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Cast (feature film)

Saboteur (1942) as Midget
A young man accused of sabotage goes on the lam to prove his innocence.
Maisie Was a Lady (1941) as Midget
A Brooklyn showgirl signs on as maid for a family of wealthy eccentrics.
Sailor's Lady (1940) as Policeman
Sailor (Hall) is going to marry his girlfriend (Kelly) when he returns, but she becomes foster mother to baby whose parents are accidentally killed. The baby is accidentally left on board a visiting battleship.
The Grapes of Wrath (1940) as Border guard
Oklahoma farmers dispossessed during the Depression fight for better lives in California.
Castle on the Hudson (1940) as Guard
A hardened crook behind bars comes up against a reform-minded warden.
Three Cheers for the Irish (1940) as Sergeant
A Scottish lad and Irish lass risk their families' wrath by marrying.
Island of Doomed Men (1940) as Detective
A government agent infiltrates a prison island to build a case against its corrupt, sadistic warden.
Grandpa Goes to Town (1940) as Director
Bullet Code (1940) as Samuel Gorman
A cowboy's battle with rustlers leads to romance.
Virginia City (1940) as Sergeant
A rebel spy poses as a wild West dance hall girl.
Johnny Apollo (1940) as Guard
A Wall Street broker is jailed for embezzling. His college graduate son then turns to crime to raise money for his father's release.
Home on the Prairie (1939) as Belknap
A boarder inspector fights to keep diseased animals out of the U.S.
Blackwell's Island (1939) as Guard
A reporter gets himself sent to prison to expose a mobster.
Wings of the Navy (1939) as Henry
Pilot brothers vie for the same woman.
The Amazing Mr. Williams (1939) as Browning
The mayor's secretary competes with her homicide detective fiancé's devotion to his job.
Each Dawn I Die (1939) as Turnkey
A crusading reporter becomes a hardened convict when he's framed.
Blind Alibi (1938) as Maitland
A man pretends to be blind to foil blackmailers.
Come On, Leathernecks (1938) as Coach Wells
Lawless Valley (1938) as Bob North
After doing time for a crime he didn''t commit, a cowboy tries to find the men who framed him.
Crime Ring (1938) as Jenner
A reporter fights to expose a phony psychic ring.
Smashing the Rackets (1938) as Mac
Pushed into a do-nothing job, an FBI man finds his own way of going after the mob.
Down in "Arkansaw" (1938) as Marks
Too Hot to Handle (1938) as First flier
Rival newsreel photographers vie for scoops and a beautiful lady flyer.
Sergeant Murphy (1938) as Dairy superintendent
A lowly private becomes attached to a trained military horse.
International Settlement (1938) as Gangster
Kentucky (1938) as Cavalry Sergeant
A Romeo and Juliet love story set amidst horseracing.
The Man Who Cried Wolf (1937) as Killer
Submarine D-1 (1937) as Salvage officer
Recruits on a new submarine fall for the same girl.
The Last Gangster (1937) as Mike Kile
When a notorious gangster gets out of prison, he vows revenge on the wife who left him.
Song of the City (1937) as Captain Hodges
A shipwrecked socialite becomes a man when he's pulled out of San Francisco Bay by Italian-American fishermen.
Slim (1937) as Sam
Electric linemen compete on the job and in love.
Boss of Lonely Valley (1937) as Jake Wagner
Wild Horse Rodeo (1937) as Colonel Nye
Stony makes a deal with Nye to get the wild horse Cylone for his rodeo circuit. The horse brings in big crowds as no one is able to ride him and collect Nye's prize money. Finally Stony rides him but takes the horse instead of the money. This leads to trouble when Cyclone is set free and Nye and his men go after him.
Midnight Court (1937) as Lieutenant Jerry Burke
A district attorney sells out to the mob until he falls for an honest girl.
Saturday's Heroes (1937) as Coach Banks
A college football star rebels against the exploitation of the game and its players.
Flight from Glory (1937) as Old timer
Tensions flare among flyers carrying supplies through the Andes.
Draegerman Courage (1937) as Maxwell
After a mine cave in, the rescue crew risks their lives to search for two trapped miners.
Border Cafe (1937) as Evans
Cowboys clash with gangsters and Boston snobs in the modern West.
