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Victor McLaglen

Victor McLaglen



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Also Known As: Died: November 7, 1959
Born: December 10, 1886 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Kent, England, GB Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Sea Fury (1958) as Captain Bellew
The captain and first mate of a salvage ship battle for love of a South American beauty.
The Abductors (1957) as Tom Muldoon
Around the World in 80 Days (1956) as Helmsman, S.S. Henrietta
A Victorian gentleman bets that he can beat the world's record for circling the globe.
Bengazi (1955) as Robert Emmet Donovan
Three shady characters team up to search for Nazi gold in the African desert.
Lady Godiva of Coventry (1955) as Grimald
In 11th-century England, King Edward the Confessor wants saxon Lord Leofric to marry a despised Norman woman, and has him jailed when he refuses. In jail, he meets Godiva, the sheriff's daughter, and soon they are wed. The times are turbulent and Godiva proves a militant bride; unhistorically, unrest between the Anglo-Saxon populace and the increasingly influential Norman French lead to her famous ride.
Many Rivers to Cross (1955) as Cadmus Cherne
A pioneer woman sets her sights on a trapper.
City of Shadows (1955) as Big Tim Channing
Trouble in the Glen (1954) as Parlan MacFarr
Major Jim "Lance" Lansing (Forrest Tucker), an American ex-pilot of the U.S. Air Corps, returns to Scotland after the war and finds much trouble in the glen where he settles because of the high-handed activites of the local laird, Sanin Mengues (Orson Welles), a wealthy South American who, with his daughter Marilla (Margaret Lockwood), has returned to the land of his forefathers. Led by Lansing, the people eventually prevail upon Mengues to restore peace to the glen, but not before a brutish fight between Lansing and Parlan (Victor McLaglen), the Mengues foreman.
Prince Valiant (1954) as Boltar
A young Viking prince strives to become a knight in King Arthur''''s Court and restore his exiled father to his rightful throne.
Fair Wind to Java (1953) as O'Brien
The Dutch East Indies, at the end of the nineteenth century. An adventurous captain of an American merchant vessel is looking for a sunken Dutch vessel containing 10,000 precious diamonds. Unfortunately, he's not the only one and then there's also that volcano on the nearby island of Krakatau, waiting to explode in its historical, disastrous eruption...
The Quiet Man (1952) as "Red" Will Danaher
An Irish ex-boxer retires to Ireland and searches for the proper wife.
Rio Grande (1950) as Sgt. Maj. Tim Quincannon
A cavalry unit located on the Mexican border must control Indian uprisings.
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949) as Sgt. Quincannon
An aging Cavalry officer tries to prevent an Indian war in the last days before his retirement.
Fort Apache (1948) as Sgt. Mulcahy
An experienced cavalry officer tries to keep his new, by-the-books commander from triggering an Indian war.
The Foxes of Harrow (1947) as Mike Farrell
An Irish rascal and inveterate gambler uses his considerable skills at the gaming tables of New Orleans to become fabulously rich.
Michigan Kid (1947) as Curley Davis
Calendar Girl (1947) as Matthew O'Neil
Whistle Stop (1946) as Gitlo
Love, Honor and Goodbye (1945) as Terry O'Farrell
Rough, Tough and Ready (1945) as Owen McCarey
Brad Crowder (Chester Morris) is co-owner in the Crowder Salvage Company with Jo Matheson (Jean Rogers), who inherited her father's share of the business. She is in love with Brad, while he thinks of her as a brat in overalls. Brad is a wolf after all the girls, especially those of his best friend Owen McCarey (Victor McLaglen.) When the war begins, Brad offers his salvage equipment and men to the Navy, provided he gets an officer's commission. The Navy isn't interested but the Army is, minus the commission, and send Brad and his men to training school for thirteen weeks. Brad has a dinner date with Jo, but breaks it when Owen bets him he can't take his latest girl, Kitty Duval (Amelita Ward.) Kitty phones while Owen is taking a shower, and Brad tells he Owen is still working but he will pick her up. By the time Owen catches up, Kitty is showing a decided preference for Brad, and Owen consoles himself with Lorine Gray (Veda Ann Borg), a Brooklyn girl pretending to be an innocent little gal from the South who wants a home and a husband. Brad returns from training to find that Jo has joined the WAC abd that Owen is about to marry Lorine. Brad, seeing that Owen is really in love, has no intention of breaking up the romance. Kitty can't make a date with Brad and sends Lorine to explain. Lorine falls for Brad and jilts Owen. Presuming that Brad has deliberately taken her, they fight and both men are badly mauled. Before the breach between them can be mended, bot are ordered overseas. Unless one has missed the other 123 versions of this plot, the only question remaining is which man will save the other's life at the risk of his own?
