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Also Known As: Died:
Born: November 23, 1941 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Parma, IT Profession: Cast ...


Director (feature film)


Cast (feature film)

John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)
Legendary hitman John Wick is forced back out of retirement by a former associate plotting to seize control of a shadowy international assassins' guild. Bound by a blood oath to help him, John travels to Rome where he squares off against some of the world's deadliest killers.
Lost City of Z, The (2016)
The true story of British explorer Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett, who disappeared in 1925 while searching for a mysterious city in the Amazon.
Broken Key, The (2016)
An English academic is drawn into studying symbology when investigating some ritual murders that were inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins.
Django (2012)
In the opening scene a lone man walks, behind him he drags a coffin. That man is Django. He rescues a woman from bandits and, later, arrives in a town ravaged by the same bandits. The scene for confrontation is set. But why does he drag that coffin everywhere and who, or what, is in it?
Cars 2 (2011)
Letters to Juliet (2010)
When a young American travels to the city of Verona, home of the star-crossed lover Juliet Capulet of Romeo and Juliet fame, she joins a group of volunteers who respond to letters to Juliet seeking advice about love. After answering one letter dated 1951, she inspires its author to travel to Italy i
Killing Is My Business, Honey (2009)
A hitman whose mission is to prevent the printing of a tell-all book written by a former Mafioso, falls in love with the employee who may lose her job if the book doesn't get published.
Mario the Magician (2008)
A friendly Italian shoe manufacturer arrives in a peaceful Hungarian village to set up a factory. Production quickly gets underway and the women in the village pounce on the employment opportunity, with one of them even falling in love with the boss. Unfortunately, this disruption of local life ends
Bastardi (2008)
The families Iuvara and Patene are bound by a common inherited hatred, which is further deepened when young Luke accidentically kills his rival Alexander during a motorace. To avoid revenge, the Iuvaras are forced to steal on behalf of their ancient rivals.
Bathory (2008)
With an unquenchable thirst for blood, Countess Elizabeth Bathory was one of the most prolific serial killers in history. Tearing flesh from bodies and bathing in warm blood, she delighted in an unholy quest for immortality while her country was being torn apart by a brutal and devastating civil wa
Rabbia, La (2008)
The story of a young director struggling to make his first film.
Mineurs (2007)
1961. Four children in a village in Lucania. Armando is the son of a miner, Egidio of a tailor. Mario is the son of the doctor whilst Vito's father is a sculptor. They all meet at school where their teacher Fernando teaches them ethics, critic and historical awareness. Many men from the village have
Chimera (2001) as Entrepreneur
In bed with his lover Desire, Tomas begins to tell her the story of another couple: Emma and Sal. Feeling the passion had left their relationship, Emma and Sal took to role-playing various scenarios, hoping this would enliven their love life. As their tale unfolds, it becomes clear that Tomas is man
Megiddo: Omega Code 2 (2001) as General Francini
Stone Alexander murders his father so that he can use the old man's media empire and his immense wealth to become head of the European Union, eventually gathering enough political power to take over the world. The only thing standing in Stone's way now is his brother David, Vice President of the Uni
Mirka (2000)
Years after an unspecified war, 10-year-old boy Mirka shows up in a village looking for his missing mother. Befriended by local hermit Strix, it begins to appear that Mirka is the wartime son of soon to be married Elena.
Versace Murder, The (1998) as Gianni Versace
Based on the story of serial killer Andrew Cunanan who killed himself days after murdering Italian designer Gianni Versace.
Uninvited (1998) as Barolo
Tony Grasso has been in love with Patricia almost all his life. Meeting her in high school, and developing a crush that would never go away, Tony could only worship her from afar as she was never interested in him. When Patricia, her husand and her children all turn up murdered, Tony is the prime su
Medal, The (1997) as Ferrero
Story is told from the perspective of 10-year-old Anna who lives with her mother in a working-class neighborhood in 1950's Turin. Her father died a hero's death as a partisan in World War II, and her mother has since put romance out of her mind. Anna aspires to earn a medal that her Catholic teacher
Talk of Angels (1996) as Dr Vicente Areavaga
