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Publicity (feature film)

Sleeping Dogs (1998)
A master jewel thief in 21st century Los Angeles targets the illegal emerald smuggling operations of a highly-connected crime syndicate. During what he believes to be a routine heist, cat burglar Harry Maxwell discovers that his target, notorious criminal Sanchez Boon is also the target of a police
Advanced Guard, The (1998)
Space aliens kidnap Earthlings to probe their weaknesses and pave the way for the colonization of Earth.
Town Has Turned to Dust, A (1998)
Telefilm based on writer/director Rod Serling's "Playhouse 90" script, "This Town Has Turned to Dust," a morality play about bigotry and mob psychology. Set hundreds of years in the future when the rest of the Earth's inhabitants have relocated to the asteroid New Angeles, a group of miners, called
Convict 762 (1998)
On a seemingly routine salvage mission, Captain Maria Nile and her six women crew are forced to land their spaceship on a remote penal colony. In search of assistance, Nile encounters two men fighting and comes to the aid of one of the combatants who claims to be the only surviving guard of a violen
Legion (1998)
A former war hero avoids execution by joining other death-row inmates on a special forces team. Led by Major Agatha Doyle, this suicide squad's orders are to infiltrate a secret enemy weapons facility. After overtaking the enemy base with ease, they have trouble locating their adversary. While searc
Bombshell (1997)
Buck Corgan works for Nanolab, a company trying to develop a cancer-fighting nanotechnology-based drug. When he realizes the project is flawed, Buck urges his boss Donald to delay the product's launch. Buck is ordered to launch the product nonetheless, and not worry about whether it is ready or not.
Dead Fire (1997)
In the year 2064 the USS Legacy carries the surviving population of humankind as its cargo with the goal of regenerating the radiation poisoned Earth atmosphere. However, the brilliant, but evil, Lt. Col. Trevor Durbin has other plans for the Legacy. In a bloody battle, Durbin and his gang of convic
Ravager (1997)
A group of space travelers is stranded on an uncharted corner of Earth's crust when their space cruiser crash lands during a routine flight. While searching for supplies, the cruiser's engineer discovers a secret storage facility for illegal chemical weapons and is exposed to the deadly substance, R
Assault on Dome 4 (1997)
A lawman from Earth must prevent a psychotic killer from taking over a small planet and constructing the ultimate weapon of destruction. One of the scientists trapped on the planet is the wife of the detective, Chase Morran.
Trilogy of Terror II (1996)
Three frightening stories unfold with Lysette Anthony playing different characters in each segment. In "The Graveyard Rats," a young wife conspires with her lover to murder her wealthy husband. In "Bobby," a woman uses mystical incantations to resurrect her dead son. "He Who Kills," the final segmen
Cold Equations, The (1996)
When a military pilot volunteers to deliver medicine to miners on a far-off planet, his efficient space ship is designed with equipment and fuel allowance for only one person. Shortly after takeoff, he is alerted to an excess weight that is causing a fuel shortage. He discovers a young stowaway and
Bride in Black, The (1990)
A widowed bride finds herself on a hunt to discover why her husband was shot shortly after their wedding.

Publicity (special)

