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Also Known As: Died: August 14, 1982
Born: March 31, 1922 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Armagh, Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Samuel Beckett: Silence to Silence (1987) as Extracts From Beckett'S Plays
CHARIOTS OF FIRE (1981) as Lord Cadogan
Committed long-distance runners strive for the 1924 Olympics.
Ondskans vardshus (1981) as Marquis
Monster Club, The (1981) as Innkeeper ("Humgoo Story")
Hammer Studios house director Roy Ward Baker ("Five Million Years to Earth," "The Vault of Horror") lured scare maestros Vincent Price and John Carridine out of retirement for this hit-and-miss anthology of three horror stories, all linked together by the goings-on at the Monster Club, a discoteque for vampiric types. Price plays the dance club''s head vampire, and Carradine is curious horror author Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes.
Black Cat, The (1980) as Mr Miles
Sir Henry at Rawlinson End (1980) as Reverend Slodden
Rough Cut (1980) as Ernst Mueller
Hawk The Slayer (1980) as Priest
Bronte Sisters, The (1978) as Reverend Bronte
The Bronte sisters grapple with their talented but deeply troubled brother.
Telefon (1977) as General Strelsky
A Russian agent travels to the U.S. to stop a crazed defector from triggering human time bombs.
Barry Lyndon (1975) as Chevalier De Balibari
An Irish rogue cheats his way to the top of 18th-century British society.
Galileo (1974) as Cardinal Bellarmin
This bio-pic is about Galileo, the 17th century Italian who laid the foundations of modern science. Galileo made himself one of the world's first telescopes and discovered the moons of Jupiter. He supported Copernicus' theory that the Earth revolved around the Sun. This brought him in conflict with the Catholic Church. By threatening him with torture, the Church forced him to recant his views in front of a tribunal, and sentenced him to house arrest. However, Galileo's trials and theories inspired others like Newton and Kepler to prove that the Earth was not the centre of the Universe. Some years ago, the Pope accepted that Earth does revolve around the Sun and issued a rare apology for what the Church had done to Galileo, i.e., the Catholic Church recanted!
Luther (1974) as Hans--Luther'S Father
The evolution of Martin Luther's relationship with the Catholic Church is traced, from his initial disillusiomment with the institution through his eventual leadership of the Reformation movement.
Lady Ice (1973) as Paul Booth
Andy Hammond is an insurance company investigator who is working on a case involving the theft of three million dollars worth of diamonds. He is working enthusiastically to solve the robbery until he meets Paula Booth, a lovely young woman whose father is the prime suspect. .
Last Days of Man on Earth, The (1973) as Dr Baxter
After the death of his Nobel Prize-winning father, billionaire physicist Jerry Cornelius becomes embroiled in the search for the mysterious "Final Programme", developed by his father. The programme, a design for a perfect, self-replicating human being, is contained on microfilm. A group of scientists, led by the formidable Miss Brunner (who consumes her lovers), has sought Cornelius's help in obtaining it. After a chase across a war-torn Europe on the verge of anarchy, Brunner and Cornelius obtain the microfilm from Jerry's loathsome brother Frank. They proceed to an abandoned underground Nazi fortress in the Arctic to run the programme, with Jerry and Miss Brunner as the subjects.
And Now The Screaming Starts (1973) as Dr Whittle
England 1795: the young Catherine just married Charles Fengriffen and moves into his castle. She becomes victim of an old curse that lays on the family. In her wedding night she's raped by a ghost and gets pregnant.
Pope Joan (1972) as Elder Monk
This movie is based on the medieval legend of Pope Joan, who was made Pope for a brief period around 855 A.D. Although it is questionable that Pope Joan really did exist, this movie presents her existence as fact, and portrays her relationships with other notables of the time.
Asylum (1972) as Dr Rutherford
A young psychiatrist interviews four inmates in a mental asylum to satisfy a requirement for employment. He hears stories about 1) the revenge of a murdered wife, 2) a tailor who makes a suit with some highly unusual qualities, 3) a woman who questions her sanity when it appears that her brother is conspiring against her, and 4) a man who builds tiny toy robots with lifelike human heads.
Young Winston (1972) as General Bindon Blood
The young Winston Churchill overcomes a bad family life and early military mistakes to launch his political career.
Tales from the Crypt (1972) as [George] Carter
Five people are trapped in a crypt and are shown their futures by the evil cryptkeeper. They are given the option of avoiding their fates - by avoiding living out the rest of their lives.
The Trojan Women (1971) as Menelaus
Hecuba and the other women of Troy rise to find their city in ruins and their cause lost. The city has fallen into Greek hands and it is likely their lot to become slaves of Greek soldiers. A messenger approaches to inform them that the lots have been drawn and each woman will be taken to the man who drew for her. Of particular interest is Hecuba's daughter, Cassandra, who is chosen for the Greek kings bedchamber. She has received word of this news already and is in hiding because she has sworn an oath to the gods that she will live as a virgin. When she is found she has some particularly nasty things to say about treatment at Greek hands.
