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Director (feature film)

Stephen King's Sleepwalkers (1992) as 2nd Unit Director (2nd Unit)
Capable of taking feline form, mother and son are modern-day vampires who crave high-minded women.

Cinematography (feature film)

U-571 (2000) as 2nd Unit Director Of Photography (2nd Unit)
April 1942: Hitler's U-Boats are wreaking havoc in the Atlantic and destroying Allied shipping up and down the United States' East coast. Unable to crack the U-Boat radio codes, the U.S. struggles blindly against the German onslaught -- that is until the crew aboard the S-33, a vintage World War I submarine, is assigned a dangerous mission that, if successful, will have the power to turn the tide of battle permanently. Led by Commander Mike Dahlgren and Lt. Andrew Tyler, the S-33 crew is ordered to capture Enigma, the German's top-secret coding device. To bait the Germans, the S-33 is rigged to resemble a stranded Nazi U-Boat. If all goes according to plan, the crew will take the Germans as prisoners and steal Enigma if the plan fails, nine U.S. soldiers will be trapped in a submarine in the middle of hostile, enemy waters with little or no chance of survival.
Fire Down Below (1997) as Director Of Photography (2nd Unit)
EPA agent Jack Taggart has set out on assignment to discover the killer of his most trusted colleague. Following the agent''s last known path, Taggart travels through Appalachia only to discover lethal chemical dumping sites of cyanide, benzene, and dTCE. The people in the region are getting sick and whoever is responsible for the dumping is being protected by a wall of silence. Infiltrating the community, Taggart centers his investigation around mining tycoon Orin Hanner who is tied to those mines being used for the illegal dumping. Taggart also meets Sarah Kellogg who protects a family secret that may lead to an ecological disaster.
Flubber (1997) as Director Of Photography (Basketball Unit)
Professor Phillip Brainard is a man so lost in thought that he appears, at times, not to pay attention. He''s even forgotten two dates to marry his sweetheart Sara. But then this guy''s got a lot on his mind. He''s working with his high-voltage, over-amorous flying robot assistant, Weebo, on an idea for a substance that''s not only a revolutionary new source of energy, but may well be the salvation of his financially troubled Medfield College, where his beloved Sara is the president. Late on the afternoon of his third attempt at a wedding, all of Professor Brainard''s hard work in the lab comes together when he creates a miraculous goo that when applied to any object--cars, bowling balls, even people--enables them to fly thorugh the air at remarkable speeds. The stuff defies gravity and looks like rubber.
Courage Under Fire (1996) as Aerial Camera Operator
While serving in the Persian Gulf at Al Bathra, Lt. Colonel Nathanial Serling gives the order to fire at what he believes is an enemy T-54 tank and is horrified to learn that he's destroyed one of his own tanks, killing several of Serling's own men. As the military conducts a hushed investigation in
Body Snatchers (1993) as Camera Ship Operator (2nd Unit)
This remake is in keeping with the spirit of Don Siegel''s 1956 classic "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," where alien forces take over the bodies of humans, forcing the uninfested to band together. This updated version focuses on an EPA scientist and his family.
Cool Runnings (1993) as Director Of Photography (2nd Unit)
The improbable but true story of Jamaica''s first bobsled team--comprising a helicopter pilot, a reggae singer and a sprinter--which took part in the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Forever Young (1992) as Director Of Photography (Aerial Unit)
In 1939, after losing his love, a test pilot volunteers for a cryogenics experiment and is "thawed out" 50 years later.
Rocketeer, The (1991) as Director Of Photography 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
A personal rocket pack designed by Howard Hughes causes an aviator to be seen as somewhat of a superhero.
Where the Day Takes You (1991) as 2nd Unit Director Of Photography (2nd Unit)
A gritty look at the lives of a gang of runaway teenagers trying to survive on Hollywood Boulevard.
Toy Soldiers (1991) as Director Of Photography 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
An exclusive prep school housing boys known for their discipline problems is taken over by Colombian terrorists. Some of the students courageously rebel, allowing for a successful military rescue.
Men Don't Leave (1990) as Camera Operator (Helicopter)
A woman begins life anew after the death of her husband.
Ghostbusters II (1989) as Director Of Photography 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
The ghostbusters face the spirit of a warlock that lives in his self-portrait in a New York museum.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) as Director Of Photography 2nd Unit (2nd Unit) (Usa)
When his father Dr. Henry Jones, Sr. goes missing, Indiana dumps his books to retrace his steps. Indy finds his father in Germany, where Nazis have been picking his brain in an attempt to find the resting place of the Holy Grail, an artifact that promises eternal life to anyone who drinks from it. N
Nightmare at Noon (1988) as Aerial Camera Operator