The Princess and the Pirate (1944) as The Hook
A cowardly knight rescues a disguised princess from pirates.
Tampico (1944) as Fred Adamson
Oil-tanker Captain Manson rescues Kathie Hall after her ship is sunk by a U-boat. He marries her. When his ship is sunk and she is suspected because she has no identification. Manson tries to clear her of the charge and discovers that his first mate, Adamson, is a German agent.
Roger Touhy, Gangster (1944) as Herman "Owl" Banghart
Forever and a Day (1943) as Spavin
During World War II an American travels to Britain to sell an old house near London that belongs to his family. But he mets Susan Trimble who lives in the house and who is strictly against the sale. While they spend the night in an air-raid shelter she tells him the story of the building from it's construction in 1804 until present day.
China Girl (1943) as Major Bull Weed
While traveling in Burma, an adventurous cameraman falls for a beautiful Chinese girl and they embark on a journey dodging spies.
Call Out the Marines (1942) as [Jimmy] McGinnis
Two old Marine Corps pals re-enlist and end up fighting over the same woman.
Powder Town (1942) as Jeems O'Shea
A scientist clashes with a munitions foreman in his fight to create a new explosive.
Broadway Limited (1941) as [Maurice] Mike [Monohan]
A Hollywood publicity stunt ruins the leading lady's love life and draws the attention of federal agents.
South of Pago Pago (1940) as Bucko Larson
Diamond Frontier (1940) as Terrence Regan
Pacific Liner (1939) as Crusher McKay
A shipboard epidemic triggers mutiny.
Let Freedom Ring (1939) as Chris Mulligan
A crusader returns to his Western hometown to root out corruption.
Ex-Champ (1939) as Tom [Gunner] Grey
Captain Fury (1939) as Blackie
An Irish convict escapes an Australian prison to organize a revolution.
Gunga Din (1939) as [Sergeant] MacChesney
Three British soldiers seek treasure during an uprising in India.
Rio (1939) as Dirk
The Big Guy (1939) as Warden Bill Whitlock
Full Confession (1939) as Pat McGinnis
A priest hears a murderer''''s confession, then finds himself suspected of the same crime.
We're Going to Be Rich (1938) as Dobbie [Dobson]
Battle of Broadway (1938) as Big Ben Wheeler
The Devil's Party (1938) as Marty Malone
Ali Baba Goes to Town (1937) as Himself
After stumbling onto a movie set, a hobo dreams he''''s caught up in an Arabian Nights adventure.
This Is My Affair (1937) as Jock Ramsay
A saloon singer tries to reform a gangster, not knowing he's really an undercover detective.
Wee Willie Winkie (1937) as Sergeant [Donald] MacDuff
When her parents die, an orphaned girl goes to live with her grandfather on a British outpost in India.
Nancy Steele Is Missing! (1937) as Dennie O'Neill
After being in jail for seventeen years a crook is met by the girl he kidnapped as a baby. She now thinks he's her father. When he returns her to her real father there's a job and a reward, but an old prisonmate gets in the way.
Sea Devils (1937) as [William] Medals Malone
A feud between Coast Guardsmen heats up when one falls for the other's daughter.
