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George Macready

George Macready



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  • Great Guy,Good Actor

    • gotacigarette
    • 2018-07-14

    Not everyone's cuppa tea,but I like him,after my initial reservations.Thought that scar was from being pugnacious,but he probably ran from a fight.Hands of a musician,tall,blonde & blue-eyed,seems a few trolls call him effeminate,but with a voice like that,who cares?He had presence,got the word out as Ballin Mundson about bisexual characters existing.Ran an art gallery with friend Vinnie Price during WWII,seems to have been a place everyone loved to congregate,as Vinnie & George were fun people to know.Saw him in a Death Valley show from 1961 as a meanie grandpa who straightens up and learns to accept his son-in-law,making life easier for the characters daughter & grandson.Gone these past 45 years,wish coulda known ya,big guy!

  • The Great Macready

    • hamholdmayo
    • 2018-07-05

    Wish more of his good films were shown.Great 4 Westerns with Randolph Scott.This man never got many great accolades,all anyone talks about is the "gayness" of Ballin Mundsen,never the sensitivity he could show in "Commandos Strike At Dawn",his first film appearance,or another good job in "The Seventh Cross",or how his prosecutor in "Knock On Any Door" was that films most memorable,or "Paths Of Glory" performance deserved an Oscar nod but didn't get it (?because controversial subject or prejudice against this guy?).He could be stagey at times,but so were many other stage-trained pros.At least they did the prep work before getting piles of money for street racing or something else that encourages today's lethal behaviours.

  • Why Didn't You Quit Ciggies Sooner?

    • stuckinthemiddle
    • 2018-04-19

    Enjoy everything this guy ever did on TV,not everything available on dvd unfortunately.He always added something,even if he was occasionally hammy.

  • Georgie,We Miss You

    • classclown
    • 2018-04-15

    Knew him threw a former college classmate who said Mac was well-liked as well as well-read,and a genuinely terrific soul,who deserved better in the film industry.He was known to be someone who would've succeeded in any field of business,but had a zeal for The Arts,not only acting,but art collections.Hope he RIPs!A lovely person.

  • Great actor,Not Bad To Behold

    • pompous?really
    • 2018-01-17

    Great fan of this actor from days long past.The truly only bright spot in Knock On Any Door-stole the film out from Bogie,as he did from Gilda co-stars Rita & Glenn,but he wasn't making it with his on-screen wife,unlike Glenn.Stole Paths Of Glory,why was he never an Academy Award nominee?Eddie Muller or Ben should explore that while Michael Macready is still alive!

  • Terrific Actor

    • ballinasloch
    • 2017-11-14

    From his first film,Commandos Strike At Dawn,this guy had something.That several of his next films,real life seemed to have filtered through,and the future "Iceman" was rather spookily sad and seeming to have a great personal conflict making him appear "off",as in staring into space.I could definitely pick up on great sadness in his eyes,circa his 1943 divorceand his not being in films until well into 1944,making some great characters.I think he needs a day long salute,even a month long salute,but I guess he's not as important as some of,what I consider lesser actors have always gotten their due.He was great in film noir,and he made many more great films other than PATHS OF GLORY,Gilda (IMHO-HIS FILM,Glenn & Rita not up to his class!).

  • What We Have Here Is Great Communicator

    • icecoolcreamsicle
    • 2017-11-06

    This guy could easily have been a businessman,as his old Yankee pappy demanded.That he continued to nurse a dream of an acting career,and moped because he thought his scars on his face precluded it,but with the right encouragement from someone who knew better-acclaimed director Richard Boleslawski,he knocked on doors,tried to get into proper acting school but was refused until famed actress Jessie Bonstelle saw him in a near disastrous (for the production,not Mac) with his having to provide lines/cues for his and leading lady's performances,and his near career ending plunge from a scene requiring his "ascension to Heaven",which nearly did happen with the cable snapping and Big Mac plunging to the stage,relatively intact.Thus,he was given the interview with a reputable stage school of acting,he acquired perfect diction-can only imagine his former Rhode Island accent,just watch Vinnie Paz in BLEED FOR THIS!LOVE THIS GUY,I know I adore him!

