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Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe



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  • Marilyn Monroe is My Mom**

    • Beverly Ann
    • 2019-02-15

    Dear Fans it's Been a Family Secret For Years that I'm Her Daughter Born Oct.10th/1956 I have Children also and Grand Kids too My Name is Beverly Ann** I Will Talk With Reporters I'm Now Willing to Reveal My Secret,my Care giver Hired By My Mom**!! Told the Hole Story and I Even Remember this Pretty Lady Picking Me up and Dropping Me Off when I was 3 Marilyn was Reading Me a Children's Story,in Front Of Milton Green taking pictures the Estate of Marilyn Monroe Has the Pictures there a picture of Me with the Kennedy Family in the Library Book We Love All Our Dear Fans**!! And Feel Free to e-mail Me**!! I'm a Business Woman and I'd Like to Receive Donation From My Mom's Sweet Fans**!! Thank You,Fans from All Around the World**!! TD Canada Trust Bank Branch 22 Account Number 0565334 Thank You**Fans**!!

  • What a fun movie!

    • TJ
    • 2015-12-19

    Sit back, relax and enjoy this movie! It is pure entertainment! Marilyn is stunning, Jane is great, along with the entire cast. It is an enjoyable film with plenty of laughs.


    • ALKADY
    • 2015-06-16


  • Legendary

    • dvsdv
    • 2014-08-31

    One of the smartest actresses ever.

  • wrong data on Monroe

    • ALAA
    • 2014-04-12

    in bio for Marilyne Monroe the year that she died is 1963 not 1962...

  • TCM page on Monroe a travesty

    • Eric Fry
    • 2013-12-18

    When did Monroe work as a negative cutter? Mortenson wasn't her father. Gifford wasn't her step-father.

  • Marilyn Monroe

    • John
    • 2013-08-12

    Range-3/5 Sex Appeal-5/5 Influence/Legacy-5/5 Well Regarded in Private Life-3/5 Comedic Ability-4/5 Risk Taker or Innovator-3/5

  • Adoption

    • greenangeline
    • 2013-06-15

    Ms. Monroe was definitely a believer in adoption; open and closed adoption.

  • Jesus Christ

    • greenangeline
    • 2013-06-13

    I believe Jesus Christ loves Ms. Monroe and forgives whatever sins she has committed. And only he can judge her. For one thing all of the facts of her life are not known. She was an intensely private person. She has been lied on. That's for sure. But she has also been celebrated. She was victimized as a child. And "My Story" discusses that.

  • Donald Spoto

    • greenangeline
    • 2013-06-12

    Donald Spoto's biography on Ms. Monroe was a very good effort but I believe that Ms. Monroe was drugged. She didn't commit suicide and it wasn't an accident.

  • Ms. Monroe's firstborn

    • greenangeline
    • 2013-06-12

    In the book"My Story" Ms. Monroe chronicles the birth of her firstborn son when she was a teenager. This was in the book" My Story" writthen with Ben Hecht. The baby had blond hair.

  • The children of Ms. Monroe

    • greenangeline
    • 2013-06-12

    Among the people that claim Marilyn Monroe gave birth to them are John Burton, Nancy Miracle, Barbara Monroe, Janet Raymond, Patricia Paradise, and a daughter who was most likely kidnapped from the hospital. The man who claims he fathered the child gave a false account. He was paid to lie. There are also other people who claim that Marilyn Monroe gave birth to them. Nancy Miracle has fabricated Marilyn Monroe' biography but that doesn't mean that Ms. Monroe didn't give birth to her. I have nothing but compassion and love for Miss Monroe. And I have compassion for Nancy Miracle although she is guilty of fabricating certain things about Miss Monroe such as saying that Miss Monroe was Italian when Miss Monroe was Irish, Scottish and NOrwegian.

  • dr. leon krohn

    • greenangeline
    • 2013-06-12

    I agree with Dr. Leon Krohn that Marilyn Monroe didn't have any abortions and he should know because he was her gynecologist. But I believe that she had children that she didn't keep. And Dr. Krohn most likely delivereed them. There are a number of people who say that Marilyn Monroe gave birth to them. Her demeanor says that she was a mother. She had the joie de vivre that only someone who has given birth would have.

