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Kenneth Mcmillan

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Also Known As: Died: January 8, 1989
Born: July 2, 1932 Cause of Death: liver disease
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Three Fugitives (1989) as Horvath
A bank robber trying to go straight accidentally becomes involved in a robbery, and ends up helping the inexperienced robber.
Malone (1987) as Hawkins
Armed And Dangerous (1986) as Clarence O'Connell
Two bank security cards are framed for robbery by a mafia boss.
Acceptable Risks (1986) as Wes Boggs
A television movie dramatizing the catastrophic events and circumstances leading up to a devastating leak at an American chemical plant which kills and injures hundreds of people.
Stephen King's Cat's Eye (1985) as Cressner
A trilogy of stories, each of which begins with the appearance of a cat. In the first story, a chain-smoker joins a group to break his habit and finds that it is run by a sadistic doctor. In the second story, a gambler makes a bet with his wife's boyfriend. And in the third story, a little girl is terrified of a troll.
Runaway Train (1985) as Eddie Macdonald
Two escaped convicts are stranded on a train with no brakes and no conductor.
When She Says No (1984) as Mr Michaels
Kathleen Quinlan stars as a plain-jane college professor, divorced, lonely, and under the thumb of her over-protective father, but at a teachers' convention, blossoms after a few drinks, entices three male colleagues to her room to party and later accuses them of rape, although they claim in court t
Reckless (1984) as John Rourke Sr
A rebellious teenager dreams of leaving town in order to avoid watching his father drink himself to death. He meets up with a girl from the right side of the tracks who vandalizes the school in the steel town in which they both wish to escape.
Dune (1984) as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen
In the year 10,991 a race ensues for the discovery of a valuable spice found on a farawy planet.
Protocol (1984) as Senator Norris
A woman lands a menial government job in Washington, but soon finds herself embroiled in some major dealing with Middle-Eastern leaders.
Pope Of Greenwich Village, The (1984) as Barney
In an Italian-American enclave of New York's Greenwich Village, a young man struggling to make it contends with his dim-witted cousin and sidekick whose botched get rich-quick schemes get them in trouble with the local mob.
Concrete Beat (1984) as Marion Kaiser
Newspaper columnist John Getz tries to juggle the hectic schedule of his job, trying to clear a woman blamed for her child's death, and romancing his ex-wife who happens to be his gruff boss' daughter in this prospective series pilot.
Packin' It In (1983) as Howard Estep
A married couple decide to kiss big city living goodbye after losing their jobs and then finding their house ransacked, head for the wilds of Oregon over the protests of their TV-addicted son and punk-crazed daughter, only to find themselves knee-deep in the game of basic back-to-the-land survival.
Blue Skies Again (1983) as Dirk
A hard-hitting, fast, sure-handed baseball player tries to break into the sport by applying for a spot on a minor-league team. The only problem is that the player is female, which engenders resistance and resentment among many players and officials.
Murder 1, Dancer 0 (1983) as Lieutenant Herbie Quinlan
The last of Robert Blake's three Joe Dancer movies, like its predecessors, filmed in 1981, finds the private investigator framed for manslaughter as he tries to uncover a Hollywood scandal that could ruin a studio and destroy a top star's career. Original titles: "Joe Dancer III" and "Lights, Camera
Dixie: Changing Habits (1983) as Tony Marchesso
Suzanne Pleshette is a New Orleans madam sent to a convent for ninety days of rehabilitation, and Cloris Leachman is the Mother Superior with whom she at first clashes and then strikes up an off-beat alliance. (Geraldine Fitzgerald replaced Mildred Dunnock.)
Partners (1982) as Captain Wilkins
After a series of murders in the gay community, heterosexual police detective Benson is ordered to go undercover with homosexual police clerk Kerwin to try to solve the crimes.
In the Custody of Strangers (1982) as Al Caruso
A restless teenager is arrested and jailed following a drunken binge, and his parents face a 40-day ordeal of trying to get him out after he is charged with assault after defending himself from the hardened criminals with whom he was locked up. Martin Sheen and real-life son Emilio Estevez acted tog
Heartbeeps (1981) as Max
Val and Aqua are robots who work as household domestics. When they begin to feel emotions, they fall in love with each other, and decide to run away and start a family.
Ragtime (1981) as Willie Conklin
A proud black musician rebels against racism in turn-of-the-century New York.
Eyewitness (1981) as Mr Deever
Daryll Deever is a janitor in an office building in New York, and a big fan of TV news reporter, Tony Sokolow. When a rich man is murdered in Daryll's building, Tony comes to cover the story and Daryll introduces himself to her. Thinking he may know something about the crime, Tony pursues him, and i
True Confessions (1981) as Frank Crotty
A police detective clashes with his brother, a monsignor, during a murder investigation.
Killing Hour, The (1981) as Lieutenant Cullum
A psychic who draws brutal murders becomes terrified after the killings actually begin to occur.
Whose Life Is It Anyway? (1981) as Judge Wyler
An artist paralyzed in a car wreck fights the medical establishment.
Little Miss Marker (1980) as Brannigan
Set during the Great Depression, a precocious little girl is left as an I.O.U. with an irascible bookie.
Carny (1980) as Heavy
Frankie and Patch are partners in a dunk-the-bozo booth in a carnival that is traveling through the South. In one small town, a teenager named Donna is encouraged by Frankie to join the carnival, and she moves in with him, into the trailer he shares with Patch. Feeling rejected, Patch plans to get r
Hide In Plain Sight (1980) as Sam Marzetta
True story of a divorced father in search of his children when his ex-wife enters the witness relocation program.
Hustler of Muscle Beach, The (1980) as Joseph Demec
The world of bodybuilding is the backdrop for director Jonathan Kaplan's comedy-drama of a sharp operator from New York who goes west and sees his shot at success promoting a world-class contest among muscle men and iron pumpers. Several bodybuilding superstars, including Franco Columbu and Todd Nas
Borderline (1980) as Malcolm Wallace
Jeb Maynard is a border patrol agent who is working to prevent illegal aliens from entering the United States from Mexico. He is in pursuit of the "coyote" Hotchkiss, who smuggles people in for big money and with no regard for their safety. While working on the case, Jeb becomes attracted an illegal alien named Elena who was brought into the U.S. by Hotchkiss and agrees to lead Jeb to him. And as Jeb works with Elena, he becomes more and more sympathetic to her and her son who desperately desire a better life than the one they had in Mexico.
Chilly Scenes of Winter (1979) as Pete
A man falls for a separated woman but can't cope when she returns to her husband.
Oliver's Story (1978) as Jamie Francis
After the death of his wife Jenny, Oliver Barrett tries to ease the pain of his loss by throwing himself into this work as a lawyer. Not only d s this not help him emotionally, but his political views which run counter than those of the senior partners and his inconsolable grief is wearing on everyo
Girlfriends (1978) as Cab Driver
A tale of an aspiring photographer struggling for a Soho gallery exhibition as she supports herself shooting wedding and Bar Mitzvah photos.
Bloodbrothers (1978) as Banion
A family is divided when one of the younger sons decides that he wants to teach instead following in the footsteps of his father and older brothers who are macho construction workers.
Death In Canaan (1978) as Sergeant Tim Scully
A dramatization of the nonfictional account of Connecticut townspeople, rising to the defense of a local teenager charged with the mutilation murder of his mother in September 1973. Clemens, son of actress Eleanor Parker, made his film acting debut here. This movie also marked the American TV directing debut of Tony Richardson and was Emmy Award-nominated as Outstanding Special of the 1977-78 season.
Breaking Up (1978) as Vancrier
A drama about a woman who faces a harrowing fight to rediscover her personal identity when her husband of fifteen years announces that he is leaving her and their children to search for the indefinable joy he feels is missing from his life. Subsequently a one-hour pilot called "Tom and JoAnn" was ai
Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye (1977) as Softy Mcnamara
The dramatization of a chapter in the best-selling book, focusing on young John Kennedy's first run for office as he sought a congressional seat in 1946.
The Stepford Wives (1975) as Market Manager
A recent arrival in suburbia suspects a sinister reason for the local women's model behavior.
The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974) as Borough Commander
Gunmen hold a New York subway train and its passengers for ransom.