Klondike Annie (1936) as [Captain] Bull Brackett
Rose Carlton is the kept woman of Chan Lo, who takes her from walking the streets to pacing the floors of her high rent apartment. Rose ends up killing Chan and boards a ship where burly sea captain Bull Brackett takes a shine to her. When he finds out she killed Chan, he blackmails her into coming
Professional Soldier (1936) as Michael Donovan
A mercenary is hired to kidnap a prince.
The Magnificent Brute (1936) as Big Steve Andrews
Under Two Flags (1936) as Major [L. C.] Doyle
Sergeant Victor comes to the French Foreign Legion after taking the blame for his brother's crime. Cigarette falls in love with him though Major Doyle is in love with her. Doyle sends Victor on dangerous assignments to be rid of him. He falls in love with Lady Venetia Cunningham, a visitor to the garrison.
Under Pressure (1935) as Jumbo [Smith]
The Informer (1935) as Gypo Nolan
An Irish rebel turns in his best friend to earn passage money to America, then has to dodge the suspicions of his cohorts.
The Great Hotel Murder (1935) as Andy McCabe
The Captain Hates the Sea (1934) as [Junius P.] Schulte
A bond thief, a private eye and a drunken reporter wreak havoc on an ocean voyage.
Wharf Angel (1934) as Turk
The Lost Patrol (1934) as The sergeant
A British army troop fights off Arab snipers while holed up in an oasis.
No More Women (1934) as Forty Fathoms
Murder at the Vanities (1934) as Bill Murdock
Shortly before the curtain goes up the first time at the latest performance of Earl Carroll's Vanities, someone is attempting to injure the leading lady Ann Ware, who wants to marry leading man Eric Lander. Stage manager in charge Jack Ellery calls in his friend, policeman Bill Murdock, to help him investigate. Bill thinks Jack if offering to let him see the show from an unusual view point, after he forgot to get him tickets for the performance, but then they find the corpse of a murdered women. Bill suspects Eric of the crime, especially, after the second female lead Rita Ross told him she saw the women leaving from Eric's room. Then Rita is shot onstage with Eric's gun. Jack and Bill decide not to stop the show, but Bill preparing to arrest Eric. Is he on the right track ?
Hot Pepper (1933) as [Jim] Flagg
Laughing at Life (1933) as [Dennis P.] McHale/Burke/Captain Dennis Patrick Easter
Easter, a soldier of fortune and gunrunner, leaves his family behind escaping from the authorities and an American detective named Mason. His globe hopping escape leads him finally to South America, where he is hired to organize a band of revolutionaries, unaware that they plan to eliminate him when his job is done. Here, also, he encounters his own son, on track to waste his own life in pursuits similar to Easter's.
Devil's Lottery (1932) as Jim Meech
The Gay Caballero (1932) as Don Bob Harkness, also known as El Coyote
Football star Ted Radcliffe goes west to manage an inherited cattle ranch. Empire builder and cattle thief Don Paco is hounded by El Coyote (who is really Don Bob) who now has a partner in Ted. Unfortunately Ted is also falling love with Don Paco's daughter Adela.
Guilty As Hell (1932) as Captain ["Mack"] McKinley
Rackety Rax (1932) as Frank "Knuckles" McGloin
While Paris Sleeps (1932) as Jacques Costaud
Dishonored (1931) as Colonel Kranau
During World War I, a lady spy betrays enemy officers until she falls in love with one.
Wicked (1931) as Scott Burrows
Not Exactly Gentlemen (1931) as Bull Stanley
Women of All Nations (1931) as Captain Jim Flagg
Marines Flagg and Quirt fought together in WWI and Panama. After some time in New York they go to Sweden and compete for the love of Else. Next they go to Nicaragua and help earthquake victims. Then to Egypt where Else is now in Prince Hassan's harem.