As Spain simmers on the very edge of civil war and families are being torn apart by their political allegiances, a young Irish girl arrives to work as a governess. She irrevocably alters the lives of those around her, as her beauty and innocence arouse a love both forbidden and profane.
Innocent Sleep, The (1995) as Cavani
Inspired by the 1982 Roberto Calvi Affair in which an Italian banker was found hanging from a bridge across the River Thames, the story follows Alan, a man from Northern England who is homeless after the loss of his wife and job. One night while sleeping in a deserted building, Alan witnesses the m
Jonathan of the Bears (1994) as Jonathan
A white boy whose parents are murdered, is brought up first by bears and then by Native Americans. Years later the murderers, who are white, return to try to take the Native Americans' land, which is rich with petroleum deposits.
Touch And Die (1992) as Aquan
An investigative reporter manages, while investigating a story on the illegal merchants of plutonium, to actually infiltrate the deadly world of international arms piracy.
Brothers and Sisters (1992) as Franco
A married woman discovers that her husband is cheating on her. Taking her two sons, she travels across the ocean to stay with her sister in St. Louis. Story focuses on the relationship between the two brothers and their assimilation into this new world.
Amelia Lopes O'Neill (1991) as Fernando
A well-bred young woman, who prizes the virtue of fidelity, remains faithful to the doctor who deflowers her, even after he marries her invalid sister.
Breath of Life, A (1990) as Gesualdo
A retelling of the Orpheus and Eurydice legend set in a post-World War II sanitarium.
Die Hard 2 (1990) as General Ramon Esperanza
Some terrorist-fighting New York cops just can't catch a break. That's what Bruce Willis's hero John McClane must be thinking in this sequel to the blockbuster action flick Die Hard (1988). This time out, Willis is waiting to pick up his wife Bonnie Bedelia at the airport on Christmas Eve. Also waiting is a team of mercenaries led by William Sadler. They want to bust out an evil dictator, and they're taking the whole airport hostage. Big mistake with John McClane on the scene. It has all the terrific action, fisticuffs and gun battles you expect from a Die Hard feature.
Il Giovane Toscanini (1988) as Claudio Toscanini
Drama depicting Arturo Toscanini's conducting debut in Rio de Janeiro at the age of 18.
Silent Night (1988) as Janza
Biography of the priest, Franz Gruber, who composed the Christmas carol "Silent Night".
Sweet Country (1987) as Paul
In the mid-1970s, Anna and Ben relocate from the United States to Chile, and find the country in a state of turmoil following the murder of leftist President Salvador Allende. After the couple become friends with Eva, whose daughter Anna worked for Allende, Anna's connection to the fallen leader put
Girl, The (1987) as John Berg
Garibaldi - the General (1986) as Garibaldi
Forstenbuben, Die (1985) as Bohme
Il Pentito (1985) as Judge Falco
Grog (1983) as Nicola
Ten Days That Shook the World (1983) as John Reed
Salamander, The (1983) as Dante Matucci
Dectective Dante Matucci investigates the mysterious deaths of several Italian political leaders but his only clues are cards bearing the symbol of a salamander left on the desk of each slain official.
Falke, Der (1983)
Querelle (1982) as Lieutenant Seblon
Querelle is a handsome sailor whose commanding officer, Seblon, worships and desires him from afar. After murdering his drug-smuggling partner, Querelle visits a notorious brothel run by the rapacious Lysiane who leads Querelle into his first homosexual encounter. Subsequently, he falls in love with a fellow murderer, Gil. Partly because his love for Gil panics him, and partly so that he can keep Gil all to himself, Querelle betrays him to the police. But by now Querelle has become vulnerable and soon the once powerful object of passion comes to belong to Seblon.
Kamikaze '89 (1982) as Weiss
Enter the Ninja (1981) as Cole
After finishing training in the martial art of ninjutsu in Japan, an American soldier named Cole returns to the United States. Cole goes to visit his army buddy Frank Landers, who was recently married. The young couple own a large parcel of farm land, and Cole learns that they are being harassed by Charles Venarius, the CEO of a large company who is intent on buying the property. The Landers do not know what Venarius does, that there is a large oil deposit underneath their farm land. The harassment escalates to coersion, and Venarius hires Hasegawa, Cole''s rival from Japan, to kill Cole and get him out of the way.
Man with Bogart's Face, The (1980) as Hakim
A man has plastic surgery to make him look like his idol Humphrey Bogart and then, taking the name Sam Marlowe from some of Bogart's film characters, he opens a detective agency. Business is slow until he put his picture in the paper. Then a group of people contact him and he gets involved in his fi
Day of the Cobra, The (1980) as Larry Stanciani
Rose di Danzica, Le (1979) as Konrad Von Der Berg
Un Dramma Borghese (1979) as Guido
Force Ten From Navarone (1978) as Captain Radicek/Nicolai Lescovar--Double Agent
