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Yves Montand

Yves Montand


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Also Known As: Died: November 9, 1991
Born: October 13, 1921 Cause of Death: heart attack
Birth Place: Italy Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Montand (1994) as Narration
A portrait of contoversial Italian-born entertainer, Yves Montand (1921-91), whose singing and acting career later led to a political one.
Infant of Paradise: Alexandre Trauner & the Development of Film Production Design (1993) as Himself
Documentary about film production designer Alexandre Trauner.
IP5 (1992) as Leon Marcel
Story about two city hooligans, a 21-year-old white graffiti artist and an 11-year-old black boy, who are taken into the forest on a series of adventures by a strange old man they discover asleep in a car they've stolen.
Netchaiev est de Retour (1991) as Pierre Marroux
The rise of a young man from left-wing student activism to full-scale terrorism.
Choice Of Arms (1990) as Noel
Nadie Escuchaba (1988) as Himself
Former political prisoners discuss their experiences in Castro's Cuba.
Trois places pour le 26 (1988) as Himself
Jean de Florette (1987) as Cesar Soubeyran--
Manon of the Spring (1986) as Cesar Soubeyran--
Garcon! (1983) as Alex
Tout feu, tout flamme (1981) as Victor Valance
Carne: l'Homme a la Camera (1980) as Himself
I Comme Icare (1979) as Henry Volney
After the recently re-elected President of a fictitious state has been assassinated, one of the members of the investigation committee refuses to sign the final report and is given the task of investigating once more. In the course of his search he finds evidence that casts serious doubt on the committee's "lone-gunman" theory... A very bold film that basically told the "JFK" story thinly disguised as having taken place not in the US.
Womanlight (1979) as Michel
Roads to the South (1978) as Jean Larrea
Fathers and sons, and political exile. In the fall of 1975, Franco is dying but repression continues. Jules and Eve, living well in exile in France, continue to assist the resistance. The underground calls with a job for either, and Eve goes, to the disappointment of their son, Laurent, visiting his parents at their seaside place in Cherbourg and not getting on well with his father. When a road accident in Spain brings tragedy, the father and son's conflict worsens. After Laurent and his girlfriend, Julie, pay a harrowing visit to Jules, Julie stays, taking Jules as a lover. Revelations and admissions about Jules and Eve make way for new ground for Jules and Laurent.
Grin Without A Cat, A (1977) as Narration
In the early 1960s, at the start of the French New Wave, Richard Roud called Chris Marker, Alain Resnais and Agnes Varda "the Left Bank group," noting their rejection of bourgeois values, their commitment to the literary and plastic arts, their risk-taking approach to filmmaking, their love of cats,
Menace, La (1977) as Henri Savin
Grand Escogriffe, Le (1977) as Morland
Police Python.357 (1975) as Ferrot
Le Sauvage (1975) as Martin Coutances
A man helps a woman escape from her engagement.
Vincent, Francois, Paul and the Others (1974)
Three friends face mid-life crises. Paul is a writer who's blocked. François has lost his ideals and practices medicine for the money; his wife grows distant, even hostile. The charming Vincent, everyone's favorite, faces bankruptcy, his mistress leaves him, and his wife, from whom he's separated, wants a divorce. The strains on the men begin to show particularly in François and Paul's friendship and in Vincent's health. A younger man, Jack, becomes attractive to Lucie, François's wife. Another young friend, the boxer Jean, who's like a son to Vincent and whose girlfriend is pregnant, has taken a bout with a merciless slugger. Has happiness eluded this circle of friends?
Hasard Et La Violence, Le (1973) as Laurent
Cesar et Rosalie (1972) as Cesar
Rosalie is amicably divorced, dividing her time between her mother's house, with her siblings and small daughter, and César's. He's self made, a scrap iron king, outgoing, amiable, in love with her. Enter David, an artist and Rosalie's flame before her marriage. In a quiet, brooding way, he seeks to reclaim Rosalie. César's jealous outbursts and attempts at cunning backfire and send Rosalie into David's arms. César keeps trying: he buys Rosalie's childhood seaside vacation home as a gift, wins her back, then must ask David to join them so Rosalie will be happy. When Rosalie discovers César and David's complicity, she again asserts her freedom, leaving the men alone together.
State of Siege (1972) as Santore
In Uruguay in the early 1970s, an official of the US Agency for International Development (a group used as a front for training foreign police in counterinsurgency methods) is kidnapped by a group of urban guerillas. Using his interrogation as a backdrop, the film explores the often brutal consequences of the struggle between Uruguay's government and the leftist Tupamaro guerillas.
Fils, Le (1972) as Ange
Ange leaves New York to fly to his native Corsica. His mother is dying and Ange, who was not present when his father died, wishes to be present at her death. In Corsica Ange finds his brother Baptiste who married Maria, the woman he loved. He finds out that his father was killed, but nobody wants to tell him the name of the killer. And finally he finds two killers expecting him.
Tout va bien (1972) as Coneaste--He
An American news correspondent gets mixed up with a wildcat strike.
La Folie des grandeurs (1971) as Blaze
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (1970) as Dr. Marc Chabot
A psychiatrist falls in love with a patient's past life.
Mister Freedom (1970) as Capitain Formidable
Le Cercle Rouge (1970) as Jansen
After leaving prison, a master thief and two other criminals plan to perform an elaborate heist.
The Confession (1970) as Gérard
A Czech government official charged with treason is subjected to brutal interrogation methods.
The Devil by the Tail (1969) as Cesar Maricorne
A run-down hotel's staff sabotages the road to force people to book rooms.
