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Born: July 30, 1938 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Turbo (2013)
Turbo is a snail who dreams of being the greatest racer in the world, just like his hero: 5-time Indianapolis 500 champ Guy Gagne. Turbo's obsession with speed and all things fast has made him an oddity and outsider in the slow and cautious snail community and a constant embarrassment to his careful
Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)
On his first big challenge since becoming the Dragon Warrior, Po must lead his friends and fellow kung fu masters, The Furious Five, on a mission of epic proportions to defeat his most threatening rival yet.
Tangled (2010)
Princess Rapunzel was kidnapped and locked in a tower that can only be entered by climbing her long, golden hair. Now a teenager, Rapunzel wants to escape and a passing thief may be her way out.
25/8 (2010)
On the day the Riverton Ripper vanished without a trace, seven children were born. Today, they're all turning 16... and turning up dead.
Walk All Over Me (2007)
A small town girl runs into big time trouble as she takes on her roommate's identity as a dominatrix to pay the bills.
A 17-year-old habitual liar wakes up one morning to find his tall tales have come true.
Cars (2006)
Lightning McQueen, a hotshot rookie race car driven to succeed, discovers that life is about the journey, not the finish line, when he finds himself unexpectedly detoured in the sleepy Route 66 town of Radiator Springs. On route across the country to the big Piston Cup Championship in California to
Surviving Christmas (2004) as Christmas Present
Facing another Christmas alone, Drew Latham decides to go back to his idyllic childhood home to spend the holidays with family. There is, however, one problem: the people living there now are not Drew''s family. Nevertheless, Drew has his mind set on an old-fashioned family Christmas, and the fact that the "family" in question, the Valcos, are complete strangers, isn''t about to put a crimp in his plans. Offering them a small fortune, Drew bribes his newfound "parents" to let him spend Christmas in their home, pretending to be part of the family. Just when the Valcos begin to question if any amount of money is worth being dragged all over town on such traditional family holiday excursions as Christmas shopping and the requisite choosing of the Christmas tree, their eldest daughter Alicia comes home for the holidays, with no intention of adopting a new "brother."
SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, The (2004) as Voice Of Fisherman
There's trouble bubbling up in Bikini Bottom. King Neptune's crown is missing and Mr. Krabs has been accused of stealing it. Together with his pal Patrick, SpongeBob sets out to treacherous Shell City to reclaim Neptune's crown and save Mr. Krabs.
Rugrats Go Wild (2003)
When the Rugrats family vacation goes awry, they suddenly find themselves on a deserted island. Hopelessly stuck in the middle of nowhere--without cellphones or cookies!--the Rugrats encounter lizards, leopards and bug-eating plants, not to mention the wildest discovery of all--the Thornberrys! But
8 Mile (2002)
No matter who we are, no matter where we live, we''re all bound by borders. Many of us are content to live within these borders--others are simply forced to exist within them. But some of us need to break out, burst through, even if what is on the other side is both frightening and unknown. From this comes the tale of one young man''s dilemma as he navigates his way through his colliding worlds. Set against Detroit''s hip-hop scene in 1995, Jimmy Smith Jr., a young white rapper, struggles to find his voice. The people of Detroit know 8 Mile Road as the city''s perimeter. It is also a psychological dividing line between urban and suburban, between black and white, between where Jimmy is and where he wants to be. Here, survival is key, and for many, the emotional life preserver is hip hop. In the absence of nurturing parents, Jimmy and his friends--cool and charasmatic Future, optimistic dreamer Sol, aspiring activist DJ Iz and slow but steady Cheddar Bob--have created their own family. Jimmy and his "crew" (Three One Third), live on hopes of getting their "big break" while struggling to eke out a living at their dead end day jobs. At night, they feed their dreams in the hip hop clubs where the city''s best rappers battle each other with abusive rhymes that are wielded like weapons. Here, words are meant to wound and victory belongs to the quick-witted.
Hip Hop Battle (2001)
Devon's passion for hiphop forces him to confront a series of life choices. As he prepares for the hiphop battle that could launch his career as an MC, his relationships with his girlfriend, his crew, and his father all begin to clash.
Rugrats in Paris - The Movie (2000)
