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Richard Nichols

Richard Nichols



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  • The best performance in ALL THIS AND HEAVEN TOO!

    • Sheryl H
    • 2018-01-04

    Richard Nichols! A wonderful performance! What a film!

  • Fantastic movie, amazing child actor

    • charlene A. Kowalski
    • 2017-11-19

    I just finished watching, "All This and Heaven Too" with Bette Davis and Charles Boyer. It was so fun seeing a young June Lockhart. But, I fell in love with the child actor Richard Nichols. I so agree with the other comments being made about this brilliant actor. Why hasn't he received some type of award from the academy? I loved his ability to show such a wide range of emotions. What a great actor!

  • Richard Nichols

    • pearl
    • 2017-03-31

    I too just watched "A Woman's Face" and instantly recognized the adorable little boy from another film. I remember him as the son of Basil Rathbone's character in "Son of Frankenstein" where he was always referring to the "giant."

  • Little Charmer

    • Karen White
    • 2017-03-31

    Having seen 'All This and Heaven, Too', I recognized the little boy actor when I saw "A Woman's Face' just a few minutes ago. I never knew his name before. I think Richard Nichols was a beautiful, intelligent child, and I'm so glad to know that he made a wonderful life for himself after he left the movies. His innate sweetness was his most winning quality, and I'm sure it made him an effective, well-loved minister. God bless him!

  • Cried all night

    • Jeanette
    • 2016-10-05

    Watching "All this and heaven too" this weekend. Has got to be the best performance of Betty Davis's career. She didn't have to speak, those EYES said it all. The performance of Renald was one I never forget. He brought me to tears and melted my heart. At such a young age too. He deserved an Oscar for that role.

  • You melted my heart!

    • Carly Davis
    • 2016-08-31

    What an adorable little boy you were in the movie All This And Heaven Too. You melted my heart.

  • All this and heaven too

    • Dianne Shaw
    • 2016-06-21

    Excellent. I've seen all Bette Davis movies and several movies with Richard Nichols and he is the most precious thing I've ever heard. I was born in Locations, Miss. I watch TCM every single day, there is nothing like the old movies or the stars of the Golden age. I finally had to find Richard and just say every woman in America had to fall in love with him especially when he said mamselle.

  • Richard Nichols

    • Susan. Stiles
    • 2016-05-18

    Richard Nichols is now in his 80s according to the TCM information. I wonder why he is not being immortalized at the TCM Hollywood yearly film festivals. The TCM family of friends would enjoy his movies and interviews. He's one of the sweetest child actors. He's just adorable! Please invite him to future film festivals.

  • Richard Nichols

    • lyn Foley
    • 2016-01-10

    Cute and talented little boy. I detected a southern accent. His bio did his wife is from Mississippi. Maybe he is too? Anyway he held is own with the big name stars.

  • Richard Nichols

    • Marie
    • 2015-09-26

    Richard got no credits in either, "A Woman's Face" or "All this and Heaven too." Note: It should be noted that he "steals" .... not "steels" hearts.

  • Such a sweet child!

    • Heather Anderson
    • 2015-09-07

    I also just saw the movie "A woman's face" with the young Richards Nicole's I should have known he was related to the adorable little boy in "Boy's Town, so cute. I would also love to see an interview with him on TCM, he did steel the show, curious to know his path in life. I wish there could be more movies of quality again as the were in the 40's, people need to feel good again about the human race!

  • What an Adorable Child!!

    • M. Richardson
    • 2015-02-25

    Just saw Richard Nichols play the part of Lars-Erik in A Woman's Face starring Joan Crawford and Melvyn Douglas. What an incredible little boy! What a great little actor. But I don't think even the most gifted child actor could "act" that sweet. He must have been a delightful child in real life.

  • richard nichols

    • linda
    • 2015-02-08

    I think he is adorable. Did anyone else detect a southern accent?

  • Richard Franlin Nichols

    • ER
    • 2015-01-22

    I do not tire seeing Richard Nichols in All this and heaven too movie. He is a doll!!! He must be about 80yrs old now but I still would love to see him being interviewed on TCM. What a precious child then and I'm sure a great wonderful man now. Please show him on your show.

  • Richard Nichols...

    • Tami Ott
    • 2015-01-22

    My goodness! He is the most precious child! He just steels my heart, and I laugh out loud as I hear him say, "Ma'mdselle".... I cannot begin to know how to spell the word he makes sound so adorable! Where is he now? What's he doing? What does he look like? Absolutely precious one!!! God bless him, and God bless TCM,,,, I love you both! Tami Ott Hewitt/Waco, TX


    • Beth
    • 2014-11-18

    I have never seen a sweeter child in any movie than Richard was with Betty Davis and Charles Boyer. His looks and voice....just touches your heart. What an amazing little actor he was! I never forgot him.

  • All This and Heaven Too

    • Maggie
    • 2014-09-24

    Loved this movie but was enchanted by Richard Nichols. Most young actors are too aware of ths camera to be convincing. Richard should have been nominated for the Academy Award. His performance was perfection!