Z (1969) as The Deputy Z.
A political assassination uncovers a hotbed of corruption.
La guerre est finie (1967) as Diego
Diego is one of the chief of the spanish Communist Party. He is travelling back to Paris (where he lives) from a mission in Madrid. He is arrested at the border for an identity check but manages to go free thanks to Nadine, the daughter of the man whose passport is used by him. When he arrives in Paris, he starts searching one of his comrades, Juan, to prevent him from going to Madrid where he could be arrested by Franco's police...
Live for Life (1967) as Robert Colomb
Robert Colomb (Yves Montand), a famous TV newscaster, is married to Catherine (Annie Girardot), but is continually unfaithful. He is about to replace his current mistress, Mireille (Irene Tunc), with Jacqueline (Anouk Ferjak)when he meets, and becomes fascinated with Candice (Candice Bergen.) He takes her along on an assignment in Kenya and later establishes an "arrangement" with her in Amsterdam. When he tells Catherine about the affair, she is silent. He is assigned to Viet Nam, tells Candice their affair is over and, to his astonishment, discovers that is more than acceptable to her as she as tired of him. Returning from a Vietnamese prison he decides to return also to Catherine, but discovers she has made a new life for herself. He ponders whether he should break into her life again, rekindle their old love or just disappear from her life. While he is pondering, Catherine---a big hand for the little lady---makes the decision for this selfish and conceited ass. Note: The ad billing instructions on this film in English language countries was that the name of Candice Bergen must appear in second position behind Yves Montand, but in third position, behind Annie Girardot, in other countries.
Is Paris Burning? (1966) as Marcel Bizien
Resistance fighters and secret agents struggle to keep the Nazis from destroying Paris before their retreat.
Grand Prix (1966) as Jean-Pierre Sarti
Auto racers find danger and romance at the legendary European road race.
The Sleeping Car Murder (1966) as Inspector Grazzi
Sei persone viaggiano in un vagone-letto da Marsiglia a Parigi. All'arrivo, un donna viene trovata morta nella sua cuccetta. La polizia si mette alla ricerca delle altre persone, sospettando possa essere stato uno degli altri cinque passeggeri a commettere l'omicidio, ma questi sono uccisi uno ad uno. Gli ultimi due (una coppia di ragazzi conosciutisi per caso nella carrozza) decidono di cercare di risolvere il caso, per non essere uccisi a loro volta, rischiando comunque di esserlo. Con il loro aiuto il caso viene risolto: un giovane e squattrinato studente, amante di una ricca ed attempata attrice (una delle vittime) ha organizzato gli omicidi con il suo amante, un giovane poliziotto nevrotico, per derubare la donna e fuggire insieme in Africa; per cui bisognava uccidere tutti i componenti del vagone-letto per non destare sospetti. Alla fine, dopo un inseguimento notturno per le vie di Parigi, lo studente viene arrestato ed il complice si suicida per non essere catturato.
Le joli mai (1963) as
Two directors paint a portrait of Paris during May of 1962.
My Geisha (1962) as Paul Robaix
Paul Robaix (Yves Montand) is a well known director, married to Lucy Dell (Shirley MacLaine), a famous movie star. Robaix wants to make a movie of the classic play Madame Butterfly, but he doesn't want his wife to play the leading part, as in his previous pictures. Producer Sam Lewis (Edward G. Robinson) and Lucy Dell think up a scheme to get her in the picture after all. Lucy disguises as a Geisha, and gets the leading part in the picture. When Robaix finds out he gets so mad, he wants to divorce Lucy...
Sanctuary (1961) as Candy Man
In the Misssissippi of the 20s, the black maid of a white woman, tormented by her love affiars, kills the latter's newborn in order to give her employer a way out of a predicament, but then ends up facing the death penalty for her crime.
Goodbye Again (1961) as Roger Demarest
A 40-year-old woman swaps her sophisticated lover for a young law student.
Let's Make Love (1960) as Jean-Marie Clement, also known as Alexander Dumas
A millionaire uses a fake name to infiltrate a musical making fun of him.
The Law (1960) as Brigante
A cook turns to theft so she and her lover can marry.
Premier May (1958) as Jean
Witches of Salem, The (1957) as John Proctor
Salem, 1692. Industrious farmer, John Proctor, has twice made love to 17-year-old Abigail, a youth he and his wife have taken in. (His wife Elisabeth has rebuffed him for seven months; she is puritanical and cold.) When she finds John and Abigail embracing, she sends the lass from her home and John, feeling damned, agrees. Abigail vows revenge. Her chance comes when she accuses Elisabeth of witchcraft and manipulates younger girls to support her claims of seeing spirits. The town's minister and politicians want a cause: ridding the town of witchcraft is the ideal repression. John too, is accused; Abigail offers him a way to avoid hanging. Elisabeth has her own confession.
Marguerite de la Nuit (1956)
In return for his lost youth, Dr. Faust turns over his soul to Mephistopheles disguised as the drug-trafficking owner of a pigalle night club.
The Wide Blue Road (1956) as Squarcio
A fisherman and his young sons fight the sea off the Dalmatian coast.
Napoleon (1955) as Marshal Lefebvre
Orson Welles è Hudson Lowe in questa mega produzione cinematografica che racconta scorci ed episodi della vita di Napoleone.
Heroes and Sinners (1955) as Michele Riviere
A group of whites, mostly French and German, living on the African Coast of Liberia involve themselves with a way of hedonistic living, involving diamond smuggling, sexual liaisons, and political discord.
Altri Tempi (1952)
Wages of Fear (1952) as Mario
A team of international outcasts risks their lives driving explosives through the South American mountains.
Les Portes de la nuit (1946)
A Resistance fighter falls for a woman then learns that her brother had betrayed the movement.
Etoile sans lumiere (1946)
An aspiring singer is hired to dub an established film star.

