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Louis Natheaux

Louis Natheaux



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Cast (feature film)

Crossroads (1942) as Reporter
A French diplomat who's recovered from amnesia is blackmailed over crimes he can't remember.
Sing Your Worries Away (1942) as Song publisher
A daffy songwriter inherits a fortune but has to fight off gangsters to get it.
My Favorite Blonde (1942) as Man in coffee shop
A vaudevillian gets mixed up with a beautiful blonde spy.
I Was a Prisoner on Devil's Island (1941) as Radio operator
West Point Widow (1941) as Man in bar
The Case of the Black Parrot (1941) as Theophile Daurelle
A newspaperman sets out to catch a sea-going thief.
Blues in the Night (1941) as Croupier
The members of a traveling jazz band try to keep their leader from drinking himself to death.
Citizen Kane (1941) as Newspaperman at Trenton Town Hall
The investigation of a publishing tycoon''''s dying words reveals conflicting stories about his scandalous life.
Brother Orchid (1940) as Gangster
After a failed hit, a mob chief recuperates in a monastery.
Gallant Sons (1940) as
When a man is charged with murder, his son''''s schoolboy friends set out to solve the case.
The Ghost Comes Home (1940) as Gangster
A man who''''s presumed dead returns to his family.
Bitter Sweet (1940) as Officer
A voice teacher and his star pupil run away together to a life of love and poverty.
We Who Are Young (1940) as Man clerk
A man violates company policy by getting married.
Edison, the Man (1940) as Broker
Thomas Edison fights to turn his dreams into reality.
Blackmail (1939) as
A man in prison on false charges escapes to save his family from a blackmailer.
Lucky Night (1939) as Stickman
During a drunken night out, an heiress marries a broken-down gambler.
Union Pacific (1939) as Card player
A crooked politician tries to stop construction of the first intercontinental railroad.
6,000 Enemies (1939) as Blackie Robinson
A prison riot traps an innocent couple.
It's a Wonderful World (1939) as Waiter
A runaway poetess helps a fugitive prove himself innocent of murder charges.
Three Loves Has Nancy (1938) as Promoter
A country girl follows the man who jilted her to the big city, where she finds two new suitors.
The Buccaneer (1938) as Prominent gentleman
French pirate Jean Lafitte tries to redeem his name helping the U.S. in the War of 1812.
A Slight Case of Murder (1938) as Partygoer
A gangster finds the straight life ain't so simple.
Over the Wall (1938) as Fingerprint man
A prison chaplain tries to help a man framed for murder prove his innocence.
Charlie Chan at the Olympics (1937) as
Spies have an invention which will allow its posessor to remote-control flying aircraft. The U.S. Navy, the Berlin police, and No. 1 son Lee Chan (a member of the U.S. Swim Team at the Berlin Olympics) help Charlie capture the spies.
Man of the People (1937) as Hard-faced gambler
An Italian immigrant studying the law gets mixed up with crooks.
Make Way for Tomorrow (1937) as Head waiter
A devoted couple faces the harsh economic realities of growing older.
The Last Train from Madrid (1937) as Headwaiter
The story of seven people: their lives and love affairs in Madrid during the Civil War.
Wells Fargo (1937) as Jonathan, proprietor
An employee of an express shipping service helps to provide people with the supplies they need.
Kid Galahad (1937) as
A mob-connected trainer grooms a bellhop for the boxing ring.
The Plainsman (1937) as
Calamity Jane gets mixed up in an Indian War and the friendly rivalry between Wild Bill Hickok and Buffalo Bill.
Conquest (1937) as Police officer
A Polish countess sacrifices her virtue to Napoleon to save her homeland.
Mountain Music (1937) as Mr. Lovelace
Wild Money (1937) as [Cyrus K.] West
Some Blondes Are Dangerous (1937) as Hymie Mandle
Missing Witness (1937) as Heinie Dodds
Missing Witnesses (1937)
Government investigators take on a powerful protection racket.