Danger Patrol (1937) as Smokey Nelson
Tempers ignite when an explosives carrier falls in love with a colleague's daughter.
Magnificent Obsession (1936) as Chauffeur
A playboy tries to redeem himself after his careless behavior causes a great man's death.
The Invisible Ray (1936) as Derelict
A scientist becomes contaminated resulting in the death of anything he touches.
Dangerous Waters (1936) as Oleson
Night Waitress (1936) as Inspector
A girl just out of prison gets mixed up in murder at the restaurant where she works.
Without Orders (1936) as Commerce official
Two pilots compete for the love of a pretty flight attendant.
Heart of the West (1936) as Whitey
The sixth of the Hopalong Cassidy films, with the story source credited to Clarence E. Mulford's "Mesquite Jenkins, Tumbleweed", finds Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) and his young pal, Johnny Nelson (Jimmy Ellison), leaving their Bar 20 home range to answer a letter oferring them jobs on the Tumbling-L Ranch of Big John Trumbull (Sidney Blackmer) near Yucca. Before they arrive in town, they save an old wrangler named Windy (George Hayes, long before there was a George "Gabby" Hayes) from drowning, who has been fired on from ambush as he was delivering a valuable stud bull to the depot. Windy, whose sole trusted weapon is a blacksnake whip, tells them he works for the Three-J Ranch adjoining Trumbull's spread. Hoppy and Johnny soon learn that Trumbull's outfit isn't the kind they want to work for, turn down the job offer, and take work with the Three-J, operated by easterner Jim Jordan (Charles Martin) and his sister Sally (Lynn Gabriel.) Jordan is planning on fencing in his grazing land, but Trunbull swears this won't happen because, unknown to the other ranchers, Trumbull's men have been driving rustled cattle through a pass on the Jordan land. Hoppy and Johnny aid Jordan in getting his fence up, while Trumbull's men first try to stop them by gun warfare and then by starting a stampede of rustled cattle toward the narrow pass where the fence is being erected. Hoppy dynamites a dam, releases a torrent of water, and then succeeds in turning back the herd on the rustlers. The troubles at the Three-J are over and Hoppy and Johnny head back to the Bar 20.
Desert Gold (1936) as Hank Lade
Chet Kasedon is after the Indians hidden gold mine but Chief Moya will not reveal it's location. He has also hired mining engineers Gale and Mortimer to locate the mine. When Gale sees Kasedon's cruelty to Moya, he switches sides.
Ranger Courage (1936) as Bull
Bob Allen, Martha Tibbetts, Walter Miller, Robert ''Buzz'' Henry, and Harry Strang as Snaky. Bob Allen is the Texas Ranger sent to protect a wagon train bearing a well-stocked strongbox through Indian territory.
Ghost Patrol (1936) as [Ted] Dawson
A Professor has an invention that will bring down planes causing them to crash and Dawson is forcing him to use it on those carrying money. When Tim arrives to investigate he is mistaken for a noted outlaw. So he assumes that identity to force Dawson to make him a partner. But just as a plane bringing Tim help is arriving, his true identity is revealed and while he is a prisoner, Dawson forces the Professor to start his machine.
Parole! (1936) as Personnel manager
Living on Velvet (1935) as Leader
A guilt-ridden pilot finds a new outlook on life when he falls for a society girl.
The Raven (1935) as Doctor
An insane plastic surgeon plots to kill people in ways inspired by Edgar Allan Poe.
