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Also Known As: Died: March 2, 1987
Born: January 23, 1898 Cause of Death: natural causes
Birth Place: Orange County, Virginia, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Ride the High Country (1962) as Gil Westrum
Two aging gunslingers sign on to transport gold from a remote mining town.
Comanche Station (1960) as Jefferson Cody
After saving a woman kidnapped by Indians, a cowboy has to fight to get her back to civilization.
Ride Lonesome (1959) as Ben Brigade
A bounty hunter tries to bring a murderer to justice through perilous territory.
Westbound (1959) as John Hayes
A Civil War veteran fights to protect a gold shipment from a bitter Confederate officer.
Buchanan Rides Alone (1958) as Tom Buchanan
Clever gunfighter tangles with a gleefully corrupt family over control of a border town.
Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend (1957) as Capt. Buff Devlin
Army veterans are on a mission to find out who sold faulty ammunition to a cavalry troop.
Decision at Sundown (1957) as Bart Allison
A gunman seeks revenge on the man he believes stole his wife.
The Tall T (1957) as Pat Brennan
An out-of-luck cowhand falls for a married woman being held hostage.
7th Cavalry (1956) as Captain Tom Benson
An alleged coward tries to redeem himself by reclaiming General Custer''''s body.
Seven Men from Now (1956) as Ben Stride
A former sheriff hunts down the seven men who killed his wife.
A Lawless Street (1955) as Marshal Calem Ware
A Marshal's past comes back to haunt him.
Rage at Dawn (1955) as Jim Barlow
Terrorizing 1866 Indiana, the Reno brothers gang uses the town of Seymour as a safe haven, paying off three crooked town officials. Sent in to clean up the gang is Peterson Detective Agency operative James Barlow, who poses as an outlaw to gain the confidence of the officials and the thick-headed brothers. Complicating matters are Barlow's feelings for the Reno sister, Laura, who reluctantly keeps house for the boys out of family loyalty. Events heat up and rage surfaces as Barlow sets up the gang in a dawn train robbery.
Tall Man Riding (1955) as Larry Madden
A man returns to wreak vengeance against a cattle baron and claim the land that is rightfully his.
Ten Wanted Men (1955) as John Stewart
A cattleman''s dream of law and order is threatened by the ambitions of a ruthless rival.
Riding Shotgun (1954) as Larry Delong
A stagecoach guard is mistaken for a member of a gang of outlaws.
The Bounty Hunter (1954) as Jim Kipp
A bounty hunter attempts to track down three killers.
The Stranger Wore a Gun (1953) as Jeff Travis, also known as Mark Stone
A gold robber tries to reform in the middle of a big heist.
Thunder Over the Plains (1953) as Capt. David Porter
An Army captain risks his own freedom to prove a rebel leader innocent.
The Man Behind the Gun (1953) as Maj. Ransome Callicut [also known as Rick Bryce]
A cavalry officer sent to stop a rebellion helps found the city of Los Angeles.
Carson City (1952) as Silent Jeff Kincaid
When the local stagecoach is raided by bandits, a western banker sinks all of his capital into a railway line.
Hangman's Knot (1952) as Maj. Matt Stewart
Rebel soldiers raid a Union gold shipment, then learn the Civil War has been over for a month.
Santa Fe (1951) as
Four brothers end up on opposite sides of a shootout.
Starlift (1951) as Himself
An actress and an air transport crewman fall in love in this star-studded salute to the Korean war.
Man in the Saddle (1951) as Owen Merritt
A farmer turns to violence when a land baron threatens him.
Sugarfoot (1951) as Jackson "Sugarfoot" Redan
Fort Worth (1951) as Ned Britt
A retired gunfighter fears that he might have to take up his former trade when a gang of outlaws rides into town
The Cariboo Trail (1950) as Jim Redfern
A cattleman fights to establish a ranch in the middle of gold country.