Yours for the Asking (1936) as Henchman
Casino operator Johnny Lamb hires down-on-her-luck socialite Lucille Sutton as his casino hostess, in order to help her and to improve casino income. But Lamb's pals fear he may follow Lucille onto the straight-and-narrow path, which would not be good for business. So they hire Gert Malloy and Dictionary McKinney, a pair of con-artists, to manipulate Johnny back off the path of righteousness.
Captain Calamity (1936) as Joblin
In the South Seas, Bill Jones (George Houston), captain of the schooner "Marigold", is known as Captain Calamity as he is quick to fight or frolic. Stone broke on the island of Quica and with his ship in need or re-stocking, Bill accepts an ancient Spanish doubloon from a young Australian named Carr (Barry Norton)in exchange for taking him to Tapillo, where Carr can take a ship to Sidney. Bill gives the doubloon to trader Joblin (Louis Natheaux)for supplies, and does not bother to correct the trader's impression that he has found a fabulous horde of pirate gold. With Madame Gruen (Margaret Irving), a slatternly jade who runs a waterfront boarding house, and Samson (the ever-oily Roy D'Arcy), her paramour, Joblin schemes to seize Captain Bill's supposed treasure trove. Together, they gather a a crew of cutthroats, led by Black Pierre (George J. Lewis), leader of the scum of the waterfront dives, to seize the treasure. Bill also meets Dr. Kelkey (Crane Wilbur), loser in many bouts with a brandy bottle, and his ward, Madge Lewis (Marian Nixon), on a mission to find the man who murdered and robbed her father in Australia. Bill agrees to help her, but does not remember her as the young girl he had saved from a sinking ship a dozen years before.
Magnificent Obsession (1936) as Reporter
A playboy tries to redeem himself after his careless behavior causes a great man's death.
After the Thin Man (1936) as Racetrack tout
Married sleuths Nick and Nora Charles try to clear Nora''''s cousin of a murder charge.
Forgotten Faces (1936) as Butler
In London, August 1914, Austrian star Elsa Duranyi (Gertrude Michael) and English matinee idol Alan Barclay (Herbert Marshall) are in love and plan an immediate marriage. But the War comes and Elsa mysteriously disappears. Alan's ease in speaking German results in his appointment to the British Intelligence and, to aid his use as a spy, they announce he was killed in action. He takes the name and personality of "shell-shocked" Hans Teller, a German prisoner, and is sent into Germany on an exchange of prisoners. Elsa, now a spy in the service of the Fatherland, is in Monte Carlo, where Allied officers on leave can be tempted into revealing war secrets. In Germany, Alan, posing as Teller, is listed as unfit for service, contacts Carl Schrottle (Rod LaRocque), another British agent. They are to locate the German "Big Bertha," the long-range gun bombarding Paris. They are successful and the gun is destroyed. Elsa is recalled and given the assignment of locating the British spy organization and its members. Through her surveillance of Carl, she meets Hans Teller and recognizes him as Alan, but doesn't let on. Alone, she agrees to flee to Holland with him but her superior officer, Ludwig (Lionel Atwill), is not fooled and is in pursuit.
Go-Get-'Em-Haines (1936) as Steward
15 Maiden Lane (1936) as Shyster lawyer
High Tension (1936) as Heckling clerk
Come Closer, Folks (1936) as Pitchman
Modern Times (1936) as Burglar/The addict
The Tramp struggles to live in a modern industrial society with the help of a young homeless woman.
Sinner Take All (1936) as Swenson
Members of a wealthy family are murdered one-by-one.
Gold Diggers of 1937 (1936) as Salesman
A group of insurance salesmen try to get into show business.
Freckles (1935) as Lefty
Grand Exit (1935) as Headwaiter
An insurance investigator tries to track down an arsonist.
Atlantic Adventure (1935) as
An ace reporter tracks the man who killed the D.A. to an ocean liner.