  • The Only Leg Of Triangle Not A Hustler

    • gildageordie
    • 2017-10-27

    Could easily have rivaled Casablanca with a decent script of movie Gilda.Not the only film Macready proves his ability as an actor,and he's not one dimensional actor.Here,he plays an elegant man who either threw in with Nazis,or was one beforeWWII.I really enjoy his scenes and think he gives the picture its only redeeming qualities.Not easy when all everyone talks about is GILDA!Rita is no actress,IMHO,as evidenced here.The photos of the 3 actors study hastily produced script pages Macready sitting between Rita & Glenn.He was cast before two lovers on and offscreen.Think he helped co-stars immensely,IMHO with his stage background.He's the only one who really seemed to make the effort to act out of the three stars.Movie is as fluffy as Rita's hair.Can't believe a Ballin would actually have married a tramp like Gilda.Even if he was bent on world domination.Take that THE ESSENTIALS,give Macready HIS DUE!

  • The Only Reason To Watch Gilda

    • Ballin'sforme
    • 2017-10-25

    The only one of the love triangle who had any intelligence.This guy oozes menace as Gilda's hubby,but is the only concrete character,everyone else is fluff,esp Lovers Johnny & Gilda.Don't like or feel sorry for Gilda,she was incapable of wise choices.I'd never have played around with Ballin's emotions,whether he seemed cold or not!The movie shouldn't have been situated in Buenos Aires,should be Vegas as originally intended,and how long before had Johnny & Gilda broken up?None of the plot makes sense,except with Ballin's character.

  • Did Anyone Ever Really Know This Guy?

    • hotstuff
    • 2017-10-22

    Tall,distinguished looking stage trained actor of the most perfect diction,booming voice,"nose-in-the-air",which seems to be a familial trait-his younger daughter and actor grandson exhibit in photos,too!Kept busy thru 1940s and 50s in Hollywood with occasional stage work.Art lover,aesthetic from a young age,vacationed in the artsy areas of Europe.Good friends with another art collector/expert,the great Mr Vincent Price,both of keen senses of humor,and ghly intelligent.Needs to have a biography produced about his life,as think he was very interesting,not just in his acting portrayals,but as a human being and family man who married once for 11 1/2 years,and seemed to have such sad eyes after the breakup of that marriage and the separating/custody arrangement for his 3 kids.Think he deserved happiness,his overall well-being seemed to change drastically after his first H'wood appearance in 1942s Commandos Strike At Dawn to his next appearances in 1944-his voice got raspy from too many cigarettes.

  • Fine Actor,Mannerisms Notable

    • fineact
    • 2017-09-27

    Tall,fair complexion,deep voice from ciggies.How different life could've been for him if circumstances were otherwise.Screen test 1932,voice didn't register,went back to stage work,but think he had excellent career,better than many poorer excuses who had great roles after returning fromm WWII.held your places and outshone you!

  • Miss Ya,Big Guy!

    • georgieboyo
    • 2017-09-21

    Gone 44 years now,daughter Marjorie 40 years,hopefully together in Heaven with your sister Marjorie.No worries,mate!You were a class act,always could lighten the mood with your nature,a joke.You were intense,but of an artistic mindset,very musically adept.Amen,brother!You were the best.

  • Big Bad George

    • heyjoe
    • 2017-09-06

    Heard u were a real nice guy with a delightful sense of humor.Would've loved to have met ya.Your talent lives on,even if you were hammy in Mutiny At Fort Mercy,where your commandant was a real harda--!Jeanne Cooper played your wife,would I have loved to trade places with her and be your better half.Think you still have good fans today,big guy.Even if you're a hard man to figure out.

  • Howya

    • bymyself
    • 2017-08-30

    Recently discovered this old Yankee,and have to admit he's grown on me,and not like mold.A real bad dude when the part called for it,his acting showy (stage acting background) at times.He had a pleasant voice,thought he was similar to his characters in real life-saw him in a movie,saw the scar,thinking the scare was from a brawl,so didn't like him.Now,very much the opposite-not to judge a book by its cover.

  • Happy 118th Birthday,Mac!

    • bigmacfan
    • 2017-08-29

    To a great inspiration,discovered him not too many months ago,disliked him years ago because of his evil characters,but has proven to be quite the gentleman,well-liked,and respected by co-stars and producers of Peyton Place,called cantankerous by Ruth Warrick,but then again,if I had dyspnea due to emphysema (years of heavy smoking,probably angry at himself for it,too) I'd be cantankerous,too.Think his life imploded around the time he had to take medical leave in 1967,leaving the drowning series in early 1968,film roled had dreied up,but still managed some quality acting roles.Worked until his health forced him to retire.Just cannot help loving this man's spirit and philosophy,even if many others dislike his looks,his stagy acting (at times).

