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Sante Fe... The Three Mesquiteers was the umbrella title for a series of fifty-one... more info $13.97was $19.95 Buy Now

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Director (feature film)

Support Your Local Gunfighter (1971) as Assistant Director
A con artist poses as a notorious hired gun.
Monte Walsh (1970) as Assistant Director
An aging cowboy faces changes in the West with the rise of civilization.
Paint Your Wagon (1969) as Asst dir & 2d unit asst dir
Two California miners share a gold claim and a wife.
Skidoo (1968) as Assistant Director
A retired gangster has to pull off a hit when his daughter is kidnapped.
Hombre (1967) as Assistant Director
A white man raised by Apaches is the only hope for stagecoach passengers stranded by a bandit attack.
Our Man Flint (1966) as Assistant Director
When scientists use eco-terrorism to impose their will on the world by affecting extremes in the weather, top agent Derek Flint is called in.
Kissin' Cousins (1964) as Assistant Director
A singing military officer gets mixed up with his look-alike hillbilly cousin.
Mail Order Bride (1964) as Assistant Director
An aging cowhand tries to help a young rancher settle down by buying him a wife.
The Outrage (1964) as Assistant Director
A Mexican bandit's crimes receive wildly different interpretations from four witnesses.
The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker (1959) as Assistant Director
In early 1900s' Pennsylvania, Mr. Pennypacker has two company offices and two families with a combined total of 17 children. With an office in Harrisburg and an office in Philadelphia, he has successfully kept two separate homes. However, when an emergency requires his oldest son to find him, Mr. Pennypacker's dual life is revealed.
A Private's Affair (1959) as 2nd Unit Director
No Down Payment (1957) as 2d asst dir
An introspection into the world of the newly formed suburbia, following the multiple story lines of various people living in a middle-class housing development.
Nightmare (1956) as 2d asst dir
After being hypnotized into committing murder, a young musician has to reconstruct his actions to clear his name.
Good-Bye, My Lady (1956) as Assistant Director
A stray dog brings together a young boy and an old man in the Georgia swamps.

Cast (feature film)

Jet Pilot (1957) as Waiter
An Air Force colonel in charge of an Alaskan base has his hands full when he falls in love with a defecting Russian pilot.
The Girl Next Door (1953) as Photographer
Stage-and-night club star Jeannie Laird (June Haver) buys her first home, and everyone who is anyone comes to her first garden party only to be blinded by smoke from next door. Jeannie charges next door to bawl out her new neighbor and meets comic-strip artist Bill Carter (Dan Dailey). Bill has devoted himself to his strip, and raising his ten-year-old son Joe (Billy Gray) since the death of his wife. Joe bases his strip on the everyday happenings of he and his son and is proud of keeping it scrupulously honest. When Jeannie and Bill fall in love, young Joe is hurt, especially when Bill starts using a lot of the father-son time to be with Jeannie. Bill cancels a father-son trip to Canada, and Joe decides to write a letter to Bill's syndicate pointing out that the current plot line of the script being set in Canada isn't honest, since they didn't go.
The Las Vegas Story (1952) as Bartender
When newlyweds visit Las Vegas, the wife's shady past comes to the surface.
A Girl in Every Port (1952) as Taxi driver
Two sailors invest in a racehorse.
The Quiet Man (1952) as Referee
An Irish ex-boxer retires to Ireland and searches for the proper wife.
On Dangerous Ground (1952) as
A tough cop sent to help in a mountain manhunt falls for the quarry's blind sister.
One Minute to Zero (1952) as Lookout man
A U.S. colonel in Korea tries to evacuate American civilians.
Deadline--U.S.A. (1952) as Waiter
With three days before his paper folds, a crusading editor tries to expose a vicious gangster.
Half Angel (1951) as Reorter
A prim and proper lady has an alter ego that comes out while she sleepwalks.
The Racket (1951) as Newsboy
A tough cop has to fight his superiors in order to battle the mob.
People Will Talk (1951) as Photographer
A controversial doctor gets mixed up with an unwed mother.