The Daring Young Man (1935) as Head waiter
Charlie Chan in Paris (1935) as Reporter
Charlie's visit to Paris, ostensibly a vacation, is really a mission to investigate a bond-forgery racket. But his agent, apache dancer Nardi is killed before she can tell him much. The case, complicated by a false murder accusation for banker's daughter Yvette, climaxes with a strange journey through the Paris sewers.
Vagabond Lady (1935) as Third mate
A department store owner''''s sons compete for his secretary''''s heart.
Love Me Forever (1935) as
A mob figure helps launch a singer's career only to lose her to a younger man.
Special Agent (1935) as Clerk
A government agent poses as a newspaperman to get the goods on a mobster.
A Night at the Ritz (1935) as Nick
A publicist doesn''t know that his famous chef client can''t cook.
She Married Her Boss (1935) as
A secretary who handles the boss' business perfectly marries him and tackles his home life.
The Gay Bride (1934) as Monk
A gold digger tries to get ahead by marrying a succession of ill-fated racketeers.
Death on the Diamond (1934) as
A rookie pitcher tries to stop someone from killing the St. Louis Cardinals.
Lady by Choice (1934) as Reporter
To improve her image, a fan dancer "adopts" an old woman to be her mother.
Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolen (1934) as Raymond
I'll Fix It (1934) as
A businessman''''s efforts to buy good grades for his kid brother put him in conflict with the school''''s lady principal.
Men of the Night (1934) as Holdup man
"Stake-Out" Kelly (Bruce Cabot), ace detective, meets Mary Higgins (Judith Allen) at a small Hollywood sandwich shop where he expects to get some information concerning Packey Davis (Charles Sabin), head of a ring of jewel thieves. His suspicions are confirmed when Mary warns him that Davis is outside - waiting for him. Kelly sets a trap and, in the ensuing battle, one of the gangsters is killed. Davis is interested in rubbing out Kelly as Kelly and Baker are the only two witnesses against Smitty (Arthur Rankin), a Davis henchman. Baker is in the hospital and the plan is bring Smitty there for identification. Kelly accidently slips the secret to Mary, who in turn innocently informs Packey. A trap is laid.
Chained (1934) as Stewart
A kept woman finds herself drawn to a charismatic South American rancher.
Broadway Bill (1934) as
An heiress and her brother-in-law defy her father by going into horse racing.
Hide-Out (1934) as Henchman
Farmers take in an injured racketeer and try to reform him.
Blood Money (1933) as Nagel's pal
The Fighting Code (1933) as Barry
Ben Halliday (Buck Jones) stumbles upon a mysterious range killing and discovers letters in the dead man's pockets that reveal his intention to return to his native town where his sister, Helen James (Diane Sinclair), is making a lone stand to hold her property that is desired by Joshua La Plante (Erville Alderson) and his gunman Joe Krull (Ward Bond). Meeting Helen, Ben realizes she has been parted from her brother so long that she would not recognize him, so Ben decides to pose as him. With the help of another new arrival, Barry (Louis Natheaux), and Judge Williams (Alfred P. James as Alf James), he uncovers a plot to secure Helen's property and build a dam in the canyon that would deprive the valley of water but would water the desert property owned by La Plante. Krull murders a surveyor and frames Ben who is thrown into jail, where he meets Crosby (Niles Welch) who furnishes proof of the guilt of La Plante and Krull. Ben breaks jail and he and Barry break into La Plante's office and hide in a wardrobe closet when Krull and La Plante enter. The later pair argue and Krull kills La Plante. Sheriff Olson (Dick Alexander) arrives and Krull also blames Ben for his latest murder.
Gambling Ship (1933) as Croupier
Tired of the dangerous life as gambling boss, Ace Corbin 'retires' from the racket and travels cross-country by train to begin a new life with a new name. On the train, he meets Eleanor and they fall in love. Eleanor is afraid to tell Ace she's a soiled dove and Ace doesn't tell Eleanor of his shady past. Old enemies won't let Ace begin his new life, and old commitments's won't free Eleanor of her sordid ties. Ace's old life and Eleanor's deception collide with the typical results. But love conquers all!
