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Ramon Novarro

Ramon Novarro



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  • Handsome Silent Screen Star

    • irishnetty
    • 2015-08-26

    Ramon had that special something,and should have had a longer career than Gable.He was so much better as an actor,too.But the studios must have their way,or they throw you to the wolves.No actor should ever have been persecuted for his lifestyle,and Ramon's was probably just what they look for,persecute someone for being gay.Rock Hudson was forced into a lavender marriage,and he was nasty to his wife,when it wasn't her who chased him,but they were set up to look like a normal couple,when really,his lifestyle was his own personal business.I applaud Ramon for refusing to ener into a lavender marriage,they seem as bad as kidnapping or torture to be forced to marry for "appearances sake"!Even as an elderly man,he was handsome,and a good actor.Too sad how his life ended,good that one of his killers actually rued what he did,but the other committed suicide,so who knows if he ever atoned.They both did very little time for his murder,and went on to commit more atrocious crimes,so what does that say about them?RIP,Ramon!

  • Deserved A Long Career

    • wonderful
    • 2015-08-26

    Watched Mata Hari,and loved Ramon.What a great voice and he's a very good actor.I suppose the studio system decided he had to go,and his career died just like John Gilbert.Make a fortune for the moguls,and be cast aside at their whim!


    • LS-2014 April
    • 2014-04-09

    I fell in love with Ramon watching all his movies during a summer day last June. I was curious about his life. When I read that he was gay and died so violently because of that, I became so angry. He was a beautiful and versatile actor. It seemed he loved his craft and enjoyed entertaining his audiences. I dont care what his preference was in his personal life. He made me happy and thoroughly in love with him. His silent films really was the essence of how those actors brought across their feelings to everyone. It is not an easy thing to do without words. Yet he did that by his facial expressions and mannerisms. I hope TCM will continue to honor him with those wonderful pictures that he made. I will continue to buy his DVDs as long as they are available. I wish I was born in that time so that I could've met him in person to tell him how wonderful an actor he is. Sleep peacefully "Sweet Prince".

  • We will never forget.

    • Kat
    • 2013-05-29

    Ramon Novarro by far was the greatest male of the silent era. I at one time did not give silent pictures a second look, until I watched Ramon on TCM's Silent Sunday Nights. What a talent! Ramon Novarro for me is the most handsome man I have ever seen. I own 15 of his films on dvd and boy were they hard to find. Please TCM play more of Mr. Novarro's films. Rest in peace sweet prince Ramoncito xxoo!!

  • Ramon Novarro, you will never be forgotten!

    • Kat Paradise-Arreola
    • 2012-07-23

    Tcm, please run more of ramon novarro films,and please offer more of his fims on dvd. Just to look at him makes me smile. he had such expressive and beautiful eyes, love you ramon xxxx oooo

  • Passionate Christmas

    • Iris
    • 2011-12-19

    Scene: the Nativity. The following scene: a young man passionate to save his King! Oh man! Who is this man! What is this movie?!?!?! I am going to be late to work on Monday and its way past my bedtime. After the movie finished and found out what movie it was I Googled it! Ramon, me siento honrada de que por fin te he conocido.

  • More Ramon Novarro, please TCM!

    • MSmith23
    • 2011-06-08

    I just watched Ramon Novarro and Jeannette MacDonald in "The Cat & The Fiddle" for about the 8th time in the past few days. I cannot fathom why his talent went so wasted in an unappreciative studio system such as Hollywood. The man had youthfulness in appearance (looking 10 years younger than he was at the time), magnificent presentation and timing, not to mention his piano and singing abilities which were outstanding. I am so sorry that the end of his life was such a tragedy. I can only hope there were those in his life that told him that he was indeed a wonder to behold and enjoy. I wish I had known him personally in his youth. Maybe he was born 100 years too soon. I really love this man and grieve for him.

  • the night is young

    • kat
    • 2011-01-09

    Mr. Navarro is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. He truly comunicates without words. Please TCM, show more of his films. He is indeed one of Hollywood's great talents. Rest in peace, handsome..

  • Ramon Novarro, Is/Was amazing!

