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Director (feature film)

Dangerous Lady (1941) as Assistant Director

Cast (feature film)

The Farmer Takes a Wife (1953) as Boatman
Erie Canal, N.Y., 1850: Molly Larkins, cook on Jotham Klore's canal boat, has a love-hate relationship with her boss. She hires handsome new haul-horse driver Dan Harrow and the inevitable triangle develops (complicated by Dan's desire to farm and Molly's to boat) against a background of the canalmen's fight against the encroaching railroad.
Cry of the Hunted (1953) as Ticket clerk
A prison convict escapes through the Louisiana swamps.
Because You're Mine (1952) as Stage doorman
After being drafted, an opera star falls for his sergeant's sister.
It's a Big Country: An American Anthology (1952) as Official
Seven stories celebrate the glorious diversity of American life.
Excuse My Dust (1951) as Councilman
An inventor's new automobile could put his girlfriend's livery stable out of business.
Angels in the Outfield (1951) as Reporter
The short-tempered manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates mends his ways in return for a little divine assistance.
Texas Carnival (1951) as Person in lobby
A penniless carnival worker runs up a mountain of debts when he's mistaken for a millionaire.
Father of the Bride (1950) as Guest
A doting father faces mountains of bills and endless trials when his daughter marries.
Dial 1119 (1950) as Pedestrian
A killer holds the customers at a bar hostage.
Mystery Street (1950) as Pawnbroker
Criminal pathologists try to crack a case with nothing but the victim's bones to go on.
Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone (1950) as
A lawyer and a widow encounter murder on a train ride.
Three Little Words (1950) as Vendor
Musical biography of songwriters Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby, who surreptitiously helped each other out of jams.
The Skipper Surprised His Wife (1950) as Delivery man
A captain tries to keep home as tight as his ship.
Two Weeks with Love (1950) as Guest
Two sisters find romance during a turn-of-the-century family vacation.
Act of Violence (1949) as Drunk
An embittered veteran tracks down a POW camp informer.
Adventure in Baltimore (1949) as Tramp
A turn-of-the-century socialite joins the women's suffrage movement.
Two Guys from Texas (1948) as Bartender
Two vaudevillians on the run from crooks try to pass themselves off as cowboys.
The Prince of Thieves (1948) as Lindsay
Robin Hood (Jon Hall) aids Lady Marian (Patricia Morison) and her brother (Michael Duane)to rescue the latter's betrothed Lady Christabel (Adele Jergens)from her father's house where she is being forced into a marriage against her will. The father recaptures his daughter and kidnaps Marian in the bargain. Robin gathers all of the merry men and a couple of grouches and routs the father's soldiers and slays him and his nephew. Friar Tuck (Alan Mowbray) then performs a triple wedding uniting Robin and Marian; the brother and the now-fatherless Christabel; and Little John (Walter Sande) and a handmaiden named Maude (Robin Raymond.)
Arch of Triumph (1948) as Milan waiter
In winter of 1938, Paris is crowded with refugees from the Nazis, who live in the black shadows of night, trying to evade deportation. One such is Dr. Ravic, who practices medicine illegally and stalks his old Nazi enemy Haake with murder in mind. One rainy night, Ravic meets Joan Madou, a kept woman cast adrift by her lover's sudden death. Against Ravic's better judgement, they become involved in a doomed affair; matters come to a crisis on the day war is declared.
That's My Gal (1947) as Sucker
Two sharpie promoters (Don Barry and Frank Jenks) put on a show they believe is so bad it will not play more than one day and they therefore will not have to pay the long list of investors,i.e, suckers and buyers. But one of the investors dies intestate and his interests pass to the state. The governor's secretary (Lynne Roberts) engages new talent (the Four Step Brothers, Guadalajara Trio, St. Clair & Vilvoa, Dolores and Don Graham, et al) and a new orchestra (Jan Savitt), in order to make the show successful and a profitable investment for the state. Barry (in another of the vast majority of his films in which he was not billed as Don "Red" Barry), who has fallen in love with the first-billed Roberts, reforms and buys up the surplus stock.
California (1947) as Delegate
"Wicked" Lily Bishop joins a wagon train to California, led by Michael Fabian and Johnnny Trumbo, but news of the Gold Rush scatters the train. When Johnny and Michael finally arrive, Lily is rich from her saloon and storekeeper (former slaver) Pharaoh Coffin is bleeding the miners dry. But worse troubles are ahead: California is inching toward statehood, and certain people want to make it their private empire.