Chuckie and the other Rugrats venture to Paris, where they take in the sights and explore an amazing new amusement park, EuroRepartland. However, once there, they realize that the park's creator, the child-despising Madame La Bouche, has designs on Chuckie's lonely, widower father as part of her ev
24 Hours in London (1999) as Duty Sergeant
The battle for control of the urban jungle of post-Millenium London has reached critical mass. Martha Bedford witnesses a mob shoot out, giving the demoralized police force their best chance to even the score with the crime syndicates. Christian, London's answer to the Godfather, is forging a partne
Rugrats Movie, The (1998)
The Pickles family faces the biggest adventure to happen in any household--the birth of a new baby. As Stu and Didi Pickles struggle with changes associated with the arrival of baby Dylan, big brother Tommy Pickles and his band of infant "rugrats" try to return new baby brother Dil to the "hop-sickl
Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco (1996)
The Seaver family decides to take their American bulldog Chance, Himalayan cat Sassy, and golden retriever Shadow on a family camping trip to the Canadian Rockies, rather than risk any possibility of them being separated again. But when Chance escapes from his kennel at the San Francisco Internation
Stupids, The (1996)
When Stanley Stupid and his spirited wife Joan wake up to find their garbage stolen right out of the can--again--Stanley vows not to take it anymore! Is nothing sacred? But oh what a tangled web we weave when we are a Stupid. In his effort to get to the bottom of this heinous crime, Stanley lays a cunning trap to lure back the thieves. As expected, they take the bait, and he follows their getaway truck to the dump where he inadvertently stumbles on a covert weapons deal led by a couple of military men gone bad. Completely oblivious to what the Colonel and his sidekick are up to, Stanley believes there is a more sinister element at work here--that a diabolical figure from his past is behind the theft of all that fine garbage people have worked so hard to create. When the Stupids set-out to track down the criminal, they unravel an even greater conspiriacy involving aliens, the food service industry, international terrorists, a local newspaper, the police and, the post office.
Thin Line Between Love and Hate, A (1996) as Marvis
Nightclub manager Darnell Wright is a perpetual playboy who is almost as devoted to his job as he is to the pursuit of beautiful women. After he sets his sights on the ultra-classy Brandi Web, he launches an all-out assault to win her heart. Ultimately, charm, lust and passion prevail, but Darnell learns the hard way that when you play, you pay. Brandi is much harder to get rid of than she was to get--especially when she realizes that she has a rival vying for Darnell''s affection. When he finally decides to call it quits, Brandi becomes an obsessed femme fatale stalking the new love of her life.
Tom & Jerry: The Movie (1993)
The animated characters, Tom and Jerry speak for the first time in this film, where the two try and tackle the issue of homelessness after their home is demolished.
I Yabba Dabba Do (1993)
Based on the ABC series which aired from 9/30/60 to 9/2/66. The Flintstones return to celebrate the nuptials of Pebbles Flintstone and Bamm-Bamm Rubble.
Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland (1992)
Little Nemo is a young New Yorker who is carried off by a giant blimp to Slumberland where he is to become a playmate for King Morpheus's daughter, Princess Camille. In Slumberland, Nemo is warned never to open the door which leads to Nightmare Land. Dared by a mischievous trickster named Flip, Nemo
Jetsons: The Movie (1990)
Based on the popular animated television series of the 1960s, the story revolves around George getting a promotion which forces the family to move to another space neighborhood on another planet.
Transformers - The Movie (1986)
The heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons are two factions of transforming robots who are fighting a war on the planet Cybertron. Further complicating matters is the giant planet Unicron, which can consume anything in its path. Unicron must be stopped and the Autobots possess the only thing that
My Little Pony (1986)
The Little Ponies are preparing their annual spring festival at Dream Castle, but over at the Volcano of Gloom, evil witch Hydia and her daughters Draggle and Reeka are plotting to spoil the event. After the witches make a disgusting purple ooze which begins to bury Ponyland, the ponys call upon all
Nous etions tous des noms d'arbres (1983) as Demons Member
Heidi's Song (1982)
The orphaned Heidi moves in with her grandfather in the mountains. After his initial resistance to taking the little girl, the two becoming close. After Heidi is taken away to live with a family in the city, both she and her grandfather are unhappy and long to be together again.
