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Cinematography (special)

James Bond's Gadgets (2002) as Camera
Documentary about the gadgets featured in James Bond films, including the jetpack from "Thunderball," the Aston Martin DB5 from "Goldfinger" and the lethal attache case from "From Russia With Love."
Secret of the U-110, The (2001) as Camera
Documentary about the most important submarine capture of World War II. British naval officers boarded a damaged German U-Boat where they discovered the key to the Nazi's codes -- Enigma. The program reveals how this little known event in the middle of the Atlantic had a profound effect on World War
Secret Societies (2001) as Camera
Throughout the world, many of the most influential and powerful people are aligned with secret organizations. The Skull & Bones, the Bilderbergs and the Tri-Lateral Commission are just a few of the groups that many fear are conspiring to take over the world.
Omen Legacy, The (2001) as Camera
A behind-the-scenes look at the horror film series featuring a little boy named Damien, who is the Antichrist. The program looks at the 1976 theatrical film "The Omen," its two sequels, a television movie, novels and a television series.
America's Stonehenge (2001) as Camera
Throughout the Northeast, prehistoric sites predate the arrival and the building techniques of Native Americans. The sites, such as Mystery Hill in New Hampshire, and Gungywamp in Connecticut, consist mainly of stone walls, underground chambers, standing stones, astronomical alignments and solstice
War Illusionist (2001) as Camera
During World War II, British magician Jasper Maskelyne turned the North African desert into a stage on which he outfoxed the infamous Desert Fox, Nazi Field Marshal Rommel. Maskelyne may have never fired a bullet, but he helped win a war through trickery. Using the basic concepts of magic, such as m
True Story of Mutiny on the Bounty, The (2001) as Camera
Documentary that reveals the true story of the fabled 1789 mutiny on the ship "Bounty" through the journal of its captain William Bligh and other historical documents. Did Bligh survive his incredible voyage to safety in an open rowboat? How did the mutineers end up on Pitcairn Island? Why do reside
Crop Circle Controversy (2001) as Camera
Commonly associated with England in the 1990s, crop circles have actually appeared all over the world dating back to the Middle Ages. In 1991, two Englishman came forward to say it was all a hoax. Today, it is widely accepted that many formations are man-made. But others resist attempts, even made b
True Story of Rob Roy, The (2001) as Camera
One of Scotland's greatest legends, Rob Roy MacGregor was admired as a fearless warrior and detested as a thief and opportunist. His escapes, his uncompromising belief in his clan's code of honor and the questions surrounding his true loyalties are examined in the program.
Ghost Ship of the Confederacy (2001) as Camera
The Alabama was the Confederacy's most feared ship. Considered ghost-like for its ability to slip into battle undetected and sink its prey, it was sunk by the U.S.S. Kearsage after claiming over 60 wins. Its captain and crew were rescued and spirited to England. Confederate documents and ship record
Jean Simmons: Picture Perfect (2001) as Camera
Profile of actor Jean Simmons.
Hunt For Jack the Ripper (2000) as Camera
Jack the Ripper's 1888 murder spree remains one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time. How did he slip through the fingers of Scotland Yard? The world's top Jack the Ripper experts offer insights into the killer's mind and speculate on who he may have been.
Body Snatchers (2000) as Camera
In the 18th century, medical schools in need of corpses on which to practice new techniques headed to local cemeteries to dig them up. Were these grave robbers heartless ghouls or a vital link to the development of modern medicine?
UFOs: Then and Now (2000) as Field Camera
Special that chronicles the history of UFO sightings from ancient cave paintings to modern close encounters and man's attempt to make first contact with alien species out in the distant heavens.
Ghost Plane of the Desert: "Lady Be Good" (2000) as Camera
On April 4, 1943, a B-24 named "Lady Be Good" vanished in the Sahara. Sixteen years later, the plane was found, amazingly preserved in the desert. Through the diary of two crew members, the program reveals the crew's deperate struggle to reach safety across the desert without food or water.