Oh! Susanna (1951) as Band leader
Two of a Kind (1951) as Desk sergeant
Brandy Kirby (Lizabeth Scott ) and crooked Lawyer Vincent Mailer (Alexander Knox) plan to rob William (Griff Barnett) and Maida McIntyre (Virginia Brissac) by producing a convincing double for their long-lost son. Brandy charms gambler Lefty Farrell (Edmond O'Brien) into impersonating the missing son. Kathy (Terry Moore), the McIntyre's niece, who likes Lefty, introduces him to the McIntyres who soon become convinced he is their son, but the old man refuses to change his will. Lefty balks at killing McIntyre and exposes Mailer's attempted swindle. Brandy and Lefty end up together as "two of a kind."
Double Dynamite (1951) as Waiter
A bank teller reaps the rewards of saving a gangster's life, but can't reveal where he got the money.
Gambling House (1951) as Cab driver
A gambler faces deportation when he gets mixed up with murder.
I Want You (1951) as
The draft and the Korean War threaten a small-town romance.
Flying Leathernecks (1951) as Grease monkey
A World War II Marine officer drives his men mercilessly during the battle for Guadalcanal.
Meet Me After the Show (1951) as Process server
The star of a Broadway show suspects her husband may be having an affair with the show''''s backer.
I Can Get It for You Wholesale (1951) as Elevator man
An ambitious designer has to choose between her career and love.
Harriet Craig (1950) as Bartender
A woman''s devotion to her home drives away friends and family.
Bunco Squad (1950) as Cab driver
Police try to get the goods on a phony seance racket.
The Woman on Pier 13 (1950) as Jeb
Communists blackmail a shipping executive into spying for them.
No Way Out (1950) as Cab driver
A racist gangster forces a black doctor to tend to his injuries.
Born to Be Bad (1950) as
An ambitious girl steals a rich husband but keeps her lover on the side.
Surrender (1950) as Cashier
Hit Parade of 1951 (1950) as George
The Last Bandit (1949) as Miner
About to marry Jim Plummer (Forrest Tucker), Kate Foley (Adrian Booth) runs off to Nevada when Ed Bagley (Grant Withers) convinces her a quick fortune can be made robbing gold shipments that are being transported by the railroad. In Bannock City she meets reformed-bandit Frank Plummer (William Elliott), posing as Frank Norris, brother of Jim Plummer, who has being going straight and working as an express shipment guard. Jim also shows up and plans a robbery by stealing a train and hiding it in an abandoned tunnel. The two brothers are on opposite sides of the law with the now-reformed Kate caught in the middle.
Mighty Joe Young (1949) as Reporter
Showmen try to exploit a giant ape raised by an orphan.
Bride for Sale (1949) as Waiter
You Gotta Stay Happy (1949) as Mechanic
Indecisive heiress Dee Dee Dillwood is pushed into marrying her sixth fiancée, but unable to face the wedding night, she flees into the adjacent hotel room of commercial pilot Marvin Payne, who just wants to sleep. Somehow, she persuades him to take her to California. Her fellow passengers include a chimpanzee, a corpse (in a coffin), an absconding embezzler, and two smoochy newlyweds. Can love be far behind?
Mr. Soft Touch (1949) as Driver
After being betrayed, a gangster hangs out in a settlement house while seeking revenge.
Holiday Affair (1949) as
A young widow is torn between a boring businessman and a romantic ne'er-do-well.
Sands of Iwo Jima (1949) as Bartender
During World War II, a marine sergeant must turn his recruits into fighting men.
Alias the Champ (1949) as
The Undercover Man (1949) as Middle-aged man
A treasury agent tries to convict a ruthless mobster of tax evasion.
Illegal Entry (1949) as Rick
Strange Bargain (1949) as
A young bookkeeper is framed for his boss''''s murder.
The Fighting Kentuckian (1949) as Buck Skin
A militiaman falls for a Frenchwoman and tries to protect her people from land grabbers.
Adventure in Baltimore (1949) as
A turn-of-the-century socialite joins the women''s suffrage movement.
Race Street (1948) as Drunk
A night-club owner takes on the crooks who killed his best friend.
Up in Central Park (1948) as Doorman
All My Sons (1948) as Tom
A veteran discovers his father cut costs on wartime military equipment.
Feudin', Fussin and A-Fightin' (1948) as
Small towners kidnap a salesman to help them win a race against their rivals.