Take Your Best Shot (1982) as Phil
An actor struggling to keep his career alive and his marriage from unravelling is the plot outline of this romantic comedy from the team of Richard Levinson and William Link, a change of pace for the writing/producing pair whose usual stomping grounds are the TV mystery and the social drama.
Fast Company (1979) as Chuck Randall
Go West, Young Girl (1978) as Nestor
A lighthearted Western pilot film about a peppery New England woman who goes west to seek her fortune by writing of her experiences, and the attractive widow of a cavalry officer, both of whom go in search of Billy the Kid, teaming up to outwit gamblers, bounty hunters, and rough-and-tumble lawmen.
President's Mistress, The (1978) as Bradley
A young government courier is caught in a deadly cover-up after discovering that his murdered sister was not only the mistress of a U.S. president but also a Soviet spy.
Absolution (1978)
At a Catholic public school, Benjamin Stanfield is tired of being the teacher's pet and decides to play a practical joke on his form master Father Goddard. In confession, Stanfield tells Goddard that he has accidentally murdered his friend Blakey and buried him in the forest. When Goddard investigates the matter, he finds a buried scarecrow. Goddard is outraged, but, due to the seal of confession, he knows he cannot expel Stanfield. Shortly after, Stanfield once again enters the confession booth, telling Goddard that what before was a practical joke, he has now made happen. In disbelief, Goddard once again goes to the forest to investigate the matter. This time, he discovers Blakey's dead body. The plot soon thickens as Stanfield's fellow student Arthur Dyson mysteriously disappears. In confession, Stanfield claims to have murdered him too. Outside of confession, he denies everything, leaving Goddard powerless. Confused by murders he is not allowed to talk about, Father Goddard starts to go mad. He eventually murders Stanfield with a spade, only to discover that his pet student never confessed to anything but the initial scarecrow prank. After that, another student, who is a great voice impersonator, decided to take a hideous revenge on Goddard, taking advantage of the confession booth where one whispers and cannot be seen.
Rollercoaster (1977) as Demerest
A terrorist spreads a climate of fear by attacking amusement parks across the U.S.
Law, The (1974) as Cliff Wilson
A sensational homicide trial is the focal point of this incisive examination of the inner working of a large city's legal system and was the Emmy Award-winner as the Outstanding Dramatic Special of the 1974-75 TV season. Director John Badham also was nominated.
Heist, The (1972) as John Cadiski
In this heist thriller, an armored-car guard is forced to help rob his own company and then convince the police that he is innocent.
Proud Rider, The (1971) as Eric
See the Man Run (1971) as Mike
A bizarre tale of a struggling actor who casts himself as the middleman in a kidnap plot after being mistakenly called with a ransom demand, and decides to cut himself in for half of the payoff money. The film marked June Allyson's return to moviemaking after a twelve-year absence.
Brother John (1971) as Cleve
A man returns to Earth as an angel to intervene in a small-town labor strike.
Blue (1968) as Jim Benton
A Mexican bandit, part of a gang led by his father, goes on a raid into the U.S. He falls for a beautiful woman and decides to leave his life of crime and settle down with her. Eventually his father and the gang come back for him, and he finds himself torn between his love for the woman and his loyalty to his father and his fellow gang members.
Point Blank (1967) as Penthouse guards
A gangster plots an elaborate revenge on the wife and partner who did him dirty.
Thunder Alley (1967) as Leroy
After a serious accident, a stock car racer joins a "Thrill Circus" where he performs stunts for amusement, but begins to yearn for his professional career again - and the girl helps him get there.
War Is Hell (1964) as Seldon
V. D. (1961) as Monk Monahan
First Man into Space (1959) as State trooper
Navy test pilot Lieut. Dan Prescott, in experimental rocket plane Y-13, disobeys orders and becomes the first man to fly outside the ionosphere. Unable to turn, he ejects...and is plastered with metallic meteor dust. The pilot compartment lands with no trace of the pilot... but first cattle, then people, are found with their throats cut as if with an axe, by something that seems to have a craving for blood...
Subway in the Sky (1959) as G I
A nightclub singer in Berlin helps a military doctor wrongly accused of drug running.
Hell, Heaven or Hoboken (1958)
British intelligence hires a man to impersonate General Montgomery during World War II.

