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Art Department (feature film)

General's Daughter, The (1999) as Set Decorator
When warrant officer Paul Brenner, a top investigator from the Army's Criminal Investigation Division, is assigned to look into the murder of Capt. Elisabeth Campbell, he inadvertently uncovers a scandal of immense proportions. Armed with the power to arrest any military person - whatever the rank - anywhere in the world, Brenner is determined to solve the crime, no matter where his pursuit leads, even if the clues point to his hero, Gen. ``Fighting Joe'' Campbell.
Out of Towners, The (1999) as Set Decorator
Nancy and Henry, a couple from Ohio, head to New York City for a job opportunity and encouter numerous obstacles and disasters that threaten not only their sanity but also their lifeless marriage.
Letters From A Killer (1999)
A death-row inmate is involved in epistolary romances with four different women. When he is released after a retrial, he realizes that his most recent tapes got mixed up -- and a jealous woman wants him dead.
Dante's Peak (1997) as Set Decorator
USGS volcanologist Harry Dalton travels to the small Pacific Northwest town of Dante's Peak to investigate recent seismic episodes in the area. Expecting to find little other than the routine rumblings common to this region, Dalton becomes alarmed by what he sees as evidence of the kind of activity
Executive Decision (1996) as Set Decorator
Terrorists hijack a 747 carrying 400 passengers, and everyone involved mistakingly thinks the passengers are going to be bartered for the terrorist group's imprisoned leader. However, an American intelligence analyst and expert in terrorism believes that their plan is to launch a nerve gas attack on Washington DC. The President's Crisis Management Team must then choose between ignoring the agent's nerve gas theory and allowing the plane clearance to land in the Capitol, or destroying the plane and sacrificing its 400 passengers. A Special Forces leader, however, has a different solution--to secretly board the 747 using an experimental aircraft.
How To Make An American Quilt (1995) as Set Decorator
A woman is about to get married, but she soon starts falling for another man. It is only when she goes home to visit her grandmother nad her friends she realizes the right course in her life.
Speechless (1994) as Set Decorator
Two sppechwriters for opposite political candidates fall in love.
Beverly Hills Cop III (1994)
A mean street New York Cop brings his style to a Beverly Hills Amuesment Park in order to track down a criminal.
Lost in Yonkers (1993) as Set Decorator
Set in Yonkers, New York, in the summer of 1942, a story about two boys who live with their austere grandmother after their mother dies and their father is forced to become a travelling salesman to earn a living.
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992) as Set Decorator
A young boy boards the wrong flight and ends up in New York alone.
Life Stinks (1991) as Set Decorator
A callous billionaire makes a bet that turns his super luxurious lifestyle upsidedown.
For The Boys (1991) as Set Decorator
The story of two USO entertainers whose performing careers span from World War II through Vietnam.
Skin Deep (1989) as Set Decorator
An alcoholic writer tries to get back with his ex-wife, but his sexual exploits constantly get him in trouble.
Lethal Weapon 2 (1989) as Set Decorator
Riggs and Murtaugh protect a federal witness in the sequel that takes place three years after the original film.
Tango & Cash (1989) as Set Decorator
After being set up by the Mafia, two rival policeman are forced to ban together to free themselves, and clear their names.
Presidio, The (1988) as Set Decorator
Joint investigation by the San Francisco Police Department and the military.
They Live (1988) as Set Decorator
A drifter discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to wake up to the fact that aliens have taken over the Earth.
Sunset (1988) as Set Decorator
Fictional story about silent western film star Tom Mix playing his hero Wyatt Earp.
Lethal Weapon (1987) as Set Decorator
It's drugs in southern CA with cop partners Mel Gibson and Danny Glover chasing sleazy dope dealers in a nonstop crime actioner. Roger Murtaugh, who is about to turn 50, exercises the kind of life-preserving caution that Martin Riggs has discarded. Riggs' wife has been killed in an accident, and he doesn't care whether he lives or dies, just so long as he can take all the bad guys with him. Murtaugh has a hard time surviving with such a self-destructive partner as they investigate "The General" , head of a drug smuggling operation.
Quicksilver (1986) as Set Decorator
Golden Child, The (1986) as Set Decorator
Eddie Murphy is a detective with a special knack for finding missing children. His services are requested (since he is the "Chosen One" ) to find the "Golden Child, " a Bhuddist mystic who was kidnapped by an evil sorcerer. Murphy plays his usual wise-cracking self in this comical take on the mystical.