The survivors of Navarone have been given a new, and even more difficult assignment - they must destroy a huge bridge located deep in the Balkans. However, there is a traitor in their midst.
Submission (1977) as Armand
1940 France just before the great invasion. Eliane (Lisa Gastoni) is a pharmacist who is married to her dull husband and has a teenage daughter. Eliane is an attractive woman who has let her passion fall dormant. One evening, the pharmacy clerk makes a pass at her when he thinks she is another girl. Soon she lets the passion overtake her and she soon becomes his sex slave.
21 Hours At Munich (1976) as Issa
A dramatization of the events surrounding the 1972 Olympics massacre when eight Arab terrorists killed eleven Israeli athletes. A well-made, thoughtful film that had the dubious distinction of premiering opposite the initial TV showing of "Gone With the Wind," gathering virtually no audience, but re
Autostop rosso sangue (1976) as Walter Mancini
Keoma (1976) as Keoma Shannon
Legend of Valentino, The (1975) as Rudolph Valentino
Romantic fiction -- a term used by the network to describe it and blunt any possible lawsuits -- based on the life and myth of the screen's first and most famous male sex symbol.
Marche Triomphale, La (1975) as Captain Asciutto
Last Days of Mussolini (1974) as Colonel Valerio
Il Cittadino Si Ribella (1974) as Carlo
Corruzione al Palazzo di Giustizia (1974) as Judge Cusani
Il Delitto Matteotti (1973) as Giacomo Matteotto
Deaf Smith And Johnny Ears (1973) as Johnny Ears
A deaf gunslinger fights for Texas'''' independence.
Le Moine (1973) as Ambrosio
Senza Ragione (1972) as Mosquito
Pope Joan (1972) as Louis
This movie is based on the medieval legend of Pope Joan, who was made Pope for a brief period around 855 A.D. Although it is questionable that Pope Joan really did exist, this movie presents her existence as fact, and portrays her relationships with other notables of the time.
Vacanza, La (1971) as Poacher
Medieval drama in which Redgrave plays an allegedly insane woman who is allowed to finally leave the madhouse to see if she is capable of functioning normally. Her parents pay no attention to her and eventually sell her to a creditor. En route she escapes and runs into a poacher. She explains her terrible situation via flashback. He feels sympathetic and so the two head off for many free-flowing adventures.
Confessions of a Police Captain (1971)
One of the first films about the mafia occurrence, in which the fight is hopeless, because "the polyp's feeler" reaches everything and everybody. A police inspector and a deputy public prosecutor try to prove that the architect in the city is in the mafia.
The Battle of Neretva (1971) as Captain Riva
In January 1943 German army, afraid of Allied invasion of Balkans, launched great offensive against Yugoslav Partisans in Western Bosnia. The only way out for Partisan forces and thousands of refugees was the bridge on the river Neretva.
The Mercenary (1970) as Bill Douglas
An idealistic patriot hires a gunman to lead the fight against a crooked mine-owner.
The Virgin and the Gypsy (1970) as Gypsy
Detective Belli (1970) as Stefano Belli
A Quiet Place in the Country (1970) as Leonardo Ferri
A beautiful ghost inspires a painter to commit murder.
Tristana (1970) as Horacio
A young girl''''s guardian falls in love with her.
Mafia (1969) as Captain Bellodi
Based on the Leonardo Sciascia novel of the same title, this story deals with the difficulties facing a northern police officer investigating a Mafia murder in a small Sicilian town in 1961. Salvatore Colasbena, a construction supplier, was murdered # and buried under a blanket of tar # because he refused to join the Mafia-controlled roadbuilding group. His widow, Rosa, is investigated by the police, but honest Captain Bellodi comes to suspect Mafia boss Don Mariano Arena when he can find no witnesses, no evidence, only hostile obstruction by corrupt government influences. Captain Bellodi has no idea that his pursuit of the truth will stir up a hornet's nest. Powerful figures have a vested interest in ensuring that the very existence of the Mafia can be denied. The movie dramatizes the hold that the Mafia has on Sicilian life: the police, the judiciary, politics, and the Catholic Church. Everyone in the village is afraid to talk to Bellodi for fear they will be silenced forever.
The Wild, Wild Planet (1967) as Jake
Space amazons control the Earth by shrinking its leaders.
The Hired Killer (1967) as Tony Lobello
Camelot (1967) as Lancelot Du Lac
The romance between Guinevere and Lancelot destroys King Arthur''s dream kingdom.
The Bible...In the Beginning (1966) as Abel
John Huston narrates this dramatization of the Book of Genesis.
The Tramplers (1966) as Charley Garvey
A Southern family becomes its own worst enemy in the Civil War aftermath. This violent Italian western with American leads was filmed in Argentina.
War Of The Planets (1965)
Martians with mind-control powers attempt to take over the earth.