Writer (feature film)

P.S. Your Cat Is Dead (2002) as Screenplay (Adaptation)
It's New Years Eve, and life is at its lowest for aspiring actor-writer James "Jimmy" Zoole: his best friend died in September; his apartment has been robbed twice since October; his half-finished first novel was among those items stolen; his precious cat Tennessee is at the veterinarian with a blad

Producer (feature film)

P.S. Your Cat Is Dead (2002) as Executive Producer
It's New Years Eve, and life is at its lowest for aspiring actor-writer James "Jimmy" Zoole: his best friend died in September; his apartment has been robbed twice since October; his half-finished first novel was among those items stolen; his precious cat Tennessee is at the veterinarian with a blad

Art Director (feature film)

Moulin Rouge! (2001) as Draughtsman
Christian, a young Bohemian poet living in 1899 Paris, defies his father by joining the colorfully diverse clique inhabiting the dark, fantastical underworld of Paris' now legendary Moulin Rouge. In this seedy but glamorous haven of sex, drugs and newly-discovered electricity, the poet-innocent find

Visual Effects (feature film)

King Kong Lives (1986) as Special Action Miniatures Crew
A giant ape, King Kong, which was shot and fell off the World Trade Center, appears to be alive but is in coma for 10 years and desperately needs a blood transfusion in order to have an artificial heart implanted. Suddenly, in the rainforest, another gigantic ape is found. This time a female. She is brought to the USA, and the heart is successfully implanted. But then King Kong, having felt a female ape, breaks loose.

Art Department (feature film)

Like Mother, Like Son: The Strange Story of Sante and Kenny Kimes (2001)
The story of Sante Kimes, a con artist, thief and murderer, and her troubled son and partner in crime, Kenneth. Sante and Kenny Kimes were conficted of murdering Irene Silverman in a scheme to steal her $7 million Manhattan home. They have also been indicted in the 1998 murder of a business associat

Sound (feature film)

Furry Vengeance (2010)
A real estate developer faces off with a group of forest animals bent on halting construction of a housing development that threatens their habitat.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Dark Half, The (1993) as Bird Assistant
A bizarre series of murders begin when a writer tries to "kill off" his crime novel pseudonym.
Daddy's Dyin'... Who's Got the Will? (1990) as Swing Gang
A group of squabbling siblings settled old scores beside their father's deathbed.

Film Production - Lighting/Electrical (feature film)

School For Vandals (1986) as Lighting

Film Production - Video (feature film)

Hiding Out (1987) as Video Assistant
After a 29-year-old bond trader testifies against a mob boss in court, his life is in danger. In order to hide from the mob, he conceals his identity and manages to pass as a 17-year-old student. He finds that life as a teenager has changed since he attended high school, but is adjusting well...until the gangsters see through his disguise and come to the school to kill him.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Hell's Kitchen (1998)
Gang member Johnny is involved in a heist that goes wrong: some of his crew are killed and he is caught and sent to jail. While inside he learns to box, and when released he looks for redemption and a new life in the ring. But the ex girlfriend of one of those who was killed in the heist is after re
Hell's Kitchen (1998)
Gang member Johnny is involved in a heist that goes wrong: some of his crew are killed and he is caught and sent to jail. While inside he learns to box, and when released he looks for redemption and a new life in the ring. But the ex girlfriend of one of those who was killed in the heist is after re
Little Indian, Big City (1996)
Successful Parisian businessman Stephan Marchado is in for the surprise of his life when, after thirteen years of separation from his wife Patricia, who now lives in South America, he ventures deep into the heart of the remote rain forest to get her to sign a formal divorce agreement. He didn't know

