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Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, A (2013)
A successful graphic designer re-evaluates his extensive love life after his girlfriend dumps him.
Rush (2013)
Reality (2012)
Luciano is a Neapolitan fishmonger who supplements his modest income by pulling off little scams with his wife Maria. A likeable, entertaining guy, Luciano never misses an opportunity to perform for his customers and countless relatives. One day, his family urges him to try out for Big Brother. In c
Bel Ami (2011)
A young journalist's corrupt rise to power from poverty to one of the most successful men in Paris via the beds of the city's most glamorous and influential women.
All Stars 2: Old Stars (2011)
In celebration of the wedding of one of the boys they treat themselves to an old-fashioned training camp in the form of a long weekend in Barcelona. The match between Barcelona and Real Madrid is supposed to be the high point of the trip. However, not everything goes according to plan. On their way
Ides of March, The (2011)
Idealistic campaign worker Stephen Meyers has sworn to give all for Governor Mike Morris, a wild card presidential candidate whose groundbreaking ideas could change the political landscape. However, a brutal Ohio primary threatens to test Morris''s integrity. Stephen gets trapped in the down-and-dirty battle and finds himself caught up in a scandal where the only path to survival is to play both sides.
Hell and Back Again (2011)
In 2009, U.S. Marines launched a major helicopter assault on a Taliban stronghold in southern Afghanistan. Within hours of being dropped deep behind enemy lines, 25-year-old Sergeant Nathan Harris's unit (US Marines Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment) is attacked from all sides. Cut of
Flypaper (2011)
Tripp Kennedy ambles into a bank near closing time, just as two different gangs unwittingly converge to rob it. A shoot-out erupts, and Tripp tackles the smart, pretty teller, Kaitlin, to protect her. The gangs - one clearly made up of pros and the other a couple of buffoons named Peanut Butter and
Resident, The (2011)
Juliet, a beautiful doctor, has found the perfect New York apartment to start a new life after separating from her husband. It's got spacious rooms, a spectacular view, and a handy, handsome landlord. But there are secrets behind every wall and terror in every room as Juliet gets the unnerving feeli
Tiny Furniture (2010)
22-year-old Aura returns home to her artist mother's Tribeca loft with the following: a useless film theory degree, 357 hits on her Youtube page, a boyfriend who's left her to find himself at Burning Man, a dying hamster, and her tail between her legs. Luckily, her train-wreck childhood best friend
Myth of the American Sleepover, The (2010)
This story follows four young people on the last night of summer - their final night of freedom before the new school year starts. The teenagers cross paths as they explore the suburban wonderland they inhabit in search of love and adventure - chasing first kisses, elusive crushes, popularity and p
Wit Licht (2009)
A father goes to Africa in search of a lost child, only to find himself caught up in a civil war.
Limo (2009)
The adventures of four girls who find themselves in a village where time has stood still for 200 years.
Umut (2009)
Upon completing his jail term in an overseas prison, Yilmaz returns to his hometown to find his family has been torn apart and his 6-year-old son Umut, whom he hasn't seen since his birth, has grown into a total stranger. Facing the risk of losing his son forever, Yilmaz finds himself bargaining for
Last Lullaby, The (2009)
A hitman emerges from retirement for one last payday, but what seems like a routine assignment goes awry.
Zomerhitte (2008)
Follows a young photographer's misadventures with a sexy girl on the Dutch island of Texel.
Nothing to Lose (2008)
Johan is no longer eligible for treatment and will have to spend the rest of his life as a long-stay inmate in the psychiatric ward of a state penitentiary. But Johan says he is innocent of his sister's murder for which he has been convicted. Since nobody believes him, he escapes in order to prove h
Loft (2008)
Tells the story of five married men who keep a luxury apartment for romantic liaisons. When a dead girl is found hand-cuffed to the bed, accusations fly and plots are hatched to avoid discovery.
