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Kim Novak

Kim Novak



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    • Jack
    • 2013-09-27

    I saw Kim Novak on Robert Osborne last night and she was superb. I agree with her words of wisdom......just be yourself and everything will be just fine. I wish her the very best in her future endeavors. I like to thank her for deciding to be on the show. I consider her a courageous individual.

  • Interview of Kim Novak

    • Warren Lewis
    • 2013-03-08

    I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and was amazed how beautiful and young Kim looked. She strikes me as a very kind and down to earth woman. My favorite film was Jeanne Eagles. My girfriend Carol Hollenbeck, who made some films in Hollywood in the 60's and 70's told me Kim was her idol and still is. Carol went to Las Vegas for a couple of months and then went to New York and has been there for 40 years. She is a writer and has a book True Blondes out now. My friend Joey Burruano- Taylor, who worked for Marty Richards for 9 years and was his friend for 45 years told me he was in Third Girl from the Left. He lived in Queens at the time and was very cold and you and Michael Brandon passed in a limo and asked if he wanted a lift to which he said no but thank you. If I was that cold I would have said yes. Joey now lives in Whitstone for 24 years and Carol and I just visited him last Sunday. I just wanted to tell you or your assistant how I feel and wish you and your family the very best of life. I do not expect a reply, and rightly so since you are a huge star. God Bless Warren Lewis God bless

  • She's Always Flown Under The Radar

    • NickE
    • 2012-11-20

    i actually have a biography of Kim Novak that's titled " Kim Novak- The Reluctant Goddess ".. a perfect title.. i first saw her in " Bell Book and Candle " on tv when i was a kid.. i remember watching her gazing out at me from between Pyewacket's ears while she hummed up her magic on Jimmy Stewart .. she was the essence of the word " bewitching " and i've been hypnotized ever since.. i was so annoyed that the plot of the film had her giving up all her power just to be that old man's girlfriend that i really didn't think much about her acting( i just knew i wanted to be her cool,lunatic,bongo-playing brother)... as life went on i began to see her in her other films and i realized that beyond that incredible beauty there was a deep,subtle talent growing.. i don't think she's ever gotten the attention and respect she deserves... not only for her dramatic work but for her comedy.. she really can be quite funny with just a wry tone of voice,a slightly lifted brow,or, as in " Kiss Me Stupid" an air of farcial confusion... i count it a loss to all film lovers that her acting career wound down so early on.. but i do believe she's enjoyed her life away from the camera and i'm very glad for her about that.. i feel that Kim Novak and Ava Gardner were the two most beautiful AND under-appreciated actors working during the last years of the Classic Hollywood Studio system.. i'd like to see more of both of them on TCM... even now, 40-something years later, i can still hear Kim Novak humming that tune and i'm more under her spell than ever...

  • Kim all time favorite actress

    • Mike gallagher
    • 2011-07-07

    Not only do I think we is beautiful, but her voice is sensuous and alluring. Yes I like her movie rolls and wish she had appeared in more movies. Kim will always be my number one.

  • Kim Novak Was A Movie Star!!!

    • David Atkins
    • 2011-02-19

    Kim Novak was one of the greatest stars of the 50's and 60's. Superb in Vertigo with James Stewart, Ms. Novak also notes comment for her fine work in Picnic, Middle Of The Night, Of Human Bondage, Moll Flanders, The Mirror Crack's and a truly great movie Strangers When We Meet In a great career that lasted nearly 40 years, Novak worked with Billy Wilder, Alfred Hitchcock, Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, Jack Lemmon, Rock Hudson, Frank Sinatra, Jane Wyman, Peter Finch, et al A Great and Glorious Star

  • Kim Novak

    • Mobile
    • 2011-02-09

    With a rare combination of sincere emotion and honest presentation Kim Novak bridged the femme fatale of the 1950s into the 1960s.

  • The Ever-Modern Marilyn (Kim) Novak

    • John
    • 2010-12-27

    Marilyn (Kim) Novak, still a living legend in film / tv entertainment, remains one of the most classic, stunningly beautiful actors who has / had the enchanting talent to seduce audiences through the characters she played. She could virtually "inhabit" the roles to which she was assigned -- not only in Vertigo (perhaps her and Hitchcock's crowning achievement), also in Picnic, Jeanne Eagles, Bell, Book, and Candle, Of Human Bondage, Middle of the Night, The Eddie Duchin Story, and The Man with the Golden Arm, to name but a few. When Kim is on screen she is like a magnet, drawing the audience's eyes to focus on her -- certainly, she did and still has this magnetic appeal to me. Regrettably, her star power seemed to diminish in the mid-60s & beyond -- I'm still wondering why did this happen? I neither heard nor read of reports of her being contentious in any way with peers or directors. AND, consider this: In her 1960 film, Strangers When We Meet, she looks as modern and, again I say, stunningly beautiful in both dress, make-up, hair style as any female actor today! Like her or not, this is true! I'm happy that now she is a cancer survivor so far, as am I. My prayer is that she will triumph over this disease soon. I have loved her for years seeing her on screen in the 50s in Picnic, Vertigo, etc. May God continue to bless her and hers.

  • Kim Novak was a stunner

    • fan
    • 2010-01-24

    I notice Jimmy Stewart did more than one movie with Kim Novak. She was a true beauty in her day. Unfortunately, you don't hear her name come up very often when this topic comes up. I'd have to put her right up in the top ten knockouts of her era.

  • Delicious Fem Fatale

    • Norm
    • 2009-07-26

    Beautiful and gorgeous , versatile top of the line Actress who has great range. Drama and Comedy she played effortlessly, against top-notch Actors. Always easy on the eyes, and definitely challenged the male domain.