Cast (special)

Table at Ciro's, A (1987) as Lew Carteret
The second segment in the "Tales From the Hollywood Hills" collection of stories, airing as part of "Great Performances." Budd Shulberg's drama deals with the head of a film studio who plans a small dinner party at the nightclub, "Ciro's," creating the opportunity for the guests and the staff of the
Sons of Gunz (1987) as Harry Gunz
A comedy about a New Jersey auto dealer and his four sons.
Rubber Gun Squad, The (1977) as Captain Egan
The misadventures of Chopper and Eddie, two misfit police officers working out of New York's little-known Central Park precinct.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Salem's Lot (1979) as Parkins Gillespie
Best-selling author Stephen King's hugely popular chiller about modern-day vampirism in New England emerged as a two-part four-hour film, with David Soul as a successful novelist who returns to his boyhood home and finds strange doings, behind many of which is a sinister-looking antique dealer playe
King (1978) as Bull Connor
A drama about the career of Martin Luther King Jr. from his days as a Baptist minister in Atlanta in the early '50s until his assassination in 1968. Aside from Billy Goldenberg's Emmy Award-winning score, there were nominations for Paul Winfield and Cicely Tyson as Best Actor and Actress for their p

Cinematography (TV Mini-Series)

Shrink Is In, The (2001) as Director Of Photography

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Favorite Son (1988) as Henry O'Brien
A three-part miniseries set in Washington, DC, about Senator Terry Fallon, a charismatic Vice Presidential hopeful and his ambitious press aide, who will stop at nothing to get to the White House. When Fallon is wounded by an assassin's bullet, he becomes an media hero overnight. A jaded FBI agent,

Cast (short)

Uncle Tom's Uncle (1926)
A gang of children stage their own version of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" in this silent short comedy.

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