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Malcolm McDowell


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Also Known As: Died:
Born: June 13, 1943 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Yorkshire, England, GB Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Walk of Fame (2017)
Drew gets more than he bargained for when he signs up for an acting class to get close to an attractive flight attendant and aspiring actress.
Roger Corman's Death Race 2050 (2017)
In this sequel, a brutal cruel cross-country car race unfolds in which drivers get points for running over pedestrians.
31 (2016)
Five carnival workers who are kidnapped the night before Halloween try to survive a terrifying game called "31" in which murderous maniacs dressed as clowns are hunting them.
Stuck (2014)
A top executive is killed in an apparent suicide leap from the skyscraper headquarters of Gault Capital. But when the dead man's loyal protégé Jane Porter uncovers some startling criminal evidence, the corporation calls in their 'crisis manager' to silence her forever. He will trap Jane in an elevat
Richard the Lionheart (2013)
The aging King Henry II has chosen his son Richard to lead England in the coming war against France. To test Richard's loyalty, honor and skill, Henry sends him to a hellish prison in which the captives must fight a never-ending stream of enemies in order to survive. As Richard overcomes each new ch
Monster Butler, The (2013)
Based on the true story of Roy Fontaine (born Archibald Hall) who fashioned himself into a model butler while also stealing from those he served before turning into a brutal killer.
Mind's Eye (2012)
A young high school musician discovers that the resonant sound of her violin triggers time and space to collapse around her.
Philadelphia Experiment, The (2012)
An update of a film that was inspired by an alleged World War II experiment, military scientists attempt to make a ship invisible to the enemy.
Silent Night (2012)
Santa is back, and he's got a brand new bag of tricks. As their small Midwestern town prepares for its annual Christmas Eve parade, Sheriff and his deputy discover that a maniac in a Santa suit is murdering those he judges as "naughty." Their sins? Porn, adultery, greed... And he will make sure the
Employer, The (2012)
Five qualified candidates have been interviewing for a job with the Carcharias Corporation, a large, successful conglomerate whose business practices are shrouded in mystery. On the night before the last round of interviews, they are all kidnapped and drugged. The next day, they wake up trapped toge
Antiviral (2012)
Syd March is an employee at a clinic that sells injections of live viruses harvested from sick celebrities to obsessed fans. Syd also supplies illegal samples of these viruses to piracy groups, smuggling them from the clinic in his own body. When he becomes infected with the disease that kills super
Excision (2012)
Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (2012)
Heather Mason has long been on the run, always one step ahead of dangerous forces that she does not fully understand. Now, on the eve of Heather's 18th birthday, plagued by horrific nightmares and the disappearance of her father, Heather discovers she is not who she thinks she is. The revelation lea
Golf in the Kingdom (2011)
En route to India in 1956 in search of enlightenment, a young American philosophy student - Michael Murphy - takes a Scottish detour to the "Links of Burningbush." Seeking to enjoy one last round before giving up his beloved game, he is unexpectedly paired with the mysterious and mischievous golf pr
The Artist (2011)
A silent screen swashbuckler faces career problems with the coming of sound.
Unleashed, The (2011)
Madison Kennard, a troubled woman dealing with her dark past, must venture home after an 8 year absence following her mothers death. Almost instantly after her return, Madison must cope with the haunting memories of a childhood best forgotten. Lindsay, a childhood friend of Madisons with an adventur
Barry Munday (2010)
Barry Munday, a suburban wanna-be ladies man, wakes up in the hospital after being attacked in a movie theater, only to realize that he is missing one of his most prized possessions... his testicles. To make matters worse, Barry learns he's facing a paternity lawsuit filed by a woman he can't rememb
Easy A (2010)
Olive, an average high school student, sees her below-the-radar existence turn around overnight once she decides to use the school's gossip grapevine to advance her social standing. Now, her classmates are turning against her and the school board is becoming concerned, including her favorite teacher and the distracted guidance counselor. With the support of her idiosyncratic parents and a little help from a long-time crush, Olive attempts to take on her notorious new identity and crush the rumor mill once and for all.