Colt .45 (1950) as Steve Farrell
A gun salesman tracks down the outlaws who stole his sample case.
The Nevadan (1950) as Andy Barkley
A U.S. Marshall tries to recover stolen gold.
Canadian Pacific (1949) as Tom Andrews
A railroad surveyor faces an Indian rebellion.
The Walking Hills (1949) as Jim Carey
A group of treasure hunters search for a wagon load of gold, buried years before in Death Valley.
Fighting Man of the Plains (1949) as Jim Dancer
A former bandit enlists Jesse James to help him clean up a Kansas town.
The Doolins of Oklahoma (1949) as Bill Doolin, also known as Bill Daley
An outlaw tries to leave the family gang and go straight.
Return of the Bad Men (1948) as Vance [Cordell]
A farmer falls for the female leader of a band of notorious outlaws.
Coroner Creek (1948) as Chris Danning
A gunman sets out to avenge his fiancee's murder.
Albuquerque (1948) as Cole Armin
Cole Armin (Randolph Scott) comes to Albuquerque to work for his uncle, John Armin (George Cleveland), a despotic and hard-hearted czar who operates an ore-hauling freight line, and whose goal is to eliminate a competing line run by Ted Wallace (Russell Hayden) and his sister Celia (Catherine Craig). Cole tires of his uncle's heavy-handed tactics and switches over to the Wallace side. Lety Tyler, an agent hired by the uncle, also switches over by warning Cole and Ted of a trap set for them by the uncle and his henchman Juke Murkil (Lon Chaney Jr.).
Trail Street (1947) as Bat [Masterson]
Bat Masterson fights to make Kansas safe for wheat farmers.
Gunfighters (1947) as Brazos Kane
A gunman trying to avoid killing gets caught in the middle of a vicious range war.
Christmas Eve (1947) as Jonathan
To save her fortune, an aging woman must reunite her three adopted sons.
Home Sweet Homicide (1946) as Lt. Bill Smith
Mystery writer Marian Carstairs is hard at work trying to finish her latest novel. Her three children meanwhile are entertaining themselves trying to solve a murder in their own neighborhood. In between gathering clues, the kids play matchmaker by trying to fix up their widowed mom with the handsome detective investigating the case.
Badman's Territory (1946) as Mark Rowley
A sheriff and a newspaperwoman take on a band of outlaws invading the Oklahoma panhandle.
Abilene Town (1946) as Dan Mitchell
In the years following the Civil War, the town of Abilene, Kansas is poised on the brink of an explosive confrontation. A line has been drawn down the center of the town where the homesteaders and the cattlemen have come to a very uneasy truce. The delicate peace is inadvertantly shattered when a group of new homesteaders lay down their stakes on the cattlemen's side of town, upsetting the delicate balance that had existed thus far and sparking an all-out war between the farmers, who want the land tamed and property lines drawn, and the cowboys, who want the prairies to be open for their cattle to roam.
China Sky (1945) as Dr. Gray Thompson
A dedicated doctor joins the Chinese in their fight against Japanese invaders.
Captain Kidd (1945) as Adam Mercy, also known as Adam Blayne
An infamous pirate tries to double cross the King of England.
Belle of the Yukon (1944) as "Honest John" Calhoun
Saloon entertainers get mixed up with a bank robbery.
Follow the Boys (1944) as
Bombardier (1943) as Captain Buck Oliver
Military officers compete for the same woman while training pilots for war.
Corvette K-225 (1943) as Lieut. Commander MacClain
In 1943, 'Mac' MacClain, Canadian Navy, has lost his ship and many men to a German torpedo. While waiting for a new ship, he befriends Joyce Cartwright, sister of one of his dead officers. We follow the building and launch of new Corvette K-255, the 'Donnacola'. And who should be Mac's new subaltern but Joyce's other brother Paul, fresh out of the academy. Mac will do his best to make a good officer of Paul...if they both survive their hazardous sea duty.