Are You with It? (1948) as Carnival man
The Bold Frontiersman (1948) as The professor
Smiling Jim is after the money Adam Post is collecting for a new reservoir. After Rocky breaks up his gang's attempted robbery. Jim steals the money himself, kills Harris, and gets the father and son to each believe the other did the killing. With Don confessing and scheduled to be hung, Rocky has a plan to trap Smiling Jim.
The Saxon Charm (1948) as Bald man
Bodyguard (1948) as Proprietor
A cop on suspension is framed for murder.
The Miracle of the Bells (1948) as Miner
A town supports the memory of an aspiring actress who dies before her first film premieres.
The Boy with Green Hair (1948) as Janitor
An orphaned boy mystically acquires green hair and a mission to end war.
Blood on the Moon (1948) as Cowboy
A gunslinger hired to drive off a rancher falls in love with the man's daughter.
The Plunderers (1948) as Waiter
A cavalry officer must join forces with an outlaw he has been tracking to fight a Sioux war party.
Riffraff (1947) as Bartender
After lucking into a map to a rich oil field, a man has to dodge those out to steal it.
Tycoon (1947) as Assistant doctor
While building a tunnel through the Andes, an engineer falls in love with his possessive boss's daughter.
Born to Kill (1947) as Cab driver
A murderer marries a young innocent then goes after her more experienced sister.
Buck Privates Come Home (1947) as Murphy
Two ex-soldiers return from overseas--one of them having smuggled into the country a French orphan girl he has become attached to. They wind up running into their old sergeant--who hates them--and getting involved with a race-car builder who's trying to find backers for a new midget racer he's building.
Trail Street (1947) as Dealer
Bat Masterson fights to make Kansas safe for wheat farmers.
Beat the Band (1947) as Train announcer
A country girl tries to conquer the world of opera.
Angel and the Badman (1947) as Bartender
When a Quaker girl nurses a notorious gunman back to health, he tries to adopt her peaceful ways.
Time Out of Mind (1947) as Customer
Wild Harvest (1947) as Bartender
Joe is the head of an itinerant combine crew, working the harvests against rival crew boss Alperson. Joe's buddy Jim joins the crew with startup money. Farmer's niece Fay falls for Joe. He puts her off. To get back she marries Jim whom she prods into high-grading the grain (skimming off some for private sale). The last payment on Joe's machinery is due just as he discover's what his buddy has been doing.
A Likely Story (1947) as Poker player
A World War II veteran who thinks he''s dying gets mixed up with gangsters.
Sinbad the Sailor (1947) as Tiller man
The Arabian Nights hero sets off to find the lost treasure of Alexander the Great.
Unconquered (1947) as Townsman
An English convict girl sent to the colonies gets mixed up in the war with the Indians.
The Shocking Miss Pilgrim (1947) as
In the late 1800s, Miss Pilgrim, a young stenographer, or typewriter, becomes the first female employee at a Boston shipping office. Although the men object to her at first, she soon charms them all, especially the handsome young head of the company. Their romance gets sidetracked when she becomes involved in the Women's Suffrage movement.
Lady Luck (1946) as Barman
A woman from a family of gamblers marries one and tries to reform him.
The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946) as Waiter
Years after a murder drove them apart, an heiress tries to win back her lost love.
Three Little Girls in Blue (1946) as Bartender
A reworking of "Moon Over Miami" set at the turn of the century. Three sisters set out for Atlantic City disguised as an heiress, her secretary, and a maid, in the hope that one of them will land a rich husband.
Earl Carroll Sketchbook (1946) as Stagehand
The Hoodlum Saint (1946) as Benny
After finding religion, a cynical newspaperman tries to help young hoods.
The Virginian (1946) as Bartender
Best friends become enemies when one signs on with a rustler.
The Last Crooked Mile (1946) as Barker
Till the End of Time (1946) as Counterman
A returning World War II veteran falls for a troubled war widow.
Road to Utopia (1946) as
Two song-and-dance men on the run masquerade as killers during the Alaskan gold rush.
The Cheaters (1945) as Apartment house manager
An unemployed actor tries to save a young innocent from greedy relations.
The Dolly Sisters (1945) as Waiter
Two sisters from Hungary become famous entertainers in the early 20th century.
Cornered (1945) as Bartender
A World War II veteran hunts down the Nazi collaborators who killed his wife.