Antonio Vivaldi (2009)
Vivaldi, as a young priest, is assigned to serve as a music master of a school for the abandoned, illegitimate daughters of Venice's courtesans. He is plagued by debilitating bouts of asthma--as well as by doubts about the hypocrisy of the Catholic church. Vivaldi wins the trust and affection of the
Best Restaurant in the World. Ever., The (2009)
Set in a restaurant run by a chef with hyper-sensual powers, several different characters search for love on Valentine's Day.
Halloween 2 (2009)
It is that time of year again, and Michael Myers has returned home to sleepy Haddonfield, Illinois to take care of some unfinished family business. Unleashing a trail of terror, Myers will stop at nothing to bring closure to the secrets of his twisted past. But the town's got an unlikely new hero
Suck (2009)
A Faustian tale of a rock 'n' roll band that will do anything to achieve fame and fortune.
Coco Chanel (2008)
A biography of the French fashion designer and icon, Coco Chanel.
Doomsday (2008)
The year is 2008, and a pandemic threatens to wipe out the whole of the human race. For many in the United Kingdom--the epicenter of the outbreak--the end is nigh, so why bother to keep count? Within days of detection of the Reaper virus millions are infected in Scotland, the killer disease's home t
Cut Off (2008)
A modern day "Bonnie & Clyde." After Patricia's father cuts off her monthly allowance, she suggests that her boyfriend Pauly robs a bank. They settle for a check cashing joint which turns bad as one person is shot and another is killed. The get away car is gone so they hijack an ambulance and the ch
Bolt (2008)
For super-dog Bolt, every day is filled with adventure, danger and intrigue--at least until the cameras stop rolling. When the star of a hit TV show is accidentally shipped from his Hollywood soundstage to New York City, he begins his biggest adventure yet--a cross-country journey through the real w
Halloween (2007)
Following his fateful Halloween night murder rampage in the quiet town of Haddonfield, Illinois, Michael Myers begins 17 years of incarceration at the Smith's Grove Sanitarium maximum-security mental facility where he is treated by noted child behaviorist Dr. Samuel Loomis--the only person who can t
Mirror Wars (2007)
The top-secret Russian stealth fighter jet Sabertooth could be the weapon that gives Russia the military advantage over the U.S. So when the project's test pilots start being assassinated, suspicions abound: Could it be a former CIA operative or terrorists who have infiltrated the Russian Air Forc
List, The (2007)
After the battle of Gettysburg, a small group of South Carolina plantation owners realize that the fall of the Confederacy is inevitable. Coming together on a stormy night at the Rice Planter's Inn in Georgetown, S.C., they formulate a desperate plan to smuggle gold and silver to safe havens in Euro
Tempesta (2006)
American art appraiser, Patrick Donovan, is sent to Venice to authenticate three classical paintings belonging to the famous Galleria dell' Accademia. Arriving during heavy rains, he finds the Galleria besieged by floods and closed to the public. With the floodwaters rapidly rising, he examines two
Bye Bye Blackbird (2006)
The film is a beautiful but tragic love story set in a circus at the turn of the century, a tale of dreams, unrequited love and the flight in every trapeze artist's soul. Stunningly original, a visual feast. Original soundtrack by Mercury Rev.
Rag Tale (2005)
A satire on the British tabloids, in which a tyrannical chairman and the top editor battle for political supremacy--all played out in the pages of the press.
Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius (2004) as O.B. Keeler
Before Tiger Woods, before Jack Nicklaus, before professional sports became the behemoth industry that it is today, there shined one of the most gifted natural athletes the world has ever known: a man whose extraordinary talent and will to win earned him the Grand Slam of golf--a record he still holds to this day--and universal recognition as one of the greatest golfers in history. A reluctant hero, his grace and charm made him one of the popular figures of his day. His name was Bobby Jones, and his tale is the inspiring story of an extraordinary man struggling to find balance in his life. As a boy, his competitive zeal and mastery of the sport propelled him into the national spotlight drawing huge, even boisterous, crowds to the tournaments he played. But his fiery temper and pressure from family, friends, fans, and press turned his fun into toil. His fierce ambition collided with his personal integrity, and he faced the reality that the hopes, dreams and fortunes of the people he loved the most were being sacrificed for his career. Under this unbearable burden his heroic nature became clear. Completing degrees in mechanical engineering, English literature and law, he then fell in love with Mary Malone, and started a family, all the while planning an exit from the competitive world of golf, with hopes of returning to playing it for fun again, as he did as a boy. In the modern world, where the pure in spirit are hard to find, this is the story of a man who, in spite of his flaws, strove to be the best he could be. He was a great champion because he was the best at his game, but he was a hero because he realized there was something far more important in life than winning golf tournaments. In one of the most ironic twists of fate, Jones is crippled later in life with a degenerative back disorder, syringomyelia. True to his character, he never complained but stated simply that one must "play the ball as it lies." His living legacy is the Masters Golf Tournament played
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (2003) as Boad
Will Graham, the fierce and intelligent London gangster, has retreated to the forest to escape the crime life. He is always in control and always on the edge. Will is the haunted center around which the other characters circle: Helen, his jaded, more refined, former lover--a chic restaurateur; Jonat
Red Roses and Petrol (2003)
Amid a haze of cigarette smoke and uneaten food, the family of Enda Doyle gathers in Dublin for his wake. A university librarian, poet, and complicated man, he has left behind a trail of unresolved issues, a dysfunctional family, and a disturbing mystery. Enda's dazed widow, Moya, anxiously prepares
Company, The (2003) as Alberto Antonelli
A tale centering on the Chicago ballet company--the difficult daily work, the intense pressures of performance, the richly textured behaviors of the dancers--whose professional and personal lives grow impossibly close.
I Spy (2002) as Arnold Gundars
Special agent Alex Scott and middleweight world champion Kelly Robinson are reluctantly paired for a dangerous mission to recover the Switchblade, the U.S.''s latest and most technologically sophisticated reconnaissance aircraft. The prototype spy plane has fallen into the hands of a nefarious arms dealer, Arnold Gundars, who plans to sell it to the highest bidder - a rogue terrorist with access to nuclear warheads. After the U.S. government fails to retrieve the plane through the normal undercover channels, the president asks Robinson to provide civilian cover for agent Scott to find the stealth aircraft before the terrorist transforms it into a delivery system for weapons of mass destruction. Scott needs Robinson to penetrate Gundars'' palatial headquarters in Budapest. An avid boxing fan, Gundars is staging a championship bout between the undefeated Robinson (57-0) and the reigning European titleholder. The real contest takes place outside the ring, however, between the cocky Robinson and the put-upon Scott. After a series of near disasters, the two men finally bond in the depths of the Budapest sewer system. Robinson, the womanizer, coaches the shy, insecure Scott in the art of seduction so he can woo Rachel, the beautiful agent who is on assignment with them. In turn, Scott introduces Robinson to the dazzling world of espionage and high-tech spy gadgetry.
Between Strangers (2002) as Alan
The individual lives of three Toronto woman fighting their personal demons: a housewife married to a wheelchair bound husband who is unsupportive of her talent as an artist; a young photojournalist tormented by a picture she has taken of an Angolan child; and a famous cellist who has abandoned her
Just Visiting (2001) as Wizard
An American retelling of the 1993 French comedy which follows the tale of a French nobleman, Count Thibault of Malfete and his servant, who find themselves in modern-day Chicago--transported from the 12th century due to a wizard's flawed time-travel position. Confused, lost and overwhelmed, they mee
Princess of Thieves (2001) as Sheriff Of Nottingham
An adaptation of the classic Robin Hood story that focuses on Robin Hood''s 18-year-old daughter, Gwyn, the Princess of Thieves, and her Sherwood Forest adventures. Set in 12th century England, Gwyn has inherited the beauty of her late mother, Marion, and the bravery of her father, Robin Hood. After growing up under the watchful eye of Friar Tuck and her best friend, Froderick, Gwyn is ready to follow in her father''s footsteps, though her father would rather see her become a proper lady. As the frail King Richard nears death, Robin Hood and his Merry Men are summoned to insure that his heir, the handsome Prince Philip, gains his rightful seat on the throne. Trouble awaits as King Richard''s brother, the sinister Prince John, will stop at nothing to become King. Prince John has enlisted the help of the shrewd Sheriff of Nottingham to assassinate Prince Philip. When Robin Hood and his men are caught in a trap, Gwyn is the only one who can save Robin and bring Philip to the throne.