Gung Ho! (1943) as Colonel Thorwald
A Marine squadron takes on a heroic Pacific Island raid during WWII.
The Desperadoes (1943) as The Sheriff [Steve Upton]
When someone robs the town bank before he can, a bandit joins forces with the sheriff to catch the real crooks.
To the Shores of Tripoli (1942) as Sergeant Dixie Smith
A brash young Marine has to redeem himself after trying to romance a female officer.
Pittsburgh (1942) as Cash Evans
Charles 'Pittsburgh' Markham rides roughshod over his friends, his lovers, and his ideals in his trek toward financial success in the Pittsburgh steel industry, only to find himself deserted and lonely at the top. When his crash comes, he finds that fate has dealt him a second chance.
Paris Calling (1942) as [Lt. Nicholas] Nick [Jordan]
The Spoilers (1942) as [Alexander] McNamara
An Alaskan prospector fights a crooked federal agent for a beautiful saloon singer.
Western Union (1941) as Vance Shaw
An outlaw goes straight to work for the telegraph company, which puts him in conflict with his lawless brother.
Belle Starr (1941) as Sam Starr
A Southern belle turns outlaw when her family loses their land.
When the Daltons Rode (1940) as Tod Jackson
Young lawyer Tod Jackson arrives in pioneer Kansas to visit his prosperous rancher friends the Daltons, just as the latter are in danger of losing their land to a crooked development company. When Tod tries to help them, a faked murder charge turns the Daltons into outlaws, but more victims than villains in this fictionalized version. Will Tod stay loyal to his friends despite falling in love with Bob Dalton's former fiancée Julie?
Virginia City (1940) as Vance Irby
A rebel spy poses as a wild West dance hall girl.
My Favorite Wife (1940) as [Stephen] Burkett
A shipwrecked woman is rescued just in time for her husband''s re-marriage.
Jesse James (1939) as Will Wright
When a railroad agent kills their mother, Frank and Jesse James take up robbing banks and trains.
Susannah of the Mounties (1939) as Monty (Inspector Angus Montague)
Shirley is the orphaned survivor of an Indian attack in the Canadian West. A Mountie (Scott) and his girlfriend (Lockwood) take her in. Everybody suffers further Indian attacks and the Mountie is saved from the stake only by Shirley's intervention with the Indian chief.
Frontier Marshal (1939) as Wyatt Earp
Earp agrees to become marshal and establish order in Tombstone in this very romanticized version of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral (e.g., Doc is killed by Curley before the actual battle and Earp must do the job alone).
Coast Guard (1939) as Speed Bradshaw
A Coast Guard lieutenant and a reckless flyer vie for the same woman.
20,000 Men a Year (1939) as Brad Reynolds
Pilot (Scott) disobeys unsafe orders and loses his job. He then starts a flying school which receives a boost when the government launches a program which it hopes will produce 20,000 pilots a year.
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1938) as Anthony Kent
A frantic radio producer must find the perfect Little Miss America for an advertiser's national program and discovers her in his country neighbor.
The Road to Reno (1938) as Steve Fortness
The Texans (1938) as Kirk Jordan
High, Wide and Handsome (1937) as Peter Cortlandt
The setting is a small town in 1870s Pennsylvania. Sally Waterson and her father have stopped in town with their traveling medicine show, but when their wagon catches fire, they find themselves stranded. They're taken in by Mrs. Cortlandt and her grandson, Peter, who is trying to set up a pipeline that will supply oil throughout the state. Sally and Peter soon fall in love and marry. Neither their marriage nor Peter's pipe dreams flow too smoothly.
And Sudden Death (1936) as Lieutenant James Knox
An heiress with a penchant for speeding runs afoul of a traffic cop. Romance develops between the two, but it's soon complicated when he believes she is responsible for killing someone due to reckless driving.
Follow the Fleet (1936) as "Bilge" Smith
Two sailors on leave romance a dance-hall hostess and her prim sister.