Foreign agents contaminate a water supply.
Little Nikita (1988) as Director Of Photography 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
A teenager discovers his parents are "sleeper" KGB agents who, after being inactive for 20 years, are called upon to run one last dangerous mission.
Necessity (1988) as Director Of Photography
A woman discovers that her husband is a drug-dealing mobster. She flees, taking $2 million of her husband's drug money, but she is forced to leave her baby daughter behind. After carefully creating a new identity for herself and altering her appearance, she makes plans to kidnap her daughter from
Outrageous Fortune (1987) as Director Of Photography 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
Proper, refined Lauren and loud, brash Sandy meet in an acting class and immediately dislike each other. Soon after starting the class, they each start seeing someone, unaware that it is the same man, Michael Sanders. They find this out when Michael disappears, supposedly having been killed in an explosion. But the women begin to believe that Michael has faked his death and form an alliance in order to find him and make him chose between them. During their cross-country search, they are chased by CIA agents and Russian assassins, and when they do find their boyfriend, he tries to kill them. They find out that Michael is a double agent, working for the CIA and the KGB, and is on the run from both after stealing a dangerous bio-weapon and a large amount of money. Michael eventually takes Lauren hostage, but she escapes, and by the time the whole ordeal is over, Lauren and Sandy have become genuine friends.
Defiant Ones, The (1986) as Director Of Photography
A movie about two escaping chain gang prisoners, one white and one black, who hate each other, but in their flight for freedom, find they'll do almost anything to survive, including becoming friends.
Police Academy 3: Back in Training (1986) as Director Of Photography 2nd Unit (2nd Unit) (Usa)
The brave crime-fighting graduates of Police Academy are back to train a bunch of new recruits in the hilarious sequel "Police Academy 3: Back in Training" (1986). The Governor is out to cut the police budget, and that means one of two schools will have to go. Can the incompetent alumni of Commandant Lassard''s Academy step in to save the day? Starring Steve Guttenberg, Bubba Smith, David Graf and master-of-noise Michael Winslow.
Sylvester (1985) as Director Of Photography 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
An orphaned girl tries to raise her younger brothers while training a wild horse for the Olympics.
Midnight Hour, The (1985) as Director Of Photography
A group of teenagers read a message scrawled on parchment, thus bringing the dead in a cemetery back to life. Film relates how fiendish types pursue the teens in a series of comic adventures.
Deadly Messages (1985) as Director Of Photography
Would-be thriller involving a woman on the run from a vicious killer, her skeptical live-in lover, a spooky motel owner and an antique Ouija board conveying messages from the spirit world. Brad Fiedel's eerie music is as much a star of this one as any of the actors literally running around for about
This Wife For Hire (1985) as Director Of Photography
A cutesy treatment of a reportedly true story about a happily married housewife and mother who hires herself out for assorted domestic services -- though drawing the line at sex, with Yuppie lawyer husband incensed at having to share wifey with various part-time "mates."
Silent Witness (1985) as Director Of Photography
A young working woman is torn between testifying against her brother-in-law after seeing him rape a girl in a bar or remaining silent to protect the close-knit working class family into which she had married. When the victim commits suicide, she faces ostracism by both family and friends after going
Letting Go (1985) as Director Of Photography
A serio-comedy involving a comely schoolteacher, recently dumped by her lover, and a widower, whose life's been in a tailspin following the death of his wife, who come together in a self-help group and try to shake their melancholy in each other's company. Two basically comic actors (Ritter and Gles
River, The (1984) as Additional Camera Operator 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
A family tries to save their farm from the swelling waters of an adjacent river.
Ernie Kovacs: Between the Laughter (1984) as Director Of Photography
This TV movie about the pioneering TV comedian spotlights the little known story of his two-year search for the two young daughters abducted by his ex-wife following a bitter custody struggle that raged while he was making his meteoric rise from local Philadelphia television personality to network s
D.C. Cab (1983) as Camera Operator 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
A failing taxi company is about to go under when the owner enlists the help of his cabbies to help save the company.
Tron (1982) as Camera Operator
A computer genius falls into the game he''''s designed and has to fight an evil intelligence he accidentally created.
Annie (1982) as Director Of Photography 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
An orphan attracts the attention of a Wall Street tycoon and a con artist.
