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Valerie Mccaffrey

Valerie Mccaffrey


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Director (feature film)

Wish You Were Dead (2002) as Director
A twisted love story focusing on a sexy hit woman, her equally-bad rival and the poetry-reciting insurance investigator she's hired to kill.

Producer (feature film)

Lost & Found in Armenia (2013)
Bill is an American tourist who goes on a vacation to Turkey to get his mind off of a bad break up. Through a turn of events, he ends up in a small village in Armenia where he is accused of being a Turkish spy. It is in that small village that he meets a beautiful Armenian girl who helps him escape
Resurrection Mary (2007)
A young man meets a girl who might be a ghost, but matters turn serious when his friends start dying under mysterious circumstances.
Zyzzyx Rd. (2006)
After the accidental death of her ex-boyfriend, a woman and her one-night-stand drive his body out into the desert to dump it, but one of them turns out to be a dangerous psychotic.
Lies My Mother Told Me (2005)
Based on a true story of a seductive con woman whose crooked schemes force her to move from town to town while remaining devoted to her daughter. Ultimately, her cons lead her to California, where she meets and marries a wealthy litigator and horse breeder. When her husband learns of her secret li

Casting (feature film)

Chasing Shakespeare (2014)
A Native-American woman with a love of Shakespeare and an African-American man start a romance.
Petit (2014)
A businesswoman who desperately wants a child but cannot conceive goes to the Czech Republic and enlists the help of a local drug addict to purchase a child who would otherwise be condemned to a life of prostitution.
Wishin' and Hopin' (2014)
A fifth grader at a parochial school in 1964, Felix Funicello (distant cousin to Annette) navigates the sometimes treacherous terrain of a Catholic school as he looks forward to two things: his sure- to-be-memorable appearance on a kids' TV show, and the upcoming Tableaux Vivants his class is perfor
Dark Haul (2014)
A team of secretive guardians transport a deadly creature and its half-human sister to a secure location, but the beast escapes and threatens to fulfill a prophecy - by destroying the world.
Lost & Found in Armenia (2013)
Bill is an American tourist who goes on a vacation to Turkey to get his mind off of a bad break up. Through a turn of events, he ends up in a small village in Armenia where he is accused of being a Turkish spy. It is in that small village that he meets a beautiful Armenian girl who helps him escape
Run (2013)
A young thief and parkour aficionado accidentally draws unwanted attention to his family.
Dose of Reality (2013)
Matt and Tony, who work in a bar, find Rose, a gorgeous woman passed out in the bar's restroom. When she awakes, Rose identifies Matt as her rapist -- prompting Tony to tie her up until she comes to her senses.
Lancelot (2012)
When Dean falls for Isabel, who is deeply committed to a medieval role-playing game called "The Order of the Green Falcon," he must discover the true meaning of chivalry and battle Isabel's unstable ex-boyfriend Roger.
Last Call (2012)
Chronically underachieving cousins Danny and Phil O'Donnell are forced to run the family pub in order to save their crazy Uncle Pete from jail and financial ruin.
Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure, The (2012)
The Oogieloves try to save their friends' surprise birthday party after the magical balloons of Lovelyloveville go missing.
Army Bratz (2011)
Two bubbly female cousins accidentally join the Army, but inexplicably manage to excel as soldiers.
Good Intentions (2010)
Etta's hopeless husband Chester, wannabe entrepreneur and liquor store owner, blows every nickel he makes trying to get rich on hare-brained inventions. After their young boys, Shane and Chris sneak off to try smoking and blow up the backyard shed full of Chester's homemade fireworks, Etta realizes
Area 51 (2010)
Three curious teenagers head to the mythic "Area 51" section of Nellis Air Force Base in the Nevada desert.
Train (2009)
A group of American college athletes find themselves on a dangerous train in Europe.
Way of War, The (2009)
A paramilitary operative goes on a rampage after he discovers a war conspiracy.
Hero Wanted (2008)
A small town trash collector stages a robbery so he can impress a girl by being the hero and stopping it.
Blue Hour, The (2008)
Happy is a talented teenage graffiti muralist with a passion for spray paint and Hip Hop. Her playground is the concrete banks of the Los Angeles River. While painting a mural of her trademark Payasa, a sad-faced Lady Clown, she encounters Sal, a mentally challenged homeless man who attempts to make
Disfigured (2008)
The story of an unexpected friendship between two women--one obese, the other anorexic.
Dukes, The (2007)
In the late 1960s, "The Dukes," Danny and George were on top of the world--a couple of hit records, and all the champagne they could drink. Life was a dream. Now, in 2007, when no one knows their name, they are estranged from the other group members and can barely pay the bills. Their loyal manager,
Within (2007)
The greatest dangers lie within.
Antique (2007)
The intersecting lives of eight residents in Echo Park, all in search of freedom from their painful pasts.
Zyzzyx Rd. (2006)