Music (feature film)

Rushmore (1998) as Song Performer ("Rue St Vincent")
Max Fischer is a social outcast at the posh Rushmore private school, which is populated by rich and obnoxious boys. Unsuccessful academically, he makes his mark through instigating dozens of clubs, inventing bizarre schemes, and on one occasion, putting on a harsh David Mamet-like play. He also fall
Beyond Therapy (1987) as Song Performer ("Someone To Watch Over Me")
Manhattanites Bruce and Prudence are each looking for a meaningful romantic relationship and have been encouraged by their psychiatrists to find someone through the personal ads. Their first meeting is disastrous, but they begin to hit it off during their second date. However, Bruce''s bisexual, live-in lover does not want to share Bruce and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep him to himself.
One Deadly Summer (1983) as Song Performer ("Trois Petites Notes De Musique")

Misc. Crew (feature film)

L'auberge rouge (1951)
A group of travelers, including a monk, stay in a lonely inn in the mountains. The host confesses the monk his habit of serving poisoned soup to the guests, to rob their possessions and to bury them in the backyard. The story unfolds as the monk tries to save the guest's lives without violating the holy secrecy of the confession.
L'auberge rouge (1951)
A group of travelers, including a monk, stay in a lonely inn in the mountains. The host confesses the monk his habit of serving poisoned soup to the guests, to rob their possessions and to bury them in the backyard. The story unfolds as the monk tries to save the guest's lives without violating the holy secrecy of the confession.

Cast (special)

Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park Grand Opening (1989)
A "Magical World of Disney" special saluting the opening of the new Disney Theme Park in Orlando, Florida. Celebrities perform song-and-dance routines. Film clips spotlight world leaders and famous personalities, who name their favorite films and discuss how television and movies have affected their
Yves Montand on Broadway (1962) as Host
An hour of music and song with the French singer Yves Montand.

Cast (short)

Grand Prix Challenge of the Champions (1966)
This short film shows a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of "Grand Prix" (1966) at the actual Grand Prix in Monaco.

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