Roaring West, The (1935)
"The Roaring West" was Universal's 27th sound-era serial (between "The Call of the Savage" and "Tailspin Tommy in the Great Air Mystery") and the second of the five serials Buck Jones made at Universal, with his sixth serial "White Eagle-1941" coming from Columbia. The Whitman Publishing Company of Racine, Wisconsin also put out two different Big Little Books, "Buck Jones in 'The Roaring West'-number 1174 and "Buck Jones in 'The Fighting Rangers'--number 1188---based on this serial with over 100 production stills from the serial in each book. Possibly,but not likely, someday the sources that insist on putting the Pat O'Brien from Warners into the cast of Universal serials will either actually see this (and other Universal serials) and learn that the actor in those was one Pat J. O'Brien, who was nearly always billed just as Pat O'Brien. If they don't care to bother with watching the films, there is the possibility that some kind soul will scan and send them some stills of both Pat O'Briens. The opening chapter of this serial---"The Land Rush"---finds cowpunchers Montana Larkin (Buck Jones) and Jinglebob Morgan (Frank McGlynn) riding into new territory to join an impending land rush. They carry a mail-order catalogue hiding a map giving the location of valuable mineral deposits in the land-rush territory. They stop at the ranch of Jim Parker (William Desmond) where Montana saves Parker's daughter Mary (Muriel Evans) from a wild horse. The gabby Jinglebob plays poker with ranch foreman Gil Gillespie (Walter Miller) and reveals the secret of the map. Gil has his henchman, Hank (Slim Whitaker), steal the map, copy it and return it without being seen. Montana, Jinglebob, Parker, Mary, Gillespie and Ann Hardy (Eole Galli), a Parker neice, and some stock-footage land-rushers gather the next day for the land rush, where Montana learns that Gillespie has a copy of the map. Montana is riding hard to beat Gillespie to the mineral deposits but Mary falls from her horse and Montana picks her up on the run but the usually-reliable Silver falls over an unseen embankment, and Montana and Mary are underneath as the other horses and wagons plunge after them. That ends chapter one, but things get worse in chapter two as they find that Gillespie has beaten them to the site and has already staked nine claims. But Gillespie, the cad, is willing to share the claims with old man Parker if he will turn Mary over to Gillespie as his bride. 13 more chapters of such high-handed villainy occur before Montana gets total control of the situation.
Ivory-Handled Guns (1935) as Wolverine Kid [Plunkett]
Valley of Wanted Men (1935) as Ralph Dexter
Three men that were sent to prison for bank robbery escape. The stolen money was never recovered and they return to the scene looking for the fourth man who has the money. Two of the robbers are out to get the money for themselves but the other who was framed wants to recover the money so he can clear himself.
Stormy (1935) as Craig
Night Cargo (1935) as Shark Moran
Shipmates Forever (1935) as Chief water tender
An admiral''''s son gives up the Navy for a career as a song-and-dance man.
Rocky Rhodes (1934) as Dan Murtch
Tailspin Tommy (1934)
A young mechanic gets a job with a small airline, which he helps win a mail contract. A rival airline plots to destroy it in order to get the contracts for itself.
Vanishing Shadow, The (1934)
A 12-episode serial in which a son avenges the death of his father at the hands of corrupt politicians. He develops a wide variety of complex devices in his crusade . . . ray guns, robots and a 'vanishing belt.'
The Fighting Trooper (1934) as Sergeant Leyton
The Lone Defender (1934) as Ramon [Roberto]
A prospector is murdered by The Cactus Kid and his gang, who hope to find the murdered man's goldmine. The miner's dog, Rin-Tin-Tin, recognizes the killers, who thereafter seek to use the dog to locate the lost mine. With the help of a government agent and a young girl, Rinty saves the mine and brings the bad guys to justice.
Smoking Guns (1934) as Dick Evans
Accused of a murder he did not commit, Ken leaves the country. Three years later Evans finds him in the jungle. When Evans dies, Ken seeing the resemblance, assumes his identity and returns to clear his name.
Central Airport (1933) as Havana airfield official
A World War I flyer can only find work as chauffeur to a lady sky diver.
Parachute Jumper (1933) as Pilot
A gangster victimizes three friends trying to get jobs.
Gun Justice (1933) as Chris Hogan
Wanting the Lance ranch, Burkett kills Lance and brings in an imposter to pose as the heir Ken Lance. Ken learns of the plan, captures the imposter, and arrives posing as himself. In an ensuing gunfight a man is killed and Ken is in trouble when not only is he accused of the murder, but the imposter escapes and convinces the Sheriff he's the real Ken Lance.
Gordon of Ghost City (1933)
A cowboy is hired to track down a gang of rustlers, but gets involved with a beautiful girl trying to run her grandfather's gold mine and other outlaws who are trying to stop her.
Mazie (1933) as Jason Steele
Son of a Sailor (1933) as Kramer
A lovesick fool bumbles into espionage and finds a stolen plane.