After the accidental death of her ex-boyfriend, a woman and her one-night-stand drive his body out into the desert to dump it, but one of them turns out to be a dangerous psychotic.
Pipeline (2006)
Six childhood friends paddled into the waves at Banzai Pipeline on the night of October 14, 2001--only five paddled back to shore. Four years later, the survivors are haunted by the memory of what they vowed to forget.
Hard Candy (2005) as Casting
A smart, charming teenage girl, Hayley probably shouldn't be going to a local coffee shop to meet Jeff, a 30-something fashion photographer she met on the Internet. But before she knows it, she's mixing drinks at Jeff's place and stripping for an impromptu photo shoot. It's Jeff's lucky night. But H
Hebrew Hammer, The (2003) as Casting Director
Mordechai Jefferson Carver, aka 'The Hebrew Hammer', is an Orthodox stud, who goes on a mission to save Hanukkah. When Santa Claus' evil son Damien is pushed over the edge by his father's liberal policies, he does away with the Christian patriarch. Subsequently stepping into his father's role, Damie
Bachelor, The (1999) as Casting
Twenty-nine-year-old bachelor Jimmy has been dating Ann for three years and feels compelled to finally ask for her hand in marriage. However when he does, the proposal comes out all wrong. Instead of accepting his offer she walks out on him. When Jimmy's grandfather dies, leaving a will stipulating that his grandson must marry by age 30 or forfeit a $100 million inheritance, he tries desperately to either win her back or find a new bride -- with his next birthday only 27 hours away.
Legend of 1900, The (1999) as Casting
An orphan is born on a cruise ship in 1900, and left in a lemon crate in the ballroom. The baby is raised by a machinist on the ship, Danny Boodman, who hides him in the great ship's belly. The boy becomes known simply as 1900. Knowing nothing of the world beyond the coal room and his porthole view
Detroit Rock City (1999) as Casting
A coming-of-age story that rocks four worlds: a story of four midwestern High Schoolers on an unstoppable quest to snag a quartet of KISS concert tickets. Over the course of one magical night, each undergoes a harrowing and hilarious experience as their insatiable desire to see their favorite band is pitted against authoritarian nightmares, parental hypocrisy, trials of conscience and the persistent influence of disco. What begins as the passionate pursuit of a rock 'n' roll fantasy turns into a series of hair-pin turns and comic misadventures with one over-riding goal: the liberty to pursue their own dreams.
Dark City (1998) as Casting
A cop tries to help an amnesiac fugitive, suspected of being a serial killer, to discover the truth about his past. He finds that his memories and his reality as he knows it are, in fact, artificial creations controlled by a fiendish underworld of ominous beings knows as The Strangers.
American History X (1998) as Casting
A white supremacist realizes his wrongs and attempts to change his brother as well as others.
Money Talks (1997) as Casting
On the weekend of his wedding, tabloid television journalist James Russell is in need of a scoop. He finds it when a famous jewel thief, Villard, escapes from prison while handcuffed to Franklin Hatchett, a ticket scalper. Once the burglar and Franklin are separated, the latter teams up with Russell to locate a Villard's hidden cache of diamonds.
Most Wanted (1997) as Casting
Sargeant James Dunn, a decorated Desert Storm commando, is convicted of killing a superior officer and is sentenced to die in a military prison. He is visited by Lt Colonel Grant Casey, leader of an covert assassination squad known as the "Black Sheep." Casey offers Dunn a chance to escape from prison if he agrees to help kill a reclusive industrialist who is selling deadly biotech secrets on the black market. The hit goes terribly wrong resulting in the death of the First Lady who was attending the dedication of a medical building with the industrialist. Dunn discovers he has been set up as the triggerman and must rely on his survival skills to elude the massive manhunt tracking him through the streets of LA. To clear his name, Dunn kidnaps Dr Victoria Constantini, an eyewitness with a video of the assassination attempt. Nevertheless, his greatest obstacle remains the $10 million bounty on his head.
B.A.P.S. (1997) as Casting
Nisi and Mickey have big hearts and an even bigger dream: to open the world's first combo soul food restaurant/hair salon. In an effort to earn money to jump-start their plan, they audition for a music video in Los Angeles and, through an unusual turn of events, end up assisting a Beverly Hills butler, and caring for an aging millionaire who welcomes the girls into his mansion. As they are "livin' large and takin' charge" in the land of the rich and famous, they find themselves in the middle of a plot to bilk the millionaire out of his money.
Island of Dr. Moreau, The (1996) as Casting
A brilliant geneticist, Dr. Moreau and his assistant Montgomery are on the brink of revolutionizing science when Edward Douglas becomes stranded on their remote island. At first glance, this tropical paradise seems idyllic. But deep in the jungle lies a terrifying secret. Moreau and Montgomery have been performing gene-splicing research on animals to create a superior breed of human being, and that experiment has gone terribly wrong. They have ignored the most fundamental law of the jungle: survival of the fittest. Roaming free, these beast-people are highly intelligent with murderous instincts. Their thirst for blood is pacified through a combination of sedatives and shock discipline. But events triggered by Douglas' unexpected arrival are about to break Moreau's God-like dominion over these resentful creatures. As the crisis escalates, Douglas must escape the clutches of his captors and find a way off the island before he becomes a part of Moreau's final horrifying experiment.
