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Susan Pomerantz

Susan Pomerantz


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Music (feature film)

All the Right Moves (1983)
Tough tale about a dying Pennsylvania mining town and a high-school football star who realizes his athletic prowess is his ticket out of there.
All the Right Moves (1983)
Tough tale about a dying Pennsylvania mining town and a high-school football star who realizes his athletic prowess is his ticket out of there.

Director (special)

Murder in Beverly Hills: The Menendez Trial (1993) as Special Segment Director
Analysis of the courtroom testimony, judicial rulings and the judge's instructions to the juries in the trial of Lyle and Erik Menendez who have admitted to killing their millionaire, Beverly Hills parents.

Producer (special)

John Stossel Goes to Washington (2001) as Special Segment Producer
John Stossel does a "consumer report" on government, exposing programs that squander money and rules that make no sense. Stossel also looks at a typical St. Louis family and their tax burden and talks to tax experts. Stossel drops in on D.C. committee hearings and the General Accounting Office and l
Tampering With Nature (2001) as Special Segment Producer
John Stossel investigates the pros and cons of tampering with nature. The program examines genetically modified foods, global warming and human cloning.
Hype With John Stossel (2000) as Special Segment Producer
John Stossel reports on masters of "hype" (excessive or misleading publicity) and the researchers who study them. The program also explores the origins of hype, from pharaohs who told people they were gods, to P.T. Barnum, who once promoted a beautiful Fiji mermaid, which was actually the head of a
You Can't Say That! -- What's Happening to Free Speech With John Stossel (2000) as Special Segment Producer
John Stossel looks at several fronts in the battle between free speech and censorship.
Teens: What Makes Them Tick? (1999) as Special Segment Producer
John Stossel reports on the passions of teens and offers parents advice for better understanding this turbulent time of life.
Inside Hollywood: The Pictures, the People, the Academy Awards (1999) as Special Segment Producer
Interviews with Oscar nominees and a behind-the-scenes look at preparations for Oscar night.
Why Don't The Kids Have a Voice? With John Stossel (1999) as Special Segment Producer
Is America Number One? With John Stossel (1999) as Special Segment Producer
John Stossel explores what it is about America that accounts for its inventiveness and prosperity. He reports that of all factors that affect the success of a nation -- such as climate, geography and luck -- nothing matters as much as economic and cultural liberty.
Greed With John Stossel (1998) as Special Segment Producer
Special challenges the negative definition of greed and presents a new way to define greed by examining the good things that enlightened self-interest can inspire, such as better transportation, faster food and cheaper products.
Sex, Drugs and Consenting Adults With John Stossel (1998) as Special Segment Producer
John Stossel challenges conventional wisdom to ask,"When individuals engage in behaviors that primarily harm only themselves, is it right, in a free society, for government to intervene?"
Power of Belief With John Stossel, The (1998) as Special Segment Producer
John Stossel examines how superstitions and faith can impact our minds, bodies and our wallets.
Love, Lust & Marriage: Why We Stray and Why We Stay (1997) as Special Segment Producer
A report on the state of marriage, fidelity and love and how scientists and social researchers have discovered new clues to the mystery of the mating game.
Junk Science: What You Know That May Not Be So (1997) as Special Segment Producer
John Stossel examines "junk science" -- claims and warnings that are supposedly authenticated and based on science, but may really be distorted and incorrect. Some of the topics explored include: Vitamin C's alleged power to ward off the common cold; exaggerated levels of iron in spinach; two Utah s
Freeloaders (1997) as Special Segment Producer
Reporter John Stossel hosts this special examining the pervasive culture of "freeloading." Celebrities and figures in the worlds of sports, business and politics are often guilty of freeloading. The special features interviews with people accused of trying to get something for nothing and people who
Mystery of Happiness: Who Has It & How to Get It -- With John Stossel, The (1996) as Special Segment Producer
John Stossel examines the pursuit of happiness in this special. Several factors that seem to help people achieve happiness are discussed including control, optimism, humor, and close relationships. Stossel presents scientific data suggesting that due to genetics some people are actually born happy.
Cover-Up at Ground Zero (1993) as Special Segment Producer
An investigation of the devastating effects nuclear weapons testing in Nevada has had on the residents who lived in the areas surrounding the test site.

Assistant Direction (special)

Peter Jennings Reporting: Ecstasy Rising (2004) as Associate Director
Documentary chronicling the rise in popularity of the drug ecstasy, its physiological effects on users, and law enforcement efforts to combat distribution.
Columbia: Final Mission (2003) as Associate Director
Primetime Special Edition: The Dilley Six-Pack's Happy New Year (2002) as Associate Director
Diane Sawyer visits with the Dilley Sextuplets, the first set of sextuplets to all survive, as they enter their 10th year. Also, a visit with the Headricks, the newest family of surviving sextuplets.

Film Production - Main (special)

Hunt For Osama bin Laden, The (2002) as Associate Director
The program examines the latest on the search for Osama bin Laden and its effect on America's war on terrorism.
Celebration: 100 Years of Great Women With Barbara Walters, A (1999) as Associate Director
ABC News special providing the stories of some of the 20th century's most influential, distinguished and fascinating women. Includes new and archival interviews conducted by Barbara Walters.
I'm Not a Racist But... Small Steps Toward Healing the Hate (1999) as Associate Director
Special providing conversation to identify racism in America and to begin a dialogue on how to try to eradicate hatred. Includes taped segments, audience participation and a panel of experts.
Secret Life of Barbie, The (1998) as Associate Director
As the Barbie doll approaches her 40th birthday, Correspondent Robert Krulwich interviews women about the enduring appeal of Barbie.
Cancer: Race For a Cure (1998) as Associate Director
News special examining the breakthrough approaches, treatments and drugs which are giving new hope and longer survival to cancer sufferers. Includes interviews with scientists, doctors and the men, women and children living with the disease.
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus -- But We Have to Live on Earth (1997) as Associate Director (Anchor Segments)
In a special seminar set up by ABC News, John Gray, author of the book "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus," gives couples advice on improving their relationships. The couples are captured on camera over a period of months trying to utilize Gray's relationship skills. At the end of the program,
Rebirth: The Untold Stories of Oklahoma City (1996) as Senior Associate Director
Reports on the developments in the lives of some of the people touched by the Oklahoma City bombing in the year since the tragedy.
Baby, Oh Baby: The Six-Pack Is Back (1996) as Senior Associate Director
Revisit to America's first set of surviving sextuplets -- the Dilleys of Indianapolis -- as their third birthday nears. Their parents reveal the challenges they face as the special spends an entire day with the family. Also included is a look at America's second set of sextuplets, the Haners of Chat
Deadly Game: The Mark and Delia Owens Story (1996) as Senior Associate Director
Report on an American couple whose study of wildlife in Africa became a dangerous crusade to save the elephants from poachers.
Whiz Kids (1995) as Senior Associate Director
Documentary special looking at intellectually gifted children, how their educations progress and what happens to them once through with formal schooling.
Peter Jennings Reporting: From the Killing Fields (1990) as Associate Director
An investigative special in which Peter Jennings reports from inside Cambodia on the activities of the Khmer Rouge, a radical Communist guerrilla group which may be returning to power with the help of the United States.

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