Riding for Justice (1932) as Deputy Marshal Alec Frame
Buck Randall (Buck Jones), a happy-go-lucky cowhand on the ranch owned by Tom Wilson (William Walling), is in town and heads for the Red Front Saloon where, in compliance with a town ordinance, he is ordered to give up his gun but refuses. Escaping the altercation with Marshal Joseph Slyde (Russell Simpson) and his chief deputy, Alex Frame (Walter Miller), Buck seeks shelter in the Marshal's house at the edge of town. He meets Mary Slyde (Mary Doran), the Marshal's young, pretty, charming and unhappy wife and they are attracted to each other. While Slyde and a posse are combing the countryside for Buck, Frame is left behind to protect Mary and, the posse is barely out of sight, before Frames is forcing his unwanted attention upon her. He is shot and Mary, in shock, thinks she did it as does Buck who has returned to the house. When the Marshal and his men arrive, Buck takes the blame for Frame's death and is held for murder.
The Ghost City (1932) as Jim Blane
Shadow of the Eagle, The (1932)
The Eagle uses sky writing to make threats against a corporation. Nathan Gregory owns a travelling fairground and is thought to be the Eagle. Craig McCoy is a pilot who goes looking for the Eagle when Gregory turns up missing.
Last of the Mohicans, The (1932)
Natty Bumppo, known as Hawk-Eye, is a frontiersman in the American wilderness. Together with his Indian friends Chingachgook and Uncas, he fights battles against nefarious white soldiers as well as the vicious Indian Magua and his cohorts.
The Face on the Barroom Floor (1932) as Sam Turner
The Famous Ferguson Case (1932) as Cedric Works
Two reporters interested in different stories write about a murder.
Heart Punch (1932) as Zenias
Behind Jury Doors (1932) as Arthur Corbett
Blessed Event (1932) as Boldt
An unscrupulous gossip columnist lands himself in hot water.
Three Wise Girls (1932) as Manager of store
Three models try to snag husband's but the ones they find are already married.
Sky Raiders (1931) as Kelley
Street Scene (1931) as
A husband's violent reaction becomes the talk of the neighborhood when he catches his cheating wife in the act.
King of the Wild (1931)
Richard Grant, imprisoned in India for a crime he did not commit, escapes and makes his way to Africa, where he encounters the sheik Mustapha, who not only possesses the evidence which will clear Grant but also the key to a fabulous diamond field.
Galloping Ghost, The (1931)
A gambling ring run out of the Mogul Taxi company is intent on fixing college football games. Football star Harold "Red" Grange is a target for the gamblers, whose thugs try to eliminate Grange from playing. Grange's buddy Buddy is himself vulnerable to blackmail, since he has broken team rules by marrying. The crooks use all their wiles to keep Grange and Buddy from leading their team to victory.
Swanee River (1931) as Morton
Hell's Valley (1931) as
Texas Rangers Captain Wally(Wally Wales)is leading a troop of Rangers in pursuit of the Valdez brothers, border bandits. There is an encounter with a portion of the outlaw band in which Jose Valdez(Jack Phipps) is killed by Wally. The Rangers head for the Flores ranch where Carlos(Walter Miller) and Manuel Valdez(Franklyn Farnum)are hiding out.Before they get there Carlos and Manuel hear of Jose's death and ride out for vengeance. Rosita Flores(Virginia Brown Faire), Jose's sweetheart and daughter of ranch owner Don Flores(Lafe McKee), also thirsts for vengeance and demands that the Ranger Captain be brought back to her alive.For his part, old man Flores has had more than enough of the Valdez brothers.The Rangers are trapped in Hell's Valley, Wally is severely wounded and his force scattered.He is brought back to the ranch where Rosita promises the Valdez brothers to nurse him back to life so that he can be tortured. Oh, yeah, that the teekit.But the Valdez brothers have no contigency plan in the event Rosita falls in love with her patient, especially with both brothers now having an eye on Rosita since Jose is out of the picture.But after some fighting, shooting, riding, intrigue and a smooch or two between Wally and Rosita, Carlos is tricked into shooting Manuel and is, in turn, killed by Rosita's father.
The Hurricane Horseman (1931) as Pancho Gomez
Gomex has kidnapped Don Roberto and is holding him for ransom. Hoping to rescue Roberto and his daughter, Smith gets a job in Gomez's camp supposedly to repair their guns. Instead he fixes the guns so they will misfire. When Gomez refuses to let him go, he sends his horse for the Sheriff.