Mother Night (1996) as Casting (Los Angeles)
Howard W. Campbell Jr., an American writer living in pre-World War II Germany, is pressed into service by the U.S. government on a top secret assignment. His mission: to assume the role of a Nazi sympathizer. With his true purpose known by only a few, Campbell becomes a prominent spokesman for the Nazis' anti-American and anti-semitic agenda, gaining celebrity in Germany and infamy in the States. Campbell's nightmarish misadventures continue when, years after the war, he is suddenly recognized as the infamous Howard W. Campbell. All at once, he is persecuted by outraged Holocaust survivors, pursued by the U.S. authorities as a traitor, and embraced by neo-Nazis and white supremacists who feel nostalgia for the "good old days." Ultimately, Campbell is imprisoned in Israel and ordered to stand trial as a Nazi war criminal. During his incarceration, he struggles with own uncertainty as to whether he actually a hero, a villain, or both.
Now and Then (1995) as Casting Consultant
Roberta, Tina, Samantha and Christina are four of the brightest and most successful women from Shelby, Indiana. During the summer of 1970, these once inseparable childhood friends breezed through heady days of cemetery seances, padded bras, and tell-all truth or dare sessions. It was the year they turned 12. The year they discovered what boys look like naked. The year they made the friendship pact that has lasted into adulthood. But it was also the year that their not-so-innocent world of childhood adventure was first cracked--by the reality of divorce and the eerie specter of a 25-year-old murder mystery. As the film begins, they've gathered together again to fulfill the promise they made that fateful summer and to attempt to solve one final mystery: how the girls they were at 12 could possibly have become the women they are now.
Babe (1995) as Casting
A piglet won by Farmer Hoggett as a raffle prize is raised by Fly, the matriarch sheepdog, as one of her own. His owner senses something special in Babe and makes sure he learns sheep herding along with his new brothers. Babe proves so adept, in fact, that Farmer Hoggett enters him in the world shee
We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story (1993) as Casting
Four prehistoric dinosaurs, magically transformed into intelligent and gentle creatures, travel via space ship to the 21st century where they befriend a street-smart boy and a poor-little-rich girl.
Out On A Limb (1992) as Additional Casting
An investment banker, looking up his sister, loses all his expensive trappings, including a phone number worth $160 million dollars, in a remote town inhabited by a lot of strange folks.
Babe, The (1992) as Casting
Story about Babe Ruth, the man and the legend, and the woman who forced him to confront the one thing that threatened his dominance over the game of baseball - his fast-paced lifestyle.
American Tail: Fievel Goes West, An (1991) as Casting
Fievel Mousekowitz and his family, struggling to survive in New York City, decide to head out west looking for adventure and a better life.
Problem Child (1990) as Casting
A couple adopts a trouble-making brat.
True Blood (1989) as Casting
A man framed for murder tries to save his brother who has been drawn into a life of crime.
Viper (1988) as Casting
After her husband's mysterious death, Laura discovers that the killers are linked to a corrupt government anti-terror operation called Viper.
Three O'Clock High (1987) as Casting Coordinator
A mild-mannered nerd is forced into a fight with the school bully-scheduled to begin at exactly three p.m.
Cross My Heart (1987) as Casting Coordinator
David and Kathy have had a couple of dates, and things are going well. But their third date is producing a lot of anxiety in David who was already nervous about scaring Kathy off with the news that he has a child, and now he's lost his job. During the evening, he begins to make up little lies about his situation, and before long the lies get bigger and things become very complicated.
Jaws The Revenge (1987) as Casting Coordinator (Los Angeles)
Amity Island has been plagued for years by a huge shark that has killed many people, including Ellen Brody's husband who lost his life while trying to catch the monster. Now Sean Brody, one of Ellen's two sons, has been killed by the shark. Ellen travels to the Bahamas to comfort her other son, Michael, who is a marine biologist, and to enlist his help in stopping the shark's reign of terror.

Special Thanks (feature film)

Blink of An Eye (1999) as Special Thanks ("A Very Special Thank You")
Tommy is a 28-year-old man who escaped his hellish childhood by murdering his abusive father. After a prison stint, Tommy's work release program gives him a shot at a new life when he is placed as a cook at St. Michael's School in L.A, There he meets Guillermo, a neighborhood kid who is committed to

Casting (TV Mini-Series)

Joe and Max (2002) as Casting

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