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Also Known As: Died: February 28, 1978
Born: March 29, 1905 Cause of Death: complications following surgery
Birth Place: Highland Park, California, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Killer Who Wouldn't Die, The (1976) as Soong
A former cop who now operates a charter boat service following the unsolved bombing murder of his wife is called on to look into the killing of a close friend, an undercover agent, and ends up in Hawaii entangled in a network of intrigue and espionage. This pilot to an unsold series called "Ohanian"
Jonathan Livingston Seagull (1973) as Voice Of Chang
Jonathan is sick and tired of the boring life in his sea-gull clan. He rather experiments with new, always more daring flying techniques. Since he doesn't fit in, the elders expel him from the clan. So he sets out to discover the world beyond the horizon in quest for wisdom.
The World's Greatest Athlete (1973)
A washed-up coach saves his career when he discovers a jungle boy who''''s a natural athlete.
Kung Fu (1972) as Master Kan
A young Chinese-American, fleeing a murder charge in China, becomes the champion of oppressed laborers building the transcontinental railroad in the American West of the 1870s. This was the pilot for the popular series (1972-75).
Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967) as Tea
A small-town girl hits the big city in search of romance Roaring Twenties style.
The Karate Killers (1967) as Sazami Kyushu
The men from U.N.C.L.E. fight off karate-chopping henchmen to track down a secret formula.
Paradise--Hawaiian Style (1966) as Moki
Rick Richards is a helicopter pilot who wants to set up a charter flying service in Hawaii -- along the way he makes some friends, including a young Hawaiian girl and her father, romances Judy Hudson, and sings a few songs.
Shock Corridor (1963) as Dr. Fong
A reporter fakes insanity to crack a murder committed in an asylum.
Diamond Head (1963) as Emekona
A rich Hawaiian pineapple grower tries to control everything and everyone around him, including his headstrong sister.
Confessions of an Opium Eater (1962) as Ching Foon
A Girl Named Tamiko (1962) as Akiba
An American, living in Japan, tries to get a visa back to the States, but when he meets and falls in love with a traditional Japanese girl, he's torn between staying or going.
The Great Impostor (1961) as Hun Kim
Based on a true story, a bright young man who hasn't the patience for the normal way of advancement finds that people rarely question you if your papers are in order. He becomes a marine, a monk, a surgeon onboard a Canadian Warship, and a prison warden.
One-Eyed Jacks (1961) as Uncle
An outlaw seeks revenge on the old friend who betrayed him.
Never So Few (1959) as Nautaung
A U.S. military troop takes command of a band of Burmese guerillas during World War II.
Yesterday's Enemy (1959) as Maj. Yamazaki
A British captain will stop at nothing to capture a Burmese village from the Japanese.
Hong Kong Confidential (1958) as Chung
Secret agents set out to rescue a kidnapped Arab prince.
Battle Hymn (1957) as Old man [Lu Ahn]
A minister resists turning to violence while trying to help orphans during the Korean War.
The Way to the Gold (1957) as Mr. Ding
Around the World in 80 Days (1956) as
A Victorian gentleman bets that he can beat the world's record for circling the globe.
Jump into Hell (1955) as Chinese lieutenant
This film reenacts the battle of Dien Bien Phu, focusing on the struggles of the French troops stationed in Vietnam.
The Left Hand of God (1955) as Jan Teng
The new priest at a Chinese mission takes an unorthodox approach to spreading God''''s word.
Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing (1955) as Third Uncle
A Eurasian doctor in Hong Kong falls in love with a war correspondent.
Hell's Half Acre (1954) as Roger Kong
His Majesty O'Keefe (1954) as Sien Tang
A Yankee sea captain tries to make his fortune in the South Seas.
The Shanghai Story (1954) as Maj. Ling Wu
Fair Wind to Java (1953) as Gusti
The Dutch East Indies, at the end of the nineteenth century. An adventurous captain of an American merchant vessel is looking for a sunken Dutch vessel containing 10,000 precious diamonds. Unfortunately, he's not the only one and then there's also that volcano on the nearby island of Krakatau, waiting to explode in its historical, disastrous eruption...
Battle Circus (1953) as Korean prisoner
A doctor fights for his life during the Korean War.
China Venture (1953) as Admiral Amara
Allied soldiers race to rescue a Japanese admiral held by Chinese warlords.
Target Hong Kong (1953) as Sin How
Macao (1952) as Itzumi
A man on the run in the Far East is mistaken for an undercover cop.
Red Snow (1952) as Tuglu
Japanese War Bride (1952) as Eitaro Shimizu
Korean War veteran returns home to rural Salinas, California with his new Japanese wife, whom he met at a war hospital. The couple are forced to deal with the sometimes subtle, sometimes overt racism of his family and the townspeople, especially after the birth of their son.
Battle Zone (1952) as Korean assistant
A rivalry develops between two Marine combat photographers over the attentions of a Red Cross nurse during their stint in the Korean War.