Annabelle's Affairs (1931) as John Rawson, also known as Hefty Jack
After only 11 hours of marriage, Annabelle and her husband separate-not knowing what each other truly looks like. Annabelle is given stocks in a mining enterprise by her husband and told not to part with them. Annabelle, an extravagant spender, is forced to give the stocks to her husband's millionaire rival. Hearing that her husband is returning home, Annabelle poses as a cook at her husband's rival's home. Her husband arrives but is unrecognizable to Annabelle. He's now working as a captain for his rival. Annabelle finds herself falling for this mysterious captain.
On the Level (1930) as Biff Williams
Happy Days (1930) as
Margie, singer on a showboat, decides to try her luck in New York inspite of being in love with the owners grandson. She is successful, but suddenly she hears that the showboat is in deep financial trouble, and she calls all the boats former stars to join in a big show to rescue it.
A Devil With Women (1930) as Jerry Maxton
Soldier of fortune Maxton is stranded in a Central American country. He and Tom, the nephew of the country's richest man, try to end Morloff's banditry but just barely escape a firing squad. They become rivals for Rosita.
Captain Lash (1929) as Captain Lash
Strong Boy (1929) as Strong Boy
Hot for Paris (1929) as John Patrick Duke
The Black Watch (1929) as Capt. Donald Gordon King
Captain Donald King of the British Army goes to India just as World War I breaks out, convincing his comrades that he is a coward. In reality, he is on a secret mission to rescue British soldiers held prisoner there.
The Cock-Eyed World (1929) as Top Sergeant Flagg
Mother Machree (1928) as Terrence O'Dowd
Ellen McHugh, a poor Irish immigrant to America, finds work in a carnival and is thus able to send her son Brian to a fine school. But when her position is found out, the school expels Brian. Mrs. McHugh feels compelled to allow the school principal and his wife to adopt Brian. The widow McHugh becomes a housekeeper and raises her employer's daughter Edith, who grows up to fall in love with Brian McHugh.
Hangman's House (1928) as Citizen Hogan
Set in Ireland and notable today as the first movie in which John Wayne is clearly visible, a spectator at the steeplechase. He knocks the fence down and leads the other spectators toward the winning horse.
A Girl in Every Port (1928) as Spike Madden
The River Pirate (1928) as Sailor Fritz
Loves of Carmen (1927) as Escamillo
What Price Glory (1927) as Capt. Flagg
Friendly rivals help each other cope with the horrors of World War I.
The Isle of Retribution (1926) as Doomsdorf
Beau Geste (1926) as Hank
Michael "Beau" Geste leaves England in disgrace and joins the infamous French Foreign Legion. He is reunited with his two brothers in North Africa, where they face greater danger from their own sadistic commander than from the rebellious Arabs.
Men of Steel (1926) as Pete Masarick
Percy (1925) as Reedy Jenkins
Percy Rogeen's father fears his son will never be a man, but only a mama's boy. When a friend of Mr. Rogeen promises to help the boy shape up, the father is delighted. But the help comes in the shape of a bottle, and Percy finds himself drunk aboard a freight car bound for the middle of nowhere. In a border town, Percy gets a job on a plantation and makes a name for himself playing the violin in a cantina. By the time his father arrives to rescue him, Percy is no longer the timid cry-baby of before, but the tough rescuer of the local farmers' land.
Winds of Chance (1925) as Poleon Doret
The Unholy Three (1925) as Hercules
In this silent film, a ventriloquist masquerades as an old lady to front a crime ring.
The Fighting Heart (1925) as Soapy Williams
The Hunted Woman (1925) as Quade
The Beloved Brute (1924) as Charles Hinges
The Glorious Adventure (1922) as Bulfinch
Carnival (1921)
An actor playing Othello in a stage production of Shakespeare's play becomes jealous of his wife's supposed infidelity and seems bound to kill her in the scene in which she, enacting Othello's falsely accused wife Desdemona, is murdered by her jealous husband.

Misc. Crew (short)

Victor McLaglen (1962)
This short film, part of the Hollywood Hist-o-Rama series, offers a brief biography of Victor McLaglen.

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