    • Sheridan Ashley
    • 2010-11-19

    I love him, I hate the fact that he forgotten somewhat, It really bothers me. He deserved way much more credit than he was given. I'm just glad he isn't completely unknown, he is apart of our history. He was Beautiful, Loving, talented, and so much more! I love you Ramon! :) I hope your murderers burn in hell for taking you away from us.

  • Great, versatile actor

    • Mark
    • 2010-10-04

    whom has been all but forgotten, except to only seem to be remembered for the way he left this world. Worst part, most don't see it as a tragic end but a deserved end. Maybe, once people overcome their bigotry, a great actor such as this man was can become much more well known to the world. IMO, Mr. Novarro was and remains to be the only Ben-Hur. He was perfect in that role, as was that version of the movie. Aferall, most of the remake was a shot for shot remake. However, that was not his only role, nor should it be the only role he should be known for. Please, have a silent film month, and then, maybe start having a silent screen star month, as well. That would heaven on earth. :)

  • Utterly Fascinating, and Beautiful To Watch!

    • Greg
    • 2009-02-27

    I'm completely addicted to Ramon Novarro. His film's are the essences of what the roaring '20's were all about. From the moment he steps on the screen you just can't help but to be captivated and transfixed on his ever move. I've watched in amazement his effortless performances in "The Midshipman", "Scaramouche", "Across to Singapore", "The Student Prince of Old Heidelberg", and of course "Ben-Her", and am truly in awe of his multi-fascinated abilities and the pure talent this man possessed. Ramon Novarro, after well over 80 years now, still can make you feel every emotion he emitted in his performances so long ago. From the sorrow, and anguish in his drama's to his flawless comedic humor, Novarro is without a doubt SURPURB! Novarro also possessed physical beauty, BUT, unlike Valentino, never played up that fact in his films, which in retrospect makes him even that much more appealing. Novarro made the women of the day swoon, and the men want to be him. My only haunting question is... why, what happened way back then that destined this great talent to almost utter obscurity? Outside those of us who enjoy the era of the "Silent's", Novarro is lost. Though he was gay, he followed the Hollywood rules of the studio system, (unlike William Haines), and from his performances, earned him a status position equal to that of Valentino's, which leads me back to that question. I must thank TCM for reviving his films, and allowing a new generation of movie lovers to discover that fantastic talent that was Ramon Novarro.

  • What a great star!

    • TheBirds
    • 2008-03-11

    Mr Novarro deserved so much more than what he is remembered for. I could have cared less about his private life but his talent was so grand. I still search endlessly for stills or posters of him but they are extremely hard to find and purchase!

  • Valentino who?

    • Iris M.
    • 2007-07-29

    Mr. Navarro could easily still be considered one of our most talented and most gorgeous actors in film, and thank goodness that's one way to never forget him. I'm sorry and heartbroken to read of how his life was ended in such a brutal manner. I for one will always remember him as the dashing Judah Ben-Hur. So sweet and tender with his mom and sister, yet full of rage and revenge. He was gooooood!

  • Ramon does NOT deserve to be forgotten this way

    • Lillian Lee
    • 2007-03-21

    I'm really sad that his wonderful early musicals aren't shown. He was such a great dancer and singer as well as actor and I really wish Devil-May-Care and Call of the Flesh were shown. It's been 10 years shince Call of the Flesh aired. Sad. Really sad. Ramon doesn't deserve to be forgotten like this.

  • A truly great actor

    • Amy Pasqualini
    • 2006-09-25

    Ramon Novarro is one of the silent-eras truly great actors. I loved him in every film I have ever seen him in. His acting/voice carried him into the talking pics, and I think he had a wonderful, soothing, very pleasing voice. His screen presence was magnificent! He should be remembered, and never forgotten.

  • Ramon needs to be remembered

    • Shelly Johnson
    • 2006-05-25

    I think it's sad that Ramon Novarro isn't remembered better today. He was a beautiful actor--especially in silents. As the original Ben Hur he became a superstar. I think critics and film historians dismiss actors who are as good looking as Novarro. That's a shame, because he was wonderful and sensitive actor who deserves to be remembered.

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