  • Blonde Bombshell

    • BronxBombshell
    • 2013-01-29

    Marilyn should be 5 star her beauty and unique style of acting bought attention to many people of all genders age race she has charmed us all her death was tragic but her legend lives on she's loved even more today by many loyal fans including myself I love u marilyn

  • How this is:

    • Worm
    • 2012-11-14

    This is good.

  • Oozed Talent,Too Harshly Criticized

    • Marilyn Amazing
    • 2012-06-15

    Olivier was nasty because of her lateness.He saw her once while visiting Shelley Winters and didn't know who the fragile person he saw.Shelley told him it was Marilyn,and Sir Larry remarked that if he only knew when they worked together he would've been more understanding.After having lived with Vivien Leigh's illness so many years,you'd think he would've done so automatically.Always admired her work,was prepared to hate her acting the first time I saw her,but she was good in everything she did.Didn't have an easy childhood,adolescence or adulthood from what I've heard or seen.God Bless you Marilyn,may you have the peace you never had on this orb.

  • Underappreciated Actress

    • Marilyn Love
    • 2012-06-15

    Truly tragic tale of someone chewed up and spat on by most.Hope she had SOME real confidants.What a truly despicable way she was treated,criticized for lack of talent,when everything I've seen her in she was great!No matter the real life happenings,even a harsh critic like Olivier,when he really saw her felt awful for his remarks when he saw how vulnerable and fragile she was (this per Shelley Winters,who may've been a loud mouth,but she was a friend).If someone is that sensitive,why can't people be moe considerate,I know I put up with the crushing remarks in nursing-if you can't say anything nice,then Shut Thy Piehole!

  • Beauty

    • Kyle Rhoads
    • 2011-07-11

    The most beautiful women ever to live. and if you were still alive, you did gain the respect you search for, for so long.

  • Most beautiful woman of all time...truly magical.

    • Christene
    • 2011-04-21

    Why does she have only 4 stars? Marilyn Monroe IS Hollywood, all things beautiful, glamorous, sexy, etc. And you know she was REALLY talented. There will never be anyone like her. The whole world knows her just by her picture even nearly 50 after her untimely death. Who else is so iconic and recognizable? She was such a legend and I love her in all her films. Even her not do great ones are watchable because of her delightful presence in them, adding to any movie she was ever in. I am such a fan and look forward to any of her films when they play them on TCM (which is not very often unfortunately) or any channel for that matter.

  • The Ultimate Hollywood Star!

    • Matthew
    • 2011-04-05

    If you looked up the word 'Hollywood' in the dictionary, you would find Marilyn Monroe! She is the ultimate star! When you think of Hollywood - you think of her platnium blonde her, curvacious figure, beauty mark, and glossy red lips. She is simply the image we see when we think of Hollywood! BUT...besides her iconic image, she is really a talented actress and performer who never achieved the props

  • WHat Renee Gotta'h Say!

    • DezarayBanks
    • 2011-04-04

    Marilyn Monroe Well She something and she went through alot.I am currently doing a reasearch at school.I've been on multiply websites.I hate that some of you people lie.And to make it worst the laddy is dead.How direspectful.Show some respect.Monroe is a pretty woman and is a wonderful Actress.My cousin loves her some Monroe By your New Fan: Renee

  • The most beautiful iconic star of all time!

    • Christene
    • 2011-02-04

    Although she lived and died long before I was born, Marilyn Monroe will always be my favorite actress. Perhaps her movies never gave her the opportunity to show she was a serious dramatic actress or perhaps she was just too stunningly beautiful and gorgeous that Hollywood didn't know what do with her. She could never play an old maid for instance. But watching her in any of her films you can't take your eyes off her and you can see she really did have talent. She was fantastic in her musicals and comedies such as the Seven Year Itch or Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Her life was just tragically cut short, far before her time. No matter how many pictures you see of her around the world you never get tired of her and you want to see more. Her presence may be gone but the star continues to shine after all these years. If only she could have lived to see what a legend she became.

  • wow

    • Austin Long
    • 2010-02-22

    The best of the bombshells to blossom in hollywood durig the atomic age.