Duffy's Tavern (1945) as Waiter
When Archie, the proprietor of the neighborhood bar discovers that one of his regulars, Michael O'Malley, owner of a record company is going broke, he realizes that many of his regulars will soon be unemployed and therefore, unable to pay their tab at the tavern. Archie immediately begins recruiting
Flame of Barbary Coast (1945) as Horseshoe Brown
Duke falls for Flaxen in the Barbary Coast in turn-of-the-century San Francisco. He loses money to crooked gambler Tito, goes home and PL: learns to gamble, and returns. After he makes a fortune he opens his own place with Flaxen as the entertainer. The 1906 quake destroys his place.
Dakota (1945) as Trainman
In 1871, professional gambler John Devlin (John Wayne) elopes with Sandra "Sandy" Poli (Vera Ralston), daughter of Marko Poli (Hugo Haas), an immigrant who has risen to railroad tycoon. Sandy, knowing that the railroad is to be extended into Dakota, plans to use their $20,000 nest egg to buy land options to sell to the railroad at a profit. On the stage trip to Ft. Abercrombie, their fellow passengers are Jim Bender (Ward Bond) and Bigtree Collins (Mike Mazurki), who practically own the town of Fargo and Devlin is aware that they are prepared to protect the little empire...trying to drive out the farmers by burning their property, destroying their wheat, and blaming the devastation on the Indians. Continuing their journey north on the river aboard the "River Bird', Sandy and John meet Captain Bounce (Walter Brennan), an irascible old seafarer. Two of Bendender's henchmen, Slagin (Grant Withers) and Carp (Paul Fix), board the boat and relieve John of his $20,000 at gunpoint. Captain Bounce, chasing the robber's dinghy, wrecks his boat on a sandbar. At Fargo, the land wars begin and John teams with the wheat farmers against the Bender gang. Several attempts are made on his life and Collins tries to frame him for murder.
Johnny Angel (1945) as Lookout
A sailor sets out to solve his father's murder.
The Fighting Seabees (1944) as Construction worker
World War II construction workers have to fight the enemy to get the job done.
Marriage Is a Private Affair (1944) as Croupier
A spoiled rich girl refuses to let marriage interfere with man-chasing.
Tall in the Saddle (1944) as Man on street
A woman-hating cowboy signs on with a lady rancher.
And the Angels Sing (1944) as Waiter at 33 Club
The singing/dancing Angel sisters, Nancy (Dorothy Lamour), Bobby (Betty Hutton), Josie (Diana Lynn) and Patti (Mimi Chandler), aren't interested in performing together, and this plays havoc with the plans of Pop Angel (Raymond Walburn) to buy a soy bean farm. They do accept an offer of ten dollars to sing at a dubious night club on the edge of town where a band led by Happy Marshall (Fred MacMurray) is playing. Bobby takes the ten dollars and runs it up to $190 at the dice table. Happy hits on Nancy but she rebuffs him. He doesn't have the money to pay his band and borrows the gambling winnings from Bobby on the pretext that he will give her a job with his band. Bobby discovers the next day that Happy has hastily departed for New York. The girls follow to a night club where he is working and, after an audition, the manager is willing to give Happy a contract if the girls will sing with his band.
None But the Lonely Heart (1944) as Henchman
A young ne'er-do-well tries to get his life on track to help his ailing mother.
Presenting Lily Mars (1943) as Waiter
A small-town girl fights for her big chance on Broadway.
Mr. Lucky (1943) as Gambler
A gambling-ship owner is out to fleece a beautiful society woman, but falls in love.
The Chance of a Lifetime (1943) as William Jones
An ex-thief helps some fellow ex-cons adjust to life as defense workers, only to get involved with a robbery investigation.
The Gang's All Here (1943) as Stage manager
Playboy Andy Mason, on leave from the army, romances showgirl Eadie Allen overnight to such effect that she's starry-eyed when he leaves next morning for active duty in the Pacific. Only trouble is, he gave her the assumed name of Casey. Andy's eventual return with a medal is celebrated by his rich father with a benefit show featuring Eadie's show troupe, at which she's sure to learn his true identity...and meet Vivian, his 'family-arrangement' fiancée. Mostly song and dance.
The Sky's the Limit (1943) as Bartender
A pilot on leave falls for a pretty news photographer.
Presenting Lily Mars (1943) as Waiter
A small-town girl fights for her big chance on Broadway.

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