David Cassidy Story, The (2000) as Jack Cassidy
Biopic about David Cassidy that traces his life from boyhood, when his father, Broadway star Jack Cassidy, left David and his mother to marry actress/singer Shirley Jones. At the age of 19, David became a popular recording artist and starred in the television series "The Partridge Family" with Shirl
Gangster No. 1 (2000) as Gangster 55
In London's Soho section in the 1960's, a leading gangster boss teaches his ambitious young apprentice the secrets of his trade.
Southern Cross (1999)
A musician inherits a fortune after his father disappears in a mining accident.
My Life So Far (1999) as Uncle Morris
A childhood memoir of growing up in an eccentric family in 1920s Scotland following a year in the life of 10 year-old Fraser Pettigrew. Fraser lives in the castle-like mansion of the Macintosh clan with his widowed grandmother, Gamma, his mother Moira and his father, the handsome gentleman inventor
Terminal Countdown (1999) as Seward
A tough-as-nails CIA officer, a young Y2K computer genius and the burnt-out, sarcastic designer of a top-secret missile silo in the Colombian jungles are flown in to the site of the U.S. nuclear facility -- established in the 1960s -- as part of a team to destabilize its computer because it thinks i
Wing Commander (1999) as Admiral Tolwyn
Earth year 2564. The Confederation is engaged in a brutal war with the bloodthirsty alien race the Kilrathi. The Kilrathi have captured a computer navigation device, which they plan to use to jump behind enemy lines and attack Earth. Only three young space pilots and their elite fighter squadron sta
AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies (1998)
This American Film Institute special covers the full spectrum of American movie making from westerns to musicals focussing on the top 100 films chosen by the AFI including Psycho, On the Waterfront, E.T. - The extra-terrestrial, West Side Story, Citizen Kane, 2001, and many others.
Gardener, The (1998)
Beautiful women keep disappearing in a garden maintained by a gardener who harbors painful memories of a former girlfriend.
First 9 1/2 Weeks, The (1998)
Storywise, a prequel to "9 1/2 Weeks" directed by Adrian Lyne, the thriller fleshes out the background of his 1986 release: The young and beautiful Emily Dubois introduces strait-laced stockbroker Matt Wade to a world of forbidden pleasures and delicious madness.
Mr. Magoo (1997) as Austin Cloquet
Myopic millionaire Mr. Quincy Magoo accidentally takes possession of a cache of stolen gems and becomes the target of evil culprits. Despite their efforts, however, Magoo consistently escapes unharmed and remains oblivious to the dangers that surround him. Magoo ultimately nabs the villains with the help of his nephew Waldo and his trusting bulldog Angus.
Asylum (1997) as Doc--Sullivan Rane
A private eye goes under cover to investigate a murder in an insane asylum. Getting himself committed, he poses as a patient to find the killer of a resident psychiatrist.
Hydrosphere (1996) as Sean Murdoch
In the year 2130 A.D., the mega-tanker Lilith needs a captain and the huge Proxate Corporation wants the desperate and half-drunk Sean Murdoch. Murdoch hasn't captained a ship since sinking his last assignment and is desperate for a job. However, he quickly realizes he is in for more than he barga
Surgeon, The (1996) as Dr Roger Stein
When a medical researcher with his own agenda makes an exciting discovery, he invents a surgical implant that will save thousands of lives. But when one of his patients dies in agony, another doctor is forced to take the blame.
Yesterday's Target (1996) as Holden
Three unique time travellers with advanced intelligence are sent back to the past to help rewrite a future gone wrong. They are beset with temporary amnesia when they arrive and are immediately hunted down by a government agency bent on annihilating them.
Where Truth Lies (1996) as Dr Vernon Renquist
A doctor develops a new mind-expanding drug which he experiments with on animals--until he is caught and put on trial.
Wing Commander III: The Heart of the Tiger (1995) as Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn
The Terran Confederation of humans will lose the war with the cat-like race of the Kilrathi if they cannot destroy Kilrah, the homeworld of their enemies. The only man who can do the job is Colonel Christopher Blair, known by the Kilrathi as "The Heart of the Tiger."