  • Forever Immortal

    • Joey
    • 2009-09-28

    Marilyn Monroe was a wonderful actress! Hollywood exploited her talent and turned her to dumb blonde status. If anyone doubts her acting appeal, take a look at wonderful classics like "Niagara", "The Misfits" and "Don't Bother to Knock"! Marilyn's dramatic acting was brilliant! If anyone doubts her comedic acting, take a look at "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" and "The Seven Year Itch"! Marilyn could make anyone laugh just as good as any stand up comic...only even better! If anyone doubts her singing, they only have to listen to her signature song "Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend" to know that she had a wonderful, strong and beautiful singing voice! And if anyone doubts her sex appeal, it's in all over her movies! Marilyn Monroe! Forever Immortal!

  • Looks and Talent

    • Riccardo
    • 2009-09-26

    Good looks will only get a girl so far...the rest depends upon talent...and I might add, mental toughness. Marilyn had plenty in the first two departments...and it shows in her best performances. But her career was cut all too her emotional ups and downs brought on by drugs. So there is a sense of tragedy and loss about her legacy....and plenty of questions on how her full career would have fared. But what we do have of her shortened career secures her legacy and niche, as one of the screen's most memorable personas....and everyone, but everyone, knows her persona.

  • marilyn's eyes

    • Linus
    • 2009-08-31

    She knew how to use her eyes along with her seductive voice. Misfits was a good example.

  • Best Actress to make a comedy movie

    • Carla
    • 2009-07-22

    Marilyn was the epitome of talent ,concept ,perception and innovation. Her vision of Nell in Don't Bother to Knock was brilliant. She brought many gifts to the audience of every movie she made-laughter, tears,sadness, anger and pure enjoyment. Rest in peace Marilyn. A true fan forever.

  • eternal sweetheart

    • anna
    • 2009-04-23

    I enjoy MM's movies very much but my favorite has to be River of no Return. Maybe because it was filmed a few hours from where I was raised. The landscapes are familiar and they photograph stunningly on film. As for Marilyn, her beauty in RONR is luscious. Her peachy skin is luminous -- she actually glows. Too bad she didn't make more pictures with Bob Mitchum. Their chemistry was sultry and I would have loved to have seen more of them together.

  • Cute, Smart, Talented and Tragic

    • Calvert
    • 2009-04-02

    All of those words come to my mind whenever I think of Marilyn Monroe and in that order. "Some Like It Hot" is my favorite film of Monroe's. Tony Curtis asks the most poignant question about Monroe's tragic end: where were all of her friends when she was obviously slipping downhill fast? I hadn't realized that Marilyn Monroe could really act because I neglected to view her films. Instead, I simply considered her a "sex symbol." My mistake. Billy Wilder turned me on to Marilyn Monroe. Probably the greatest director & screenwriter of comedies could draw the absolute cuteness out of the very shy woman who lacked self-confidence, Marilyn Monroe. When I saw her nearly natural talent and beauty in the film that racked Wilder's nerves to direct Monroe in, I was amazed at what great comedic timing she had; how very cute (not sexiness that I'm talking about) she could be; that lower lip being off-center and crooked when she smiled is a drive-ya-nuts attractive quirk; and her ability to dance and sing, sizzles on the screen. Watching her act with Grable & Bacall in "How to Marry a Millionaire," is astonishing. If ever her acting ability is questioned, see that film; or "The Misfits." Why and how she was made into a sex symbol probably killed her. Had she been left alone to be a great actress without sexualizing her so extremely, her life might have turned out far better. We may have had her far longer. Marilyn Monroe didn't have to be promoted by studios as a sexual object. She had ample ability and talent to promote her work.

  • One hell of a actress

    • Kalee
    • 2009-03-01

    She alwasy thought she wasn't good enough. She beat her self up about every thing. To me, she is a wonderful, wonderful actress. She could pull emotion out of no where and stick with it. Marilyn Monroe will forever be known as an actress of many colors.

  • So Sad!

    • Keith
    • 2009-01-15

    It is so sad this pin-up beauty was taken advantage of by JFK, RFK, a mobster, and others as a "Sex Toy" all because of her obvious beauty. All she wanted was to be LOVED! Joe Demagio I think may have been the only Husband who ever LOVED her. Many cared, others USED, and more abused her because of her beauty. Was she murdered, or did she commit suicide? All I know is she deserved better! In all honesty she perhaps was if not was the #1 beauty Queen of all time in pictures, at least she ranks up there! Totally off the scales in sexiness. What a waste for her to have been taken so young and so youthful and never feeling secure in LOVE.