  • Hey,George,you were a great actor

    • ballinthenorseman
    • 2017-08-23

    Jim Bannon thought him a fine actor,slumming in I Love A Mystery (thought Macready quite good in it),Soul Of A Monster as a poor film (I thought Macready very interesting playing a somewhat possessed doctor saved from death by a she-devil),and The Missing JUror Bannon called The Missing Audience (think Bannon a poor judge of quality films).He said George was a freelance actor who could pick and choose films,but he had 3 kida to support,he had custody of his son,who said he was a great dad,which I can believe,as I know he was well thought of,and haven't seen too much film work that Macready was over-the-top,he was in a TV production "Mutiny at Ft Mercy",where he just overemotedopposite Jeanne Cooper.But otherwise,he many times blew his co-stars off the screen because he was outstanding (Bogie & Derek in Knock On Any Door),My Name Is Julia Ross,Gilda,Paths Of Glory,he was great in Seven Days In May,but of course let's overpraise Edmond O'Brian,who was good,but not great,and Macready equal to Marty Balsam,and would've preferred Macready as President to March,but liked March,the 2 men were contemporaries,but I think Macready more approachable in real life.Miss ya,big guy!

  • Hey,there Georgie Boy!

    • here'skait
    • 2017-08-15

    You of the blond,blue eyed good looks.Would've loved to dance with you in school,or were you too busy showing off for the other guys?You always commanded attention whenever you were in the room,what with that voice and that sense of humor,you were wicked funny and even more wicked smart.Wanted to cheat off you,and get to know you better.Anyone who said he was arrogant never knew you.And icy?Only as icy as any of us Yankees from New England.If you ever seemed argumentative,it's because you knew you were right,and made your point heard!Wish I could see you but alas,will again one day!

  • Would've Loved To See You Shimmy for Prexie

    • apremid
    • 2017-08-05

    From what I read about you,the place was never dull with you around,Geordie!Must've kept the guys entertained,what with your skits and your sense of humor.Even Vinnie said you had beaucoup friends!Wish we could've met sooner,but you were miles ahead of me.Your family was lucky to have you a part of it!See you someday,big Mac!

  • Cousin

    • wiinifred
    • 2017-07-14

    Dear George,you were just exactly that,a darling man and sweet kid.You had an angel's voice and used it well.You never failed to entertain us all and we miss you these past 44 years.To see you again is my goal,it's sad to think of your last days gasping for breath because of a smoking habit.Glad to be able to quit before my habit got too bad.You were a thrill on screen,you were captivating and not in a negative way.We always knew you had to act,good thing you didn't give in to your dad's desire for an engineer.Wonder if he ever appreciated your musical talent.Miss you,my darling,until we meet again!Love,Winnie

  • Smart,Talented,Lots of Character

    • weelad
    • 2017-07-05

    George,hardly had a chance to get to know you when you were alive.What I did know of you,pieced together from what others told me of you,I know we'd have been friends.With your personality,those who didn't become friends with you really missed out.Think you were hard-working,dependable and people respectd you for this.Can't even begin to imagine how difficult retirement must've been for someone like you who worked no matter what.The sadness in your eyes in many photos from the 1943 divorce was palpable,hope your friends were there to help you get through the depression/grief of such a major lifestyle change,got the impression the divorcewas not your decision,as the ex remarried as soon as ink was dry on Reno divorce.Recommend doing the research about this terrific character actor,he was entertaining,highly intelligent,loved puzzles,could've been a codebreaker.And for those who think he was a snob,he wasn't.And the precise diction,it's stage training!

  • 44 years since your passing

    • geordie
    • 2017-07-02

    Honoring you on this the anniversary of your "Angel Day".Miss you terribly,hope you had an abundance of happiness in your life,Big Mac!So good in so many roles over the years.My favorite Martin Peyton,movies that were remade-Dead Of Winter (Julia Ross),A Kiss Before Dying you were at thetop and deserved praise,Julia Ross was nothing but a "B" flick w/o you as Ralph-not even a character in the book it's based on,The Woman In Red.God Bless and thanks for your talent!

  • What A Great Performance in My Name Is Julia Ross

    • juliaross
    • 2017-06-19

    This guy was quite an actor.He was so evil as Ralph Hughes.He blew everyone else off the screen!