Fist of the North Star (1995) as Ryuken
Set in a post-nuclear future, a warrior son seeks to avenge the murder of his father and thereby restore order to the world and also free his love from captivity.
Cyborg 3 The Recycler (1995) as Lord Talon
Cyborg parts are a cash crop in this evil futuristic underworld of Cybordellos, Mechano-whores, Humanoids and Recyclers. One Cyborg finds her safety shattered when she learns the bio-mechanical problems she's been having are because she's pregnant, making her the first of her kind to become a creato
Man Who Wouldn't Die, The (1995) as Bernard Drake
A down-on-his-luck novelist teams up with a psychic to track down the notorious villain whose real-life crimes had previously been material for the author's books.
Tank Girl (1995) as Kesslee
Set in the year 2033, when an ecological cataclysm has ravaged the land, leaving water the most rare and coveted resource. Out of this brutal landscape emerges Rebecca Buck, a warrior-chick with an attitude... and a tank. Sexy, smart and outspoken, with a completely irreverent sense of humor, Tank G
Star Trek: Generations (1994) as Soren
As the maiden voyage of the third Enterprise is occuring, it is called to save two ships from an energy ribbon, in which Kirk dies. However years later he is needed by Picard to stop an evil villian.
Dangerous Indiscretion (1994) as Roger Everett
Jim Lomax is a hip ladies man who works for an advertising agency. When he meets a beautiful woman named Caroline, they begin a passionate affair. But he soon finds out that she's married to a wealthy, influential, and dangerous businessman.
Seasons of the Heart (1994) as Alfred Mcginnis
The secure, structured life of a publishing executive is turned upside-down when she is forced to raise a grandson abandoned by her daughter.
Milk Money (1994) as Waltzer
Twelve-year-old Frank Wheeler and his two best friends--all on the brink of puberty--decide that it's about time they see a real live naked lady. So they pool their milk money, set out on their bicycles, and leave the suburbs for the big city, where women are rumored to be willing to take their clot
Fatal Pursuit (1994)
An ex-cop turned private eye and his sidekick find more than they bargained for when they team up with a feisty female, British investigator. The team must recover the $8 million in diamonds taken in a heist. The mastermind of the robbery, and his gorgeous French cohort, stop at nothing--including b
Happily Ever After (1993) as Voice Of Lord Maliss
An animated "sequel" to the classic fairytale "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."
Bopha! (1993) as De Villiers
Anti-apartheid story about a black family living in a township outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. The father is the senior black police officer in his township who has risen to power under Afrikaner rule. His son, however, favors majority rule and is an instigator in the student uprising against
East Wind (1993) as General Smyslowosky
Russian refugees are protected from Stalin by a neutral Liechtenstein.
Second Greatest Story Ever Told, The (1993) as Gabriel
Brooklyn, 1960 A.D. Mary Weinstein, a nice, Jewish virgin, doesn't feel so well. No wonder. She's pregnant.
Night Train to Venice (1993) as Stranger
A British journalist travels on the Orient express to Venice where he hopes to deliver his expose story--on the neo-Nazi movement in Germany--to his publisher. Various adventures on the train occur, inclduing the arrival of vicious neo-Nazi skinheads who spread terror and violence all around.
The Player (1992) as Himself
A rising producer tries to cover up the accidental killing of a screenwriter who was stalking him.
Moon 44 (1991) as Major Lee
Sci-fi adventure about rival companies warring over mining rights in outer space after the Earth's depletion of natural resources.
Assassin of the Tsar (1991) as Timofeyev; Yurovsky
A doctor in an insane asylum becomes fascinated with a patient, who although supposedly cured of his belief that he is the assassin of Czar Nicholas II, appears to know more than he should about the murder.
Chain of Desire (1991) as Hubert Bailey
Erotic entanglements develop between the sophisticates who frequent a trendy New York City nightclub.
Jezebel's Kiss (1990) as Ben Faberson
Twenty years after her grandfather's death, a woman seeks revenge against his killers.
Schweitzer (1990) as Dr Albert Schweitzer
Doctor Albert Schweitzer refuses, despite pressure from his various sponsors, to avail his hospital in the French Congo of more modern methods.
