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Cast (feature film)

Mr. Emmanuel (1944) as Bruno

Art Director (feature film)

Medusa Touch, The (1978) as Art Direction
Morlar, a second class writer, is brutally killed. His head is totally smashed. When Inspector Brunel, a French cop, working in an exchange program in London, and sergeant Duff look up in his appartment, Morlar comes back to life. He resistst all his violations, a medical sensation. The researches show, that all people, who hurt Morlar in any way, died thereafter in a strange way. Above all, to those people belong authorities, as his parents, teachers, priests. Morlar thought, he initiated ALL catastrophies on earth. When he asked Dr.Zonfeld for help and she didn't believe him, he let an airplane crash into a building. Why doesn't he die ? Does it have something to do with the Queen visitig Westminster AbbeY ? And Windscale ?
Human Factor, The (1975) as Art Director
11 Harrowhouse (1974) as Art Direction
A small time diamond merchant is jumps at the chance to supervise the purchase, and cutting of a large first class diamond. But when the diamond is stolen from him, he is blackmailed into pulling off a major heist at the Diamond Exchange, located at 11 Harrowhouse.
X Y & Zee (1972) as Art Director
A possessive woman fights to end her husband's affair with a younger woman.
The Last Valley (1971) as Art Director
People in a small German village in the last valley to remain untouched by the devastating Thirty Years' War try to exist in peace with a group of soldiers occupying the valley.
Where Eagles Dare (1969) as Art Director
An Allied team sets out to free an American officer held by the Nazis in a mountaintop castle.
The Chairman (1969) as Art Director
An American scientist infiltrates Red China to steal scientific secrets.
A Matter of Innocence (1968) as Art Director
Miss Poly decides to spend a few months with her wealthy spinster aunt as a traveling companion. While in India her Aunt's demise leaves her alone to persue her freedom and explore an arms length romance with a local boy. Tender, fun loving, and poetic representation of that transition from youth to young womanhood.
The Man Outside (1968) as Art Director
The Projected Man (1967) as Art Director
A scientist experimenting with matter transmission from place to place by means of a laser beam suddenly decides to use himself as a test specimen. But the process goes awry, and one side of his body becomes hideously deformed and instantly lethal to anyone it touches.
The Penthouse (1967) as Art Director
Never Back Losers (1967) as Art Director
Wally Sanders, a horseracing jockey, loses a race and crashes his car to claim an insurance. Jim Matthews, a shrewd and energetic insurance investgator, follows up the company's suspicion of foul play and stumbles deep into a web of corruption concering fixed horse races.
The Double (1967) as Art Director
On the Run (1967) as Art Director
Solo for Sparrow (1966) as Art Director
Attempt To Kill (1966) as Art Director
Incident at Midnight (1966) as Art Director
The Share Out (1966) as Art Director
Death Trap (1966) as Art Director
Alfie (1966) as Art Director
A British womanizer refuses to grow up until tragedy strikes.
The Main Chance (1966) as Art Director
The Spy With a Cold Nose (1966) as Art Director
A veterinarian is hired by the British government to implant a recording device into a bulldog, which will then be given to the Russians as a gift. When the dog gets sick, the vet must fly to Russia to treat it before the Russians find out the animal is "bugged."
Ricochet (1966) as Art Director
Solicitor Alan Phipps formulates a plan to blackmail his wealthy and unfaithful wife, Yvonne, and at the same time, get revenge against her boyfriend, John Brodie, by setting him up to appear that he is the blackmailer and for Yvonne to kill him. But Brodie, anticipating this predictament, has a hidden agenda behind all this to get the last laugh at Phipps.
The Sinister Man (1965) as Art Director
Bomb in the High Street (1964) as Art Director
King and Country (1964) as Art Director
During World War I a British soldier, charged with desertion, is defended by an officer who at first despises his actions and then grows to feel sympathy for him.
The £20,000 Kiss (1964) as Art Director

Production Designer (feature film)

