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Sound (feature film)

Glass Houses (1972) as Sound
The Moonshine War (1970) as Recording Supervisor
A revenuer tries to destroy a sadistic bootlegger's still.
The Strawberry Statement (1970) as Sound
A college student joins a group of revolutionaries to meet girls but ends up committed to their goals.
Zabriskie Point (1970) as Recording Supervisor
A young girl helps a student radical escape the police.
Zigzag (1970) as Recording Supervisor
A dying man frames himself for murder so his widow can collect the reward.
The Savage Wild (1970) as Sound
Too Late the Hero (1970) as Recording Supervisor
During World War II, a British platoon goes behind enemy lines in the Pacific.
...tick...tick...tick... (1970) as Recording Supervisor
A black sheriff's arrival sets off racial fireworks in a small southern town.
Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon (1970) as Sound
Junie Moon's face has been disfigured by ill-gotten burns, and depends on her friends and her wit to cope. She, Warren, and Arthur leave the hospital - they yearn for independence - and find a house to live in. Together they stumble into adventures involving the local fish vendor, nosy neighbors, surreptitious vacations, love, and frustration in finding jobs as they face subtle prejudices in their community, and their own particular medical problems.
How to Succeed with Sex (1970) as Recording Supervisor
The Phantom Tollbooth (1970) as Recording Supervisor
A bored boy enters a fantasy world where letters and numbers are at war.
Then Came Bronson (1969)
A young newspaperman drops out following his friend's suicide, sets out cross-country on his motorcycle in his quest for the meaning of life and befriends a runaway bride.
The Gypsy Moths (1969) as Recording Supervisor
A trio of barnstorming skydivers finds love and heartache at one small-town stop.
Heaven With a Gun (1969) as Recording Supervisor
A gunslinger-turned-preacher is forced to return to his old ways.
The Maltese Bippy (1969) as Recording Supervisor
A porn star thinks he''''s become a werewolf.
Angel, Angel, Down We Go (1969) as Recording Supervisor
The overweight debutante daughter of the world's wealthiest couple falls in with a gang of tripped out, skydiving pseudo-reactionary pop stars, who take their beliefs of the American ideal to profoundly impossible heights.
Marlowe (1969) as Recording Supervisor
Detective Philip Marlowe probes the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles in search of a woman's missing sister.
The Trouble with Girls (1969) as Recording Supervisor
A traveling show's star gets involved in a small-town murder case.
Kenner (1969) as Recording Supervisor
A soldier of fortune searches for his partner''s killer in Bombay.
The Extraordinary Seaman (1969) as Recording Supervisor
Marooned sailors discover a World War II ship haunted by its late captain.
80 Steps to Jonah (1969) as Recording Supervisor
A young man hiding from the law takes refuge in a summer camp for blind children.
The Split (1968) as Recording Supervisor
A gang of thieves plots to rob the Los Angeles Coliseum box office during a Rams game.
The Fixer (1968) as Recording Supervisor
A Russian-Jewish handyman is caught up in a wave of anti-Semitism in Czarist Russia when he is accused of a capital crime he did not commit.
The Shoes of the Fisherman (1968) as Recording Supervisor
International intrigue follows the election of the first Russian pope.
A Man Called Dagger (1968) as Sound
Ice Station Zebra (1968) as Recording Supervisor
A sub commander on a perilous mission must ferret out a Soviet agent on his ship.
Where Were You When the Lights Went Out? (1968) as Recording Supervisor
A married woman can't figure out how she got pregnant during the New York blackout.
Live a Little, Love a Little (1968) as Recording Supervisor
A photographer tries to keep his conservative boss from learning that he's moonlighting for a girlie magazine.
For Singles Only (1968) as Recording Supervisor
John Saxon, Lana Wood, Mary Ann Mobley, Mark Richman, Ann Elder, Chris Noel, Marty Ingels, Milton Berle. This typically tacky Sam Katzman sex comedy about the comings and goings of swinging singles in a California apartment complex is notable for the musical appearances of Cal Tjader, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Lewis and Clarke Expedition, The Sunshine Company and the Walter Wanderly Trio with Talya Ferro.
The Impossible Years (1968) as Recording Supervisor
A psychiatrist's mental health is tested when his daughter starts dating.
Sol Madrid (1968) as Recording Supervisor
An undercover narcotics agent tries to track a Mafia chief.