A Clockwork Orange (1971) as Mr. [Frank] Alexander
Scientists use mind-control experiments to turn a gang leader against violence.
King Lear (1971) as Duke of Cornwall
An aging king mistakenly exiles the one daughter who loves him and divides his kingdom between the other two.
Demons of the Mind (1971) as Dr Falkenberg
Baron Zorn (Robin Hardy) keeps his teenaged children locked up and drugged, fearing that his insane wife passed along a congenital curse to them before her own suicidal death. Elizabeth (Gillian Hills) escapes for a brief tryst with a local before being recaptured and subjected to a bleeding process to 'draw out the bad blood.' Emil (Shane Bryant) keeps trying to escape, but is thwarted time and again by his aunt Hilda (Yvonne Mitchell) who runs the house like a prison. One reason the siblings have to be kept apart, is their incestuous attraction to each other. Local wenches are being murdered in the woods, and the superstitious peasants think demons are responsible. A wandering Priest (Michael Hordern) dedicates himself to root out the evil, but isn't taken seriously. Arriving at the castle are two more interested parties: Mountebank scientist-huckster Falkenberg stands to make a small fortune if his strange apparatus can cure the children of their inherited evil. Young Carl (Paul Jones) simply wants to rescue Elizabeth. As more murders mount, Falkenberg enlists village lass Inge (Virginia Wetherell) to play the dead mother in a psycho-drama that he hopes will shock the children from their morbid state; but Baron Zorn's symptoms of derangement soon make it obvious that the doctor is treating the wrong patient...
You Can't Win 'Em All (1970) as General
Two Army buddies sign on to help Turkish mercenaries escort the governor''''s daughters.
Cromwell (1970) as Hugh Peters
A Puritan leader sparks a revolution in 17th century England.
Hard Contract (1969) as Alexi
A hit-man, on assignment in Europe to do a job, meets and falls in love with a beautiful jet-setter in Spain.
Anzio (1968) as General Starkey
U.S. troops in World War II fight to survive the Allied landing in Italy.
The Birthday Party (1968) as Shamus McCann
A mysterious boarder arrives at a British seaside boarding house and suspicions over his identity abound.
The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade (1967) as Marquis de Sade
Asylum inmates stage an unsettling play about the French Revolution in this adaptation of the legendary stage production.
Never Back Losers (1967) as Ben Black
Wally Sanders, a horseracing jockey, loses a race and crashes his car to claim an insurance. Jim Matthews, a shrewd and energetic insurance investgator, follows up the company's suspicion of foul play and stumbles deep into a web of corruption concering fixed horse races.
Ricochet (1966) as Inspector Cummins
Solicitor Alan Phipps formulates a plan to blackmail his wealthy and unfaithful wife, Yvonne, and at the same time, get revenge against her boyfriend, John Brodie, by setting him up to appear that he is the blackmailer and for Yvonne to kill him. But Brodie, anticipating this predictament, has a hidden agenda behind all this to get the last laugh at Phipps.
The Skull (1965) as Police doctor
A collector of esoterica, Dr. Maitland, buys an unusual skull from his ordinary source of artifacts. The skull is what remains of marquis De Sade. Much too soon he discovers how the skull affects him: by turning him into a frenzied killer.
Die, Monster, Die! (1965) as Dr. Henderson
On a trip to meet his girlfriend's family, a young man uncovers deadly secrets.
Seance on a Wet Afternoon (1964) as Superintendent Walsh
A medium kidnaps a child so she can help the police solve the crime.
The Servant (1964) as Bishop
A wily manservant takes over his dissolute master''''s estate.
The Masque of the Red Death (1964) as Alfredo
A sadistic nobleman isolates his court from a world stricken with the plague.
Zulu (1964) as Reynolds
Although outnumbered, British soldiers make an heroic stand against revolting Zulu warriors.
The Young Racers (1963) as Sir William Dragonet
A writer pens an expose on the womanizing racer who stole his fiancee.
Dementia 13 (1963) as Justin Caleb
Members of an Irish family are being killed off by one of their own who wishes to inherit the family fortune.
The Boys (1963) as Mr. Lee
Young, Willing and Eager (1962) as Flynn
The Concrete Jungle (1962) as Chief Warder Barrows
Even behind bars, a convict refuses to tell his cohorts where he stashed the loot from a big job.

Editing (feature film)

When Andrew Came Home (2000)
The return to his home of a child who had been kidnapped by his biological father five years earlier has psychological ramifications for his mother and her new family. Based on a true story.<P>Andrew, a five-year-old boy, is kidnapped by his father when he is sent off for his weekend visitation visi
Death of a Cheerleader (1994)
Based on the "Rolling Stone" article about the real-life murder of a popular high school cheerleader by one of her peers in the upper middle class community of Orinda, California.
Going Underground (1993)
A battered wife becomes engaged in a bitter custody battle and discovers that the legal system will not allow testimony of spousal abuse in custody hearings.

Cast (special)

Killer in Every Corner, A (1974) as Dr Carnaby
The story of a criminal psychologist who uses human "guinea pigs" to test the behavior patterns of killers.

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