Back to the Secret Garden (2001)
Lizzie Buscana, a young orphaned girl from New York, receives an invitation to travel to England in 1946 as part of an exchange program. Her sponsor is Lady Mary, the wife of Britain's U.S. ambassador who recently left her post as head of Misselthwaite Manor orphanage, handing the reins to Martha So
Conspiracy (2001)
On January 20, 1942, the administrative apparatus of the Third Reich, mobilized by Reinhard Heydrich, gathered at Wannsee, outside Berlin, to set in motion the detailed plans of Adolf Hitler's "Final Solution," the extermination of the entire Jewish population of Europe. At the top-secret Nazi meeti
Diana: The People's Princess (1999)
Television movie based on the last year in the life of Diana, Princess of Wales, from her divorce from Prince Charles in 1996 to her death in a 1997 automobile accident in Paris with her companion Dodi Al Fayed.
Knight in Camelot, A (1998)
A modern Connecticut woman travels back in time to 6th century England during the reign of King Arthur and finds herself at odds with Merlin the magician. Wise-cracking, independent-minded scientific researcher Vivien Morgan, is hurled from her New England laboratory into the dark ages of England wh
Canterville Ghost, The (1996)
A contemporary version of Oscar Wilde's novella. The late (16th century) Sir Simon becomes the most frustrated ghost in all of England when he just can't seem to scare a modern American family with reappearing bloodstains, clanking chains and midnight howls in a haunted castle.
Code Name: Wolverine (1996)
While vacationing in Italy, a college professor and ex-Navy SEAL is forced to use his lethal military training when he and his family accidentally become pawns in a war between a drug cartel and government agents.
Haunting of Helen Walker, The (1995)
A prim governess finds herself looking after two children who are haunted by the spirits of their dead valet and nanny.
Return of the Native, The (1994)
An Englishwoman begins a tragic love affair when her diamond merchant husband decides to lead a simple life teaching school in their village. Based on Thomas Hardy's classic novel.
Blake Edwards' Son of the Pink Panther (1993) as Production Designer
The comedy continues, with the illegitimate son of Inspector Jacques Clouseau.
Stepping Out (1991) as Production Designer
A Broadway burn-out turns a tap-dancing class into a life-changing experience for all involved.
Casualty of War, A (1990)
A former British spy goes undercover in Libya to foil a plot to furnish arms to the Irish Republican Army (IRA). Broadcast as a segment of "Frederick Forsyth Presents."
Pride and Extreme Prejudice (1990)
A lone CIA agent suffers a nervous breakdown while on a mission in East Germany. He later finds himself on the run from both KGB and Western agents.
Just Another Secret (1989)
A CIA agent investigates the disappearance of the entire East Berlin CIA cell. During his investigation, he uncovers a plot to assassinate Soviet president Gorbachev and blame the murder on the CIA.
Shanghai Surprise (1986) as Production Designer
It is 1937 and Shanghai is under Japanese occupation. Walter Faraday, known as "the Opium King" and a supplier named Mei Gan battle over a valuable supply of the drug and Faraday is killed. A year later, missionary Gloria Tatlock comes in search of Faraday''s legendary opium to relieve the pain of injured soldiers. She and her fellow missionary need a street-wise man to help them in their quest and they engage the fortune hunter Glendon Wasey. The vulgar Wasey finds himself in a dangerous adventure with less than pious Tatlock and before long they both find themselves falling in love.
Dirty Dozen: The Next Mission (1985)
A renegade U.S. Army major is pressured to once again lead a motley gang of GIs on a secret wartime mission -- a suicide assignment behind German lines to thwart an assassination plot against Hitler -- in this TV-movie sequel to the hit 1967 theatrical adventure film, with Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine and Richard Jaeckel repeating their original roles. This filmed-in-Great Britain movie technically marked Lee Marvin''s first TV movie -- technically, since the first one he did, "The Killers" (with Ronald Reagan) in 1964, was at the time deemed too violent for TV and was released theatrically instead. It also marked his sixth time teaming on film with Ernest Borgnine.
Death Wish 3 (1985) as Production Designer
Vigilante Paul Kersey returns to New York to avenge the crimes of street thugs.
Holcroft Covenant, The (1985) as Production Designer
Lassiter (1984) as Production Designer
Scandalous (1984) as Production Designer
Curse of the Pink Panther (1983) as Production Designer
The world''''s worst detective investigates the disappearance of Inspector Clouseau.
Better Late Than Never (1983) as Production Design
Trail of the Pink Panther (1982) as Production Designer
A television reporter tries to get to the real story behind Inspector Clouseau.
The Dogs Of War (1980) as Production Designer
A mercenary plots to overthrow a small African nation''''s government.
Why Not Stay For Breakfast? (1979) as Production Design
There Goes the Bride (1979) as Production Design
Revenge of The Pink Panther (1978) as Production Designer
Inspector Clouseau fakes his own death so he can track the mystery man who''''s been trying to kill him.
The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976) as Production Designer
After driving his boss to insanity, Inspector Clouseau has to stop him from destroying the world.
Return Of The Pink Panther, The (1975) as Production Designer
The third installation in the Pink Panther series.
Luther (1974) as Production Designer
The evolution of Martin Luther's relationship with the Catholic Church is traced, from his initial disillusiomment with the institution through his eventual leadership of the Reformation movement.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Goldengirl (1979) as Visual Design Consultant
An Olympic athlete finds out she was programmed for success.

Production Designer (special)

Fatal Caper, A (1996) as Production Designer
Two greedy brothers must track down their disowned brother to collect their inheritence, not knowing that the lawyer who drew up the will is playing the brothers against each other while the third brother has the last laugh.

Production Designer (TV Mini-Series)

Bourne Identity, The (1988)
A two-part miniseries adapted from Robert Ludlum's thriller about a man trying to regain his memory amidst a maze of espionage and intrigue.

Production Designer (TV Mini-Series)

Queenie (1987)
A two-part miniseries based on Michael Korda's novel which is reputedly a fictionalized treatment of the life of the late actress Merle Oberon, who was married to Korda's uncle, Alexander Korda. The story deals with an exotic young girl who rises from the slums of Calcutta to the brink of internatio

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