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Also Known As: Died: December 15, 1944
Born: March 1, 1904 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Profession: Music ...


Cast (feature film)

Les Miserables (1995)
Loosely based on Victor Hugo''s classic 1862 novel. Henri Fortin is a rough-hewn but good-hearted man whose trials and tribulations echo the story of Hugo''s hero, Jean Valjean. Though born in the humblest of circumstances, Fortin encounters a diverse array of people in his life and is alternately perceived as a savior and a villain as the fortunes of the world are rocked by the events leading up to, including and immediately following the Second World War.
Orchestra Wives (1942) as Gene Morrison
A woman falls in love with a musician in a band and learns about life as an orchestra wife.
Sun Valley Serenade (1941) as Phil Corey
A Norwegian war orphan adopted by a pianist as a publicity stunt turns out to be a beautiful young woman.

Music (feature film)

Shape of Water, The (2017)
An otherworldly love story set against the backdrop of Cold War era America circa 1963
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (2016)
On an isolated island off of Wales, 16-year-old Jacob discovers an abandoned orphanage that was a home for children with strange powers.
Hyde Park on Hudson (2012)
During the King and Queen of England's visit with the First Family at Hyde Park in 1939, FDR's attention is split between international affairs and his personal life.
Valentine's Day (2010)
It's a day in the life of love in Los Angeles as stories crisscross, collide and boomerang. There's a proposal, flowers that didn't get sent, a big fat secret that's finally told.
Medal of Honor (2008)
Examines extraordinary acts of courage, sacrifice and heroism by the recipients of America's highest military honor.
Rumor Has It... (2005)
Sarah Huttinger is in a tailspin. She has agreed to marry her boyfriend, Jeff, but is terrified of going through with it. Her journalism career has stalled at the obituary desk of The New York Times. Now, her sister, Annie is plunging into marriage with her tennis partner and Sarah must return home
The Aviator (2004) as Composer
Billionaire aviator Howard Hughes takes Hollywood and its women by storm.
Poolhall Junkies (2003) as Song Performer ("In The Mood")
Obsessed by the world of pool, Johnny could be one of the best. But his mentor and "trainer" Joe, a shady hustler who decides how and who Johnny plays, is holding him back from his dream. When the day finally comes, Johnny breaks from Joe. This leads to only one thing--violence. Joe is beaten up by
Curse of the Jade Scorpion, The (2001) as Song Performer ("Sunrise Serenade")
In 1940, CW Briggs is the top insurance investigator in New York--or so he keeps telling the firm''s new efficiency expert, Betty Ann Fitzgerald. Briggs prides himself on being able to crack any insurance caper by getting into the mind of the thief, but now, thanks to the hypnotic powers of the Jade Scorpion, the mind of a thief is getting into Briggs.
Pearl Harbor (2001) as Song Performer ("Little Brown Jug")
On a sleepy Sunday morning in December as children played and families prayed, squadrons of Japanese war planes screamed across the skies of a Hawaiian paradise and launched a surprise attack on the U.S. armed forces at Pearl Harbor--the infamous day that jolted America from peaceful isolationism to total war and altered the course of world history. The story focuses on the life changing events surrounding December 7, 1941 and the war''s devastating impact on two daring young pilots--one from the U.S. Army Air Corps, the other from the British Royal Air Force--and a beautiful dedicated nurse, with whom both of them fall in love. It is a tale of catastrophic defeat, heroic victory, personal courage and overwhelming love set against a backdrop of wartime action.
Focus (2001) as Song ("I'Ll Never Smile Again")
In New York during the height of World War II, an American community begins to unravel when a man and his wife become victims of mistaken identity.
Neil Simon's Odd Couple II (1998) as Song Performer ("In The Mood")
Seventeen years after living together, sportswriter and incurable slob Oscar Madison and the obsessively neat Felix Ungar meet once again when Felix''s daughter decides to marry Oscar''s son. Meeting a LAX, they head out together to the desert community where the wedding will take place until Oscar loses the map, prompting Felix to whine, Oscar to complain, and both to get on each other''s nerves.
'Til There Was You (1997)
Gwen Moss and Nick Dawkan literally bumped into each other as children, after which their lives took completely different directions. They remain utterly unaware of each other - even though their friends meet, their acquaintances mingle, and their own paths blindly cross, notably centered around for
Tchou Tcha (1997) as Songs
Neon Bible, The (1995) as Song Performer ("Perfidia")
Deep in the night, a solitary train winds its way through the dark countryside. Riding in one of the compartments is a sad-eyed sixteen year old boy, David. As he peers out through a window into the blackness, David begins to see images of his own life, fragments of the past. So begins this lyrical
