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Cast (feature film)

Secret of NIMH II: Timmy to the Rescue, The (1998)
The continuing story of Timmy Brisby--a mouse--who tries to prove that he is a worthy of his destiny to become the leader of Thorn Valley. Timmy sets off to perform a heroic deed by trying to rescue six elderly mice who are being held hostage.
Anastasia (1997) as Voice Of Major Domo; Voice Of Travelling Man
A young princess attempts to regain her throne from the madman who took it from her family years before.
A Little Princess (1995) as Charles Randolph
When her father is thought lost at war, a young Victorian girl becomes a boarding school servant.
Double Edge (1992) as Priest
A hired assassin is pursued by an FBI agent with whom she has a physical resemblance.
Toys (1992) as Owens Owens
A man tries to save his toy factory from a greedy general bent on making war toys.
Stormy Weathers (1992) as Pidge
A female private investigator in Los Angeles uncovers an elaborate plot when she searches for the missing relative of an Italian aristocrat.
Hook (1991) as Tootles
A grown up Peter Pan has to fight off the return of Captain Hook.
Runestone, The (1991) as Stoddard
Thriller about the men who discover a mythical runestone, with powers to possess people.
Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time (1991)
The heroic Dar pursues his villainous brother into the 20th century via a time warp.
Dick Tracy (1990) as Diner Patron
The intrepid comic strip detective fights off a ruthless gangster and his seductive girlfriend.
Peter Gunn (1989) as Willie
Set in the 1960s, detective Peter Gunn finds himself in the midst of a mob war when he is hired by a gangland boss to prove that the mobster did not kill a rival.
Worth Winning (1989) as Ticket Taker
A television weatherman takes on a bet to romance and win three women.
Addicted to His Love (1988) as Mr Mayhew
A modern-day Casanova, Larry Hogan, makes a profession of romancing several women at the same time, assuming a different identity for each romance. He then uses their loneliness and vulnerability to swindle them to the maximum. When the fleeced women learn of each other's existence, four of his vict
Black Cauldron, The (1985) as Voice Of King Eidilleg
Taran is an assistant pigkeeper who longs to be a knight. He's given his chance to live his dream when he is sent out in search of a magical black cauldron which can either be a powerful instrument of good or a bottomless font of evil, depending entirely upon who should find it.
City Heat (1984) as Doc Loomis
A Kansas City police lieutenant who is on the trail of a horde of underworld scumbags with a private detective that keeps getting in his way.
Secret Of Nimh, The (1982) as Voice Of Mr Ages
A society of genetically altered rats comes to the aid of a mouse whose family is threatened by civilization.
Hotline (1982) as Hooten
Struggling artist Lynda Carter is talked into being a volunteer to answer phones part-time at Granville Van Dusen's crisis center only to find herself being stalked by a psychotic caller.
Savage Harvest (1981) as Dr Macgruder
When a drought parches the savannas of Kenya, a family living on a plantation is surrounded by a pride of starving lions.
Disaster On The Coastliner (1979) as Southbound Conductor
A deranged engineer, bent on revenge for the death of his wife and daughter, sets two passenger trains on a collision course, and con-man Mike Connors puts his life on the line to ward off the crash.
Gift of Love, The (1978) as Emcee At Ball
Marie Osmond made her dramatic acting debut playing a poor little rich girl who loses her heart to a penniless immigrant in New York of the Gay Nineties in this variation of the O. Henry tale that has the girl cutting and selling her long hair to buy a watch chain for her husband who has sold his pr
Heaven Can Wait (1978) as Everett
When a football player dies early, he gets a second chance in the body of a crooked industrialist.
Halloween (1978) as Graveyard Keeper
A young boy kills his sister on Halloween of 1963, and is sent to a mental hospital. 15 years later he escapes and returns to his home town in order to wreak havoc.
Target Risk (1975) as Shoeshine Boy
A bonded courier, whose girlfriend is abducted while they are on a date, is blackmailed into faking a diamond robbery in this pilot for a series that never got off the ground.
Young Frankenstein (1974)