Cast (special)

George Michael: The E! True Hollywood Story (2002) as Narration
Profile of musician George Michael.
Rugrats: All Growed Up (2001) as Voice Of Drew
Toddler Tommy Pickles and his pals travel into the future. Now preteens, the gang eagerly awaits the biggest rock concert of the year, featuring pop sensation Emica. But Angelica coerces her cousin Tommy into "borrowing" his father's good-luck medallion, and in the process prevents him from attendin
Eight Is Enough: The E! True Hollywood Story (2000) as Narration
Documentary about the television series "Eight Is Enough," which aired on ABC from 1977 to 1981. The series starred Dick Van Patten as the father of eight children. To succeed, the show had to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles including the loss of one of its leading stars, actress Diana H
Jim J. Bullock: The E! True Hollywood Story (2000) as Narration
Profile of actor Jim J. Bullock. As a child growing up in Odessa, Texas, Bullock dreamed of making it in Hollywood. In 1977, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in show business. Just three years later, he landed a role on the hit sitcom "Too Close For Comfort." In the years to follow, Bulloc
Bewitched: The E! True Hollywood Story (1999) as Narration
The program profiles the cast of the 1960's television series "Betwitched," including Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York and Dick Sargent.
Brady Bunch: The E! True Hollywood Story, The (1999) as Narration
A documentary that examines the success behind the 1970s sitcom "The Brady Bunch," as well as the turmoil on the set involving the cast members.
Brett Butler: The E! True Hollywood Story (1999) as Narration
Profile of actress/comedian Brett Butler.
Medal of Honor (1999) as Narration
Special that shares the personal stories of six individuals who have received the Congressional Medal of Honor: Army Sergeant Randall Shughart, Army Master Sergeant Gary Gordon, Army Specialist Clarence Sasser, Navy Vice Admiral James Stockdale, Staff Sergeant Henry Erwin and Corporal Ronald Rosser.
Mysteries of Asia (1999) as Narration
Documentary that examines three ancient Asian landmarks: the Great Wall of China; the temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia; and the lost temples of Southern India.
Bullet Catchers (1999) as Narration
Documentary investigates the history, training and motivation of professional bodyguards. The program follows bodyguards hired for government service to the United States Secret Service and the Royal Protection Squad and bodyguards privately employed by celebrities and executives.
Rugrats Passover, A (1995) as Voice
Special featuring characters from the "Rugrats" animated series. Tommy Pickles and friends get trapped in the attic with Grandpa Boris, who retells the story of Passover.
Eighth Annual Genesis Awards, The (1994) as Narration
Awards presented to individuals and organizations in film, music, art, print and broadcasting focusing on issues with pro-animal themes.
Infiltrator (1987) as Markus
A pilot about a scientist whose body is merged with that of a super-advanced robot. A "CBS Summer Playhouse" presentation.
Bollo Caper, The (1985) as Voice Of Bollo
Bollo, a magnificent golden leopard of Africa, tangles with trappers and government red tape in order to save his own skin and his species from extinction.
Yeh-Shen: A Cinderella Story From China (1985) as Voice Of Gold Eyes; Voice Of King
An animated version of a recently-discovered variation of the Cinderella fairy tale which is a thousand years older than the European story.
Robbut: A Tale of Tails (1985) as Voice Of Otis
An animated adaptation of Robert Lawson's book about a rabbit who, dissatisfied with the tail that Nature gave him, assumes the tails of other animals until his misadventures convince him that his bushy appendage wasn't so bad after all.
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (1983) as Voice
The exploits of G.I. Joe, military code for The American Special Mission Force, a team of daring US government agents who battle diabolical villians. In the five-part pilot story, the team battles the evil Destro and Cobra Commander, who are seeking to steal America's most powerful satellite and con
25th Man, The (1982) as Sergeant Bill "Cigar" Seeger
The exploits of a group of recruits for the Los Angeles Police Department. In the pilot episode, the recruits ban together to help Lynn Taylor, the police academy's only female recruit, who has become the target of a mysterious man who knows her every move.
Daniel Boone (1981) as Voice
An animated special that presents highlights of the life of Daniel Boone, the famous American trailblazer -- from his early childhood years in North Carolina, his love affair with Rebecca Bryan, their courtship, marriage and family life, his work in settling the Kentucky region, and his exploits dur
B.B. Beegle Show, The (1980) as Voice Of B B Beegle
The pilot for a proposed series similar to "The Muppet Show," featuring a cast of some 50 puppets joining guests in comedy sketches.
Flo's Place (1976) as Al Held
The story relates the adventures of the staff and customers of Flo's Place, a small dockside hotel and restaurant.
America, You're On (1975) as Bill Kenyon
A topical special in which a company of actors, portraying a cross-section of Americans, air their views on life.
Lost in Space (1973) as Voice Of Craig Robinson
An animated extension episode based on the series of the same title (although with several different characters). The story relates the adventures of Craig Robinson, the commander of the space shuttle Jupiter II. The episode itself relates Craig's efforts to help the peaceful Throgs fend off the Tyr
Egan (1973) as Bobby
The exploits of Eddie Egan, a former New York City police detective turned private investigator. The pilot follows his attempts to solve the syndicate murder of his ex-partner.
Lost in Space (1973) as Tyrano Guard
An animated extension episode based on the series of the same title (although with several different characters). The story relates the adventures of Craig Robinson, the commander of the space shuttle Jupiter II. The episode itself relates Craig's efforts to help the peaceful Throgs fend off the Tyr
Madhouse 90 (1972)
A proposed, but unsold, series of comedy sketches.