  • --

    • --
    • 2009-05-21

    Kim's movies are fun to see and clearly Vertigo is a masterpiece which will never be forgotten. She was wonderful in Strangers when we Meet and incredibly lovely in Bell Book and Candle. Also, she's got one of the sexiest voices I've ever heard.

  • Fabulous!!

    • Scott Schmidtgal
    • 2009-03-06

    Awesome actress! ....very pretty!!

  • Kim Novak was an exceptional actress

    • Kathy
    • 2009-01-11

    I've always loved Kim Novak movies. As a little girl I loved her in Picnic. To me her acting was okay but I watch the movie whenever it's on tv. (Kim N. and W. Holden dancing to Moonglow always blows my away)! I even have the original soundtrack. This morning, I watched Ms. Novak's performance in Jeanne Eagles. I was so impressed with her acting in this movie. She starred in a part that I would never have imagined her playing. Her performance was incredible!! I'm amazed there wasn't a nomination for an academy award for this wonderful exceptional performance. You can have all these new so called celebs. None of them can hold a candle to the actresses of yesteryear. You don't have to take your clothes off in every movie. Look at Kim Novak in any of her movies and she oozes sex appeal without taking off a stitch of clothing.

  • One Who Has It

    • R.Austin Healy
    • 2009-01-07

    Kim Novak, like Monroe, has the one thing all female actors long for - screen magic. Her brief appearance in Phffft is an example.

  • Underrated

    • Riccardo
    • 2008-10-26

    Kim Novak will always be remembered for her role in "Vertigo", one of the world's all-time best films. Of course, under the direction of one of the world's greatest director (Some would argue THE greatest) ...many actress would have fared as well. Perhaps her lower reputation these days comes with the territory of being a sex-bomb. She was more than that...and if not Hollywood's greatest actresses, she was certainly a competent one...and one that will be remembered for certain roles.

  • Great Actors of Kim Novak's Time Exist No More

    • carolina finan
    • 2008-08-14

    Ms. Novak in my book is one of the great actors - especially her role in Vertigo. I am so glad they did not make her another Marilyn Monroe. Ms. Novak had much class but her pitfall was that she was georgous. Ms. Novak was a professional. After the late '70's great actors like Ms. Novak stopped existing. Now all you have are these young actors that are so much into themselves. The first few years they are great at their field and then when they make it big they let their social lives interfere with their careers. Either they mess up regarding drugs or relationships. I can only pick a few actors of today which can compare to the actors of Ms. Novak's time.

  • Kim Novak - One of the best, but so underrated.

    • Eleanor Redden
    • 2008-08-13

    Kim Novak is not only one of the most beautiful women in the world, but was also such a commanding presence on the screen, but in a shy and elegant manner. It is a shame that she was never given the credit she so richly deserved as a fine actress.

  • Kim Novak Underrated

    • John Ponzini
    • 2008-08-12

    A solid actress working from the inside out. Appropriately undersstated but can let it rip when she has to.

  • Beautiful Woman, Superb Actress

    • David Atkins
    • 2008-07-30

    Kim Novak is a great complelling movie star.

  • You call this acting

    • connie ruth
    • 2008-07-16

    This gal was devoid of talent. How she got as far as she did amazes me. She is wooden in her performances - as though she's not in her skin reacting to others. Maybe Hitchcock liked her, as he did many blonds - Tippi Hedren, Eva Marie Saint (who at least can act) Grace Kelly (also very good). She was awful in Picnic and I thought Bill Holden too old for the part, but even so he did a fine job. Loved him in Network.

  • Looking for Jeanne Eagles Story

    • Richard Rhodes
    • 2008-07-04

    Looking for a dvd of the Jeanne Eagles Story staring Kim Novak and Jeff Chandler. Any ideas?

  • hothothot...

    • RWW
    • 2008-05-04

    Kim Novak first caught my eye in Bell Bok & Candle, but I just caught her in Strangers When We Met, and WOW. The scene where she's trying to seduce her disinterested/gay/impotent/legally dead husband is both sad and must have raised the temperature in 1960 theatres to boiling.

  • Marilyn Pauline Novak -Kim Novak-Love You!

    • Barry
    • 2008-03-28

    Her sublime femininity on screen in every scene epitomized the ultimate magnetic range of appeal of the female gender-from the purely wholesome to the overtly sensuous. Her demure meek and shy "distanceness" , "ambiguity" and contemplative persona was irrestibly captivating. Opposite to so many extroverted female temperments on screen, her diffidence, resignation and lady-likeness was ever so refreshing to audiences. Doubtful we shall see her likeness again....

  • Kim Novak

    • Wendy Winkler
    • 2007-12-06

    Kim Novak is another example of a beautiful actress whose acting talents are sometimes belittled because of that beauty. Right from the start, Ms. Novak has given performances that has strength and vulnerbility.

  • sexy, seductive, sultry and innocent.

    • Edward
    • 2007-01-17

    The headline says it all. Quiet beauty that Marylin could NEVER match. Talent that even Liz could NEVER match. Am I in love with this woman? No but... the image. The opposite of Eva Gardener but the same.


    • 2006-12-31


  • lovely

    • michael york
    • 2006-10-01

    she was sooooo beautiful and still is but she had depth to her performances that goes innoticed she is excellent in vertigo especially as judy it is a difficult part but she executes it so well also check out strangers when we meet and middle of the night

  • Most favorite blond of all time.

    • BoB
    • 2006-09-26

    Every movie she stared in she was absolootly teriffic.Saw every one dozens of times.and still keep watching them.They dont make stars like Kim any more.

  • kim novak

    • machelle
    • 2006-06-22

    does anyone remember the title of the movie in which james stewart and kim novak stared togeather. she played a witch and he was under a spell from her .?she also had a cat whose's anme started with a p, pawcal,paquea???????

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