Writer (feature film)

Jonathan of the Bears (1994) as Screenwriter
A white boy whose parents are murdered, is brought up first by bears and then by Native Americans. Years later the murderers, who are white, return to try to take the Native Americans' land, which is rich with petroleum deposits.

Producer (feature film)

Rabbia, La (2008)
The story of a young director struggling to make his first film.
Uninvited (1998) as Producer; Producer ("Presents")
Tony Grasso has been in love with Patricia almost all his life. Meeting her in high school, and developing a crush that would never go away, Tony could only worship her from afar as she was never interested in him. When Patricia, her husand and her children all turn up murdered, Tony is the prime su
Jonathan of the Bears (1994) as Producer
A white boy whose parents are murdered, is brought up first by bears and then by Native Americans. Years later the murderers, who are white, return to try to take the Native Americans' land, which is rich with petroleum deposits.
Breath of Life, A (1990) as Producer
A retelling of the Orpheus and Eurydice legend set in a post-World War II sanitarium.

Cast (special)

Painted Lady (1998) as Robert Tassi
Maggie Sheridan, a hard-living, self-destructive wild child of the sixties and once one of the most famous blues voices of her generation, is taken in by Sir Charles Stafford and his son Sebastian after a failed suicide attempt. When Sir Charles is brutally murdered and a valuable 16th century paint

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Pope John Paul II (2005)
The life and times of the late Pope John Paul II, also known as Karol Wojtyla. Miniseries will chronicle his youth under Nazi-occupied Poland, his time as a young priest in a country controlled by the Soviet Union, his rise in the Catholic Church to becoming the first Polish pope in 1978 as his leg
David (1997) as Nathan
Biblical story of David, the shepherd boy who, after killing the Philistine giant Goliath, became the king of Israel.
Bella Mafia (1997) as Mario Domino
Drama about family, loyalty, love and revenge based on the novel by Lynda La Plante. The world of Don Roberto and Graziella Luciano is turned upside down when their favorite son Michael is murdered. Michael's secret girlfriend Sophia is pregnant with his child, unbeknownst to the family. After she g
Young Catherine (1991) as Count Vorontsov
The wife of the Russian tsar fights to protect herself from palace intrigue and revolution.
Windmills Of The Gods (1988) as Alex Ionescu
A two-part miniseries based on Sidney Sheldon's best-selling novel involving a Midwestern college professor who is swept into the world of international political intrigue when she is appointed by the President to be the new American Ambassador to Romania. She becomes the target of an assassin who's
Last Days of Pompeii, The (1984) as Arbaces
This seven-hour British-Italian adaptation of Edward Bulwer-Lytton's 1834 epic, set against the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. and previously filmed in 1935, and in 1960 was a vehicle for muscleman Steve Reeves, was trashed by the critics as the campiest of sword and sandal sagas to emerge in

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Harold Robbins' The Pirate (1978) as Baydr Al Fay
Elaborate Harold Robbins fiction dealing with a handsome Israeli, raised by an influential Arab, who comes into conflict with his heritage when he is entrusted with managing his country's oil fortunes and must deal with a fanatical terrorist group led by his daughter.

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