hope for survival is FBI chemical/biological weapons expert, Stanley Goodspeed, and a top-secret federal prisoner, John Patrick Mason, who also happens to be the only known convict to have escaped the island fortress.
Dr. Jekyll and MS. Hyde (1995) as Sound Editor (Acme Soundworks)
A century ago, Dr. Henry Jekyll tried to alter the gene responsible for mankind's violent and sexual behavior. Instead, his miscalculation unleashed the dark side of his own nature. Three generations later, his great-grandson, Dr. Richard Jacks, tries to improve upon the formula, but once again, thi
Trapped in Paradise (1994) as Adr Editor
It's Christmas Eve, and Bill, Alvin and Dave Firpo have come from New York to the small town of Paradise for the score of the century. But their big city craftiness is no match for the innate goodness of the townsfolk, who may just kill the Firpos with kindness.
Speed (1994) as Adr Editor
A morally ambivalent cop must remove a bomb planted under a bus that's triggered to explode when its speed drops below 50 mph.
Blake Edwards' Son of the Pink Panther (1993) as Sound Editor
The comedy continues, with the illegitimate son of Inspector Jacques Clouseau.
American Me (1992) as Sound Editor
The story of the Mexican Mafia and how it reaches out from the barrio to Folsom County prison.
Boomerang (1992) as Sound Editor
A successful playboy meets his match in his newly hired boss, then realizes the error of his ways, and falls in love with his assistant.
Passed Away (1992) as Sound Editor
A family is brought together at an Irish wake, where the eldest son of the deceased falls for who he thinks is his dead father's mistress.
For The Boys (1991) as Sound Editor
The story of two USO entertainers whose performing careers span from World War II through Vietnam.
Switch (1991) as Sound Editor
A male chauvinist dies and is reincarnated as a woman, thereby forcing him/her to endure the same sexist behavior he practiced as a man.
Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man (1991) as Sound Editor
Story of two bikers who rob the wrong armored car in order to save their friends bar. Instead, they end up with tons of drugs and must deal with the mobsters and police chasing them.
Pacific Heights (1990) as Sound Editor
A yuppie couple become hostage to the tenant from hell in the nail-biting suspense thriller "Pacific Heights" (1990). Patty and Drake have found their dream house, and if they can find a few tenants to fill some rented rooms, they can even pay for it. Unfortunately, the mysterious drifter that moves
Star Trek V: the Final Frontier (1989) as Sound Effects Editor
Terrorists take over the USS Enterprise and set it on a direct course for the end of the universe, the "Great Barrier."
Turner & Hooch (1989) as Sound Editor
Scott Turner, a compulsively neat detective whose tidy world goes to the dogs when he's forced to team up with the only witness to a crime -- a drooling slob of a junkyard dog named Hooch. Not exactly man's best friend, Hooch turns Turner's life upside down, wrecking Turner's home, career, and budding romance.
Miracle Mile (1989) as Sound Editor
A young musician answers a telephone at an outdoor booth and believes he hears a message that the United States is about to begin a nuclear attack.
Listen To Me (1989) as Sound Editor
A pair of students fall in love while competing in a college debate.
Glory (1989) as Sound Editor
A green officer is assigned to lead an all-black unit in the Civil War.
Sing (1989) as Sound Editor
About a teenage Italian punk forced to work with an innocent Jewish girl.
Alien Nation (1988) as Sound Editor
A hard-minded cop is partnered with an alien to stop an evil alien's attempt to rule society.
Midnight Run (1988) as Sound Editor
An ex-cop becomes a bounty hunter and tracks down an embezzler.
Amazon Women On The Moon (1987) as Sound Effects Editor
An astonishing number of cameos pepper this spoof targeting a local TV station's airing of '50s sci-fi B-movie, complete with film scratches, take-offs of TV commercials, and spots for upcoming TV series.
Overboard (1987) as Sound Editor
A small-town carpenter convinces a shipwrecked heiress with amnesia that she's his wife.
American Anthem (1986) as Sound Editor
Space Camp (1986) as Sound Editor
A summer camp, that shows the kids how to operate a space shuttle, accidentally launches a group of kids into space.
Slugger's Wife, The (1985)
When baseball player Darryl Palmer falls in love with a singer named Debby, he repeatedly asks her out and each time he fails to get a date, his performance in his next game suffers. Eventually, Darryl and Debby do become a couple, his average goes up, and they get married. But Debby finds herself b
Fright Night (1985) as Sound Editor
A teenager enlists the help of a TV horror movie host to subdue a suave vampire.
Big Trouble (1985) as Sound Editor
An unhappy wife tries to get her insurance agent to help her kill her husband.
Wild Life, The (1984) as Sound Editor
A recent high school graduate takes on a wild and crazy wrestler as his roomate in a swinging singles apartment complex.
No Small Affair (1984) as Sound Editor
A precocious young teenager with a talent for photography meets a struggling, but older, rock singer and does everything he can to get her to fall for him.

Director (special)

Great Balloon Race, The (1999) as Director/ Camera
A program that documents the efforts of balloonists to circumnavigate the globe. The first hour follows attempts made during 1997-98, including the mishaps that frustrated the attempts of British billionaire Richard Branson and Swedish balloonist Per Lindstrand; the explosion of American Kevin Ulias
Danger in the Jet Stream (1997) as Director/ Camera
Follows the preparation and launch of one of the top ballooning teams attempting to circumnavigate the Earth during the 1996-1997 season.

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