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John Meehan

John Meehan

  • Free Soul, A (1931) September 26 (ET) - Reminder REMINDER
  • Sadie McKee (1934) October 14 (ET) - Reminder REMINDER
  • Stage Mother (1933) November 12 (ET) - Reminder REMINDER
  • Prizefighter And The Lady, The (1933) November 22 (ET) - Reminder REMINDER
  • Sadie McKee (1934) December 01 (ET) - Reminder REMINDER
  • Boys Town (1938) December 06 (ET) - Reminder REMINDER


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Also Known As: Died: May 15, 1963
Born: June 13, 1902 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Techachapi, California, USA Profession: Writer ...


Writer (feature film)

Three Daring Daughters (1948) as Orig scr
Three young girls try to help their widowed mother find the right husband.
The Story of the Pope (1946) as From the orig scr by
The Valley of Decision (1945) as Screenwriter
An Irish housemaid's romance with the boss's son is complicated by labor disputes in the Pittsburgh mills.
Kismet (1944) as Screenwriter
In the classic Arabian Nights tale, the king of the beggars enters high society to help his daughter marry a handsome prince.
When Ladies Meet (1941) as Contract Writer
A female novelist doesn't realize her new friend is the wife whose husband she's trying to steal.
Seven Sinners (1940) as Screenwriter
A South Seas temptress sets her sights on a U.S. Navy officer.
Eternally Yours (1939) as Additional Dialogue
A woman is swept off her feet by a magician, and finds the results less than magical.
Babes in Arms (1939) as Contract Writer
A group of second-generation entertainers puts on a show to launch their careers.
Boys Town (1938) as Screenwriter
True story of Father Flanagan's fight to build a home for orphaned boys.
Wings of the Morning (1937) as Script
When a young horse trainer falls for a Gypsy girl, it reignites an old family feud.
The Emperor's Candlesticks (1937) as Contr to dial
Spies on opposite sides fall in love in pre-revolutionary Russia.
When Thief Meets Thief (1937) as Screenwriter
Madame X (1937) as Screenwriter
When she kills a blackmailer, a woman is defended by the son she abandoned years earlier.
His Brother's Wife (1936) as Screenwriter
A man helps his brother skip town, then steals his girlfriend.
Peter Ibbetson (1935) as Add scenes
Architect Peter Ibbetson is hired by the Duke of Towers to design a building for him. Ibbetson discovers that the Duchess of Towers, Mary, is his now-grown childhood sweetheart. Their love revives, but Peter is sentenced to life in prison for an accidental killing. Mary comes to him in dreams and they are able to live out their romance in a dream world.
The Painted Veil (1934) as Screenwriter
A wife strays, then fights to redeem herself to her husband.
Sadie McKee (1934) as Screenwriter
A working girl suffers through three troubled relationships on her road to prosperity.
What Every Woman Knows (1934) as Screenwriter
An ambitious wife backs her husband's political career.
The Prizefighter and the Lady (1933) as Screenwriter
A boxing champion falls for a gangster's moll.
Hell Below (1933) as Dial
A submarine captain clashes with one of his crew during World War I.
Stage Mother (1933) as Screenwriter
A young actress's mother will sacrifice anything, even her daughter, for money.
When Ladies Meet (1933) as Screenwriter
A female novelist doesn't realize her new friend is the wife whose husband she's trying to steal.
Letty Lynton (1932) as Dial and cont
Wealthy socialite Letty Lynton is returning to New York, abandoning one-tine lover Emile Renaul in South America, when she strikes up a shipboard romance with Jerry Darrow. Renault is waiting for her in New York and will not leave her alone, so she poisons him. When detectives take her to the D.A.s office, Jerry cooks up an alibi.
The Washington Masquerade (1932) as Cont and dial
A widowed U.S. Senator finds himself embroiled in scandal when he remarries.
A Free Soul (1931) as Dial cont
A hard-drinking lawyer's daughter falls for one of his underworld clients.
This Modern Age (1931) as Additional Dialogue
A child of divorce raises eyebrows when she goes to Paris to live with her estranged mother.
Jenny Lind (1931) as Dialogue de
The Phantom of Paris (1931) as Dial
A magician is charged with killing his fiancee's father.
Son of India (1931) as Additional Dialogue
A rajah's son falls for an American girl touring India.
Strangers May Kiss (1931) as Dial cont
A sophisticated woman risks her marriage for love of a ruthless schemer.
The Divorcee (1930) as Dial
The double standard destroys a liberal couple's marriage.
A Lady's Morals (1930) as Dial
Romantic biography of Swedish opera singer Jenny Lind and her famous affairs.
Doña mentiras (1930) as Screenwriter
The Divorcee (1930) as Cont
The double standard destroys a liberal couple's marriage.
The Lady Lies (1929) as Dial
The Lady Lies (1929) as Story