Wright Brothers Controversy, The (2000) as Camera
Every school child knows that the Wright Brothers were first to fly in 1903 -- or were they? German Gustave Whitehead claimed to have flown over Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1901, and over Long Island Sound in 1902. Samuel Langley flew an unmanned plane for almost two minutes. The program reveals othe
True Story of Marco Polo, The (2000) as Camera
Documentary about Marco Polo that reexamines the evidence about his life and the growing controversy over his legend.
Poultry in Motion: The Making of Chicken Run (2000) as Camera
A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the animated comedy feature film "Chicken Run," directed by Peter Lord and Nick Park. The program includes interviews with Mel Gibson, the voice for Rocky the Rooster, and Jane Horrocks, the voice for Ginger the Chicken.
True Story of Braveheart, The (2000) as Camera
The story of Scottish national hero William Wallace was brought to worldwide attention in the film "Braveheart" (1995), but are the events in the movie historically accurate? The program reveals how Wallace rose from anonymity in 1297 to lead the army of Scotland to victory over the English and how
Bride of Monster Mania (2000) as Camera
Film clips of women's roles in horror movies.
True Story of the Bridge on the River Kwai, The (2000) as Field Camera
Documentary that looks at the true story behind David Lean's 1957 film "Bridge on the River Kwai." Over 65,000 Allied prisoners battled torture, starvation and diseases to hack the 250-mile Thailand-Burma Railway through the harsh jungles of Southeast Asia in only 14 months, thousands losing their l
Totally Out of Control -- People (2000) as Field Camera
Special that looks at out-of-control parties, concerts and sporting events, to rampaging teens, school-yard bullies and violent criminals.
Deborah Kerr: Getting to Know Her (2000) as Camera
Profile of actress Deborah Kerr.
Greatest Pharoahs, The (2000) as Additional Camera
Documentary outlining the lives and achievements of some of Egypts greatest pharoahs, including Seti I, Ramses II, Akhenaten, Hatshepsut and Cleopatra.
Carlos the Jackal (2000) as Camera
Documentary about Carlos the Jackal. His name is synonymous with political terrorism in the 1970s. He was rumored to be the mastermind behind the Munich Olympic tragedy, the hijacking of an El Al jet in Uganda and the bombing of Pan Am 103. Six years after his arrest, the true story of Carlos the Ja
Japan's Mysterious Pyramids (2000) as Camera
Off the coast of Okinawa, under 75 feet of water, are thought to be the remnants of a previously unknown Pacific culture which flourished about 10,000 years ago. What have archaeologists discovered about this underwater city, and what are the similarities between its structures and pyramids found th
Children's Crusade, The (2000) as Camera
During the Crusades, the Christian West fought and failed to win the Holy Land back from the Muslim East. In 1212 AD, two 12-year-old boys began their own crusade. From France to Germany, more than 20,000 children marched thousands of miles in the hopes of recapturing the Holy Land. This crusade of
Spanish Armada (2000) as Camera
History notes that the undermanned British Navy defeated the mighty Spanish Armada in 1588. In reality, the legend of the Spanish Armada is shrouded in lies and myth. Was England truly a massive underdog? Was Spain better prepared for a land battle? What other factors accounted for Spain's downfall
Nazi Ghost Train (2000) as Director Of Photography
In October 1944, a train packed with Nazi prisoners made up of resistance workers, allied evaders and other political undesirables left Brussels for Germany. But it never reached its final destination. The Belgium Resistance and the train crew devised a series of acts of sabotage to ensure that the
Miracles (1999) as Camera
A documentary that explores whether miracles really happen or are instead, the product of wishful thinking crossed with blind faith. It chronicles the tales of history's most intriguing miracle workers, including Jesus, seer Edgar Cayce and the contemporary mystics and healers of Cassadega, Florida.
Ray Walston: No Antennae, Please (1999) as Camera
Profile of actor Ray Walston.
