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Overview for Fredric March
Fredric March

Fredric March


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Also Known As: Died: April 14, 1975
Born: August 31, 1897 Cause of Death: cancer
Birth Place: Racine, Wisconsin, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Iceman Cometh, The (1973) as Harry Hope
It's 1912 and the patron's of 'The Last Chance Saloon' have gathered for their evening of whiskey to contemplate their lost faith and dreams, when Hickey (Lee Marvin) arrives. Hickey is out to convince everyone that he can help them all find peace of mind by ridding them of the foolish dreams and by bringing them back to reality. Hickey is working especially hard on Larry Slade (Robert Ryan) a former anarchist who has lost his will for life and is awaiting the eventuality of death. Larry is not affected by the cajolings of Hickey but his young companion Parritt (Jeff Bridges) is strangely affected and this leads to revelations about his own mother and feelings of betrayal and loss. As the night wears on the mood changes as everyone has the their faith and dreams slowly destroyed by Hickey. As the anger builds everyone turns on Hickey about his wife and the iceman. This leads to more revelations and with Hickey having the faint questioning of his own new found convictions.
...tick...tick...tick... (1970) as Mayor Jeff Parks
A black sheriff's arrival sets off racial fireworks in a small southern town.
Hombre (1967) as Alexander Favor
A white man raised by Apaches is the only hope for stagecoach passengers stranded by a bandit attack.
Seven Days in May (1964) as President Jordan Lyman
An American military officer discovers his superiors are planning a military coup.
The Condemned of Altona (1963) as Gerlach
The Young Doctors (1961) as Dr. Joseph Pearson
An aging doctor's resentment of his young assistant could lead to tragedy.
Inherit the Wind (1960) as Matthew Harrison Brady
In the twenties, a schoolteacher creates a national furor when he breaks the law against teaching evolution.
Middle of the Night (1959) as Jerry Kingsley
A widowed businessman courts a younger woman who works for him.
Albert Schweitzer (1957) as Narrator, words of Albert Schweitzer
Biographical documentary of the renowned humanitarian.
Alexander the Great (1956) as Philip of Macedonia
Biography of the ancient warrior who conquered the known world.
The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (1956) as Ralph Hopkins
A public relations man must cope with revelations about a wartime romance.
The Desperate Hours (1955) as Dan Hilliard
Escaped convicts terrorize a suburban family they're holding hostage.
The Bridges at Toko-Ri (1955) as Rear Adm. George Tarrant
Two jet pilots forge a lasting friendship while fighting the Korean War.
Executive Suite (1954) as Loren Phineas Shaw
When a business magnate dies, his board of directors fights over who should run the company.
Man on a Tightrope (1953) as Karel Cernik
It's a Big Country: An American Anthology (1952) as Papa Esposito
Seven stories celebrate the glorious diversity of American life.
Death of a Salesman (1952) as Willy Loman
The Titan (1950) as Told by
Christopher Columbus (1949) as Christopher Columbus
The legendary explorer discovers the new world while searching for a route to Asia.
An Act of Murder (1948) as Judge Calvin Cooke
When a judge learns his wife has terminal brain cancer, he begins to consider mercy-killing.
Another Part of the Forest (1948) as Marcus Hubbard
A father and son''s rivalry shakes the family business.
The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) as Al Stephenson
Three returning servicemen fight to adjust to life after World War II.
Tomorrow, the World! (1944) as Mike Frame
An American family takes in a young German relative and discovers he''''s been indoctrinated with Nazi propaganda.
The Adventures of Mark Twain (1944) as Samuel Clemens, also known as Mark Twain
Twain moves from Mississippi riverboats to the Gold Rush to literary immortality.
I Married a Witch (1942) as Wallace Wooley/Jonathan Wooley/and additional ancestral Wooleys
A 300-year-old witch wreaks havoc when she falls in love with a young politician.
One Foot in Heaven (1941) as William Spence
A minister and his wife cope with the problems of church life in the 20th century.
Bedtime Story (1941) as Lucius "Luke" Drake
A stage star''''s dreams of retirement conflict with her playwright husband''''s need for a hit -- with her starring.
So Ends Our Night (1941) as Josef Steiner [later known as Johann Huber]
An anti-Nazi on the run and a young Jewish couple race across Europe trying to escape Hitler's ever powerful influence. When the political refugee risks his life to see his dying wife in Austria, he has a dangerous encounter with a rabid Nazi.
Victory (1941) as Hendrik Heyst
Susan and God (1940) as Barrie [Trexel]
A flighty socialite neglects her family to promote a new religious group.
Trade Winds (1938) as Sam Wye
A private eye falls for the murderess he's pursuing.
The Buccaneer (1938) as Jean Lafitte
French pirate Jean Lafitte tries to redeem his name helping the U.S. in the War of 1812.
There Goes My Heart (1938) as Bill Spencer
An heiress takes a job as a department store clerk.
A Star Is Born (1937) as Norman Maine