Manhattan Parade (1931) as John Roberts
A deserted wife tries to keep her husband's costuming company afloat.
On the Border (1930) as Border Patrol Commander
Rough Waters (1930) as Morris
The Utah Kid (1930) as Sheriff Bentley
Cal Reynolds, known as The Utah Kid (Rex Lease) eludes a sheriff's posse and takes refuge in Robber's Roost, a hideout for outlaws running from the law complete with its own dirt-floor saloon. Jennie Lee (Dorothy Sebastian), a school teacher from a nearby town is out sight-seeing and is picked up by a couple of the boys and brought into the saloon. Since they aren't gentleman and don't believe in "finders-keepers", a brawl breaks out over who gets the girl until Cal steps forward and claims she is his fiancee who had followed him there and hands off, thank you. Some of the boys, including Baxter (Boris Karloff) aren't buying and, just to prove Cal's claim is true, trot out Parson Joe (Lafe McKee) to tie the knot. Jennie also forgets to mention she is engaged to town Sheriff Bentley (Walter Miller. ) Cal, realizing that he is now really married, decides to reform but he isn't far along in his program before Sheriff Bentley and a posse of deputies show up looking for Jennie, and the outlaws think Cal has gone too far too fast reference his reformation and blame him. To prove otherwise Cal joins the gang in a battle against the law and wounds the sheriff, but later saves his life. Gang leader Butch (Tom Santschi) is killed in a duel with Cal, and Jennie decides that Cal is the man for her.
Rogue of the Rio Grande (1930) as Sheriff Rankin
Hawk of the Hills (1929) as Laramie
King of the Kongo (1929)
A Secret Service agent searches the jungle for his missing brother, also an agent. He encounters a young woman there who is also searching, but for her missing father. They encounter a gang of ivory smugglers who hold a prisoner who knows the secrets of the missing people and a lost treasure. The pair are also menaced by a giant gorilla which guards the temple which is the smugglers' lair.
Manhattan Knights (1928) as Robert Ferris
Snowed in (1926)
The Unfair Sex (1926) as William Emerson
The Sky Raider (1925) as Paul Willard
Play Ball (1925)
Playthings of Desire (1924) as Brom Jones
Those Who Judge (1924) as Bob Dawson
The Tie That Binds (1923) as David Winthrop
Unseeing Eyes (1923) as Dick Helston
Rapids, The (1922)
Beyond the Rainbow (1922) as Robert Judson
Till We Meet Again (1922) as Jim Brennan
The Bootleggers (1922) as Jack Seville
Unconquered Woman (1922) as Bruce Devereux
Luxury (1921) as Harry Morton
The Shadow (1921) as
The Stealers (1920) as Stephen Gregory
Why Tell? (1920) as
The Invisible Divorce (1920) as John Barry
The Return of Tarzan (1920) as Clayton
The Way Women Love (1920) as Ralph Barr
Thin Ice (1919) as Jeffrey Miller
A Girl at Bay (1919) as Bruce Craigin
The Open Door (1919) as Robert Blakemore
The Mysterious Mr. Browning (1918) as Mr. Browning, also known as Red Harrigan
The Eleventh Commandment (1918) as Kenneth Royce
With Neatness and Dispatch (1918) as John Pierce
Miss Robinson Crusoe (1917) as Bertie Holden
The Cloud (1917) as Henry Elliot, Saunder's cousin
Tangled Lives (1917) as Walter Hartwright
A Mother's Ordeal (1917) as Robert Mason
The Slacker (1917) as Robert Wallace
Draft 258 (1917) as John Graham
A Wife's Sacrifice (1916) as Elliott Drake
The Spider and the Fly (1916) as Richard Lee
The Marble Heart (1916) as Laurant
Winning the Futurity (1915) as Himself
Lord Chumley (1914) as

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Dante's Peak (1997) as Driver (2nd Unit)
USGS volcanologist Harry Dalton travels to the small Pacific Northwest town of Dante's Peak to investigate recent seismic episodes in the area. Expecting to find little other than the routine rumblings common to this region, Dalton becomes alarmed by what he sees as evidence of the kind of activity

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