Totally Out of Control -- Nature (1999) as Field Camera
Special that looks at the devastation caused by tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, floods, avalanches and volcanoes.
Gold of El Dorado, The (1999) as Additional Camera
Documentary about El Dorado, a lost city of gold deep within the South American rain forest.
Bloody Tower of London, The (1999) as Camera
A symbol of the power of the British Monarchy, the Tower of London evokes memories of the power struggles of old England. Built by William the Conqueror in 1067 to subdue London citizens, it also claimed the lives of dozens of aristocrats and famous citizens, including Edward V, the Duke of York, Si
Attack of the 50-Foot Monstermania, The (1999) as Camera
Documentary exploring supersized monsters of film -- from giant apes like King Kong and Mighty Joe Young to rampaging atomic mutants like Godzilla and the Amazing Colossal Man to oversized extraterrestrials from "Starship Troopers" and "Aliens."
First Detective, The (1999) as Camera
Documentary about Eugene Francois Vidocq, a 19th century criminal-turned-detective who started the first detective squad for the Paris police. A master of disguise and a fan of scientific tools in crime solving, he is credited with introducing undercover work, ballistics testing and extensive record
Mystery of the U2 (1999) as Camera
Documentary about the 1960 downing of the U2 spy plane piloted by Gary Francis Powers. New evidence suggests that Power's plane may not have been shot down as originally claimed by the Soviets, but accidentally knocked out of the sky by an unarmed Soviet MIG. Official historians, Sergei Khrushchev,
End of the World, The (1999) as Camera
A look at the role that miracles, prophecies and other spiritual events have played throughout history. The program investigates some of the mysterious stories that have been carried forward through the ages.
Spies Among Us (1999) as Camera
Documentary that reveals information about Soviet espionage in America. In the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union, new evidence suggests that Soviet spies may have infiltrated American Institutions, including the Office of Secret Services, the Los Alamos nuclear lab, the State Department and t
Amazon Women (1999) as Additional Camera
Documentary that examines stories of tribes of huge women warriors known as amazons. Virgil wrote of Camilla, the Amazon Queen, who led a band of women into battle during the Trojan War. Christopher Columbus wrote in 1493 of an island of tribal women. Cortes described encounters with a tribe of wome
Mysteries of Easter Island (1999) as Additional Camera
A documentary about Easter Island, an isolated island in the Pacific, more than 2000 miles from the nearest population centers (Tahiti and Chili). Easter Island is home to giant stone statues called the Ahu Akivi statues. Their origins are a mystery. Carved from tuff, a soft volcanic stone, they ran
Doomed Sisters of the Titanic (1999) as Camera
Documentary about the two sister ships of the Titanic. The White Star Line built the Britannic and the Olympic, fitted as hospital ships during World War I. In November 1916, the Britannic sank in under 55 minutes after hitting a mine off the Greek coast. In 1934, the Olympic collided with another s
Totally Out of Control -- Vehicles (1999) as Field Camera
Special that looks at disasters caused by airplanes, powerboats, racing cars, freight trains and other vehicles when they go out of control. Segments include: "Wild Rides," "Bad Timing," "Splash & Crash" and "Tail Spin."
Susan Sarandon: Rebel With a Cause (1999) as Camera
Biography about Susan Sarandon. Includes photos, clips and outtakes and interviews with friends, family and colleagues.
Inquisition, The (1999) as Camera
Documentary that examines the Inquisition. Established by Pope Gregory IX in 1231 as a special court to curb heresy, these papal tribunals sought to stamp out everything from witchcraft to Judaism over the centuries. Its most famous victim was Galileo, who was condemned as a heretic in 1633. Recentl
Great Escapes of World War II (1997) as Field Camera
Documentary chronicles courageous and heroic acts of World War II. The segments include: The Great Escape from Stalag Luft III which inspired the film of the same name; Escape Stories of the Resistance, which include the elite British unit called the "Moon Squadron" and a profile of French Resistanc

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