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Leo the Last ... Marcello Mastroianni, Billie Whitelaw. Mastroianni plays the last in a line of... more info $11.45was $19.95 Buy Now

Used People ... 'She got picked up at her own husband's funeral!' She is Pearl Berman, a... more info $16.95was $19.99 Buy Now

The Priest's... Father Don Mario has pledged obedience and celibacy. Alas the spirit is willing... more info $15.95was $17.99 Buy Now

Blood Feud ... A passionate story of revenge, lust and love from acclaimed director Lina... more info $14.95was $19.95 Buy Now

A Fine... Julie Andrews, Marcello Mastroianni. The debonair Cesario Garibaldi is able to... more info $9.95was $12.99 Buy Now

Also Known As: Died: December 19, 1996
Born: September 28, 1924 Cause of Death: pancreatic cancer
Birth Place: Fontana Liri, , IT Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

The Magic of Fellini (2002)
The creative vision of Italian director Federico Fellini is explored through archival footage, photos and interviews.
Fellini (2001) as Himself (Archival Footage)
The brilliance of Federico Fellini, his dreams and creative visions, and most importantly his relationships with the people of Italian cinema are recorded in a collage of interviews, archival film footage, photographs, personal memorabilia and music to create the memoir of one of the greatest Italia
Pereira Declares (1998) as Pereira
The story follows the life of journalist Sostiene Pereira, actively writing during the Antonio de Oliveira Salazar regime, at the height of the Spanish Civil War in 1938. He shuns politics, but his friendship with two opponents of the regime forces him to take sides.
Voyage to the Beginning of the World (1997) as Manoel
A tale about an aging film director named Manoel which alludes to his to his unrequited passion for the spirited young actress Judite and reminisces about his childhood, spent in a Jesuit college.
Marcello Mastroianni: I Remember, Yes I Remember (1997)
Marcello Mastroianni used to say, "I believe in nature, in love, in frienships, in my friends. I love people, I love life. This may be the reason why life has been so good to me." Here his words are poetically illustrated in this part biography, part travelogue, and part philosophical rumination on
Three Lives and Only One Death (1996) as Georges Vickers; Luc Allamand; Mateo Strano; The Butler
In the first of four comical tales of social dissonance, a traveling salesman, Mateo Strano, walks out on his wife Maria. Twenty years later, he returns and lures her new husband to his apartment across the street where he has been hiding with strange, supernatural spirits. In the second tale, Georg
One Hundred and One Nights (1995) as The Italian Friend
A tribute to the movies as both collective memory and living art form as told through the reminiscences of a 100-year-old wheel-chair bound gentleman named Simon. Cinema. He lives in a splendid chateau whose every inch overflows with cinemabilia. Monsieur Cinema hires a young attractive film student
Beyond the Clouds (1995) as The Man Of All Vices
A mosaic of four stories about love and desire tied together by the story of a filmmaker who observes the relationships of young couples. The first episode, "Chronicle of a Love That Never Was," follows a young traveler to Ferrara who falls in love with a woman he meets, but falls asleep in his room
Ready to Wear (1994) as Sergei (Sergio)--Mysterious Russian Tailor
Story revolves around the lives of 50 characters, including designers, models, editors, photographers, buyers and groupies during the days of the March Pret-A-Porter (Ready to Wear) high-fashion trade shows in Paris.
True Life of Antonio H., The (1994) as Himself
The boundaries between documentary and fiction are blurred in this comedic recounting of the life and artistic career of the well-known Italian actor Alessandro Haber.
I Don't Want to Talk About It (1993) as Ludovico D'Andrea
Set in Argentina in the late 1930s, an aging bachelor falls in love with an adolescent dwarf, against the wishes of the latter's arrogant, domineering mother.
Un, Deux, Trois, Soleil (1993) as Constantin
A young woman living in the slums of Marseille with her husband, watches her life pass by while thinking of her alcoholic father and cynical mother.
Used People (1992) as Joe
Set in 1969, the story of a recently widowed Jewish woman from Queens, New York, and her relationship with her family and the Italian man who has loved her from afar for many years.
El Ladron De Ninos (1991) as Bigua (The Colonel)
A sterile Argentinian colonel, living in exile in Paris with his wife, resorts to stealing poor boys off the street in order to form a makeshift family. One day a magician arrives at their home and convinces them to take in his 16 year-old daughter.
Fine Romance, A (1991) as Cesareo Gramaldi