  • Polly's negative comment's on Marilyn's talent

    • LELAND
    • 2009-01-01

    First of all, if you don't like Marilyn than why are you seeking her out on this site?! I've been a HUGE fan of her's since 1982, and she does have good talent. Yes, there are other's that were better in talent, but they didn't have the lasting impression left by Marilyn! Greta Garbo has NOTHING over on Marilyn Monroe. She has been in some of the best movies made in America. "Bus Stop","Gentlemen Prefer Blondes","The Seven Year Itch", and the greatest comedy of all time, "Some Like It Hot"!! This site should be for "True" fans of hers that want to remember her as an actress as well as who she was in real life, not bash her! If you don't like her as a person or her talent, than go see "I'm Jealous of Marilyn"! I sincerely doubt that the actors/actresses you listed will be remembered 50 yrs from now like Marilyn. People still have a "memorial" service every year for her at her cemetery 46 yrs after her death!! They, as well as me, want to remember her memory and honor it for what she gave "us" to enjoy for years to come. All should see her last movie on the DVD: The Final Days. It is a good portion of "Something's Got To Give" restored for us all to enjoy. I think it would have been a hit in my opinion. We LOVE YOU MARILYN MONROE AND MISS YOU!! You passed away too young!! Your beauty and voice will live on in our hearts and minds until we, too, pass on. May you find Eternal Peace!

  • The loveliest, greatest

    • S7
    • 2008-12-19

    Has been my favourite actress for 16 years, just so captivating! R.I.P Marilyn.

  • love her

    • Maggie
    • 2008-10-22

    I Have been a fan of marilyn For 37 years I absolutely adore her. But I think Polly is very entitled to her opinion and I think that's what this page is for, posting your opinion, what ever that may be. We shouldn't take it personally.

  • Polly

    • Roy
    • 2008-10-03

    Oh shut up, Polly. If you don't like Marilyn, GTFO her page.

  • Hot dosen't equal talent

    • polly
    • 2008-09-28

    Marilyn Monroe will go down in history as the sexiest woman in cinema, but that's all I see a very sexy woman who to plainly put it was a crap singer and actress. People have convinced themselves that she's a great actress because of her very good looks. Now a days her face is EVERYWHERE on purses, handbags, T-Shirts, watches, clocks, etc. In my opinion I think it's very sad that people fail to commemorate the most brilliant actors with real raw talent such as Gretta Garbo, Bette Davis, Rhonda Fleming, Carolyn Jones, Ann Bancroft, Lon Chaney, Buster Keaton, Fredric March, Bela Lugosi, and Boris Karloff among many others. There's more to talent than a hot face and body.

  • Marilyn Monroe

    • Kay
    • 2008-09-28

    ONE WORD memerable

  • The Ultimate

    • Bailey1947
    • 2008-09-02

    It is fitting that the last star of the studio system would be its greatest; Marilyn Monroe will never become a relic of the past.

  • Short Classic Career

    • Riccardo
    • 2008-08-29

    For those who believe it takes a long Hollywood career to make an impact...check out Marilyn Monroe. In just 28 movies, she created a legend. Certainly the relationship between talent and looks are high on the list of things that guaranteed her success....but also, no one should doubt that without her appearance, her success in 1950s and 1960s America, would not have been as assured. A tragic personal life and a frenetic demands of fame took its toll on her...but in the films there's no denying her radiance, charm, and sexiness were just perfect for her times.

  • Marilyn Monroe

    • mrdoowop
    • 2008-07-19

    Marilyn Monroe popularity has extended beyond star status. The name "Marilyn Monroe" is synonymous with beauty, sensuality and effervescence. She remains an inspiration to all who strive to overcome personal obstacles for the goal of achieving greatness, in the movie's forever!

  • A beautiful person

    • Mary Beth
    • 2008-07-16

    That is exactly how I see Marilyn Monroe. I have read many books about her and she truly was and is in spirit a beautiful, special individual. I believe that she only wanted to do right. Thank you TCM for showing her movies--please show as many selections as you have. They are hard to find.

  • what was she thinking???

    • jackeline
    • 2008-03-14

    i have never seen a movie of her but i see her every where...why kill her self..i been investigating her death a there are fishy thing.....