Crossroads (1986) as Set Decorator
Peggy Sue Got Married (1986) as Set Decorator
A housewife travels back in time to change the fate of her shotgun wedding.
Fletch (1985)
A crusading reporter dons a variety of disguises to get the story on a drug ring.
Ghostbusters (1984) as Set Decorator
Fired from their university research jobs, Drs. Venkman, Stantz, and Spengler promptly set up shop as parapsychologists specializing in psychic phenomena and soon they're ridding Manhattan of bizarre apparitions. But the talents of these spirit exterminators--Ghostbusters--are severely tested when b
Flashdance (1983) as Set Decorator
"What a feeling!" All plucky welder Alex Owens (Jennifer Beals) really wants to do is dance. She finds some creative outlet dancing in a club at night but that's not going to cut it. What she really wants is a shot at trying out for a ballet company. Thanks to the support of her big-hearted instructor Hanna (Lilia Skala) and handsome hunk of a boss Nick (Michael Nouri) Alex gets her chance to take the ballet world by storm. It's the film that gave us iconic dance numbers, a pulsating soundtrack and fashion trends that last to this very day.
Two of a Kind (1983) as Set Decorator
Toy, The (1982) as Set Decorator
On one of his bratty son Eric's annual visits, the plutocrat US Bates takes Eric to his department store and offers him anything in it as a gift. Eric chooses a black janitor, Jack Brown, who has made him laugh with his antics. At first the man suffers many indignities as Eric's "toy," but gradually teaches the lonely boy what it is like to have and to be a friend.
Annie (1982) as Set Decorator
An orphan attracts the attention of a Wall Street tycoon and a con artist.
Only When I Laugh (1981) as Set Decorator
An alcoholic actress fights to come back while trying to raise her teen daughter.
True Confessions (1981) as Set Decorator
A police detective clashes with his brother, a monsignor, during a murder investigation.
Hero At Large (1980) as Set Decorator
Steve is a struggling actor who gets a job dressing up as the comic book hero Captain Avenger for appearances at book stores and conventions. While in costume, Steve manages to stop a grocery store hold-up, and because he leaves as soon as the police arrive, witnesses take his modest behavior as proof that he is an actual superhero. When the mayor of the city politicizes the situation to help him win the next election, the public turns against Captain Avenger. But after Steve rescues several people from a fire while wearing his street clothes, he becomes a real hero.
Can't Stop The Music (1980) as Set Decorator
A lawyer helps an ex-model and a songwriter promote a gay singing group called the Village People.
Frisco Kid, The (1979) as Set Decorator
A Polish rabbi wanders through the Old West on his way to lead a synagogue in San Francisco. On the way he is nearly burnt at the stake by Indians and almost killed by outlaws.
Straight Time (1978) as Set Decorator
After being released on parole, a burglar attempts to go straight, get a regular job, and just go by the rules. He soon finds himself back in jail at the hands of a power-hungry parole officer. When he is released again, he assaults the parole officer, steals his car, and returns to a life of crime.
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978) as Set Decorator
A small town band makes it big, but loses track of their roots, as they get caught up into the big-time machinations of the music biz. Now, they must thwart a plot to destroy their home town. Built around the music of the beatles, this musical uses some big name groups like Peter Frampton and Aerosmith.
California Suite (1978) as Set Decorator
Four sets of guests at a posh hotel face personal crises.
Turning Point, The (1977) as Set Decorator
The story of two women whose lives are dedicated to ballet. Deedee left her promising dance career to become a wife and mother and now runs a ballet school in Oklahoma. Emma stayed with a company and became a star though her time is nearly past. Both want what the other has and reflects back on missed chances as they are brought together again through Deedee's daughter who joins the company.
Murder By Death (1976) as Set Decorator
A criminal madman invites the world's greatest detectives for a night of dinner and murder.
Peeper (1976) as Set Decorator
A rich man hires a private detective named Tucker to find his long lost daugther. Tucker's search leads him to two sisters, one of whom he believes is the girl, but he cannot tell which of the two is the right one.
Silver Streak (1976) as Set Decorator
A book editor takes a train from Los Angeles to Chicago, looking forward to a restful trip. During the journey, he has a love affair, witnesses a murder, is accused of committing it himself by an undercover FBI agent, becomes the target of the real murderer and enlists the help of a car thief to help him save himself and his new girlfriend.