Film Production - Main (special)

Jimmy Page/Robert Plant (Unledded) (1994) as Line Producer
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant perform their music in a variey of settings.

Misc. Crew (special)

Dynasty: The E! True Hollywood Story (2001) as Narration
Profile of prime-time television serial "Dynasty," which was telecast from 1981 through 1989.

Cast (special)

Bananas Over Hefty (1989) as Handy Smurf
Imperial Panda-Monium (1989) as Handy Smurf
Karate Clumsy (1989) as Handy Smurf
Grandpa's Fountain of Youth (1989) as Handy Smurf
Clumsy Genie, The (1989) as Handy Smurf
Papa Loses His Patience (1989) as Handy Smurf
Cave Smurfs (1989) as Handy Smurf
Phantom Bagpiper (1989) as Handy Smurf
Papa's Big Snooze (1989) as Handy Smurf
Fish Called Snappy, A (1989) as Handy Smurf
Sky High Surprise (1989) as Handy Smurf
Like It or Smurf It (1989) as Handy Smurf
Trojan Smurfs (1989) as Handy Smurf
Scary Smurfs (1989) as Handy Smurf
Swashbuckling Smurfs (1989) as Handy Smurf
Mummy Dearest (1989) as Handy Smurf
Golden Rhino, The (1989) as Handy Smurf
Shamrock Smurfs (1989) as Handy Smurf
G'day Smoogle (1989) as Handy Smurf
Smurfs That Time Forgot (1989) as Lazy Smurf
No Reflection on Vanity (1989) as Handy Smurf
Small Minded Smurfs (1989) as Handy Smurf
Gnoman Holiday (1989) as Handy Smurf
Big Shot Smurfs (1989) as Handy Smurf
Fortune Cookie (1989) as Handy Smurf
Hefty Sees a Serpent (1989) as Handy Smurf
Hogapatra's Beauty Sleep (1989) as Handy Smurf
Brainy's Beastly Boo-Boo (1989) as Handy Smurf
Greedy's Masterpizza (1989) as Handy Smurf
Lost in the Ages (1989) as Handy Smurf
Painter's Egg-Cellent Adventure (1989) as Handy Smurf
Curried Smurfs (1989) as Handy Smurf
Smurfette's Green Thumb (1989) as Handy Smurf
Monumental Grouch, The (1989) as Grouchy Smurf
Smurfs of the Round Table, The (1989) as Grouchy Smurf
Jungle Jitterbug (1989) as Handy Smurf
Land of Lost and Found (1988) as Handy Smurf
Grandpa's Walking Stick (1988) as Handy Smurf
Nanny's Way (1988) as Handy Smurf
Pappy's Puppy (1988) as Handy Smurf
Denisa's Slumber Party (1988) as Handy Smurf
Big Mouth's Roommate (1988) as Handy Smurf
Long Live Brainy (1988) as Handy Smurf
Smoogle Sings the Blues (1988) as Handy Smurf
Archives of Evil (1988) as Handy Smurf
Lost Smurf (1988) as Handy Smurf
Shutterbug Smurfs (1988) as Handy Smurf
Maze of Mirrors, A (1988) as Handy Smurf
It's a Smurfy Life (1988) as Handy Smurf
Stealing Grandpa's Thunder (1988) as Handy Smurf
Grandpa's Nemesis (1988) as Handy Smurf
Bungling Babysitters (1988) as Handy Smurf
Don Smurfo's Uninvited Guests (1988) as Handy Smurf
Clockwork's Power Play (1988) as Handy Smurf
Denisa's Greedy Doll (1988) as Handy Smurf
Clumsy in Command (1988) as Handy Smurf
Smurf the Presses (1988) as Handy Smurf
Smurf for Denisa, A (1988) as Handy Smurf
Memory Melons (1988) as Handy Smurf
House for Nanny, A (1988) as Handy Smurf