Merton of the Movies (1947) as Photographer
A star-struck hick goes to Hollywood to become a star.
Suddenly, It's Spring (1947) as Waiter
Captain Mary Morley (Paulette Goddard), WAC marital-relations expert, known as "Captain Lonelyhearts", returns from overseas as escort to some G.I. war brides, and she hopes to patch up the estrangement from Peter Morley (Fred MacMurray), her husband and former law partner. The latter has fallen for beautiful Gloria Fay (Arleen Whelan) and is waiting at the airport with a divorce consent requiring Mary's signature. Peter, hoping to be more persuasive later, asks her to have dinner with him later at the Ski Club. Jack Lindsay (Macdonald Carey), a client of Peter's who has been using their apartment mistakes Mary for one of the intended bridesmaids and asks about Gloria. Now that Mary knows about Gloria, she asks Jack to bring Gloria to the Ski Club dinner. Still in love with Peter, Mary refuses to sign the divorce paper and asks Jack to take her home. Mary is ordered to Fort Sheridan and Peter and Jack board her train - Peter still after her signature and Jack also hoping she will sign as he has fallen for her. Jack advises Peter to make himself so repulsive that Mary will be glad to get rid of him. When Mary reaches Chicago, she is met by three WAC officers and Peter, puffing a king-size cigar, who swoops in and scoops her into his arms. Realizing that Peter must want a divorce badly by staging such a performance, Mary finally consents. Later, when Mary and Peter are going through their personal effects, they begin to reminisce and realize their disagreements were over trivial matters. They embrace, leaving Jack and Gloria out in the cold.
Lady in the Lake (1947) as Christmas party guest
Philip Marlowe searches for a missing woman in this mystery shot entirely from the detective's viewpoint.
Night and Day (1946) as Yale alumnus
Fanciful biography of songwriter Cole Porter, who rose from high society to find success on Tin Pan Alley.
Her Kind of Man (1946) as Headwaiter
A singer can't choose between a charismatic gangster and an honest newspaperman.
That Brennan Girl (1946) as Florist
Hold That Blonde (1945) as Waiter
Ogden Spencer Trulow III (Eddie Bracken) is a wealthy kleptomaniac who turned to stealing when he was spurned by a girl. His psychoanalyst advises him to find another girl for a cure. He fastens his interest upon Sally Martin (Veronica Lake), who happens to be engaged upon helping some crooks steal a valuable necklace. Complications include two scantily attired individuals, one of them drunk, clinging to the cornice of a skyscraper and a large band of crooks in quest of the precious jewels.
You Came Along (1945) as Waiter
War hero flier Bob Collins goes on a war bond selling tour with two buddies, and substitute "chaperone" Ivy Hotchkiss. Bob's a cheerful Lothario with several girls in every town on the tour. After some amusing escapades, Bob and Ivy become romantically involved, agreeing it's "just fun up in the air." Then Ivy finds out the real reason why it shouldn't be anything more.
The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry (1945) as Waiter
Bachelor Harry Quincey, head designer in a small-town cloth factory, lives with his selfish sisters, glamorous hypochondriac Lettie and querulous widow Hester. His developing relationship with new colleague Deborah Brown promises happiness at last...thwarted by passive, then increasingly active opposition from one sister. Will Harry resort to desperate measures?
Hitchhike to Happiness (1945) as Thompson
Goodnight, Sweetheart (1944) as Reporter
Rosie, the Riveter (1944) as Poker player
Henry Aldrich Gets Glamour (1943) as Man with posters
True to Life (1943) as
A writer for a radio program needs some fresh ideas to juice up his show. For inspiration, he rents a room with a typical American family and begins to secretly write about their true life antics. The show becomes a big hit, but he begins to feel guilty about his charade when he falls in love with the family's pretty older daughter.
Dixie (1943) as Specialty member of minstrel show
A young songwriter leaves his Kentucky home to try to make it in New Orleans. Eventually he winds up in New York, where he sells his songs to a music publisher, but refuses to sell his most treasured composition: "Dixie." The film is based on the life of Daniel Decatur Emmett, who wrote the classic song "Dixie."
Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) as Judge in musical number
A musical portrait of composer/singer/dancer George M. Cohan. From his early days as a child-star in his family's vaudeville show up to the time of his comeback at which he received a medal from the president for his special contributions to the US, this is the life- story of George M. Cohan, who produced, directed, wrote and starred in his own musical shows for which he composed his famous songs.
Yokel Boy (1942) as Taxi driver
Joan of Ozark (1942) as Representative
We Were Dancing (1942) as Clerk
A Polish princess gives up society for the love of a gigolo.
Lady in a Jam (1942) as Tourist
Moonlight Masquerade (1942) as Waiter
Sleepytime Gal (1942) as Reporter
Call of the Canyon (1942) as Agent
The Fleet's In (1942) as Waiter
Sailors bet on a shy shipmate''s ability to romance an aloof nightclub singer.
Flight Lieutenant (1942) as Employment man
A disgraced pilot sets out to regain his son's respect.
True to the Army (1942) as Bartender
Unfinished Business (1941) as
Small town girl (Dunne) Meets and falls for a playboy type (Foster) on a train to New York. For him, the fling is over when they arrive, but she continues to carry a torch. She meets and marries his brother (Montgomery), a mismatch which eventually grows into real love.
Sunny (1941) as Florist
Double Date (1941) as Waiter
Double Trouble (1941) as
The owner of an American bean cannery and his wife are expecting the arrival of two orphans from war-torn England, but the "youngsters" arrive and are two addled-brain adults, Albert (Harry Langdon) and Alfred Prattle (Charles Rogers). Making a worse deal out of a bad one, the owner puts them to work in his cannery where, among other mishaps, they manage to place a $100,000 gem in a can of beans. The word gets out and customers, hoping to buy the can with the gem, clear the market place of the company's beans.
Slightly Tempted (1940) as Dog owner
Confidence man Professor Ross (Hugh Herbert) is released from prison and goes to Knoxton where his daughter Judy (Peggy Moran) lives. She has told everyone, including her fiancee Jimmy Duncan (Johnny Downs), that her father has been exploring in South America. Civic leaders ask him to lecture at a gala reception. Because Jimmy needs money to finance a toy train factory, Ross ends his lecture with a sales talk about the valuable Iridium mines he found in South America. Ethelreda Knox (Elisabeth Risdon), big-time toy manufacturer, wants to get a monopoly on the Iridium stock, while Gentleman Jack (Robert Emmett Keane) and The Duchess (Gertrude Michael), a pair of slick crooks, also want to chisel in on the deal. Ross gets the swindlers and civic leaders to deposit $60,000 in the bank and he finances Jimmy's factory with the funds. Feeling somewhat "taken", Gentleman Jack and The Duchess rob the bank, but with the help of his crony Peter (George E. Stone), Ross sees to it that the pair leave town holding an empty bag. Ross reimburses the locals and suggests a merger of the factories owned by his bride-to-be Eltelreda and his future son-in-law Jimmy.
Private Affairs (1940) as Elevator operator
Amos Bullerton, son of an old Boston family, has chosen for twenty years to remain a "black sheep" rather than submit to the dictation of his staid family. Jane Bullerton, his daughter, finds herself in the same quandary, ordered by her crotchety grandfather, Noble Bullerton, to marry a man she doesn't love.
Danger on Wheels (1940) as Official
Dr. Kildare's Crisis (1940) as Head salesman
A young doctor's marriage could be called off when the bride's brother is diagnosed with epilepsy.
Dancing on a Dime (1940) as Liquor clerk
The Family Next Door (1939) as Brady
Two Bright Boys (1939) as First driller
Little Accident (1939) as
Sweethearts (1938) as Music vendor
Bickering husband-and-wife stage stars are manipulated into a break-up for publicity purposes.
Topa Topa (1938) as Chuck Foster
Alexander's Ragtime Band (1938) as Songwriter
A forward thinking bandleader fights to make ragtime respectable.
