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Robert Miano

Robert Miano


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Cast (feature film)

Girls Trip (2017)
Four girlfriends take a trip to New Orleans for an annual festival, and along the way, rediscover their wild sides and strengthen the bonds of sisterhood.
Winter Rose, A (2016)
A fiercely independent young singer, a musical idol about to give a farewell performance, and a devoted husband facing a devastating loss unexpectedly change each other's lives.
Act of War, An (2015)
As a veteran struggles to adapt to civilian life, he quickly finds himself tangled in an inescapable web of seduction, addiction and violence.
Cloth, The (2013)
Kiss and a Promise, A (2011)
In a quiet Ontario town, David Beck, a seemingly normal man who is actually a sociopath, runs a bed & breakfast with his wife Samantha, a fiery woman with masochistic tendencies. Their only tenant is an aspiring writer named Charlie Matthews, a pathological liar who has a longing to be liked by ever
Murder in Fashion (2010)
In this ripped-from-the-headlines drama, gay party regular and aging boy toy Andrew Cunanan is forced to face the fact that his looks are fading and he is getting older, but he refuses to grow old gracefully. Instead, Andrew begins a murderous journey across the country from San Diego to Miami, kil
2:22 (2010)
When a tight crew of four thieves decide to take down a boutique hotel in the dead of winter things go horribly wrong. Unsuspecting hotel guests unwittingly play a part in this tangled web. Unusual lives and hard choices intertwine, twisting the scheme to the point of no return. Loyalty, love, frien
Little Fockers (2010)
When Greg and Pam Focker's entire clan descends for the twins' birthday party, Greg must prove to the skeptical Jack Byrnes that he's fully capable as the man of the house.
Fast & Furious (2009)
When a crime brings them back to L.A., fugitive ex-con Dom Toretto reignites his feud with agent Brian O''Conner. But as they are forced to confront a shared enemy, Dom and Brian must give in to an uncertain new trust if they hope to outmaneuver him. And from convoy heists to precision tunnel crawls across international lines, two men will find the best way to get revenge: push the limits of what''s possible behind the wheel.
Giallo (2009)
When her sister is kidnapped, an American woman in Milan teams up with a brilliant Italian detective to track her down. She's been abducted by Yellow, a brutal outcast who tortures and murders his victims in heinous fashion. Can they find her before Yellow kills again?
Unbeatable Harold (2009)
In the Biggest Little City in the World, Reno Nevada lives a lovable loser, Harold James Clark. He cruises the streets in his make shift 1959 Cadillac convertible. He cut off the hard top himself. He's reaching for the stars while he searches for love and hopes to live his dream of becoming full tim
Still Life, The (2007)
The story of an artist who destroys one of his paintings. An art critic falls in love with the destroyed painting and creates an art movement out of the concept, calling it Destructionism. But the artist, Julian, finds himself not only destroying his art but himself. A lonely old woman that li
Devil's Highway (2007)
A casual bus trip across the desert becomes a harrowing struggle for survival when a psychotic madman begins stalking the terrified riders on a large passenger bus.
Larva (2005)
The small town of Host, Missouri is overrun with deadly larvae when the residents eat the infested genetically engineered meat from the local packing plant. The larvae then take on a life of their own when they grow wings and become more carnivorous.
Running Red (2000) as Chambers
A Soviet commando with special training leaves the Soviet Union after quitting his team. Years later, he has taken a new identity (Greg Wallace) when he starts his life over again in America. Alexei, a member of Greg's old commando group reappears and convinces Greg to eliminate two drug dealers fro
Hitman's Run (2000) as Dominic Catania
A former mob hit man, now in the witness protection program, is dragged from security when a young computer hacker retrieves a list of the witnesses in the case. When the mob arrives to hunt down its betrayers, the tough and the techie team up to battle the gangsters and rescue their kidnapped famil
Luckytown (2000) as Tony
When Lidda, a beautiful young girl, set off to Las Vegas to surprise her long-lost father Charlie, this city of sin deals her more than just a bad hand. Vegas' toughest gangster thinks Charlie has betrayed him, and Lidda becomes the biat in his plan for revenge.
Obsession Kills (2000)
Features a dangerous threesome at a lonely ranch by the sea and the steamy passions that grip their lives. It turns out that nothing is what it seems to be and no one is whom they say they are in this tangled sordid fantasy.
Dungeons & Dragons (2000) as Azmath
When evil wizard Profion schemes to dethrone Savina, the new empress of a mystical land, she recruits a band of adventurers to find the Rod of Dragon Control, the only tool powerful enough to stop the evil wizard and his band of dragons.