  • Marilyn Monroe, The Girl Who Longed For Happiness

    • Sara
    • 2008-01-11

    I have been a Marilyn Monroe fan ever since watching Some Like It Hot a few years ago, and I am only sixteen. I started watching that classic film because I've been an old movie buff ever since I was five. After that I couldn't get enough of her so I watched the movie for a month and began researching her. Now I can't stop collecting Marilyn Monroe memobila. I had the honor of going to Hollywood to put flowers on her grave which was a thrill! I even have a special adult friend, Michelle, who is a fan also who owns a beauty shop and has pictures of Marilyn all around her shop. I love Marilyn Monroe so much!!!! I believe she just wanted to be happy and love. I feel so sorry for her!!!

  • Didnt you want to be the one who saved her?

    • jakie
    • 2008-01-04

    Marilyn Monroe its amazing how long its been since she died it feels like she still alive threw her movies you see her and cant belive shes gone its such a tragety what happend whether she took her own life or they killed her the people that looked up to her and still do shes so beautiful and stylish in her life she never asked for much she just wanted to be loved like everybody else and wanted kids desprately the miscarges just made her go crazy and dont we all wish we could have been the one to save her we all imagined it we were the kids she never could have we are the thing that gives her all the love and attention she wanted and she never dies or is sad but its all a dream R.I.P Norma Jeane Baker AKA Marilyn Monroe


    • sheryl
    • 2007-08-14

    Even now Marilyn Monroe is still looked at as a star. She is gone but won't be forgotten. There is so much of her left even now, that people today want to be Ms. Marilyn Monroe. There will always be someone that tries to capture her image and make it theirs. All that know and love her will know, just were that special look came from. The silky skin, the full lips, and those dreamy looking eyes. An actress she was to spite what others say and the vioce of an angel as well. GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN!!!

  • Beautiful and multi talented

    • Brando4ever
    • 2007-08-11

    She's an exquisite beauty. Great actress. Beautiful singing voice. Beautiful porcelan skin.

  • Greatest Female Star

    • marina72
    • 2007-06-19

    Marilyn Monroe was far more talented than she was given credit for, and she shines even in the most stereotyped roles. She was usually cast as the 'dumb blonde' but brought something different to each character. In a few films she shows a glimpse of a wider range - eg Don't Bother To Knock, Clash By Night, Niagara, Bus Stop. Her comic timing was impeccable and her vulnerable quality made her a convincing dramatic actress too. She fought to educate herself and gain control of her career, despite derision from the chauvinistic Hollywood establishment. Her life ended in tragedy but her legacy remains undimmed. There have been many beautiful actresses, but few have the screen presence of Monroe. She was one of the greatest stars of all time, along with Chaplin and Garbo.

  • She is such a beautiful person

    • Shawny
    • 2007-04-25

    She is a beauty inside and out i love her so much. My favorite movie with her in it is gentle men prefer blondes. I have a picture of her on my wall and a shirt i am a fan of hers. I just wish she didnt die at such a young age like she did.

  • wow . . .

    • haley
    • 2007-04-18

    i think marilyn monroe was one of the greatest people ever . she accomplished so much . i want to grow up and be like her . she deffinately is my idol . [=

  • Marilyn, my beauty queen

    • Alex Hitts
    • 2007-04-09

    Marilyn Monroe is my beauty queen. I like when she dresses beautifully. I like her hair, her voice, and the way she talks. I just love this woman, I just hope she loves me and when I get to heaven, I'll get to love her even more. Because of this stunning actress, she inspired me to go to Hollywood and become famous. I would love to see her if she was alive. I'd probably find her house hug her, kiss her, maybe eat a couple of cookies, and tell a (true)story about each other. My favorite Marilyn Monroe films are Niagara, Don't bother to Knock, How to Marry a Millionaire, Let's make it Legal, We're not Married, and O.Henry's Full House. She was a great actress with taste, love, fame, class, and Innocence. She is also an angel from God and the gifts that Marilyn has is fame, innocence, kindness, and love. 20 years from now, I will always remember Marilyn Monroe. My Idol, Hero, Beauty Queen, Girlfriend, and Everything. I'm Alex Hitts Age:15 For this website

  • beautiful Marilyn...

    • lana
    • 2007-02-19

    Marilyn is my idol. she was an excellent actress and a very beautiful woman. she also overcame a hard chilhood and transformed herself into the most famous movie star in history. R.I.P. Marilyn!!