Swing Sister Swing (1938) as Photographer
Broadway press agent Nap Sisler (Ken Murray) sees a chance to make a national hit with a new dance, "The Baltimore Bubble", created by Greenvale filling-station attendant Johnny Bennett (Johnny Downs). Nap promotes dance instructor Professor L. Orlando Beebee (Ernest Truex) out of $500 to bring Johnny, his dancing partner Snookie Saunders (Kathryn Kane, formerly known as Katherine "Sugar" Kane but not in this film), and Greenvale grocery clerk and hot trombonist Satchel-Lips Peters (Eddie Quillan) to New York. Introduced at a night club by bandleader Ted Weems, the trio is a hit. The Greenvale trio begin a theatre tour with their dance, now a national sensation. The craze soon dies out and Johnny stays in New York to try for another chance at fame with a dancer, Nona (Edna Sedgwick), while the other two return to Greenvale. The new act soon flops and Johnny returns to Greenvale and is met by Snookie, Satchel-Lips and the town band, who escort him to a new and lavish service station built with the money earned from "The Baltimore Bubble."
This Is My Affair (1937) as Boy
A saloon singer tries to reform a gangster, not knowing he's really an undercover detective.
Stage Door (1937) as
Women at a theatrical boarding house try to make their big break happen.
Meet the Missus (1937) as Mr. Corn Belt
A woman's mania for entering contests leads her family on a madcap trip to Atlantic City.
She's Got Everything (1937) as Reporter
A penniless heiress goes to work as secretary to a stuffed shirt.
Anything Goes (1936) as Reporter
A young man falls in love with a beautiful blonde. When he sees her being forced onto a luxury liner, he decides to follow and rescue her. However, he discovers that she is an English heiress who ran away from home and is now being returned to England. He also discovers that his boss is on the ship. To avoid discovery, he disguises himself as the gangster accomplice of a minister, who is actually a gangster on the run from the law.
After the Thin Man (1936) as Reporter
Married sleuths Nick and Nora Charles try to clear Nora's cousin of a murder charge.
Her Master's Voice (1936) as Motorcycle cop
Night Life of the Gods (1935) as Drunk
A scientist named Hunter Hawk invents a device that can turn flesh to stone. While celebrating his discovery he becomes involved with a half naked leprechaun. On a trip to New York, Hunter and Meg (the leprechaun) decide to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and turn all of the Statues of Greek Gods into people. What follows in a drunken romp around New York with Medusa's severed head still in Perseus' hand.
It Happened in New York (1935) as Radio announcer
Here Comes the Band (1935) as Dressmaker
A songwriters takes on the corrupt publisher who stole his music.
It Happened in New York (1935) as Radio announcer
George White's 1935 Scandals (1935) as Master of ceremonies
King Solomon of Broadway (1935) as Announcer
The Daring Young Man (1935) as Reporter
One in a Million (1934) as Frankie
The Captain Hates the Sea (1934) as Reporter
A bond thief, a private eye and a drunken reporter wreak havoc on an ocean voyage.
Ready for Love (1934) as Farnum
Such Women Are Dangerous (1934) as Hinton
Double Harness (1933) as Bruno
After tricking a playboy into marriage, a woman sets out to win his love honestly.
Morning Glory (1933) as [Will] Seymour
A stage struck girl travels to New York determined to make it on Broadway.
Broadway Thru a Keyhole (1933) as Decorator
Racketeer Frank Rocci is smitten with Joan Whelan, a dancer at Texas Guinan's famous Broadway night spot. He uses his influence to help her get a starring role in the show, hoping that it will also get Joan to fall in love with him. After scoring a hit, Joan accepts Frank's marriage proposal, more out of gratitude than love. The situation gets even stickier when she falls for a handsome band leader during a trip to Florida. Can she tell Frank she's in love with someone else?
Three Cornered Moon (1933) as Margin clerk
After losing their fortune, a family tries to find a way out of their predicament.
She Done Him Wrong (1933) as
A saloon singer fights off smugglers, an escaped con and a Salvation Army officer out to reform her.
Walls of Gold (1933) as Tony Van Raalte
Virtue (1932) as Hank
A taxi driver falls for a sassy New York con girl.
If I Had a Million (1932) as Glidden's assistant
A dying tycoon selects his heirs at random, and each reacts differently to the good fortune.
Lover Come Back (1931) as Schultzy
A Dangerous Affair (1931) as Tom Randolph
Three Who Loved (1931) as
A bank teller''s love life falls apart when he''s accused of embezzling.
Leathernecking (1930) as Douglas
Daddy's Double (1910) as

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