Victor Frankenstein, (that's pronounced Frahnken-steen) is a neurosurgeon who has spent his life distancing himself from the legend of his grandfather who created the monster. But when Victor inherits Frankenstein Castle, he is drawn into the family business of reanimating life. Now proudly reclaiming the original pronunciation of his surname, Victor is aided in his work by his pretty assistant Inga, hunchback Igor (pronounced Eye-gor) and Frau Bl├╝cher who turns out to have been his grandfather's girlfriend! Together, they create a new monster/man-about-town.
Ace Eli And Rodger Of The Skies (1973) as Brother Watson
The story of Ace Eli Walford, a 1920s stunt flyer who barnstorms around the country, taking his eleven-year-old son Rodger with him as he goes from town to town.
Blue Knight, The (1973)
Veteran cop Bumper Morgan searches the Los Angeles barrio for the killer of an aging colleague in this pilot for the 1975-76 series. Kennedy took over the role originated in the 1973 telefeature by William Holden.
The Culpepper Cattle Co. (1972) as Doctor
16-year-old Ben Mockridge has always wanted to be a cowboy and persuades Frank Culpepper to take him on a cattle drive. On the trail, Ben's romantic notions of the life of a cowhand are challenged as he learns about the exhausting, solitary, and violent aspects of the job.
Hound of the Baskervilles, The (1972) as Higgins
The oft-filmed Conan Doyle classic (it had been made at least eight times previously) and the first American color version about how Holmes and Watson solve the baffling murder of an heir to the Baskerville fortune on the misty English moors. This was the pilot to a prospective Sherlock Holmes serie
Do You Take This Stranger? (1971) as Night Man
A social climber schemes to inherit one million dollars by trading identities with a dying man. Working and pre-release titles for this one were "A Knock at the Wrong Door" and "Strangers and Lovers."
Vanishing Point (1971) as Second male hitchhiker
A car delivery driver leads the police on a merry chase to win a bet.
In the Heat of the Night (1967) as Ted Ulam
A black police detective from the North forces a bigoted Southern sheriff to accept his help with a murder investigation.
Scorpio Letters (1967) as Hinton
A spy thriller involving an American who is enlisted by British Intelligence to replace one of its recently murdered agents and smash a ring of blackmailers -- James Bond style -- headed by a nefarious figure known as Scorpio. One of the early telefeatures filmed on location rather than on the back lot.
Munster, Go Home! (1966) as Alfie
When the Munster family inherits a British Estate, they are met upon by some archcriminals who are using the place for a counterfeiting ring. The thugs try to chase them away.
Lt. Robin Crusoe, U. S. N. (1966) as Umbrella man
Lt. Robin Crusoe is a navy pilot who bails out of his plane after engine trouble. He reaches a deserted island paradise where he builds a house, finds an abandoned submarine with lots of gadgets that he can use, and also finds a marooned chimp from the US Space program and a native girl named Wednesday who was exiled by her father. Wednesday thinks Crusoe wants to marry her, and when her father arrives on the island to collect her and Crusoe refused to marry her, chaos ensues.
Penelope (1966) as Major Higgins
A neglected wife turns to bank robbery to get her husband''s attention.
King Rat (1965) as Blakely
A U.S. officer in a World War II Japanese POW camp tries to raise money to buy his fellow prisoners'' freedom.
Mary Poppins (1964) as Mr. Dawes, Jr.
Two banker's children lose their nanny due to her frustration with them. A change in the wind blows in an assertive nanny who matches the qualifications of the children and not the father. As she helps them magically explore the world around them the father grows increasingly disapproving of her methods, and must eventually deal with his own distance from his children.
The Man From Galveston (1963) as Barney
Circuit-riding Texas lawyer Timothy Higgins defends a former girlfriend against a murder charge stemming from an extortionist's threat to reveal her shady past. Through adroit courtroom work, Higgins is able to acquit her and reveal who actually shot the fatal bullet.
Convicts 4 (1962) as Storekeeper
A convicted killer discovers a talent for art while behind bars.

Cast (special)

Prince and the Pauper, The (1957)
Adaptation of Mark Twain's novel about a poor boy and the heir to the British throne who exchange places.

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