Story about two people who tempt romance after finding out that their spouses are romantically involved.
Suspended Step of the Stork, The (1991) as The Vanished Politician
A television journalist, covering the flight of Albanian, Kurdistan and Iranian refugees into Greece, spots a middle-aged man he believes was a promising Greek politician who disappeared years earlier.
Verso Sera (1990) as Professor Bruschi
In 1977 Rome, A widowed professor's rigidly organized life is disrupted by the sudden arrival of his unruly grandchild and her unstable mother.
Everybody's Fine (1990) as Matteo Scuro
A retired man visits his five grown children.
What Time Is It? (1989) as Marcello
A father and son with very different interests come to terms with each other.
I Soliti Ignoti... Vent'Anni Dopo (1988) as Tiberio Brashi
Late Mattia Pascal, The (1988) as Mattia Pascal
Miss Arizona (1988) as Sandor Rozsnyai
Splendor (1988) as Jordan
A romantic drama focusing on fifty years in the life of a movie theater.
Dark Eyes (1987) as Romano
A middle-aged waiter reminisces about his family and his one great love affair.
Federico Fellini's Intervista (1987) as Mandrake--Himself
O Melissokomos (1986) as Spyros
A lonely, disillusioned beekeeper visits various places and people from his past, during which he encounters a young hitchhiker.
Ginger and Fred (1986) as Pippo Botticella--
A song-and-dance team are reunited for a nostalgic television special.
Macaroni (1985) as Antonio Jasiello
Two World War II buddies are reunited when one of them travels to Italy on a business trip.
Enrico IV (1985) as Enrico Iv
Gabriela (1983) as Nacib
Le General de l'Armee Morte (1983) as General Ariosto
La Nuit de Varennes (1982)
A picaresque story of the coach and party that followed hard on the one which tried to transport Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette to safety in 1791.
Storia di Piera (1982) as Lorenzo
Oltre la Porta (1982) as Enrico Sommi
Fantasma d'Amore (1981) as Nino Monti
Skin, The (1981) as Curzio Malaparte
The wartime experiences of Curzio Malaparte, who served as the American Commanding General's Italian liaison during the American liberation of Naples.
Io Sono Anna Magnani (1980) as Himself
La Citta Delle Donne (1980) as Snaporaz
La Terrazza (1979) as Luigi
Bye Bye Monkey (1978) as Nocello--Luigi
A look at childish young manhood and older people who have lost touch...
Cosi' come sei (1978)
A May-December romance. Roué Giulio Marengo, a Roman landscape architect unhappy in his marriage, meets Francesca, a young and beautiful Florentine, and then learns she might be his daughter. He resolves to keep his hands off but can't seem to stay away, and she's eager for a lover who's a father figure. He's happy to be a kid, so he tries to find out who her father is; his wife knows something is up; his daughter, who's Francesca's age and is pregnant, encourages an affair. Should he tell Francesca his fears that it might be incest? If he tells her and she doesn't care, what next? And what of his wife, who still wants to be married? Francesca takes control.
Blood Feud (1978) as Rosario Maria Spallone
Mogliamante (1977) as Luigi
Since her husband pronounced her frigid on her wedding night, Antonia DeAngelis has been an invalid. When he disappears, she believes him dead: she leaves her bed and takes over his business, traveling to see clients. She discovers her husband's passions, his political writing, mistresses, and his indifference to the peasants on her family's land. She improves their lot, begins an affair with a young foreign doctor, and publishes her husband's writings. All this time, he's hiding from a murder charge in a house across the square. Amazed, he watches her become his sexual and social equal. After the police drop the murder charge, will he disappear, end his life, or rejoin her on new terms?
A Special Day (1977) as Gabriele
Two neighbors, a persecuted journalist and a resigned housewife, meet during Hitler''''s visit in Italy in May 1938.
Double Murder on Via Governo Vecchio (1977) as Bruno Baldassare
One Way or Another (1976) as Don Gaetano
Donna Della Domenica, La (1976) as Santamaria
A Torino il commissario Santamaria, romano, viene incaricato delle indagini riguardanti l'omicidio dell'architetto Garrone. Da prima i sospetti si appuntanto sulla bella Anna Carla dalla quale il commissario si sente subito attratto. Un po' per questo, un po' per le pressioni dei superiori che temono uno scandalo, le indagini si arenano. Ma Lello, amico di Massimo a sua volta amico di Anna Carla, continua le indagini da solo seguendo una pista molto diversa da quella ufficiale e questo metterà in crisi il commissario.
Divina Creatura, La (1975) as Duke Michele Barra
Per le Antiche Scale (1975) as Doctor
C'eravamo tanto amati (1974)
Gianni, Nicola and Antonio become close friends in 1944 while fighting the Nazis. After the end of the war, full of illusions, they settle down. The movie is a the story of the life of these three idealists and how they deal with the inevitable disillusionments of life.