Six Pack (1982) as Director Of Photography 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
A race car driver stops in a small town, only to have his race carstripped by six youths. The six youths then stowaway in his trailer and he becomes a reluctant father to them.
Forced Vengeance (1982) as Director Of Photography
A karate expert takes on gangsters in Hong Kong.
On Golden Pond (1981)
During a summer holiday, an elderly couple comes to grips with aging and their troubled relationship with their adult daughter.
Return Of The Rebels (1981) as Director Of Photography
Graying ex-members of a motorcycle gang reassemble for a 25-year reunion to help out one of their own -- Barbara Eden, as the widowed operator of a popular campground that is being threatened by a band of arrogant groupies. Initially this was to have been titled "The Eagle Rock Rebels Ride Again".
Change of Seasons, A (1980) as Camera Operator 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
Karen Evans is married to Adam, an arrogant professor. When Karen learns that Adam is having an affair with one of his students, she gets even with him by having her own affair with a young carpenter who works on the campus. Adam is outraged when he finds out about this, but Kate counters that if he
Raise The Titanic (1980) as Camera Operator 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
When the United States learns that the Titanic contains radioactive cargo that would be valuable in the manufacture of weapons, a group of experts is sent down to raise the sunken ship. While the team is working on the case, the Soviet Union hears about their efforts, and decides to send a group of
Serial (1980) as Director Of Photography
Babysitter, The (1980) as Director Of Photography
An eighteen-year-old girl manipulates her way into the lives of a family by working as their housekeeper and daughter's sitter, and soon fills the home with horror and hate.
Jericho Mile, The (1979) as Director Of Photography
A runner, serving a life sentence at Folsom Prison, works at becoming the world's fastest miler and wins a chance to compete for a spot on the Olympic team. Peter Strauss won the Emmy Award for his work in this film which also was nominated as the year's Outstanding Drama. Patrick Nolan and Michael
Corvette Summer (1978) as Camera Operator 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
A high school student takes off in search of his stolen, rebuilt Corvette.
Cat From Outer Space, The (1978) as Camera Operator 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
A UFO is stranded on earth and impounded by the US government. Its pilot, a cat with a collar that has special powers, including the ability to allow the cat to communicate with humans, has eluded the authorities and needs the help of a man named Frank in order to reclaim and repair his ship to get back home.
Foul Play (1978) as Camera Operator 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
An innocent woman stumbles onto a plot to murder the pope.
Every Which Way but Loose (1978) as Director Of Photography
A trucker and fist-fighter roams the valley with his pet orangutan.
Airport '77 (1977) as Camera Operator 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
Rescue workers fight to save a hijacked jet crashed in the Bermuda Triangle.
Gauntlet, The (1977) as Director Of Photography
Ben Shockley, a mediocre, alcoholic cop gets assigned to escort a tough Vegas hooker to a Mob trial, only to find out that various parties, including the commissioner who assigned him to the case, don''t expect them to make it there alive.
The Missouri Breaks (1976) as Director Of Photography 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
An outlaw''''s attempts to go straight fall short when a rival rancher hires a psychotic gunman.
Invasion of Johnson County, The (1976) as Director Of Photography
A footloose Bostonian and a Wyoming cowboy team up in the Old West to block a private army's land-grab scheme against a bunch of small-time ranchers.
Airport '75 (1975) as Camera Operator 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
After a mid-air collision, a jet''s stewardess has to take the pilot''s seat.
Jim, the World's Greatest (1975) as Cinematographer
Ufo Incident, The (1975) as Director Of Photography
A talkative drama, reportedly fact-based, about the interracial New Hampshire couple who claim to have been taken aboard a UFO in September 1961 and examined medically by strange extraterrestrial creatures.
Rooster Cogburn (1975) as Director Of Photography 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
An aging U.S. Marshal and a minister''s daughter join forces to catch a band of outlaws.
Trial Of Billy Jack, The (1974) as Aerial Cinematography
While Billy Jack is waiting for his murder trial to start, Jean Roberts continues running the "Freedom School" on an Indian reservation where the student-operated television station has gotten in trouble for airing a series of political exposTs. Attempts to quiet the students and get Billy Jack out of town lead to a confrontation that turns deadly.
Tribe, The (1974) as Director Of Photography
This was a most distinctive TV movie set in caveman days, as a tribe of Cro-Magnons fight starvation and the viciously primitive Neanderthals at the dawn of history 100,000 years ago.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