A fading matinee idol marries the young beginner he's shepherded to stardom.
Nothing Sacred (1937) as Wally Cook
When a small-town girl is diagnosed with a rare, deadly disease, an ambitious newspaper man turns her into a national heroine.
Anthony Adverse (1936) as Anthony Adverse
An orphan runs off to a life of adventure, then returns to France in search of the girl he left behind.
The Road to Glory (1936) as Lieutenant Michel Denet
The story of trench life during World War I through the lives of a French regiment. As men are killed and replaced jaunty Lt. Denet becomes more and more somber. His rival for the affection of nurse Monique is Capt. La Roche.
Mary of Scotland (1936) as [Earl of] Bothwell
Biography of the flighty Scottish queen who was brought down by love.
The Dark Angel (1935) as Alan Trent
Three childhood friends are torn apart by love and World War I.
Les Misérables (1935) as Jean Valjean/Champmathieu
An obsessed policeman relentlessly pursues an escaped convict.
Anna Karénina (1935) as [Count] Vronsky
Adaptation of Tolstoy's classic tale of a woman who deserts her family for an illicit love.
The Barretts of Wimpole Street (1934) as Robert Browning
An invalid poetess defies her father's wishes to marry a dashing young poet.
Good Dame (1934) as Mace Townsley
The Affairs of Cellini (1934) as Benvenuto Cellini
We Live Again (1934) as Prince Dmitri Ivanovich Nekhlyudov
A Russian nobleman discovers the peasant girl he once seduced has turned to crime.
All of Me (1934) as Don Ellis
Death Takes a Holiday (1934) as Prince Sirki/[Death]
Death goes on vacation to learn about mortal life -- and love.
Tonight Is Ours (1933) as Sabien [Pastal]
The Eagle and the Hawk (1933) as Jerry Young
RAF pilots fight to endure the nerve-wracking ordeal of flying in World War I.
Design for Living (1933) as Tom Chambers
An independent woman can't chose between the two men she loves.
Strangers in Love (1932) as Arthur Drake/Robert [Buddy] Drake
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1932) as Dr. Henry Jekyll/Mr. Hyde
Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of a scientist who unleashes the beast within.
Merrily We Go to Hell (1932) as Jerry [Corbett]
Frederich March plays nere-do-well Jerry Corbett, who finally meets and marries the right girl, Joan Prentiss, played by Sylvia Sydney. Unfortunately their wedded bliss is interrupted when Jerry's play becomes a hit and he hooks up with the wrong woman from his past. Joan decides that turn-about is fair play and she picks Cary Grant to escort her around to various parties around New York. Eventually Jerry quits drinking and sends his girlfriend packing, just in time for Joan to take him back.
Make Me a Star (1932) as
A grocery clerk goes to Hollywood in search of fame and fortune.
Smilin' Through (1932) as Kenneth Wayne [/Jeremy Wayne]
A young woman falls in love with the son of an old family enemy.
The Sign of the Cross (1932) as Marcus [Superbus]
After Nero burns the city, a Roman official falls for a Christian accused of setting the fire.
The Night Angel (1931) as Rudek Berkem
My Sin (1931) as Dick Grady
The Royal Family of Broadway (1931) as Tony Cavendish
Julie Cavendish comes from a family of great Broadway actors. Her mother Fanny staunchly continues acting. Her boisterous brother Tony is fleeing a breach of promise suit in Hollywood. Her daughter Gwen must decide between going on stage, or settling down in a conventional marriage. Julie is just thinking that it would be nice to retire and get married, when who should turn up but her old beau, Gilmore Marshal, the platinum magnate from South America.
Honor Among Lovers (1931) as Jerry Stafford
Fredric March, a businessman, is in love with his secretary (Claudette Colbert) but she deserts him for another man; when she realizes her mistake, she goes back to March. Ginger Rogers is Colbert's girlfriend who is love with Charles Ruggles.
Laughter (1930) as Paul Lockridge
True to the Navy (1930) as Gunner McCoy
Manslaughter (1930) as Dan O'Bannon
Sarah and Son (1930) as Howard Vanning
A ne'er-do-well husband, after years of abusing his wife, disappears with their son, and winds up selling him to a wealthy family. Years later, the wife--now a world-famous opera singer--finally has enough time and money to begin a search for him.
Ladies Love Brutes (1930) as Dwight Howell
Footlights and Fools (1929) as Gregory Pyne
Jealousy (1929) as Pierre
The Wild Party (1929) as [James] "Gil" Gilmore
This film follows the on-again, off-again relationship of a college professor and a sexy student.
The Studio Murder Mystery (1929) as Dick Hardell
Philandering actor Richard Hardell is murdered at a movie studio. His jealous wife Blanche, his director Rupert Borka, and a girl he mistreated, Helen MacDonald, all have substantial reasons for having wanted him dead.
The Marriage Playground (1929) as Martin Boyne
Paris Bound (1929) as Jim Hutton
The Dummy (1929) as Trumbell Meredith

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Lights Out in Europe (1940) as Narr
The 400,000,000 (1939) as Commentary spoken by

Cast (special)

Christmas Carol, A (1954) as Ebenezer Scrooge
A musical version of the Charles Dickens story in which the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge comes to see his faults one Christmas Eve.

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