Birch Interval (1976) as Set Decorator
An eleven-year-old girl goes through extreme culture shock when she leaves the city and moves in with her Amish cousins.
Baby Blue Marine (1976) as Set Decorator
A young man has failed his basic training to become a Marine and is sent home wearing "baby blue" fatigues which indicate his failure. On the way, he is mugged by a Marine who is unstrung by battle fatigue, and leaves the young washout in a hero's uniform. Proceeding to hitchhike home in the undeserved uniform, the young man arrives in a small Colorado town where he is assumed to be, and is treated like, a hero.
The Missouri Breaks (1976) as Set Decorator
An outlaw's attempts to go straight fall short when a rival rancher hires a psychotic gunman.
Futureworld (1976) as Set Decorator
Reporters uncover deadly secrets behind a theme park where guests live their dreams.
Doc Savage: The Man Of Bronze (1975) as Set Decoration
In the Fabulous Thirties, Doc Savage and his five Amazing Adventurers are sucked into the mystery of Doc's father disappearing in the wilds of South America. The maniacal Captain Seas tries to thwart them at every turn as they travel to the country of Hidalgo to investigate Doc's father's death and uncover a vast horde of Incan gold.
The Sunshine Boys (1975) as Set Decorator
A feuding comedy team reunites for a television comeback.
Mame (1974) as Set Decorator
The musical revolves around the antics of Mame Dennis (Lucille Ball), a fun-loving, wealthy eccentric with a flare for life and a razor sharp wit. Her life is suddenly changed when she becomes the guardian of her late brother's only child, Patrick Dennis. Her adventures take us from the speak-easies of the roaring 20's to the depression following the great Stock Market crash. She is rescued by a wealthy Southern plantation owner (Robert Preston), marries and is widowed suddenly, and through it all, manages to keep things under control. With some help from her dearest friend, Vera Charles (Bea Arthur), she helps keep things at 3 Beekman Place a rousing free-for-all.
The Prisoner Of Second Avenue (1974) as Set Decorator
A suddenly unemployed executive and his understanding wife must adapt to their new life.
Terminal Man, The (1974) as Set Decorator
As the result of a head injury, brilliant computer scientist Harry Benson begins to experience violent seizures. In an attempt to control the seizures, Benson undergoes a new surgical procedure in which a microcomputer is inserted into his brain. The procedure is not entirely successful.
Butterflies Are Free (1972) as Set Decoration
A blind man trying to escape his protective mother falls for an aspiring actress.
Summer of '42 (1971) as Set Decoration
A high school student falls in love, for the first time, with a World War II bride.
Fools' Parade (1971) as Set Decoration
When an ex-con tries to open a general store, a corrupt prison official and banker try to get in the way.
Doctors' Wives (1971) as Set Decoration
Dyan Cannon, Richard Crenna, Gene Hackman, Carroll O'Connor, Rachel Roberts, Janice Rule, Diana Sands, Cara Williams, Richard Anderson, Ralph Bellamy, John Colicos, Scott Brady. Frank G. Slaughter's best selling novel of infidelity in the hospital ward becomes an enjoyably lurid soap opera sparked by the performances of Cara Williams as an alcoholic, Janice Rule as a drug-addicted housewife, and Dyan Cannon as a sexually voracious maneater
The Organization (1971) as Set Decoration
When a group of revolutionaries fighting the drug rackets are framed for murder, detective Virgil Tibbs steps in to clear their names.
I Walk the Line (1970) as Set Decoration
A Southern sheriff risks his life when he falls for a moonshiner's daughter.
Rabbit, Run (1970) as Set Decoration
Take the Money and Run (1969) as Set dir
An incompetent criminal becomes the subject of a documentary.
Some Kind of a Nut (1969) as Set Decoration
A banker who's lost his job for growing a beard embraces the cultural revolution.
The Illustrated Man (1969) as Set Decoration
A man's tattoos tell frightening tales of the future.
The Love God? (1969) as Set Decoration
The editor of a nature journal becomes an unlikely sex object after a new publisher makes the magazine a girlie book.
You're a Big Boy Now (1966) as Set Decoration
A young man moves to New York City and falls for a cold-hearted beauty.

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