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Tatsuya Nakadai

Tatsuya Nakadai



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Cast (feature film)

Haru's Journey (2011)
An elderly fisherman Tadao and his granddaughter Haru live in a small fishing village in Hokkaido. When Haru loses her job, she wants to move to Tokyo where she will find more opportunities. But her stubborn grandfather refuses to go to the capital, resulting in a search for another family member to
Hikidashi no Naka no Love Letter (2009)
Mai is a radio dj who had a fight with her father four years ago and had not spoken to him since then. Without having a chance to convey her true feelings to him, she finds out he died two months prior. Through her radio program "Love Letters from the Drawer," Mai decides to open up her listener's h
Inugamike No Ichizoku (2006)
Sahei Inugami, the founder of the Inugami Conglomerate, a financial giant in the Shinshu region, has just passed away. The clout wielding decedent left a will which ironic formulation hints at a bitter family feud. The ensuing battle over the vast legacy triggers a series of strange, cruel murders.
Kurosawa (2001)
Akira Kurosawa (1910-1998) was, undoubtedly, one of the greatest directors in the history of Japanese cinema, whose work was acclaimed throughout the world. From "Rashomon" (1950) through "Seven Samurai" (1954) to his late masterpiece "Ran" (1985), Kurosawa produced one of the most important and inf
Jubaku (1999) as Hideaki Sasaki
The story of scandals which lead to the collapse of the Japanese banking system.
AFTER THE RAIN (1999) as Gettan Tuji
With the river in flood after heavy rains, a group of travellers is stranded at a small country inn. Among them are Ihei Misawa, a poor ronin (masterless samurai), and his wife, Tayo. As the rain continues, tensions rise among the guests at the inn, and Ihei takes it upon himself to cheer everyone u
Kumokiri Nizaemon (1996) as Gang Leader
An epic tale centering around an elusive gang leader waging a bitter war against the men who betrayed him.
Yami No Kariudo (1996)
Centering around a calculated clan leader, a historical epic where the bodies and betrayals pile up all over the place.
Basara: Princess Goh (1992) as Oribe Furuta
A lavish epic, set in late 16th-century Japan, about the relationship between tea ceremony master Oribe, defiant and beautiful Princess Goh, and oppressive Lord Hideyoshi. Oribe, appointed successor of Rikyu, challenges the aesthetic tradition with his audacious visionary style and iconoclastic idea
Heat Wave (1991)
Return to the River Kwai (1989) as Major Harada
An escape-adventure story about World War II prisoners of war.
226 (1989) as Deputy Chief Of Staff Sugiyama
In February, 1936, a group of junior Army officers staged an attempted coup against the Prime Minister and his government. This military drama begins with the violent coup, then jumps forward and backward as it tries to define the loyalties raging in pre-war Japan.
Hachi-Ko (1988) as Professor Ueno
A.K. (1986)
A portrait of director Akira Kurosawa's ethos and process. We not only observe the man behind the camera but also the action happening in front of it. In particular, here, we follow Kurosawa while filming his ambitious medieval Japanese take on Shakespeare's "King Lear".
Shokutaku No Nai Ie (1985) as Nobuyuki Kidoji
Ran (1985) as Lord Hidetora Ichimonji
An aging lord''''s decision to retire brings out the worst in his sons.
Onimasa (1982) as Onimasa
An in-depth study of a mob leader and his complex relationships with the wives, children and mistresses in his life.
Tono Monogatari (1982)
Set in the remote mountains at the turn of the century, a story of forbidden love of a wealthy farmer's daughter for a boy whose family business goes bankrupt.
Kagemusha (1980) as Takeda Kagemusha
Japanese clansmen force a poor thief to impersonate their dead warlord.
Jo-bachi (1978)
Battle Cry (1978)
Asayake No Uta (1974) as Sakuzo
Human Revolution, The (1973) as Nichiren Daishonin
Belladonna (1973)
Inochi Bonifuro (1971) as Sadahichi
Wolves, The (1971) as Seiji Iwahashi
Set in 1926 when 373 criminals convicted of homicide were granted amnesty upon death of the old emporer and ascension to the throne by Hirohito, an epic tale of two gangs and events leading up to the brutal humiliation of two leaders.