Go West Young Man (1936) as "Bud" Norton
Movie star Mavis Arden, as amorous in private as she is pure in public, gets involved with a politician despite her watchdog publicist Morgan. Planning to meet her beau again at the next stop on her personal appearance tour, Mavis is stranded at a remote rural boarding house, with a pretentious landlady, sensible old maid, rabid film fan waitress...and strapping young mechanic Bud Norton, whom to Mavis is just the plaything of an idle hour...
The Last of the Mohicans (1936) as Hawkeye
A frontier scout rescues the daughters of a British colonial commander from renegades.
So Red the Rose (1935) as Duncan Bedford
SO RED THE ROSE is King Vidor's quietly affecting Civil War romance, starring Margaret Sullavan as a Southern aristocrat, the mistress of a Southern plantation, whose sheltered life is torn apart by the War between the States. During the war's darkest days she is sustained by her love for a distant cousin, a Confederate officer, played by Randolph Scott.
Roberta (1935) as John [Kent]
A football player inherits a chic Paris fashion house.
Village Tale (1935) as T. N. "Slaughter" Somerville
Gossipmongers, bigots, Babbitts, and hypocrites gather around the cracker barrel to destroy the lives of the innocent. The peaceful Scott is victimized as a result of his unfulfilled love for Hohl's wife, Johnson. Through innuendo and deceit, the yokels drive Hohl to make an unsuccessful attempt on Scott's life in the belief the latter has cuckolded him. During brief intervals of boredom, they also conspire to drive another townsman to suicide.
She (1935) as Leo Vincey
Leo Vincey, told by his dying uncle of a lost land visited 500 years ago by his ancestor, heads out with family friend Horace Holly to try to discover the land and its secret of immortality, said to be contained within a mystic fire. Picking up Tanya, a guide's daughter, in the frozen Russian arctic, they stumble upon Kor, revealed to be a hidden civilization ruled over by an immortal queen, called She, who believes Vincey is her long-lost lover John Vincey, Leo's ancestor.
Rocky Mountain Mystery (1935) as Larry Sutton
A mining engineer teams up with a crusty deputy sheriff to solve the mystery killings at an old mine where the owner's family waits for him to die, and where a valuable radium strike may have been made.
Home on the Range (1934) as Tom Hatfield
Wagon Wheels (1934) as Clint Belmet
The trio of Belmet, Burch, and O'Meary are leading a wagon train west and Murdock is out to stop them. The settlers fight off his initial Indian attack and reach the mountains. With the wagon train vulnerable as it crosses a river, Murdock has the Indians make a final attack.
The Last Round-Up (1934) as Jim Cleve
Murders in the Zoo (1933) as Dr. [Jack] Woodford
A crazed zoologist uses zoo animals to dispose of his wife''''s suitors.
Supernatural (1933) as Grant Wilson
In New York city, Ruth Rogan is convicted of killing 3 of her lovers and sentenced to be executed. Meanwhile, lovely Roma Courtenay becomes a millionaire heiress when her brother dies. A spiritualist approaches Roma with an urgent message from her dead brother. He runs a rigged seance that doesn't convince Roma's boyfriend Grant but has Roma confused. Then unexpectedly, the executed Ruth Rogan's spirit takes control of Roma's body. Roma runs off with the fake spiritualist under Ruth Rogan's control. Grant desperately tries to track Roma down and return her soul.
To the Last Man (1933) as Lynn Hayden
In Kentucky just after the Civil War, the Hayden-Colby feud leads to Jed Colby being sent to prison for 15 years for murder. The Haydens head for Nevada and when Colby gets out of prison he heads there also seeking revenge. The head of the Hayden family tries to avoid more killing but the inevitable showdown has to occur, complicated by Lynn Hayden and Ellen Colby's plans to marry.