Secrets of Monte Carlo (1951) as Wong
I Was an American Spy (1951) as Capt. Arito
A war widow spies for the U.S. in Japanese-occupied Manila.
China Corsair (1951) as Wong San
An adventuress enlists a shipwrecked sailor to help her fight smugglers.
Halls of Montezuma (1951) as Nomura [alias of Maj. Kenji Matsuoda]
The marines attack a strongly held enemy island in the Pacific. We follow them from the beach to a Japanese rocket site through enemy infested jungle as their ex-school teacher leader is transformed into a battle veteran and his squad becomes a tight fighting unit.
The Glass Menagerie (1950) as Sailor
This first movie version of the Tennessee Williams play about a faded, aging Southern belle, her shy, crippled daughter and her "selfish dreamer" of a son more or less sticks to the original story, except for a compromise ending which strives to be more upbeat.
The Big Hangover (1950) as Dr. Lee
A lawyer's path to the top is blocked by his allergy to alcohol.
Impact (1949) as Ah Sing
After surviving a murder attempt, an auto magnate goes into hiding so his wife can pay for the crime.
The Sickle or the Cross (1949) as Chinese official
State Department File 649 (1949) as Colonel Aram
Boston Blackie's Chinese Venture (1949) as Wong
When he's spotted leaving a laundry whose proprietor has just been murdered, a reformed thief has to find the real killer.
Saigon (1948) as Boss merchant
After World War II Larry learns that his flying buddy Mike will only live a short time despite the efforts of the doctors. He takes on a profitable flying job for profiteers Maris to finance a good time for his buddy. As the plane takes off he shoves Maris' secretary Susan on board. When Mike falls for her, Larry tells her to play along for Mike's sake. She, of course, falls for Larry.
Rogues' Regiment (1948) as Tran Duy Gian
After World War II, ex-soldiers trickle into French Saigon to join the Foreign Legion, among them American Whit Corbett and German Carl Reicher. Is Reicher really SS war criminal Martin Bruner, and is Corbett after him? Art dealer Van Ratten and nightclub chanteuse Lili Maubert are also more than they seem. Action scenes include anti-guerilla jungle warfare.
Women in the Night (1948) as Professor Kunioshi
The Cobra Strikes (1948) as Kasim
The Miracle of the Bells (1948) as Ming Gow
A town supports the memory of an aspiring actress who dies before her first film premieres.
The Creeper (1948) as Ah Wong
Singapore (1947) as Bartender
After the war, Matt Gordon returns to Singapore to retrieve a fortune in smuggled pearls. Arrived, he reminisces in flashback about his prewar fiancée, alluring Linda, and her disappearance during the Japanese attack. But now Linda resurfaces...with amnesia and married to rich planter Van Leyden. Meanwhile, sinister fence Mauribus schemes to get Matt's pearls.
Intrigue (1947) as Lui Chen
The Chinese Ring (1947) as Captain Kong
The famed Asian detective investigates a murder linked to the Chinese fight for freedom.
They Were Expendable (1945) as Army orderly
A Navy commander fights to prove the battle-worthiness of the PT boat at the start of World War II.
China Sky (1945) as Dr. Kim
A dedicated doctor joins the Chinese in their fight against Japanese invaders.
China's Little Devils (1945) as Farmer
God Is My Co-Pilot (1945) as Japanese announcer at Hong Kong
A flyer dismissed as too old fights to prove himself against the Japanese.
Betrayal from the East (1945) as Kato
A carnival showman tries to keep Japanese spies from sabotaging the Panama Canal.
The Keys of the Kingdom (1945) as Mr. Pao
A crusading priest struggles to build a mission in China.
Blood on the Sun (1945) as Yamamoto
An American reporter in Tokyo fights to report honestly on Japan''''s growing militarism before World War II.
Back to Bataan (1945) as Colonel Kuroki
An Army colonel leads a guerrilla campaign against the Japanese in the Philippines.
The Purple Heart (1944) as Saburo Goto
This is the story of the crew of a downed bomber, captured after a run over Tokyo, early in the war. Relates the hardships the men endure while in captivity, and their final humiliation: being tried and convicted as war criminals.
Dragon Seed (1944) as Leader of city people
Chinese peasants fight to survive the Japanese occupation during World War II.
Around the World (1944) as Foo
Kay Kyser and his Kollege of Musical Knowledge entertain the troops overseas.
The Story of Dr. Wassell (1944) as Ping
A Navy doctor fights to help wounded sailors escape the Japanese during World War II.
China Girl (1943) as Dr. Kai Young
While traveling in Burma, an adventurous cameraman falls for a beautiful Chinese girl and they embark on a journey dodging spies.
The Man from Down Under (1943) as Japanese commander
A World War I veteran sneaks two orphans back to his native Australia.