Day of the Evil Gun (1968) as Recording Supervisor
A gunman tries to control a vengeful farmer whose wife has been kidnapped.
Hang 'Em High (1968) as Sound
A mysterious drifter survives a lynching then goes back for revenge.
The Young Runaways (1968) as Recording Supervisor
Three teenagers face hardships after running away from home.
The Power (1968) as Recording Supervisor
A scientist tries to unmask a murderous genius with psychic powers.
A Time To Sing (1968) as Recording Supervisor
A singer hides his love of music to please his restrictive guardian.
Speedway (1968) as Recording Supervisor
A race car driver tries to outrun the beautiful tax auditor out to settle his account.
Stay Away, Joe (1968) as Recording Supervisor
A young Indian tries to save his failing reservation by selling grazing rights to a corrupt tycoon.
The Legend of Lylah Clare (1968) as Recording Supervisor
An obsessed movie director grooms an unknown to play his deceased movie-star wife.
Skidoo (1968) as Sound
A retired gangster has to pull off a hit when his daughter is kidnapped.
Double Trouble (1967) as Recording Supervisor
A teen heiress falls for an American rock singer in London.
The Fastest Guitar Alive (1967) as Recording Supervisor
When the Civil War ends, Confederate spies have to return the fortune they just stole.
The Last Challenge (1967) as Recording Supervisor
A young gun wants to make his name by shooting it out with the town marshal.
Three Bites of the Apple (1967) as Sound Recording
A meek tour guide wins a fortune in a Riviera casino and chooses to invest it in Switzerland rather than taking it back to England where the cash would be heavily taxed. He is watched all the while by a scheming gold-digger and her ex-husband who end up chasing the hapless guide all over Europe.
The Dirty Dozen (1967) as Sound Recording
A renegade officer trains a group of misfits for a crucial mission behind enemy lines.
Welcome to Hard Times (1967) as Recording Supervisor
A broken-down sheriff tries to help his town stand against a mysterious outlaw.
Riot on Sunset Strip (1967) as Recording Supervisor
A police captain is caught between his legal obligations and his moral compass.
Doctor, You've Got To Be Kidding (1967) as Recording Supervisor
Four suitors pursue a pregnant singer to the maternity ward.
Hot Rods to Hell (1967) as Recording Supervisor
A family traveling through the desert is set up by a teen gang.
Point Blank (1967) as Recording Supervisor
A gangster plots an elaborate revenge on the wife and partner who did him dirty.
Don't Make Waves (1967) as Recording Supervisor
A swimming-pool salesman gets mixed up with beauty queens and bodybuilders when he falls in love.
The Love-Ins (1967) as Recording Supervisor
A former college professor becomes a cult''s Messiah and sexually preys on its young women.
Hurry Sundown (1967) as Sound
An unscrupulous Southern landowner takes advantage of racial tensions to extend his holdings.
The Venetian Affair (1967) as Recording Supervisor
A reporter investigates an American diplomat''s murder in Venice.
Penelope (1966) as Recording Supervisor
A neglected wife turns to bank robbery to get her husband''s attention.
The Money Trap (1966) as Recording Supervisor
A cop with financial problems turns crooked.
The Spy With My Face (1966) as Sound
Enemy agents turn one of their own into a dead ringer for Man from U.N.C.L.E. Napoleon Solo.
Spinout (1966) as Recording Supervisor
A singing race-car driver has to choose among three amorous females.
Around the World Under the Sea (1966) as Sound
An underwater team circles the globe to test an earthquake warning system.
The Glass Bottom Boat (1966) as Recording Supervisor
A woman writing a scientist''s biography is mistaken for a spy.
Maya (1966) as Recording Supervisor
An American boy runs away in the Indian jungle after a fight with his father.
Mister Buddwing (1966) as Recording Supervisor
A man suffering from amnesia confronts a series of women in his search for his memory.
Made in Paris (1966) as Recording Supervisor
A young fashion designer is transformed by her first trip to Paris.
Hold On! (1966) as Recording Supervisor
Rocket scientists consider naming a space ship after Herman''s Hermits.
To Trap a Spy (1966) as Sound
Secret agents try to stop the assassination of an African leader touring the U.S.
Seven Women (1966) as Recording Supervisor
The women staffing an isolated Chinese mission fight to survive a bandit attack.
Grand Prix (1966) as Sound Recording
Auto racers find danger and romance at the legendary European road race.