Hello, Everybody! (1933) as Hunt Blake
The setting is a farm. Kate Smith and Sally Blane play sisters; assorted relatives live with the sisters, but everyone at home, and in the whole town, depends on Kate to hold everything together. The power company wants to build a dam which will require flooding many of the farms; Kate is holding out; if Kate sells, everyone else will sell; if Kate refuses, the rest of the town will refuse as well. Randolph Scott meets Kate's beautiful sister, Sally Blane, at a dance. Randolph Scott, as it turns out, is an agent for the power company. Kate thinks he's just using Sally; Sally believes that he truly likes her. Randolph comes to the farm and appears to woo Kate. Kate remains unconvinced about selling out, but falls for Randolph.
Sunset Pass (1933) as Ash Preston
Thundering Herd (1933) as Tom Doane
Both Sprague and Jett and their crews are hunting buffalo. Doan is with Sprague and is looking for the Jett outfit where his girlfriend Milly is being held against her will. In addition to the thieving Jett who is stealing Sprague's furs, the Indians are gathering to attack all the white buffalo hunters.
Man of the Forest (1933) as Brett Dale
Beasley, who is after Gayner's land, plans to kidnap his daughter. But Dale overhears their plan and kidnaps her himself. When Gayner arrives to retrieve his daughter, Beasley kills him and makes the Sheriff arrest Dale for the murder.
Broken Dreams (1933) as Dr. Robert Morley
Medical intern Robert Morley is distraught after his wife dies in childbirth. He's resentful of his new son and wants nothing to do with him. He leaves the child with his aunt and uncle and heads off to Europe to pursue his medical studies. Morley returns to his hometown six years later, now a successful doctor and engaged to be married to a beautiful socialite. He also feels differently about the boy and attempts to gain custody from his aunt and uncle.
Cocktail Hour (1933) as [Randolph] Morgan
Hot Saturday (1932) as Bill Fadden
A virtuous small-town clerk becomes the victim of a scandalous rumor from an unsuccessful suitor.
Sky Bride (1932) as Capt. Frank Robertson
Heritage of the Desert (1932) as Jack Hare
Nabb controls the pass and lets all the ranchers through except Holderness and his stolen cattle. When Nabb refuses to sell, Holderness works an his son Snap who has run up gambling debts. There is more trouble when Snap becomes jealous of Judy's attraction to the surveyor Jack. When Holderness has Snap killed, everyone heads to town for the showdown.
Wild Horse Mesa (1932) as Chane Weymer
A Successful Calamity (1932) as Larry Rivers
A family pulls together to help a member in financial trouble.
Women Men Marry (1931) as Steve Bradley
The Far Call (1929) as Helms

Producer (feature film)

Buchanan Rides Alone (1958) as Associate Producer
Clever gunfighter tangles with a gleefully corrupt family over control of a border town.
The Tall T (1957) as Associate Producer
An out-of-luck cowhand falls for a married woman being held hostage.
Decision at Sundown (1957) as Associate Producer
A gunman seeks revenge on the man he believes stole his wife.
7th Cavalry (1956) as Associate Producer
An alleged coward tries to redeem himself by reclaiming General Custer''''s body.
A Lawless Street (1955) as Associate Producer
A Marshal's past comes back to haunt him.
Ten Wanted Men (1955) as Associate Producer
A cattleman''s dream of law and order is threatened by the ambitions of a ruthless rival.
The Stranger Wore a Gun (1953) as Associate Producer
A gold robber tries to reform in the middle of a big heist.
Hangman's Knot (1952) as Associate Producer
Rebel soldiers raid a Union gold shipment, then learn the Civil War has been over for a month.
Man in the Saddle (1951) as Associate Producer
A farmer turns to violence when a land baron threatens him.

Production Companies (feature film)

The Nevadan (1950) as Company
A U.S. Marshall tries to recover stolen gold.

Cast (short)

Pirate Party on Catalina Isle (1935)
This short film presents a musical and comedy revue staged as a pirate party on Catalina Island.

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