In the Eye of the Snake (1990) as Professor Baldwin
A lonely young snake collector falls in love with a beautiful but troubled research assistant.
Maggio Musicale (1990) as Pf
An opera producer tries to put together a production of "La Boheme."
Class of 1999 (1990) as Dr Miles Langford
A gang of students fight back when their teachers, actually former combat droids from recent US campaigns in Latin America, begin killing off students in this futuristic tale, a sequel to the "Class of 1984" (USA/1982).
Disturbed (1990) as Dr Russell
A doctor at a mental hospital terrorizes the patients.
Il Maestro (1989) as Goldberg
Near the end of World War II, an unlikely friendship develops between a famous conductor and a mediocre musician while both are in hiding from the Nazis.
Buy and Cell (1988) as Warden Tennant
An imprisoned stockbroker makes a fortune for himself and his fellow inmates while behind bars.
Sunset (1988) as Alfie Alperin
Fictional story about silent western film star Tom Mix playing his hero Wyatt Earp.
Caller, The (1987) as The Caller
Arthur the King (1985) as Arthur
The Arthurian legend, distilled curiously through an Alice in Wonderland-type device (Dyan Cannon is a contemporary tourist who, while wandering around Stonehenge, tumbles into a hole in the ground and comes face to face with King Arthur and subjects), provided the framework of this rather bizarre e
Gulag (1985) as Kenneth Barrington
A television movie about an American sportscaster who is railroaded by the KGB into a Russian labor camp. Struggling against the bitter cold and cruelty of the camp guards, he plots a daring escape with the help of a fellow prisoner.
Compleat Beatles, The (1984) as Narration
Get Crazy (1983) as Reggie Wanker
Blue Thunder (1983) as Colonel Cochrane
Cross Creek (1983) as Maxwell Perkins
Britannia Hospital (1983) as Mike
Cat People (1981) as Paul Gallier
Irina, a beautiful and mysterious young woman travels to New Orleans to meet her brother, Paul for the first time. What Irina doesn't know is that Paul harbors an ancient secret about their family. A secret that threatens to destroy them both.
Caligula (1979) as Caligula
The rise and fall of the notorious Roman Emperor Caligula, showing the violent methods that he employs to gain the throne, and the subsequent insanity of his reign - he gives his horse political office and humiliates and executes anyone who even slightly displeases him. He also sleeps with his sister, organises elaborate orgies and embarks on a fruitless invasion of England before meeting an appropriate end. There are various versions of the film, ranging from the heavily- truncated 90-minute version to the legendary 160-minute hardcore version which leaves nothing to the imagination (though the hardcore scenes were inserted later and do not involve the main cast members).
Passage, The (1979) as Captain Von Berkow
A Basque guide tries to help an American family, the Bergsons, avoid the Nazis and escape occupied France via a snowy mountain pass.
Time After Time (1979) as H G Wells
When Jack the Ripper steals his time machine, author H.G. Wells travels to modern-day San Francisco to track him down.
Aces High (1977) as Major John Gresham
A naive young officer straight from school arrives on the Western front to fight the air war against the Germans. However, the life expectancy of green pilots is not very good.
Voyage Of The Damned (1976) as Max Gunther
A luxury liner carries Jewish refugees from Hitler''''s Germany in a desperate fight for survival.
Royal Flash (1976) as Flashman
O Lucky Man! (1973) as Mick
A surrealist musical about a coffee salesman in Europe.
A Clockwork Orange (1971) as Alex [DeLarge]
Scientists use mind-control experiments to turn a gang leader against violence.
Figures in a Landscape (1971) as Ansell
Two escaped convicts (Robert Shaw and Malcolm McDowell) are on the run in an unnamed Latin American country. But everywhere they go, they are followed and hounded by a menacing black helicopter.
Raging Moon, The (1970) as Bruce
Bruce Pritchard is paralysed in a soccer game and is confined to a wheelchair in a convalescence home. But this doesn't slow his lust for life. Then he meets Jill and has to think about the effects of disability.
If.... (1969) as Mick Travers
In an inditement of the British Boys School, we follow Mick and his mostly younger friends through a series of indignities and occasionally abuse as any fond feelings toward these schools are destroyed. When Mick and his friends rebel, violently, the catch phrase, "which side would you be on" becomes quite stark.