Jack the Bear (1993) as Song ("Moonlight Serenade")
Story of the relationships between two sons and their father, who moves the family to California and becomes a tv horror show host after the death of his wife.
Straight Talk (1992) as Song Performer ("Back To Back")
The story of a woman who leaves her small town for the city in search of fame and becomes a radio call-in therapist.
Shining Through (1992) as Song ("Moonlight Serenade")
A legal secretary in the OSS offices becomes a spy in this World War II romance.
Short Fuse (1991) as Song Performer ("There'Ll Be Bluebirds Over The White Cliffs Of Dover")
A highly cinematic expression of gay suffering in the age of AIDS.
Wild at Heart (1990) as Song Performer ("In The Mood")
Two lovers trek to California while being pursued by a hitman.
Chicago Joe and the Showgirl (1990) as Song ("Moonlight Serenade")
True story about an affair between a showgirl and an American Army officer during World War II in London, and the murderous spree which follows.
Ray's Male Heterosexual Dance Hall (1989) as Song Performer ("Over The Rainbow")
The off-beat tale of a man in search of a good job.
Big (1988) as Song ("Moonlight Serenade")
Through a carnival wishing machine, a 12-year-old boy is transferred into the body of a 35-year-old man.
Radio Days (1987) as Song Performer ("In The Mood" "(There'Ll Be Blue Birds Over) The White Cliffs Of Dover")
A young boy's coming of age is mirrored by his favorite radio shows and the lives of their stars.
Miss Mary (1986) as Song Performer ("Elmer'S Tune")
Miss Mary is a young British nanny who arrives in 1938 Buenos Aires to take care of the children of a wealthy landowner. Pre-Peronist Argentina is seen through her eyes as she adjusts to the wealth and privilege around her, sees the fascist movement evolving, and leaves soon before Peron's election
Tough Guys (1986) as Song ("Moonlight Serenade")
Archie Long and Harry Doyle are a pair of old-time criminals, jailed for 30 years after committing the last train robbery in the US. Upon their release, Harry, the older of the two, must go to a nursing home, while Archie is offered a chance at menial employment. Neither will be allowed to contact the other for three years, a jarring proposition that doesn''t sit well with either man. Meanwhile, Deke Yablonski, the lawman who arrested them, keeps an eye on Harry and Archie, convinced that they will return to a life of crime.
Skorbnoe Bescuvstvie (1986) as Music
Entre Nous (1983) as Song Performer ("In The Mood")
The passionate friendship between two women leads them to abandon their respective spouses and open a dress shop together.
Atomic Cafe, The (1982) as Song Performer ("Flying Home")
Created from newsreel footage and government archives, this documentary illustrates the dark side of Cold War America and its fear and paranoia.
Stardust Memories (1980) as Song Performer ("Moonlight Serenade")
A film comedian attending a festival in his honor dreams of doing more serious work.
Stardust Memories (1980) as Song
A film comedian attending a festival in his honor dreams of doing more serious work.
Brink's Job, The (1978) as Song Performer ("In The Mood")
After a long time of bad luck, the little criminal Tony and his gang successfully rob one of Brink's security transport, taking $30,000. Surprisingly their coup doesn't make the press. Curious Tony checks out their headquarters and finds out that their security standard is low beyond belief. Now a really big coup is prepared...
Voyage Of The Damned (1976) as Song ("Moonlight Serenade")
A luxury liner carries Jewish refugees from Hitler''''s Germany in a desperate fight for survival.
The Glenn Miller Story (1954) as Composer
The famed bandleader fights to establish himself and keep his family going.
Crazy House (1943) as Composer
Orchestra Wives (1942) as Composer
A woman falls in love with a musician in a band and learns about life as an orchestra wife.
Sun Valley Serenade (1941) as Composer
A Norwegian war orphan adopted by a pianist as a publicity stunt turns out to be a beautiful young woman.

Music (special)

Cincinnati Pops Holiday: Big Band New Year's Eve (1997) as Music ("In The Mood" "Moonlight Serenade")
A New Year's Eve celebration with Erich Kunzel conducting the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. Doc Severinsen on trumpet, Ed Shaughnessy on drums, Eddie Daniels on clarinet, Paul Piller on trombone and singer Patti Page join Kunzel and the orchestra in music from the 1930s and 40s. Ballroom dancers Tim an
D-Day Remembered -- A Musical Tribute From the QE2 (1994) as Music ("Moonlight Serenade" "In The Mood")
A commemoration, set on the deck of the ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2, to mark the 50th anniversary of D-Day, the day the Allied Forces crossed the English Channel to Normandy during World War II. Features performances by international stars, reunions, eyewitness stories, photographs, music, and let
Big Band Ballroom Bash (1992) as Song ("American Patrol" "Moonlight Serenade")
A special featuring big band music and ballroom dance performances.

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