Loser (2000) as Victor
Young and sheltered Paul leaves his Midwestern town to attend New York University, but he is frustrated by the antipathy of his new roommates, who instantly brand him a loser and conspire to drive him from the dorm. His spirits are bolstered when he catches sight of beautiful co-ed Dora, but his eff
Detour (1999)
A bank heist takes a pack of ex-cons on a detour to a forgotten town where they all collide.
Cool Crime (1999)
The story of a young Italian immigrant in Los Angeles.
Matter of Trust (1999)
A district attorneys's search for justice leads her down a distorted path of truth.
Storm Catcher (1999) as General Jacobs
While doing test work on the final stages of a prototypical military jet, an ace pilot finds himself wrongfully accused of a plot to overthrow the United States. A fugitive on the run, he races to find the real culprits and clear his name. stealth bomber, is pitted against a web of government and mi
Lansky (1999) as Vito Genovese
Based on the true story of Meyer Lansky, a young Jewish immigrant who grew up on the streets of New York at the turn of the century and embarked on a life of crime. Graduating from gambling to theft to murder, Lansky partnered with childhood friend Ben "Bugsy" Siegel and earned notoriety that eventu
Thick As Thieves (1999) as Riles
Macklin is a professional thief with a retro style and a love for his dog. He's level-headed but cold-hearted. So when he's double-crossed, he doesn't just take revenge, but rather he exacts a painful retribution that's meant to send a message to his double-crossers. However his double-crossers are
Butter (1998) as Visconti
When he finds his pop-star sister dead of an apparent drug overdose, a young music industry hot-shot suspects his boss and mentor may be behind the crime.
Smoke Signals (1998) as Burt
When his best friend''''s father dies, a Native funds their trip to deal with the remains.
Donnie Brasco (1997) as Sonny Red
In the 1970s, FBI undecover agent Joe Pistone infiltrates the mob, leaving his family behind and assuming the false persona of the jewel man Donnie Brasco. His assignment: to become a trusted insider with the infamous Bonanno family by gaining the confidence of a low-level gangster. Lefty Ruggiero is an aging, two-bit hit-man who sees a new future for himself with the smart, young thief Donnie Brasco and enlists him as his protege. Together the two men enter into a camaraderie that will not allow either one to distance himself emotionally. Meanwhile, Donnie begins to get lost in the distance between his real and undercover selves. As Donnie moves deeper and deeper into the Mafia chain of command, he realizes he is not only losing the line between federal agent and criminal, between who he pretends to be and who he actually is, he is also leading Lefty, his closest friend, to an almost certain death sentence.
Executive Target (1997) as Jack
When his wife is held captive by conspirators, an ace stunt-car driver is forced to participate in the abduction of the U.S. President.
Funeral, The (1996) as Enrico
Set during the volatile labor clashes of depression-era New York, Ray and Chez Tempio literally seethe with grief as they lust for revenge over the murder of their younger brother, Johnny. As the story progresses, Ferrara and longtime screenwriting collaborator Nicholas St. John take us back in time
Innocent Obsession (1995) as Jesse'S Father
A young woman saves the life of a drowning homeless person and becomes the object of his "eromantic" fantasies, with deadly results.
Guardian Angel (1994)
Lawton Hobbs is a wealthy and famous man with a problem, he is being stalked by a murderous woman. Lawton hires bodyguard Cynthia McKay to protect him and believes that he is finally safe, but when they become romantically involved, he learns that he was wrong.
3 Ninjas Kick Back (1994) as Shuttle Driver
Grandpa Mori must return to Japan and present a ceremonial dagger he won fifty years ago to the winner of a ninja tournament, and he asks his grandsons Rocky, Colt and Tum Tum to accompany him. The dagger, Grandpa confides, is also the key to a secret cave of gold, which is why his nemesis of a half century ago and a trio of spaced-out heavy metal rockers are in hot pursuit.
Blindfold: Acts of Obsession (1994) as Officer Parker
A series of bizarre serial killings occur after a therapist advises his patient that she and her husband should act out her sexual fantasies.
Taxi Dancers (1993) as Miguelito
Set in a hostess-for-hire dance club, story revolves around the trials and tribulations of the hostesses and their desires to get ahead.
Sliver (1993) as Detective Howard
A new apartment brings a new life of passion and murder to a literary editor, in this voyeuristic love triangle.
Out for Blood (1992) as Geisler
A martial arts-trained attorney, whose family has been brutally murdered by a gang of vicious drug dealers, sets out for revenge. Dubbed "karateman" by the local media, he finds himself being hunted by a cop nemesis, as he closes in for a final showdown.