Papa Smurf, Papa Smurf (1986) as Handy Smurf
Essence of Brainy (1986) as Handy Smurf
Bookworm Smurf (1986) as Handy Smurf
Fire Fighting Smurfs (1986) as Handy Smurf
Prince and the Hopper, The (1986) as Handy Smurf
Greedy Goes on Strike (1986) as Handy Smurf
Lure of the Orb, The (1986) as Handy Smurf
Lazy's Nightmare (1986) as Handy Smurf
Royal Drum, The (1986) as Handy Smurf
Littlest Viking, The (1986) as Handy Smurf
Gargamel's New Job (1986) as Handy Smurf
Enchanted Quill, The (1986) as Handy Smurf
Papa's Family Album (1985) as Handy Smurf
Smurf a Mile in My Shoes (1985) as Handy Smurf
Dark Ness Monster, The (1985) as Handy Smurf
Baby's First Word (1985) as Handy Smurf
Kow Tow We Won't Bow (1985) as Handy Smurf
Things That Go Smurf in the Night (1985) as Handy Smurf
Alarming Smurfs (1985) as Handy Smurf
Never Smurf Off 'Til Tomorrow (1984) as Handy Smurf
Hopping Cough Smurfs (1984) as Handy Smurf
Smurf on Wood (1984) as Handy Smurf
Papa's Worrywarts (1984) as Handy Smurf
Master Smurf, The (1984) as Handy Smurf
Circus for Baby, A (1984) as Handy Smurf
Pussywillow Pixies, The (1984) as Handy Smurf
Lazy's Slumber Party (1984) as Handy Smurf
Incredible Shrinking Wizard, The (1984) as Handy Smurf
Last Smurfberry, The (1983) as Handy Smurf
Golden Smurf Award, The (1983) as Handy Smurf
Baby's First Christmas (1983) as Handy Smurf
Smurfs' Time Capsule, The (1983) as Handy Smurf
Handy's Sweetheart (1983) as Handy Smurf
Noble Stag, The (1983) as Handy Smurf
Once in a Blue Moon (1983) as Handy Smurf
Miracle Smurfer, The (1983) as Handy Smurf
Every Picture Smurfs a Story (1983) as Handy Smurf
Raven Wizard, The (1982) as Handy Smurf
Black Hellebore, The (1982) as Johan
Magic Fountain, The (1982) as Johan
All's Smurfy That Ends Smurfy (1982) as Handy Smurf
Adventures of Robin Smurf, The (1982) as Handy Smurf
Smurf Who Couldn't Say No, The (1982) as Handy Smurf
Haunted Castle, The (1982) as Johan
Smurfs at Sea (1982) as Handy Smurf
Imposter King, The (1982) as Johan
Enchanted Baby, The (1982) as Handy Smurf
Lost City of Yore, The (1982) as Handy Smurf
Cursed Country, The (1982) as Handy Smurf
Mere Truffles, A (1982) as Handy Smurf
Johan's Army (1982) as Handy Smurf
Littlest Giant, The (1982) as Handy Smurf
Prince and the Peewit, The (1982) as Handy Smurf
Three Smurfketeers, The (1982) as Handy Smurf
Sorcery of Malthrochu, The (1982) as Handy Smurf
Ring of Castellac, The (1982) as Handy Smurf
Sideshow Smurfs (1981) as Handy Smurf
Romeo and Smurfette (1981) as Handy Smurf
Sir Hefty (1981) as Handy Smurf
Smurfs and the Howlibird, The (1981) as Handy Smurf
Smurfette, The (1981) as Handy Smurf
Smurfette's Dancing Shoes (1981) as Handy Smurf
Astrosmurf, The (1981) as Handy Smurf
Soup a la Smurf (1981) as Handy Smurf
St. Smurf and the Dragon (1981) as Handy Smurf
Clockwork Smurf, A (1981) as Handy Smurf
Poet and Painter (1981) as Handy Smurf
Fountain of Smurf, The (1981) as Handy Smurf