Art Director (feature film)

Cult of the Cobra (1955) as Art Director
While stationed in Asia, six American G.I.'s witness the secret ritual of Lamians (worshipers of women who can change into serpents). When discovered by the cult, the High Lamian Priest vows that "the Cobra Goddess will avenge herself". Once back in the United States, a mysterious woman enters into their lives and accidents begin to happen. The shadow of a cobra is seen just before each death.
It Should Happen to You (1954) as Art Director
A dizzy model in love with fame rents a billboard and puts her name on it.
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954) as Art Director
A renegade sea captain uses a pioneering submarine to force peace on the world.
Man in the Dark (1953) as Art Director
After experimental brain surgery, a crook tries to reconstruct the memories of his criminal past.
Salome (1953) as Art Director
Herod's stepdaughter discovers Christianity through her love for a Roman centurion.
The Marrying Kind (1952) as Art Director
A judge forces a divorcing couple to think back on the problems that drove them apart.
Tarzan's Peril (1951) as Art Director
The jungle king tries to catch gunrunners.
Sunset Blvd. (1950) as Art Director
A failed screenwriter falls into a mercenary romance with a faded silent-film star.
Samson and Delilah (1950) as Art Director
Epic re-telling of the story of the Biblical strongman laid low by love.
Bride of Vengeance (1949) as Fill-in art dir
The Heiress (1949) as Art Director
A plain young woman's money makes her prey to fortune hunters.
Sealed Verdict (1948) as Art Director
Dream Girl (1948) as Art Director
Golden Earrings (1947) as Art Director
An English POW tries to hide from the Nazis by posing as a gypsy.
Suddenly, It's Spring (1947) as Art Director
Captain Mary Morley (Paulette Goddard), WAC marital-relations expert, known as "Captain Lonelyhearts", returns from overseas as escort to some G.I. war brides, and she hopes to patch up the estrangement from Peter Morley (Fred MacMurray), her husband and former law partner. The latter has fallen for beautiful Gloria Fay (Arleen Whelan) and is waiting at the airport with a divorce consent requiring Mary's signature. Peter, hoping to be more persuasive later, asks her to have dinner with him later at the Ski Club. Jack Lindsay (Macdonald Carey), a client of Peter's who has been using their apartment mistakes Mary for one of the intended bridesmaids and asks about Gloria. Now that Mary knows about Gloria, she asks Jack to bring Gloria to the Ski Club dinner. Still in love with Peter, Mary refuses to sign the divorce paper and asks Jack to take her home. Mary is ordered to Fort Sheridan and Peter and Jack board her train - Peter still after her signature and Jack also hoping she will sign as he has fallen for her. Jack advises Peter to make himself so repulsive that Mary will be glad to get rid of him. When Mary reaches Chicago, she is met by three WAC officers and Peter, puffing a king-size cigar, who swoops in and scoops her into his arms. Realizing that Peter must want a divorce badly by staging such a performance, Mary finally consents. Later, when Mary and Peter are going through their personal effects, they begin to reminisce and realize their disagreements were over trivial matters. They embrace, leaving Jack and Gloria out in the cold.
The Bride Wore Boots (1946) as Art Director
Two Years Before the Mast (1946) as Art dir asst
Charles Stewart, the "Pilgrim" owner's playboy son, finds himself shanghaied on his father's ship commanded by cruel Captain Thompson. When scurvy breaks out he leads a mutiny and is slapped in irons. Floggings and torture abound.
The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946) as Art Director
Years after a murder drove them apart, an heiress tries to win back her lost love.
The Virginian (1946) as Art Director
Best friends become enemies when one signs on with a rustler.
Bring on the Girls (1945) as Art Director
Frenchman's Creek (1944) as Art dir, asst
Wake Island (1942) as Asst art dir
Marines stationed in the Pacific fight off the Japanese during World War II.
I Wanted Wings (1941) as Asst art dir
Story follows the training and personal lives of three recruits in the Army Air Corps --- a wealthy playboy, a college jock and an auto mechanic. Love interest is supplied by a female photographer and a sultry blonde.

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