A Patch of Blue (1965) as Recording Supervisor
A blind white girl falls in love with a black man.
Joy in the Morning (1965) as Recording Supervisor
A law student and his bride try to build a life together despite her fear of intimacy.
Girl Happy (1965) as Recording Supervisor
A rock singer is hired to chaperone a gangster's daughter in Fort Lauderdale.
Harum Scarum (1965) as Recording Supervisor
An American film star is kidnapped in the Middle East.
When the Boys Meet the Girls (1965) as Recording Supervisor
A wealthy playboy gives up partying to help a Nevada farm girl make her ranch a success.
The Sandpiper (1965) as Recording Supervisor
An Episcopal priest falls for a free-living artist.
36 Hours (1965) as Recording Supervisor
Nazis kidnap a key American intelligence officer and try to convince him that World War II is over.
The Cincinnati Kid (1965) as Recording Supervisor
Card sharps try to deal with personal problems during a big game in New Orleans.
The Singing Nun (1965) as Recording Supervisor
Fanciful biography of the Belgian nun who briefly made the hit parade.
The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) as Recording Supervisor
All-star epic retelling of Christ''s life.
Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion (1965) as Recording Supervisor
Animal doctors fight to protect the wildlife of Africa.
Doctor Zhivago (1965) as Re-Recording
Illicit lovers fight to stay together during the turbulent years of the Russian Revolution.
Once a Thief (1965) as Sound
A young ex-con trying to go straight gets caught up in another criminal scheme.
The Rounders (1965) as Sound
Two ne''er-do-well cowpokes look for sex and easy money in the modern West.
Zebra in the Kitchen (1965) as Recording Supervisor
A young boy tries to liberate animals from the city zoo.
Signpost to Murder (1965) as Recording Supervisor
A convicted murderer, who escaped from a mental institution, hides out in the home of a woman whose husband is missing.
Quick, Before It Melts (1965) as Recording Supervisor
The team at an Antarctic station try to fly in a planeload of girls.
The Americanization of Emily (1964) as Sd rec supv
A British war widow falls for an opportunistic American sailor during World War II.
Viva Las Vegas (1964) as Recording Supervisor
A race-car driver falls for a pretty swimming instructor who wants him to slow down his career.
The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1964) as Recording Supervisor
Musical biography of the backwoods girl who struck it rich in Colorado and survived the Titanic.
The Outrage (1964) as Recording Supervisor
A Mexican bandit''s crimes receive wildly different interpretations from four witnesses.
Mail Order Bride (1964) as Recording Supervisor
An aging cowhand tries to help a young rancher settle down by buying him a wife.
Your Cheatin' Heart (1964) as Recording Supervisor
Legendary country-western singer Hank Williams uses alcohol to deal with the pressures of fame.
Looking for Love (1964) as Recording Supervisor
A promising singer has to choose between show business and marriage.
Get Yourself a College Girl (1964) as Recording Supervisor
A music publisher courts a student songwriter at a ski resort.
Kissin' Cousins (1964) as Recording Supervisor
A singing military officer gets mixed up with his look-alike hillbilly cousin.
Sunday in New York (1964) as Recording Supervisor
A philandering pilot gets real moral, real fast when his sister contemplates a premarital fling.
A Global Affair (1964) as Recording Supervisor
A U.N. official tries to locate the mother of an abandoned baby.
7 Faces of Dr. Lao (1964) as Recording Supervisor
A Chinese showman uses his magical powers to save a Western town from itself.
Honeymoon Hotel (1964) as Recording Supervisor
Two bachelors on the prowl accidentally book a vacation at a resort for newlyweds.
Advance to the Rear (1964) as Recording Supervisor
Civil War rejects are sent to the West, supposedly out of harm's way.
A Ticklish Affair (1963) as Recording Supervisor
A naval commander gets mixed up with a widow and her three children.
The Courtship of Eddie's Father (1963) as Recording Supervisor
A young boy plays matchmaker for his widowed father.
Twilight of Honor (1963) as Recording Supervisor
A struggling lawyer takes on a controversial murder case that could make or break him.
The Hook (1963) as Recording Supervisor
Three soldiers in Korea go through inner torment when they''''re ordered to execute an enemy soldier.
Drums of Africa (1963) as Recording Supervisor
Three adventurers fight the slave trade in turn-of-the-century Africa.
Hootenanny Hoot (1963) as Recording Supervisor
Television producers discover country/western music at a small-town college.