Allonsanfan (1974) as Fulvio Imbriani
A anarchist leader (Fulvio) wishes to retire, as he is old and tired. He tries to hide himself, but his friends find him and insist he carries on helping them.
Salut l'artiste (1973) as Nicolas
Slightly Pregnant Man, A (1973) as Marco
A male Parisian driving school owner who goes to see his doctor and complains of feeling run down is pronounced four months pregnant. When the diagnosis is confirmed by a specialist, the result is an international media frenzy.
Don't Touch the White Woman! (1973) as Custer
A western following Custer, Buffalo Bill, Custer's boss, General Terry and a white woman-exploiting Indian scout.
La Grande Bouffe (1973) as Marcello
Four successful middle-aged men Marcello, a pilot; Michel, a television executive; Ugo, a chef; and, Philippe, a judge go to Philippe's villa to eat themselves to death. After the first night, Marcello insists that women should join them. Three prostitutes make it through a day or two; Andrea, a local school teacher, stays to the end. The villa, the food, and a Bugati roadster are essential props.
Massacre in Rome (1973) as Don Antonelli
In the Nazi occupied city of Rome, an assault on an SS brigade draws retaliation from the military governship. "Massacre in Rome" is the true story of how this partisan attack led to the mass execution of Italian nationals under the orders of SS-Lieutenant Colonel Kappler.
Che? (1973) as Alex
A young American woman (Sydne Rome) traveling through Italy finds herself in a strange Mediterranean villa where nothing seems right. Her visit becomes an absurd, decadent, oversexed version of "Alice in Wonderland", with Marcello Mastroianni as the maddest of mad hatters and Roman Polanski a kinky March hare.
Dirty Weekend (1973) as Giulio
1870 (1972)
Fellini's Roma (1972) as Himself
A small boy in love with Rome grows up to film the city in all its charismatic chaos.
Cagna, La (1971) as Giorgio
The Priest's Wife (1971) as Don Mario
A priest falls in love with a young woman and sets her up as his mistress.
Permette? Rocco Papaleo (1971) as Rocco
Ca n'arrive qu'aux autres (1971) as Marcello
Catherine and Marcello have lost their daughter. Only 9 months old the baby died from a seldom illness. Entirely losing the relation to life they hide from the world in their apartment. There the couple tries to get over its deep mourning for Camille recalling the happy times when the child was still alive. The film is based on personal experiences of Nadine Trintignant.
The Pizza Triangle (1970) as Oreste
Sunflower (1970) as Antonio
A desperate woman searches for her missing husband who never returned from the Russian front during World War II.
Leo the Last (1970) as Leo
Prince Leo (Marcello Mastroianni), last in the line of rulers of a long-deposed monarchy on continental Europe and jaded with the frenetic search for kicks with the European jet-set, returns to his father's London town house for rest. With him are social-climber Margaret (Billie Whitelaw), to whom he is engaged, and Laszlo (Vladek Sheybal), who is planning a counter revolution which will restore Leo to the kingship of the monarchy. Leo is shocked to discover the one exclusive neighborhood has degenerated into a ghetto inhabited mainly by poor blacks on the brink of desperation. His nearest neighbors are the Mardi family and their beautiful daughter, Salambo (Glenna Forster Jones), who catches his eye as does her boy friend the procurer Roscoe (Calvin Lockhart.) Using the excuse of watching birds he watches them closely through field glasses with the coolness and detachment of a scientist watching insects under a magnifying glass. When Salambo is forced to become a whore in order to keep her family together, Leo, despite the pleadings of Margaret and Laszlo who has just about finished the steps toward the restoration, does something of which he always though himself incapable.
Ghosts--Italian Style (1969) as Headless ghost
An unemployed opera singer and his wife find jobs as caretakers in a haunted castle.
A Place for Lovers (1969) as Valerio
An American fashion designer with a fatal disease falls for an Italian engineer.
Kiss the Other Sheik (1968) as Michele
A battling husband and wife get mixed up with a lecherous Arab.
The Stranger (1967) as Arthur Meursault
Lo Straniero (1967)
In an atmosphere of political tension when the French still control Algiers, an Algerian is killed on the beach and a French man who has lived in Algiers all his life is arrested for the murder. A trial takes place. One of the witnesses was at the funeral of Arthur Meursault's mother. It bothers other mourners and Mersault himself that he showed no emotion when his mother died. His eventful day at the beach takes place a short time after the funeral when he is examining what his life has been and what path should he take in the future.
