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Trevor Puckle

Trevor Puckle


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Assistant Direction (feature film)

Nutcracker in 3D, The (2010)
An updated version of Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker," taking place in the 1920s, when a young girl named Mary brings her new nutcracker doll to life.
Water Horse, The (2007)
When Angus, a young Scottish boy, finds an enchanted egg, he takes it home and soon finds himself face-to-face with an amazing creature: the mythical "water horse" of Scottish lore. Angus begins a journey of discovery, facing his greatest fears and risking his life to protect a secret that would giv
Ancient Greek story of Jason and his quest to find the Golden Fleece in order to reclaim his father's kingdom from evil King Pelias. He and his team set sail on the Argo for the island of Colchis, where an enchanting priestess named Medea guards the Fleece. On their treacherous journey, they encount
Grey Owl (1999) as Assistant Director (United Kingdom Unit)
In the 1930s, young Englishman Archibald Belaney emigrates to Canada, and decides to live as a Native American named Grey Owl. While travelling as a trapper he meets Pony, a young Mohawk woman who is immediately enamored with Grey Owl. She decides to follow him to the north of Canada, and although h
Sleepy Hollow (1999) as 2nd Assistant Director (2nd Unit)
Ichabod Crane, a discredited professor is exiled to Sleepy Hollow because of his outrageous theories. Once there he learns of a local myth and uncovers a headless horseman, who has killed four people in search of a suitable replacement for his own missing head.
Man in the Iron Mask, The (1998) as Assistant Director
The young King Louis XIV becomes intrigued with the beautiful Christine and sends her suitor, Raoul, to the front for an almost certain death. When he is killed, Louis earns the hatred of Raoul''s father, the former faithful musketeer Athos. Athos is not alone in his hatred of the king as the entire country has grown weary of his excesses. Louis depends upon another former musketeer, D''Artagnan, to kill the ringleader of the rebellion. What Louis does not know is that D''Artagnan is also his mother''s lover. Things are getting out of hand when the king''s trusted priest, Aramis, another former musketeer, gathers together his former collegues with a plan to change the course of history. Athos and Porthos join in a plot to spring out of prison a man who, for six years, has lived in his cell with his head in an iron mask. The man is, in fact, Philippe, the younger twin of Louis XIV.
Muppet Treasure Island (1996) as 2nd Assistant Director
Yo-ho-ho! The Muppet ensemble embarks on their zaniest adventure as they encounter pirates, buried treasure and some angry warthogs in this rollicking send-up of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale. When young Jim Hawkins is given a treasure map by a mysterious sailor, he sets sail with his pals--
Deadly Voyage (1996)
Based on the terrifying true story of one ship and the nine stowaways hiding beneath its deck, who dream of finding wealth and happiness in America. But their existence threatens the career of the ship's captain, and when a lack of water forces them out of hiding, they become a problem to the overly
Braveheart (1995) as 2nd Assistant Director (2nd Unit)
In the late 13th century, Sir William Wallace leads the Scots in a revolt against King Edward I of England.
Infiltrator, The (1995)
While on assignment, an American journalist inadvertently uncovers a conspiracy of Neo-Nazis among the youth of Germany. Adopting the pseudonym Ron Fury, the journalist infiltrates the violent world of Nazism and discovers a dangerous link between brutal young skinheads and surviving soldiers of Hit
Four Weddings and A Funeral (1994) as 2nd Assistant Director
A young man''''s chance encounters with a beautiful woman are complicated by his close-knit extended family.
Diamond's Edge (1988) as Assistant Director
A would-be private eye and his younger brother are embroiled in an international caper.
Salome's Last Dance (1988) as 3rd Assistant Director
Film centers around playwright Oscar Wilde watching a performance of his play "Salome".
Ping Pong (1987) as 2nd Assistant Director
Elaine is a lawyer in London who is given the task of executing the last will and testament of a wealthy Chinese man. It is a complicated job, made more so by the squabbling between the man's heirs over his fortune. One major headache Elaine faces is the fact that the dead man stipulated that he be
Shadey (1987) as Assistant Director
Good Father, The (1986) as Assistant Director
Dreamchild (1985) as Assistant Director
On the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lewis Carroll, the original Alice is invited to a New York party to celebrate the writer's most famous creation, Alice in Wonderland. Alice remembers her relationship to Carroll and the fantastic creatures he imagined for her story.
Supergirl (1984) as Assistant Director
Superman's young cousin Kara is also known as Supergirl. When a ring that is a Krypton power source is lost, she is sent to Earth to find it and learns that it is being used as a paperweight. Disguised as meek-mannered high-school student Linda Lee, she faces off against the evil villain Zaltar, who
Top Secret! (1984) as Assistant Director
An Elvis-like singer falls for a French resistance fighter during World War II.