The Prize (1963) as Recording Supervisor
An American Nobel Prize-winner mixes it up with spies when he travels to Stockholm to collect his award.
How the West Was Won (1963) as Sound Supervisor
Three generations of pioneers take part in the forging of the American West.
The Wheeler Dealers (1963) as Recording Supervisor
Texas tycoons try to mix love with finance on a trip to New York.
It Happened at the World's Fair (1963) as Recording Supervisor
A pilot's efforts to help a lost girl at the Seattle World's Fair lead to love.
The Horizontal Lieutenant (1962) as Recording Supervisor
During World War II, an inept intelligence officer falls hard for a military nurse.
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1962) as Recording Supervisor
Members of an Argentinian family fight on opposite sides during World War II.
Two Weeks in Another Town (1962) as Recording Supervisor
A recovering alcoholic film director tries for a comeback in Rome.
Sweet Bird of Youth (1962) as Recording Supervisor
A young gigolo returns to his southern hometown in search of the lost love of his youth.
Boys' Night Out (1962) as Recording Supervisor
A psychology student researches infidelity by becoming a platonic kept woman for four buddies.
Ride the High Country (1962) as Recording Supervisor
Two aging gunslingers sign on to transport gold from a remote mining town.
Dangerous Charter (1962) as Sound
A fishing boat discovers a deserted luxury yacht at sea with a dead body on board. They claim the yacht as salvage, not knowing that a drug smuggling ring has hidden $500,000 worth of heroin on the boat.
Mutiny on the Bounty (1962) as Recording Supervisor
Lavish remake of the classic tale of the villainous Captain Bligh who drives his crew to revolt during a South Seas expedition.
All Fall Down (1962) as Recording Supervisor
A young drifter's romance with an older woman is threatened by his possessive mother.
The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm (1962) as Recording Supervisor
Fanciful biography of the German fairy-tale collectors, with reenactments of three of their stories.
Period of Adjustment (1962) as Recording Supervisor
A newlywed couple''s honeymoon is disrupted by their friends'' marital problems.
Jumbo (1962) as Recording Supervisor
The daughter of a circus owner fights to save her father from a takeover spearheaded by the man she loves.
Atlantis, the Lost Continent (1961) as Recording Supervisor
A Greek fisherman gets caught up in court intrigue in a land of scientific wonders.
A Thunder of Drums (1961) as Recording Supervisor
A green Cavalry lieutenant learns the ropes fast when he's shipped out West.
Go Naked in the World (1961) as Recording Supervisor
A powerful businessman opposes his son''''s involvement with a woman with a past.
Bachelor in Paradise (1961) as Recording Supervisor
A writer moves into a housing development to study married couples.
King of Kings (1961) as Recording Supervisor
Epic retelling of Christ''s life and the effects of his teachings on those around him.
The Honeymoon Machine (1961) as Recording Supervisor
Two sailors discover a way to beat the roulette tables in a Venice casino.
Two Loves (1961) as Recording Supervisor
A conservative teacher struggles with her values while teaching natives in New Zealand.
Ada (1961) as Recording Supervisor
A call girl weds an easygoing politician and helps him against corrupt state officials.
Ring of Fire (1961) as Sound Supervisor
A group of delinquents hold a sheriff hostage in the middle of a forest fire.
Cimarron (1960) as Recording Supervisor
A pioneer couple plays a major role in the settling of Oklahoma.
BUtterfield 8 (1960) as Recording Supervisor
A party girl ruins her life when she falls for a married man.
Platinum High School (1960) as Recording Supervisor
Re-issued in 1964 as "Trouble At Sixteen" by Cinema Associates as part of a double-bill with "Girls Town" (now called "The Innocent and the Damned" and a rather descriptive title considering the cast), this film takes place at an exclusive military academy on Sabre Island (played by Catalina Island) attended by rich young delinquents who think money puts them above the law. Enter Steve Conway (Mickey Rooney) there to investigate the death of his son, whom he has been told died in an accident. The Mick is quickly in five feet of trouble (over his eyebrows) when he is met with hostility by the school's commandant, Major Redfern Kelly (Dan Duryea) and the latter's sweetheart-secretary Jennifer Evans (Terry Moore); intimidated by the cadet drill instructor, Vince Perley (Christopher Dark) and the P.E. instructor Hack Marlow (Richard Jaeckel); attempts are made on his life by a cadet trio known as "The Three Beasts", and he is trapped in a three-against-one fight with rifles, although memory fails as to just where Rooney came up with his rifle. Just to keep him tested there is a big-speedboat vs. small-motor boat (Rooney's craft of course) chase in shark-infested waters. That comes right after he makes a startling discovery when he talks to his son's former roommate Chip Hastings (Warren Berlinger).