Hangfire (1991)
Escaped prison inmates take over a Mexican town and hold its inhabitants hostage.
Blood Ties (1991) as 2nd Hunter
A story about a modern vampire family -- the Carpathians -- who try to assimilate into American life in Los Angeles even while they are being threatened by a group of sinister assassins, the Hunters.
Driving Me Crazy (1991) as Omar
A German car engineer develops a fool-proof car which can run over 200 mph and uses no gasoline. However, that doesn't save it from being stolen at a Los Angeles auto convention.
Time to Die, A (1991) as Eddie
A young female photographer, working for the police department at part of her probation after being framed in a drug bust, fights to save her son when he is used to keep her from revealing a murder she's witnessed.
Diplomatic Immunity (1991)
A vengeful Marine training sergeant tracks down the foreign crime lord, protected by diplomatic immunity, who's responsible for his beautiful daughter's death.
Blue Desert (1990)
A comic-book artist, after being violently attacked on the streets of New York City, relocates to the Southwest where her arrival raises interest among the locals.
El Diablo (1990) as 1st Bandit
The tranquility of a small Texas town is shattered when a legendary outlaw, rides in with his band of armed men, robs a bank and kidnaps a young girl. A shy schoolteacher joins forces with a gunslinger to track down El Diablo and his band of outlaws.
Rain Killer, The (1990) as Allenby
The story of a serial killer who attacks in the rain.
Ministry of Vengeance (1989) as Ali Aboud
A Vietnam War veteran renounces the military, but after his wife and daughter are killed by terrorists, he returns to warfare.
Easy Wheels (1989) as Nick
A woman raised by wolves grows up to lead a group of female bikers.
Midnight (1988) as Arnold
Sounding a lot like the life of Elvira, a television personality known for her macabre makeup struggles for fame and power.
Weeds (1987) as Parole Board Member
Open House (1987) as Lieutenant Shapiro
China Girl (1987) as Enrico Perito
An Italian-American boy and a Chinese-American girl attempt a romance despite a war between gangs in their respective New York communities.
Hollywood Vice Squad (1986) as Luchessi
Patrolling Hollywood Boulevard undercover, Detective Ray Chang is propositioned by a prostitute. Back at the station, Captain Mike 'Bulldog' Jensen commanding officer of Hollywood Vice Division, warns a distressed mother against searching the city streets alone for ther runaway daughter. Back on t
Outrage! (1986) as Detective Santini
A father takes justice into his own hands after his daughter has been raped and murdered, and her assailant has gone unpunished through a technicality in the law. The trial of the avenging father creates wide public attention, and puts the state's judicial system on trial.
Fear City (1985) as Hitman
Matt Rossi is an ex-boxer, haunted by the memory of having killed an opponent. Together with his partner Nicky he runs the Starlite Agency, supplying strippers to some of New York's seediest strip joints. Things begin to change when a nightmare series of slasher attacks begin.
Firestarter (1984) as Blinded Agent
A child has the amazing ability to start fires with just a glance.
Kiss Me Goodbye (1982)
Kay is a lonely widow, who after three year, has been unable to break free from the memory of her late husband Jolly, a charming, but unfaithful Broadway choreographer. But finally, Kay falls in love with Rupert, a professor of Egyptology. Not long before their wedding day, Kay is visited by Jolly's
Vice Squad (1982) as Duty Sergeant
A woman who turns to prostitution to support herself and her young daughter assists a vice squad in catching a murderer.
Bridger (1976) as Modoc Leader
A true-life adventure of legendary mountain man Jim Bridger who, with the fate of the Pacific Northwest at stake, is given forty days to blaze a trail through the Rockies to the California coast and told that failure means loss of the territory to England. This two-hour movie was cut to ninety minut

Producer (feature film)

Winter Rose, A (2016)
A fiercely independent young singer, a musical idol about to give a farewell performance, and a devoted husband facing a devastating loss unexpectedly change each other's lives.
Luckytown (2000) as Co-Producer
When Lidda, a beautiful young girl, set off to Las Vegas to surprise her long-lost father Charlie, this city of sin deals her more than just a bad hand. Vegas' toughest gangster thinks Charlie has betrayed him, and Lidda becomes the biat in his plan for revenge.

Cast (special)

Kennedy Assassinations: Coincidence or Conspiracy, The (1992) as Johnny Rosselli
A live special examining the possible connection between the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Senator Robert Kennedy. Includes archival footage, a dramatic reenactment and an interview with director Oliver Stone.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Laws of Deception (1999) as Kelsey

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