What Dreams May Come (1998) as Underwater Photographer
After a man dies in a car accident, he searches for his children and his wife in the afterlife.
Where the Day Takes You (1991) as Helicopter Photography
A gritty look at the lives of a gang of runaway teenagers trying to survive on Hollywood Boulevard.
Total Recall (1990) as Visual Effects Photography
Recurring dreams about Mars lead a man to discover his forgotten past as a government agent.
Table for Five (1983) as Aerial Photography
Doctor Detroit (1982) as Aerial Photography
Clifford Skridlow, a professor at a small college in Chicago gets conned into managing four prostitutes by their pimp, who skips town to escape the mob.
Red Flag: The Ultimate Game (1981)
Rivalry between jet pilots -- in the old Chester Morris-Richard Arlen "B-movie" mold -- is woven through this fictional account of Air Force war games over the Nevada desert, highlighted by some extraordinary aerial photography by Rexford Metz. Retired General Charles Yeager, the famed test pilot of
Night Crossing (1981) as Aerial Photography
Two men who are fed up with the daily indignities and tyrannies of life under Communist rule in East Germany come up with a daring plan of escape. They decide to travel to democratic West Germany in a hot air balloon. However, they need to build a new type of lighter-than-air craft if they are to tr
Jaws (1975) as Underwater Photography
The sheriff of an island town takes to the seas when a bloodthirsty shark invades the local waters.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Boiling Point (1993)
Story of a cop who seeks revenge on the counterfeiting conman who killed his partner.
Boiling Point (1993)
Story of a cop who seeks revenge on the counterfeiting conman who killed his partner.

Cinematography (special)

Charlie (1990) as Director Of Photography
A pampered housewife discovers, after her husband's untimely death, that he was a bail bondsman. She must use all her ingenuity to continue his dangerous work if she wants to survive.
City, The (1986) as Director Of Photography
A dramatic pilot, not picked up by ABC, about Mayor Chet Lugar who announces the completion of negotiations with a Swedish construction company that plans to take over the abandoned Kroller Foundry. The mayor finds himself in a power struggle with the owner of the city's leading newspaper who threat
Nichols and Dymes (1981) as Director Of Photography
The exploits of Buck Nichols and Willy Dymes, two unconventional federal undercover agents. In the pilot episode, Nichols and Dymes attempt to infiltrate and break up an interstate truck hijacking ring.

Cinematography (TV Mini-Series)

Retrievers, The (2001) as Director Of Photography (2nd Unit)

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