Key Witness (1960) as Recording Supervisor
A street gang pressures the man whose testimony could put them behind bars.
The Time Machine (1960) as Recording Supervisor
A turn-of-the-century inventor sends himself into the future to save humanity.
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1960) as Recording Supervisor
Classic Mark Twain story of a young troublemaker who tries to help a runaway slave.
Where the Boys Are (1960) as Recording Supervisor
College coeds go looking for love during spring break in Fort Lauderdale.
Home from the Hill (1960) as Recording Supervisor
A southern landowner's family is torn apart by the revelation that he has an illegitimate son.
Bells Are Ringing (1960) as Recording Supervisor
An answering service operator gets mixed up in her clients' lives.
Please Don't Eat the Daisies (1960) as Recording Supervisor
A drama critic and his family try to adjust to life in the country.
The Subterraneans (1960) as Recording Supervisor
All the Fine Young Cannibals (1960) as Recording Supervisor
An ambitious farm girl rushes into marriage with a rich man, almost destroying four lives in the process.
North by Northwest (1959) as Recording Supervisor
An advertising man is mistaken for a spy, triggering a deadly cross-country chase.
Tarzan, the Ape Man (1959) as Recording Supervisor
Tarzan swings to the rescue of his beloved Jane in this remake.
Girls Town (1959) as Recording Supervisor
Chip is killed accidentally while trying to rape a blonde girl, who runs. Silver becomes the number one suspect even though she has an alibi, but due to previous brushes with the law she's sent to Girls Town, a home for young women in trouble with the law which is run by nuns. Silver is rebellious and causes trouble at the school, and her friend Sarafina totters near the brink of self-destruction because of an infatuation with a young singer. Meanwhile Chip's father hires a detective to find out the truth, and Chip's friend Fred gets Silver's sister in trouble at a drag race. Silver has a lot of problems all right.
Never So Few (1959) as Recording Supervisor
A U.S. military troop takes command of a band of Burmese guerillas during World War II.
The Wreck of the Mary Deare (1959) as Recording Supervisor
The skipper of a sunken ship stands trial for negligence.
Watusi (1959) as Recording Supervisor
In a remake of King Solomon's Mines, an African explorer leads a beautiful woman in search of a mythical treasure.
Ask Any Girl (1959) as Recording Supervisor
A businessman uses scientific research to turn his secretary into the perfect match for his playboy brother.
Green Mansions (1959) as Recording Supervisor
A young adventurer falls in love with a mystical woman in the South American jungle.
The Mating Game (1959) as Recording Supervisor
A tax agent falls for a farm girl whose father he''''s investigating.
Some Came Running (1959) as Recording Supervisor
A veteran returns home to deal with family secrets and small-town scandals.
It Started with a Kiss (1959) as Recording Supervisor
After a whirlwind courtship, an Army officer and his wacky wife try to make their marriage work.
Count Your Blessings (1959) as Recording Supervisor
After a wartime separation, an Englishwoman discovers her French husband is a womanizer.
The Big Circus (1959) as Recording Supervisor
A ringleader tries to keep his circus on the road despite the efforts of a saboteur.
The World, the Flesh and the Devil (1959) as Recording Supervisor
One woman and two men are the only people left alive after a nuclear disaster.
Night of the Quarter Moon (1959) as Recording Supervisor
A San Francisco society boy learns that his new wife is part-black.
The Big Operator (1959) as Recording Supervisor
A tough hood goes wild when federal agents investigate him.
Ben-Hur (1959) as Recording Supervisor
While seeking revenge, a rebellious Israelite prince crosses paths with Jesus Christ.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Then Came Bronson (1969)
A young newspaperman drops out following his friend's suicide, sets out cross-country on his motorcycle in his quest for the meaning of life and befriends a runaway bride.
Return of the Gunfighter (1967)
An aging gunfighter tries to help a younger man accused of murder.

Sound (short)

Rowan & Martin at the Movies (1969)
This public service short has two comedians, Dan Rowan and Dick Martin, host a show utilizing stock clips of famous celebrities.

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