China (1943) as Lin Cho, First Brother
Shortly before Pearl Harbor, American opportunist Jones and partner Johnny are in China to sell oil to the invading Japanese army. Cynical about the sufferings of the Chinese, Jones meets compassionate teacher Carolyn Grant while travelling cross-country to Shanghai. Sparks fly between these strong-willed characters, neither budging an inch. But when Jones witnesses a Japanese atrocity, his feelings toward his customers (and Carolyn) begin to change...
Behind the Rising Sun (1943) as Japanese officer
A Japanese publisher urges his American-educated son to side with the Axis.
The Amazing Mrs. Holliday (1943) as Major Ching
They Got Me Covered (1943) as Nichimuro
An unemployed reporter tracks down a Nazi spy ring to get his job back.
A Yank on the Burma Road (1942) as Dr. Franklin
The Pearl Harbor attack inspires a truck driver in the Far East to join the war effort.
Let's Get Tough! (1942) as Joe Matsui
Too young to enlist, a gang of street kids try to solve the murder of an Allied agent.
Ship Ahoy (1942) as Koro Sumo
A dancer sailing to Puerto Rico hides government messages in her tap routines.
The Tuttles of Tahiti (1942) as Emily's servant
A family in the South Seas goes to any lengths to escape work.
Across the Pacific (1942) as Man in theater
An American agent tries to keep Axis spies from blowing up the Panama Canal.
Submarine Raider (1942) as First Officer Kawakami
A submarine captain tries to warn the Navy about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
They Met in Bombay (1941) as Japanese officer
Rival jewel thieves on the run find love in the Far East.
Passage from HongKong (1941) as Clerk
A thriller writer tries to impress a young woman by pretending to be tied to a murder.
Island of Lost Men (1939) as Sam Ring
Buck Rogers (1939)
A pilot and his young passenger crash-land on a mountaintop and are put into suspended animation by a strange gas. They awake 500 years later to discover that the Earth is now ruled by a tyrannical despot called Killer Kane, and they lead a fight to overthrow him.
Disputed Passage (1939) as Dr. Fung
North of Shanghai (1939) as Chinese doctor
King of Chinatown (1939) as Robert "Bob" Li
Charlie Chan in Honolulu (1939) as Wing Foo
The Asian detective discovers a murder on a ship bound for Hawaii.
Barricade (1939) as Col. Wai Kang
Hawaii Calls (1938) as Julius
After being nabbed while trying to stow away on board an ocean liner en route to Hawaii, young Bobby Breen sings for his travel fare and, along with sidekick Pua, turns detective to recover stolen naval documents from crooks
Daughter of Shanghai (1938) as Kim Lee
A young woman tracks down the smugglers who killed her father.
China Passage (1937) as Dr. Feng Tu
Murder and jewel theft plague a China-bound steamer.
Tex Rides with the Boy Scouts (1937) as Sing Fung
Tex is after the gang that robbed a train of a gold shipment. He suspects Dorman is the culprit and is hiding their gold at his mine. When Stubby sees Dorman's henchman Stark cash in some gold nuggets, Tex tricks Dorman into moving the gold. He hopes to round them up with the help of the posse and the local Boy Scout Troop.
Thank You, Mr. Moto (1937) as Prince Chung
An Asian detective competes with treasure-hunters for the key to a priceless golden hoard.
Something to Sing About (1937) as Ito
A New York bandleader takes Hollywood by storm.
Roaring Timber (1937) as [Ah Sing, also known as] Crooner
I Promise to Pay (1937) as Taka
A man goes to a loan shark to finance his family''''s vacation.
Counterfeit Lady (1936) as Maine
Klondike Annie (1936) as Wing
Rose Carlton is the kept woman of Chan Lo, who takes her from walking the streets to pacing the floors of her high rent apartment. Rose ends up killing Chan and boards a ship where burly sea captain Bull Brackett takes a shine to her. When he finds out she killed Chan, he blackmails her into coming
Stowaway (1936) as Sun Lo
An American playboy helps an orphan travel from Shanghai to the U.S.
The General Died at Dawn (1936) as Oxford
In revolution-torn China, American mercenary O'Hara is entrusted with a perilous mission, to get arms for the helpless authorities in a province ravaged by warlord General Yang. On the train to Shanghai, he meets Judy Perrie, whose father is in league with Yang. Will Judy regret agreeing to lure O'Hara to his doom, and if so, can she make it up to him? The balance of power seesaws to a perilous conclusion.
Anything Goes (1936) as Chinese boy
A young man falls in love with a beautiful blonde. When he sees her being forced onto a luxury liner, he decides to follow and rescue her. However, he discovers that she is an English heiress who ran away from home and is now being returned to England. He also discovers that his boss is on the ship. To avoid discovery, he disguises himself as the gangster accomplice of a minister, who is actually a gangster on the run from the law.
Scream in the Night (1935) as Yuting

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