Poor Cow (1968) as Billy
A young woman lives a life filled with bad choices. She marries and has a child with an abusive thief at a young age who quickly ends up in prison. Left alone she takes up with his mate (another thief) who seems to give her some happiness but who also ends up in the nick. She then takes up with a series of seedy types who offer nothing but momentary pleasure. Her son goes missing and she briefly comes to grips with what is most important to her.

Writer (feature film)

Never Apologize: A Personal Visit with Lindsay Anderson (2007)
A live documentary of Malcolm McDowell's celebration of Lindsay Anderson, their highs and lows, and their encounters with colleagues Alan Bates, Bette Davis, John Ford, John Gielgud, Lillian Gish, Laurence Olivier, Richard Harris and Rachel Roberts.

Producer (feature film)

Monster Butler, The (2013)
Based on the true story of Roy Fontaine (born Archibald Hall) who fashioned himself into a model butler while also stealing from those he served before turning into a brutal killer.
Never Apologize: A Personal Visit with Lindsay Anderson (2007)
A live documentary of Malcolm McDowell's celebration of Lindsay Anderson, their highs and lows, and their encounters with colleagues Alan Bates, Bette Davis, John Ford, John Gielgud, Lillian Gish, Laurence Olivier, Richard Harris and Rachel Roberts.
O Lucky Man! (1973) as Producer
A surrealist musical about a coffee salesman in Europe.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

O Lucky Man! (1973)
A surrealist musical about a coffee salesman in Europe.
O Lucky Man! (1973)
A surrealist musical about a coffee salesman in Europe.

Cast (special)

Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures (2001) as Interviewee
Film clips, home movies and interviews explore the career of director Stanley Kubrick.
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Thrills (2001) as Interviewee
Special that reveals America's 100 most heart-pounding films, as chosen by leaders of the entertainment community.
Faces of Evil (2000) as Narration
Through wide-ranging interviews, vintage clips, original film footage and case studies, explores why we are both repelled and drawn to evil.
Great White Down Under (2000) as Narration
Documentary that explores the unique relationships that have formed between humans and sharks in the ocean waters surrounding the island continent of Australia. From scientists on the cutting-edge of marine research, to a government struggling with the dilemma of protecting swimmers from being attac
Sharks of the Deep Blue (1999) as Narration
Documentary that examines the sharks that patrol deep offshore waters, including the oceanic white-tip shark and the bull shark.
Hometown Heroes (1998) as Interviewee
An annual one-hour television special recognizing individuals doing heroic things for kids in our hometowns.
CBS Discovery Channel Special: The Lion's Pride (1996) as Narration
Nature special looks at the private world of lions and their social network, the pride, revealing the vicious and sometimes desperate struggle for survival and the constant tension between male and female.
Reluctant Vampire, The (1991) as Longtooth
An episode of "Tales From the Crypt," the horror, anthology series for HBO. An unwilling vampire takes a job in a blood bank. When his office is threatened with a shortage, he takes to the streets in search of fresh blood.
One Man in His Time: A Tribute to Laurence Olivier (1990)
A documentary on the life and career of actor/producer/director Laurence Olivier during the fourteen years he worked on television projects. The program also includes interviews with Olivier as well as clips from his television projects.
She Fell Among Thieves (1980) as Richard Chandos
The initial presentation of the PBS series, "Mystery!"

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Can of Worms (1999) as Voice Of Barnabus
Kids of the Round Table (1995) as Merlin

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Firestarter: Rekindled (2002) as John Rainbird
Sequel to the Stephen King novel and theatrical film, "Firestarter," which picks up 20 years later. Charlene, also known as Charlie, has stayed on the run from the government that created her -- and killed her parents. Tired of running, Charlie searches for answers to her dangerous and out-of-contro
Monte Carlo (1986) as Christopher Quinn
A two-part miniseries set on the eve of World War II in Monte Carlo and focusing on the adventures and love-life of Katrina Petrovna, a Russian chanteuse and double-agent who is determined to avenge her husband's death at the hands of the Gestapo.

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