Sunshine Barry & the Disco Worms (2008)
Centers on a young earthworm named Barry who is fed up with being at the bottom of the food chain. All the other insects in the backyard consider earthworms to be major losers: no arms, no backbone and no brain! Barry's only future prospect is a boring "career" as middle manager in the composting bu
32A (2008)
A bittersweet coming of age tale set in the world of a 13-year-old girl in 1979 Dublin attending a catholic school for girls. The girls' strict routine is set off against the budding interest in the opposite sex and their own changing bodies, illustrated by their preoccupation with bras and bra-size
Dunya & Desie (2008)
Dunya and Desie are best friends. Both girls are 18 years old but that's about all they have in common. Dunya is Moroccan born and bred, and Desie is Dutch. When Dunya learns on her eighteenth birthday that her family has chosen a groom for her she is anything but delighted. She is to marry a distan
Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom (2007)
Sixteen years ago the most powerful magicians in the magical dimension made an incredible sacrifice in order to fight the darkest forces of evil. Now, the final destiny of the lost kingdom is in the hands of one girl: Bloom, the fairy of the Dragon's Flame. Accompanied as always by her friends from
Zoop In Zuid Amerika (2007)
The rangers from Ouwehands Animal Park are asked to help save the particularly rare Loro-Vlinder butterflies before they emerge from their cocoons and perish in the bush fires which rage on the South American continent. In the pampas of Argentina the group must face wild animals in their quest to s
Moordwijven (2007)
When three wealthy women hire a hit man to get rid of one of their cheating husbands, things do not go quite as they planned.
Partner (2007)
A suave man, well skilled in dealing with women, tries to help a shy guy with his relationship problems. Meanwhile, he himself falls for a young woman, which throws him completely as he forgets to practice what he preaches. The two men find that working together gets both of them what they want.
Firmin: Een Kip Is Soms Geen Hond (2007)
When the woman who broke his heart more than 20 years ago suddenly reappears, a former boxer seizes every chance to regain both his true love and sporting honor.
Drømmen (2006)
Thirteen year-old Frits has fallen out of favour with the headmaster of his provincial school. The year is 1969. The world is changing rapidly and corporal punishment has been banned. The tyrannical headmaster, however, hasn't bothered to notice. Frits spends his summer holidays watching the family'
Grudge 2, The (2006)
When a cast and crew of a TV show start filming in the apparently haunted house, strange things begin to happen to each of them.
Wild Romance (2006)
Follows the early years of Dutch rocker Herman Brood from 1974-1979. A self-professed rock'n'roll junkie, he was discovered by Koos Van Dijk, who later became his manager. Chronicles the relationship between Herman Brood and Koos Van Dijk as they go from virtual unknowns to local phenomenons.
Zoop in India (2006)
When the Zoo Rangers hear that a herd of elephants hav been kidnapped and are being held at a secret location somewhere in India, they travel all the way to the subcontinent to get to the bottom of it. While part of the group goes in search of the elephants, the others set out for Mumbai, as one of
Off Screen (2006)
On the six-month anniversary of 9/11, a disturbed 59-year-old bus driver took hostages in Amsterdam's Rembrandt Tower. The media makes him out to be a madman.
Upside of Anger, The (2005)
Sharp-witted Terry Wolfmeyer, a suburban wife and mother, has her life take an unusual turn when her husband unexpectedly disappears. Struggling to deal with his sudden absence, Terry finds herself increasingly at odds with her four headstrong daughters and regularly drowning her anger in alcohol, until she develops an offbeat relationship with her next-door neighbor, Denny. A once-great baseball star turned radio DJ, Denny becomes a drinking buddy for Terry and slowly evolves into her source of strength, as well as an ad-hoc father to her daughters. But things get complicated as Terry''s daughters grow accustomed to having Denny around while attempting to juggle not only their mother''s romantic dilemmas, but their own.