Nickellennium, The (2000) as Press (Nickelodeon)
Documentary that features kids around the world offering their predictions, perceptions and dreams about how they imagine life in the future. Also includes in-depth profiles of kids representing various nations and cultures.
Nickelodeon's 13th Annual Kids' Choice Awards (2000) as Publicist (Nickelodeon/New York)
Live telecast of Nickelodeon's 13th annual Kids' Choice Awards from the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California.
Alien Voices (1999) as Publicist (Sci-Fi Channel)
Radio-style dramatization of three horror classics -- Edgar Allan Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado," Rudyard Kipling's "Mark of the Beast" and Oscar Wilde's "The Canterville Ghost." Performed by the Alien Voices troupe before an audience. Live foley (sound effects) artists, on-stage music, audience pa
Masters of Fantasy: Industrial Light & Magic (1998) as Publicist (Sci-Fi Channel)
A look at visual effects factory Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), founded by George Lucas in 1975. Since its inception ILM has won Academy Awards and created effects for some of the highest-grossing movies of all time including "E.T.," "Star Wars" and the "Indiana Jones" series.
Masters of Fantasy: The Anime Filmmakers (1998) as Publicist (Sci-Fi Channel)
Documentary on Japanese anime filmmakers. Features interviews with the industry's leading animators, including an interview with the late Osamu Tezuka, animator of "Astro Boy."
Lost World, The (1998) as Publicist (Sci-Fi Channel)
Adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's science-fiction novel, "The Lost World." Similar to classic radio theater, Alien Voices, a troupe of actors formed to produce works of science fiction and fantasy, with scripts in hand, read from the original adaptation before an audience. Foley artists present sou
MST3K's Academy of Robots' Choice Awards Special (1998) as Publicist (Sci-Fi Channel)
Mike Nelson, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot of "Mystery Science Theatre 3000," review this year's Oscar-nominated films.
Bioperfection: Building the New Human Race (1998) as Publicist (Sci-Fi Channel)
A group of scientific experts speculates on how humanity, as we know it, may evolve in the next 30 to 50 years. Presents arguments concerning the ways in which our notions of humanity will change drastically in the coming decades.
Martian Mania: The True Story of "War of the Worlds" (1998) as Publicist (Sci-Fi Channel)
Documentary on the epic Halloween Eve, 1938 broadcast of Orson Welles' radio adaptation of H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds." Heard by an estimated 6 million listeners nationwide, many mistook the radio drama for an actual Martian invasion. Host James Cameron takes a look at Welles' masterful use of s
Roswell: Cover-Ups and Close Encounters (1997) as Publicist (Sci-Fi)
Documentary takes an in-depth look at the 50 years since the supposed crash landing of an alien spaceship in the desert of New Mexico during the first week of July 1947. The special also investigates other alien conspiracy theories, includes interviews with surviving witnesses and alien/UFO experts
Crash of 2000: A CNET Special Report, The (1997) as Publicist (Sci-Fi Channel)
Analysis of potential problems and possible solutions to the impending global computer crisis as efforts are spearheaded to implement strategies intended to combat the so-called "millennium bug" as computer clocks tick toward the year 2000.
Masters of Fantasy: Terry Gilliam (1997) as Publicist (Sci-Fi Channel)
Biographic profile of director, writer and animator Terry Gilliam.
First Men in the Moon, The (1997) as Publicist (Sci-Fi Channel)
Adaptation of the H.G. Wells story, "The First Men in the Moon," presented live from the Museum of Television and Radio in Beverly Hills, California. Featuring a live foley sound effects artist and live music before an audience.
Journey Inside: A Learning Adventure in High Technology, The (1997) as Publicist (Sci-Fi/New York)
Sci-fi adventure story follows 12-year-old Jimmy on his race to foil an alien plot to slow the advancement of technology on Earth. Along the way, he learns how computer chips are made and is introduced to the amazing microscopic world of computer chip technology.
Masters of Fantasy: Stan Winston (1997) as Publicist (Sci-Fi/New York)
Biographic profile of Academy Award winner Stan Winston, who has created the creature effects for some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters including "The Terminator," "The Relic," "Congo," "Edward Scissorhands," "Batman Returns" and "The Lost World." The special features interviews with industry pee
Sci-Fi Channel's Invasion of Independence Day, The (1996) as Publicist (Sci-Fi/New York)
Special provides a behind-the-scenes look at the feature film "Independence Day," hosted by Jeff Goldblum, one of the stars of the film. The special includes clips from the film, footage from the making of the film and interviews with the film's stars and creators.
Masters of Fantasy: Clive Barker (1996) as Publicist (Sci-Fi/ New York)
Profile of horror and fantasy writer and filmmaker Clive Barker.

Publicity (TV Mini-Series)

Frank Herbert's Children of Dune (2003)
A sequel to the miniseries, "Dune," based on Frank Herbert's 1965 novel, telling the story of Paul, who lives in a world tenuously balanced by the universal need for the life-sustaining substance "Spice," the most precious commodity in the universe. This adaptation of sequels to Herbert's original n
Invasion Earth (1998)
A brutal alien race known as the "nD's" are traveling through space destroying all signs of life in their path, and their next target is Earth. The capture of an unidentified flying object over Scotland and unusual data received by a satellite monitoring station prompt an investigation by officials.

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