Behind Jury Doors (1932) as Halliday
Disorderly Conduct (1932) as Alsotto's assistant
When motorcycle cop Dick Fay gives a ticket to Phyllis Crawford, her father's graft-fed influence leads to his demotion to foot patrolman. When Fay leads a raid on a gangster's place he discovers Phyllis there, helps her escape, then blackmails her father.
Sinister Hands (1932) as
Street Scene (1931) as Easter
A husband's violent reaction becomes the talk of the neighborhood when he catches his cheating wife in the act.
Transatlantic (1931) as Gambler
Reckless Living (1931) as Block
The Secret Six (1931) as Eddie
A secret society funds the investigation of a bootlegging gang.
Murder on the Roof (1930) as Victor
The Squealer (1930) as Edwards
A gangster's wife, fearful that he is about to be murdered by his rivals, tips off the police to his whereabouts in order to save his life. Her husband, however, believes her reason was that she wanted him out of the way so she could have his best friend.
This Mad World (1930) as Émile
Madame Satan (1930)
A socialite masquerades as a notorious femme fatale to win back her straying husband.
Girls Gone Wild (1929) as Dilly
Ned McCobb's Daughter (1929) as Kelly
Why Be Good? (1929) as Jimmy
A virtuous flapper gets into a compromising situation with the boss''s son.
Broadway Babies (1929) as Gus Brand
A chorus girl can't choose between a party animal and her stage manager.
Mexicali Rose (1929) as Joe, the Croupier
Weary River (1929) as Spadoni
A jailed criminal''''s life turns around when he fronts the prison band.
A Ship Comes In (1928) as Gregor
Midnight Madness (1928) as Masher
The Cop (1928) as Louie
Stool Pigeon (1928) as Butch
Four Walls (1928) as Monk
A reformed gang member gets drawn back to his old gang and girl.
Stand and Deliver (1928) as Captain Dargis
Tenth Avenue (1928) as Fink
The Country Doctor (1927) as Sidney Fall
A Harp in Hock (1927) as Nick
The King of Kings (1927) as
In this silent film, Cecil B. DeMille directs an epic retelling of the life of Christ.
Turkish Delight (1927) as Achmet Ali
My Friend From India (1927) as R. Austin Webb
Fighting Love (1927) as Dario Niccolini
Dress Parade (1927) as Patsy Dugan
Sunny Side Up (1926) as Stanley's assistant
Risky Business (1926) as Lawrence Wheaton
Man Bait (1926) as Delancy Hasbrouck
The Fast Set (1924) as Billy Sommers
The Super-Sex (1922) as J. Gordon Davis
Passing Thru (1921) as Fred Kingston

Cast (short)

Whispers (1941)
This short film shows how gossip can be used to spread propaganda or ruin a person''''s reputation.
Jack Pot (1940)
This short film focuses on illegal gambling and bookmaking.
The Grand Bounce (1937)
In this short film, a man writes a check for $1,000 to cover a debt, but doesn''''t have enough money to cover it.
The Story of "The Jonker Diamond" (1936)
This short film presents a re-enactment of how the Jonker diamond was discovered in South Africa in 1905.
Important News (1936)
A small town newspaper editor struggles with what to publish on his front page in this short film.
Southern Exposure (1935)
In this comedic short, Charley Chase pretends to be a wealthy southern plantation owner in order to get a distant relative''''s lawyer husband to help with a lawsuit.
The Four Star Boarder (1935)
In this comedic short film, a man''''s new wife must convince her wealthy aunt that she''''s married to someone else.
Slightly Static (1935)
In this comedic short, Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly go to a radio station in hopes of starting an acting career.
Hot Money (1935)
In this short comedy, Patsy Kelly and Thelma Todd come across some much needed money that just happens to be stolen.

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