My Wife's Enemy (1967) as Marco
Shoot Loud, Louder ... I Don't Understand (1966) as Alberto Saporito
Love à la Carte (1965) as Piero
Four prostitutes try to make a go at a new life by opening up a restaurant after Italy passes a law banning all brothels.
The Lady Killer of Rome (1965) as Nello Poletti
A well-to-do antique dealer is wrongly accused of murder, brought to trial where some of his sordid past comes to the surface, and then is justly found innocent.
Casanova '70 (1965) as Maj. Andrea Rossi-Colombetti
Modern-update of the famous character in which he is a NATO officer who can only make love in dangerous situations.
The 10th Victim (1965) as Marcello Polletti
A campy futuristic tale where people hunt one another for sport. In this film, Victim and Hunter run around Italy trying to score a kill in front of the movie crews they arranged so they could make commercials from the footage.
Marriage Italian Style (1964) as Domenico Soriano
A businessman's discarded mistress refuses to tell him which of her three sons is his.
The Organizer (1964) as Professor Sinigaglia
At the turn of the century exploited textile factory workers fight for better working conditions.
Love on the Riviera (1964) as Police inspector
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1964) as Renzo
Three tales of very different women using their sexuality as a means to getting what they want.
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1964) as Augusto Rusconi
Three tales of very different women using their sexuality as a means to getting what they want.
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1964) as Carmine
Three tales of very different women using their sexuality as a means to getting what they want.
Family Diary (1963) as Enrico
Twin brothers separated in childhood lead very different lives.
8 1/2 (1963) as Guido Anselmi
A world-famous film director juggles his romantic relationships while trying to come up with an idea for his next picture.
La notte (1962) as Giovanni
A successful writer and his wife face the meaninglessness of their relationship during a night of wild partying.
Bell'Antonio (1962) as Antonio Magnano
Women love handsome Antonio because they think of him as the perfect lover. But he has problems to fullfill this ideal and Barbara only notices his failures when they are married. When the town learns about his trouble they start laughing at him...
Divorce--Italian Style (1962) as Ferdinando Cefalù
A Sicilian nobleman plots to dump his wife for a younger woman--even if it means murder.
A Very Private Affair (1962) as Fabio
A reclusive movie star falls for her best friend''''s lover.
White Nights (1961) as Mario
An office worker falls for a woman who's pining for the man who deserted her.
La dolce vita (1961) as Marcello Rubini
A young writer gets initiated into the decadent lifestyle of Rome.
Ghosts in Rome (1960) as Reginaldo
The Law (1960) as Enrico, the engineer
A cook turns to theft so she and her lover can marry.
Big Deal On Madonna Street (1958) as Tiberio
An inept criminal gang attempt to rob a pawnshop.
Fathers And Sons (1957) as Cesare Marchetti
Conflicts and disagreemenrts abound among the heads of various Italian families and their relatives in the pre-Christmas season.
Fortuna di essere Donna, La (1956)
Antonietta viene fotografata per caso e la sua foto finisce in copertina. Il suo fidanzato vuol far causa al giornale per questo, ma Antonietta decide di farsi conoscere e con l'aiuto di Corrado conosce un nobile e pensa di riuscire a farsi sposare, ma scopre che in realtà è già sposato ed il suo patrimonio è della moglie. Rinuncia ai suoi sogni di gloria e si accorge di amare ricambiata Corrado.
Too Bad She's Bad (1955) as Paolo
A taxi driver falls in love with the young thief who helped steal his cab.
House of Ricordi (1955) as Gaetano Donizetti
A sweeping chronicle of the Ricordi family which grew to become Italy's premier music publishing house and pioneered the idea of royalty fees for its many clients which included many famous composers.
Altri Tempi (1952) as ("The Baby"/"Il Pupo")

Cast (special)

65th Annual Academy Awards Presentation, The (1993) as Presenter
Broadcast of the 65th annual Academy Awards presentation.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

The Poppy Is Also a Flower (1966) as Inspector Mosca
In an attempt to stem the heroin trade from Iran, a group of narcotics agents working for the UN inject a radioactive compound into a seized shipment of opium, in the hopes that it will lead them to the main heroin distributor in Europe. Along the way, they encounter a mysterious woman doing her own investigating of the smuggling operation. Together, they follow the trail as it leads them through the back alleys and luxury resorts of Europe.

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