Edison (2005)
The story of a young reporter who takes down a corrupt group of elite cops with the help of his editor. Joshua Pollack, an ethical-to-a-fault cub journalist takes on an entire unit of corrupt cops, appropriately called F.R.A.T. Grappling with the intricacies of justice and the excesses of those who
Loft (2005)
Leiko, an award-winning writer, moves to the suburbs to finish her new novel in peace. She soon encounters a man in a storage room transporting an object wrapped in cloth, and learns he is the renowned archaeologist, Professor Yoshioka, researching ancient mummies. Leiko then witnesses a ghost, and
Into the Blue (2005)
Set in the deep, shark-infested waters of the Bahamas, four young divers discover a legendary shipwreck rumored to contain millions in gold at the bottom of the sea, they believe their dream of buried treasure has come true. But nearby on the ocean floor, a sunken plane full of illegal cargo threatens their find. The friends make a pact to keep quiet about both discoveries so they can excavate the shipwreck before a rival treasure hunter uncovers their secret and beats them to the gold. But their plan goes awry when they realize dangerous smugglers are already closing in on the missing plane, and one of the friends makes a fatal decision that quickly turns the treasure hunters into the hunted.
Two for the Money (2005)
Former college football star, Brandon Lane''s uncanny ability to predict the outcome of a game introduces him to an unexpected new career when his gridiron glory is sidelined by a crushing injury. Brandon''s talent makes him a prime candidate for recruitment by Walter Abraham, the head of one of the biggest sports consulting operations in the country. Walter hires the small town ex-athlete and grooms him into a shrewd front man. Brandon soon begins to enjoy his status as a Manhattan golden boy and finds himself growing comfortable with Walter''s high-rolling lifestyle. The surrogate father/surrogate son relationship fattens Walter''s business and personal accounts--until Brandon''s golden touch begins to falter at the same time that Walter''s manipulation of his protégé crosses the line. With millions of dollars on the line, Brandon and Walter engage in a deadly game of con versus con, each one trying to maintain the upper hand while everyone in their world, including Walter''s wife, Toni, are drawn into the escalating duel--where ultimately everything isn''t what it appears to be.
White Noise (2005)
Until the sudden and mysterious death of his beloved wife, architect Jonathan Rivers considered himself a decent, rational man, one who would not ordinarily subscribe to any theories about communicating with the dead.
Grudge, The (2004)
Karen is an exchange student studying social work in Japan who innocently agrees to cover for a nurse who didn''t show up for work. When she enters the assigned home, she discovers an elderly American woman, Emma, who is lost in a catatonic state while the rest of the house appears deserted and disheveled. As she is tending to the stricken old woman, Karen hears scratching sounds from upstairs. When she investigates, she is faced with a supernatural horror more frightening than she could ever imagine. Within this house, a chain of terror has been set in motion resulting from a terrifying evil that was born years before. As more people die, Karen is pulled into the cycle of horror and learns the secret of the vengeful curse that has taken root in this house. Now she must stop it before it''s too late.
Hush Hush Baby (2004)
A family of Moroccan immigrants to the Netherlands grapple with asserting themselves in their new culture and home.
Incantato (2003)
Nello Balocchi, a thirty-five-year-old teacher of Greek and Latin, is invited to Bologna by his father, the owner of the Papal tailor's shop in Rome. His father hopes Nello will find a soulmate in Bolgna and thus produce an heir for the business. Nello stays in a guesthouse run by Arabella, a wise w
Winter Guest (1997)
In a Scottish beach community filled with colorful locals, Frances, a newly widowed photographer, is toying with the idea of moving to Australia with her teenage son, Alex. Her mother aggressively forces her to choose between her loyalty to the living and the memory of the dead. While they argue, Alex is awkwardly approaching his first sexual experience with a young local girl while two old ladies are introduced as professional mourners who attend every funeral in town. The stories layer upon one another and address themes of life and death, age and youth.
Ma Vie En Rose (1997)
An ironic tale about a seven-year-old boy's gender confusion -- he dreams of being a girl -- and the repercussions this has on his family, classmates and neighbors.

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