  • marilyn monroe

    • ashley
    • 2007-01-25

    marilyn monroe's life was very long

  • I think Marilyn Monroe was a good actress

    • Albert
    • 2006-12-07

    I wish Marilyn Monroe didn't die so young. I wish she grew old, and had a lot of great roles in movies as an older actress. She would have been GREAT.....

  • Amazing

    • randi
    • 2006-09-28

    I think she was a great actress and that no one will ever be like her and she is beautifull. she is my role model and hero

  • Comment on Notes:

    • bob_spez
    • 2006-09-28

    The Bio Notes state that Marilyn's on screen persona was sexless. But all screen actresses in comedies up to the early 60's were basically sexless - Ruby Keeler, Claudette Colbert, Jean Arthur, Kathryn Hepburn, Ann Southern, Doris Day, Audry Hepburn, etc. Sex may have been hinted at, but never portrayed. What Marilyn and these other great actresses had was Romance. She was never compliant, but always funny and one step ahead in the battle of the sexes. Watch her acting in my favorite Marilyn movie "Bus Stop" and see her fight the battle of the sexes with Don Murray all the way to the ultimate romantic surrender which was the goal of all the romantic films of the era.

  • Simply Amazing!

    • Erica
    • 2006-08-08

    Marilyn was extraordinarily beautiful, talented and charismatic. There will never be another woman like her, no matter how hard her cheap imitators try.

  • :)

    • andrea
    • 2006-07-29

    A talented, gorgeous, kind, amazing, and unforgettable woman.

  • Amazing

    • Brad
    • 2006-07-24

    Marilyn was an amazing woman and a great actress, even if she had many mental issues.


    • Jessica
    • 2006-06-02

    I have to admit I am one of the hugest LUCILLE BALL fans! But I've also come to love MARILYNS work! SHe was and still is amazing, wathing her on TV it's like she's still here today! SHe was so full of life on set!! I love her looks! Now i just can't get enough MARILYN!!!! And I love her taste in clothes! I was so born in the wrong time period! I'd give just about anything to go back to then and meet MARILYN and just be around in that time period! THanks for listening! !JESSICA

  • Left too soon...

    • Ty
    • 2006-06-02

    Yesterday would've been her 80th birthday. She should still be around. I don't know what to say. I'm addicted to her films. She had an incredible screen presence.

  • Marilyn the Unseen Great!

    • Adrian Trott
    • 2006-05-30

    Like so many other Marilyn Monroe fans around the globe..I always thought Marilyn's performances were top class and included not only a sexual energy but that of a wonderful person being held back with the roles given to her. IF ONLY... Producers could only see her as the sex goddess oozing sensuality..but the truth is I believe they were scared to let Marilyn actually act...I believe she could have been one of the more talented actresses especially in the role of the underdog who makes good, would have made for some brilliant viewing IF ONLY!

  • The Beloved Icon

    • Jordyn
    • 2006-03-26

    Marilyn Monroe was not only a sex goddess, she was an american Icon. People love to focus on her timly death, but we really need to honor her for her talent,her carisma and her eternal grace that lives with us all. I am only 14 years old,but I am an espiraring actress, and one day, I will follow her footstepps,and pick up from where her Inspiring greatness left off. So as she looks down upon us in heaven, god will bless her beauty, her grace,and most importantly, the memory that she left behind.

  • the goddess

    • jessica
    • 2006-03-25

    Marilyn Monroe is an icon. She is my all time favorite movie actress. She was stunningly beautiful, witty and very talented.

  • goodbye norma jeane

    • brenna murphy
    • 2006-02-24

    she was a great person from what i have learned so far.i am 11 years old,and thats pretty young to have an idol like Marilyn Monroe,but i was just really interested in learning about her.i learnd that she just wanted to live life normally,but what is normal?she was very beautiful and i think because of that, she was taken for granted .she was a great actor,a beautiful model,and a nice singer,but most of all she was just a person, a famous person,but a person non the less.from what i've learnd so far,she was sweet and i have no doubt that she wasn't.i just hope she resting in peace.

  • There's Only One Marilyn

    • SwingDancingRed
    • 2006-02-14

    Funny, beautiful, sexy...unforgettable.

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