Assistant Direction (special)

Deadly Slumber (1997) as 2nd Assistant Director
When a surgeon is found dead, Inspector Morse investigates the possibility that the doctor was murdered by the devoted father of a woman who suffered permanent brain damage following a minor surgical procedure that went very wrong.
Hercule Poirot's Christmas (1996) as 2nd Assistant Director
Five days before Christmas, Simeon Lee, an imperious patriarch, summons Detective Hercule Poirot to monitor a seasonal family reunion. Three alienated sons, two enigmatic daughters-in-law and an exotic niece are all present and accounted for when Simeon announces a cut in spending allowances. But Si
Day of the Devil, The (1996) as 2nd Assistant Director
A dangerous mental patient, John Barrie, escapes from a high security hospital. A master of disguise, Barrie sets up an elaborate battle of wits with Chief Inspector Morse as the Oxford police engage in a manhunt. Morse realizes he is dealing with more than just a rapist on the run when signs of sat
Twilight of the Gods (1996) as 2nd Assistant Director
Inspector Morse makes inquiries into the murder of a freelance journalist who was working on an article about millionaire businessman Andrew Baydon. During the opening celebrations for a new college at Oxford, donated by Braydon, one of the guests is shot.
Poirot VI (1994) as 2nd Assistant Director
Further adventures of Agatha Christie's Belgian sleuth, Hercule Poirot. The four new cases are entitled: "The Chocolate Box," "The Underdog," "Yellow Iris" and "The Case of the Missing Will." "The Chocolate Box" deals with a Belgian government minister who dies after eating a chocolate from a gift
Inspector Morse, Series VII: Who Killed Harry Field? (1994) as 2nd Assistant Director
Two-part episode in the crime-solving exploits of Oxford Police Inspector Morse. A hack painter who steals ideas and brush techniques from famous artists is mysteriously killed.
Inspector Morse, Series VII: Greeks Bearing Gifts (1994) as 2nd Assistant Director
Two-part episode in the crime-solving exploits of Oxford Police Inspector Morse. When Morse gets little help from Oxford's tightly-knit Greek community during the investigation of a Greek chef's murder and the disappearance of a baby, the Police Inspector discovers a link between the University's cl
Fat Chance (1993) as 2nd Assistant Director
During the investigation of the suspicious death of a divinity student, Inspector Morse meets a woman who runs a hostel for troubled women.
Second Time Around (1993) as 2nd Assistant Director
Inspector Morse's investigation of the killing of a former colleague reminds him of the unsolved murder of a woman 18 years before.
Secret of Bay 5B, The (1991) as 2nd Assistant Director
Continues the stories of unconventional police detective, Inspector Morse of Oxford, England. Morse gets away from Oxford to solve the baffling murder of a man strangled in a Westgate garage.
Last Enemy, The (1989) as 2nd Assistant Director
A two-part story about the continuing adventures of Oxfordshire police detective Inspector Morse. The Inspector and his assistant Sergeant Lewis set out to discover the identity, and the murderer, of a mutilated body found near the bank of a canal in Oxford.
Luck Child, The (1988) as 3rd Assistant Director
An edition of the irregular series, "The Storyteller." Based on an early Russian folktale, the story is about a peasant boy who unknowingly lives in constant danger of an evil king who fears he will lose his throne to the lad.

Assistant Direction (TV Mini-Series)

Frank Herbert's Children of Dune (2003)
A sequel to the miniseries, "Dune," based on Frank Herbert's 1965 novel, telling the story of Paul, who lives in a world tenuously balanced by the universal need for the life-sustaining substance "Spice," the most precious commodity in the universe. This adaptation of sequels to Herbert's original n
Magnificent Ambersons, The (2002) as Key 2nd Assistant Director
Cleopatra (1999)
Miniseries based on Margaret George's novel "The Memoirs of Cleopatra." The young Cleopatra is caught between her love for Rome's leader Julius Caesar and her desire to keep Egypt independent. After the assassination of Caesar and the defeat of her second love Marc Antony, Cleopatra plots her own de
Invasion Earth (1998)
A brutal alien race known as the "nD's" are traveling through space destroying all signs of life in their path, and their next target is Earth. The capture of an unidentified flying object over Scotland and unusual data received by a satellite monitoring station prompt an investigation by officials.
My Friend Walter (1992) as 2nd Assistant Director
Woman in Black, The (1991) as 2nd Assistant Director

Assistant Direction (TV Mini-Series)

Path to 9/11, The (2006)
For six years John O'Neill was the FBI's expert on Al Qaeda. O'Neill made repeated warnings of Al Qaeda's potential threat to the United States, but his warnings fell on deaf ears at the FBI headquarters. O'Neill left the FBI in the Summer of 2001 to take a head of security job at the World Trade
Hold the Dream (1986) as 3rd Assistant Director

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