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Dalziel & Pascoe: A Killing Kindness (1997) as Reporter No 1

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Rugrats Chanukkah, A (1996) as Voice Of Charles Sr/ Boris
Chanukkah special featuring characters from the animated series "Rugrats." The kids try to save their Grandpa Boris from his childhood rival, Schlomo. They also learn about the meaning of Chanukkah from a play presented by the Seniors during which Angelica is anxious to find a television so she can
Hollyrock-a-Bye-Baby (1993) as Mr. Pyrite
Hollyrock-a-Bye-Baby (1993)
When the Flintstones and the Rubbles learn that Pebbles and Bamm Bamm are expecting a baby, they pay a surprise visit to Hollyrock to help the young couple.
Wish For Wings That Work, A (1991) as Voice Of Opus
An animated Christmas special featuring the characters Opus and Bill from Berkeley Breathed's comic strip, "Bloom County." Opus, a flightless penguin since birth, asks Santa Claus for the ability to fly like other birds.
Smurfily Ever After (1985) as Handy Smurf
My Smurfy Valentine (1984) as Handy Smurf
Smurf Springtime Special, The (1983) as Grouchy Smurf
Smurfs Christmas Special, The (1982) as Voice
The Smurf's Christmas celebration is jeopardized when an evil force -- some think it may be the devil -- comes to their forest. To combat the force, the little blue people must muster every ounce of goodness they can.
Bear Who Slept Through Christmas, The (1979) as Voice
The story of Ted E. Bear, a young cub who heads for the city in search of the Christmas spirit.

Cast (short)

Summer of '63 (1963)
In this social guidance short film, teens on the make spread syphilis among their friends.
The Hurrying Kind (1962)
In this short film, a high school student wants to drop out and work at a garage, until he learns of the myriad opportunities available in the military.

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