Tenchu! (1970) as Hampeita Takechi
Izo Okada, a masterless samurai of less than ronin rank, desperately seeks a way out of his financial straits. He allies himself with the Tosa clan under the ruthless leader Takechi and imagines that he has come up in the world. But Takechi makes of Izo a killer and a puppet, and only when it appears too late does Izo realize how far he has fallen.
Duel at Ezo (1970) as Daizennokami Honjo
The Ambitious (1970) as
Battle of the Japan Sea (1970) as Major Akashi
A Soldier's Prayer (1970) as Kaji
No Greater Love (1970) as Kaji
Goyokin (1969) as Magobei Wakizaka
A young samurai returns to his province. On his way he encounters a small fishing village in the aftermath of a massacre. He sets out to take revenge.
Portrait of Hell (1969) as Yoshihide
Kill (1968) as Genta
Genta, a samurai warrior, is ordered to kill his best friend. After carrying out the command, he rejects the samurai way and devotes himself to a spiritual inner quest. Genta encounters a young farmer who entreats him to interfere in the efforts of a band of hired ronin to put down an uprising by the farmer's peasant friends.
Samurai Rebellion (1967) as Tatewaki Asano
A young man, with the help of his father, rebels against his overlord in order to keep his wife.
Kojiro (1967) as Musashi Miyamoto
The Face of Another (1967) as Okuyama
After a fire scars him, a businessman tries to build a new life behind a mask.
The Daphne (1967) as
The Sword of Doom (1966) as Ryunosuke Tsukue
Through his unconscionable actions against others, a sociopath samurai builds a trail of vendettas that follow him closely.
Illusion of Blood (1966) as Iuemon Tamiya
Fort Graveyard (1966) as
The Blue Beast (1965) as Yasuhiko Kuroki
Love Under the Crucifix (1965) as Ukon Takayama
Kwaidan (1965) as Minokichi
Four stories mix love and the supernatural in exotic settings.
The Inheritance (1964) as
Told that he has only six months to live, a millionaire industrialist instructs an employee to locate his three illegitimate children, intending to make one of them his heir.
Pressure of Guilt (1964) as Hamano
A Woman's Life (1964) as Akimoto
When a Woman Ascends the Stairs (1963) as Kenichi Komatsu
High and Low (1963) as Inspector Tokura
Kidnappers mistake a chauffeur''''s son for the child of a wealthy businessman.
Harakiri (1963) as Hanshiro Tsugumo
After the feudal war in Japan in 1630, a samurai threatens "harakiri" unless he can find himself a job.
Madame Aki (1963) as Tatsumi
Sanjuro (1962) as Muroto
A wandering samurai recruits younger fighters to help him battle corruption.
Poignant Story (1962) as
Yojimbo (1961) as Unosuke
A samurai-for-hire sets the warring factions of a Japanese town against each other.
Road to Eternity (1961) as Kaji
A brutally realistic look at the Manchurian War.
Odd Obsession (1961) as Kimura
A man becomes impotent so he hires a younger man to have sex with his wife, but soon the daughter of the couple falls in love with the hired stranger.
Get 'Em All (1961) as
Human Condition 3, The (1961)
A brutally realistic look at the Manchurian War.
Onna ga kaidan o agaru toki (1960)
This is the story of Mama, a.k.a. Keiko, a middle-aged geisha who must choose to either get married or buy a bar of her own. Her family hounds her for money, her customers for her attention, and she is continually in debt. The life of a geisha is examined as well as the way in which the system traps and sometimes kills those in it.
Conflagration (1959) as Togari--Goichi'S Friend
The true story of a young monk who, fleeing a miserable childhood, enters the temple to find spiritual purity. Instead, he discovers corruption and pettinness that propel him towards a final, desperate act.
Human Condition, The (1959) as Kaji
A Japanese pacifist takes over a mining company so he won't have to join the military.

Cast (special)

Kurosawa (2002) as Interviewee
Hailed by critics as one of the top filmmakers of the 20th century, Japanese director Akira Kurosawa is especially distinctive as the only non-Westerner on this elite list. In 1990, he received an honorary Academy Award for lifetime achievement. However, only a few of his films are even familiar to

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