  • Richard Nichols

    • Carol Diehl
    • 2014-06-28

    I am in love with this beautiful little boy . There is not enough accolade about him or his performances. He truly was a scene stealer . If TCM has interviewed him , I have not seen it. Please have him on . It would be much appreciated by all .

  • An Angel

    • M.C. Holiman
    • 2014-03-26

    How touching it was to watch All This and Heaven too last night, who was that most adorable child?, sincere, right on queue. Glad for this site, hope he reads it and knows how many fans he has. His parents were right to have him go into the movie business, we are all blessed. So happy to hear he's living where and how he wishes. Thank You Richard for being right from God (we all are) but being the pure expression of the Divine, with many more Blessings, MC

  • Richard Nichols center point Alabama

    • Ashley w Kramer
    • 2014-01-17

    I too think he was an adorable child. In a woman's Face with Joan Crawford I have so many questions. Did he see any thing of the Mommie Dearest personality? Were the ski lift and slay ride dangerous? What did he learn from making movies so young? Did that have anything to do with becoming a minister? All the children in the family worked in movies. Did they get to keep their earnings? Did Sunday sermons fill the acting urge or wasn't there one? If he is listed, I'm calling him and I'll be back.

  • interview with Richard Nichols

    • daphine
    • 2012-07-19

    I would love for TCM to have an interview with Richard Nichols. He was a very impressionable child actor who you just fell in love with. There are so few actors around from that golden era and it would be great if there was a special showing devoted to those who are still around. They just don't make the movies like they did then.

  • richard nichols!

    • brenda
    • 2012-07-06


  • Child Actor Richard Nichols

    • Lori Hickey
    • 2011-11-09

    I can not believe that I, and old black and white movie fanatic, had never heard of the most endearing child actor I have ever seen - Richard Nichols (All This and Heaven Too, A Woman's Face, Blossoms in the Dust, etc.). Why do I feel like I have to tell old movie lovers about him and he is never spoken of? I have never heard any one in my forty year love of old movies ever even give a passing mention to this remarkable, natural child actor. To say he is adorable can not even begin to describe him. You have no choice but to totally focus on him no matter who is in the scene with him (i.e. Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Greer Garson). Does any one know more about him? I would love to see an inteview with him as I believe he is still alive. Are you reading this by any chance Robert Osborne?

  • Richard Nichols

    • Seth Keller
    • 2011-11-08

    Mr. Nichols as i know him drove my school bus when i was in middle school and my freshman year of high school at Clay Chalkville HS in Clay, Alabama. Havnt seen him since 2004. Hope he is still doing well.

  • Richard Nichols

    • Beverly
    • 2011-09-04

    I too, am a fan of of this adorable little boy. I think he is the same young actor, just a few years older in "Kitty Foyle". His southern drawl was noticeable but never a distraction whether he was to be a French little lord or a part of the New England mainline. He was precious, in the style Shirley Temple or Margaret O'Brien. You just want to hug him!

  • Outstanding

    • CDC
    • 2011-08-06

    What a performance in All This, and Heaven Too! Those eyes! That voice! Some of the most heart-tugging scenes by a child actor ever!

  • All This and Heaven Too

    • Keith T.
    • 2011-01-10

    Rich is alive and doing well. I work with him daily. He lives in Center Point, Alabama.

  • All This And Heaven Too

    • Mayrose Coyle
    • 2010-05-03

    My husband and I oo(ed) and ah(ed) at the adorable Richard Nichol's acting in this movie: All This and Heaven Too. His acting touched our hearts as we love children very much. In 1940, when this movie was made, he was all of 4 years old. What a cutie-pie he was. So adorable and talented. I looked him up and learned that later on in life he became a minister and after 44 years in the ministry he retired. How lovely it would be to see what he looks like now or watch him in a TCM's interview if it's possible. Maybe that could be arranged sometime. (hint, hint)

  • Richard Nichols was the most precious chlld

    • AJ
    • 2010-04-23

    I recently watched All This and Heaven Too and Richard Nichols is the cutest, sweetest child I have ever seen and his southern drawl is endearing. He was the definitely the scene stealer, even with Bette Davis and Charles Boyer. I would like to know more about him and other movies he as been in and what he is doing now.

  • Whatever became of Richard Nichols?

    • Marcia
    • 2008-12-18

    I have just finished watching All This, and Heaven Too, and have fallen in love with the beautiful child actor Richard Nichols. His voice and acting will just steal your heart. I would like to know more about his life.

  • What did he become.

    • GH
    • 2008-11-18

    Richard Nichols became a Church of Christ Evangelist

  • Amazing Child Actor

    • Sue L
    • 2007-12-29

    Where did this scene stealing, amazingly natural young actor come from? He appears to be about four years old in "All This and Heaven Too" - and his big, beautiful, dark eyes just sparkle on screen. If anyone ever stole a scene from the incomparable Bette Davis, it would be this little guy. Wow! I would love to know how his life and career unfolded.

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