  • Heyya,Geordie

    • redchowda
    • 2017-05-31

    Fine looking Easterner,Scottish-American,2nd generation,born & raised in Providence,RI,Brown Univ educated,and,no that's not the source of his fine diction-stage training for this brilliant man who never got the accolades he so richly deserved in life.Coming up on 44 yrs since he departed this life,donating his body to science,probably helping with the furthering of treatment for COPD patients.No doubt George lived life his own way,plodded along in jobs he hated,afraid to get into acting because of his facial scars.Thank Goodness for a friend like Director Rich Boleslawski,who encouraged George to get into acting,and the rest is history.This man was a man of the arts,collector,pianist,singer (sounds of clear voice in 30 Minutes To Live TV presentation singing "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" loud & clear).He gave it his best right up to his final performance in his son's Return Of Count Yorga,dressed like an aging hippie (hope it wasn't to ridicule his father-minus his upper denture,shot at his home as Mac was too ill to travel to studio by that time).

  • Winsome George

    • gigglesworth
    • 2017-05-29

    Tall,fine-looking gent from back East,45 year career in acting,should've been more except for killer emphysema.Oh,how his retirement,short as it was,must've been awful,struggling for breath and trying to fill the days once spent on a film or tv set.Really had much to give to acting,many crude remarks on social media from non-fans who trash this fine man and great actor.They can't recognize talent when they see it unless it's a mindless quip from a dumb "superhero",who's nothing super.This man survived a car accident which was probably more serious than anyone lets on-more than just a scar across the right cheek,a head injury,gashes to upper lip and over right eye,chronic headaches,?PTSD?,dental issues.Going thru a windscreen is pretty traumatic,but seeing in print dopeyremarks about the aftermath that he had everyday for the rest of his life,no wonder he was a heavy smoker.I'd drink a lot,too,if I'd been him.

  • George Mac From Brown

    • provident
    • 2017-05-19

    Smart,classy man from New England,lights up a movie (not just ciggies) when he walks in with his talent and fine looks.

  • hey,good lookin'

    • snows
    • 2017-05-05

    This guy shoulda had it all,attractive nuff to be a lead except for prominent scar,but has anyone heard of Bgoart?Born same year,both men came from well-off families,but Macready seemed to take schooling more seriously and fit in and was popular,but he didn't have the tumultuous (I wouldn't imagine anywho) that Bogie had.Bogie's peace came from the sea,hope George got his from art or music,as he had some musical background-piano and singing.That he was very intelligent shines through in his characters and he's falsely labelled pompous or bombastic-when people make no effort to understand you how they love to label or libel you.More than just a one role actor,think he did far better films than Gilda,but he's the one reason,and ONLY reason I'll watch it.Glad TCM is playing more of his movies-my current favs are Julia Ross & Missing Juror as he was so evil!He has LOL moments for me in Tarzan's Peril-peril because Tarzan and Jane can't match his acting,no can Macready's henchmen,and Dandridge is an embarrassment,as much as her writhing is supposed to be sexy,it's disgusting!More Macready was needed in that film!

  • The Aesthete From Providence

    • rhodeislandclamchowder
    • 2017-05-03

    Think his diction,a part of his stage training for those who don't know,helped to overcome what seems like a mild problem with pronouncing "R",just like Claude Rains,but doubt Macready got as frustrated as Claude deliveringsome lines,as evidenced from some Rains bloopers I've seen.This guy was brilliant,could've gone into Law,or architecture or engineering,but he needed to trod the boards,he was groomedfor something great like that.He was musically inclined,First Tenor in High School and Brown U,well-liked for his sense of humor and gregariousness.The most prominent scar on his cheek made me pass him by on screen for years,but then read he was from back East,so decided to check himout.Rememberedwatched him when we were growing up as mean old MartinPeyton,but know I realize that it was just what the part called for,and if he was nasty in real life,at times,he had reason-emphysema is not only something to rob one of breath,but affects your entire life,and it must've put the kibosh on a lot of his plans when it hit-andhe was showing signs in later appearances in the 1950s.You were a terrific,if underappreciated bloke,George.

  • George,Why'd Ya Have To Kill Yourself Smoking

    • shouldahadlongercareer
    • 2017-05-03

    Tall,handsome,almost 30 year H'wood career.Newspaper employee and bank teller until encourage to give acting the go that he wanted but hesitated to try because of facial scars from car accident,probably from accident during winter weather returning from singing presentation of Brown University Glee Club in 1921,as I see no evidence of facial scar prior to that year.Many others probably hate to watch him act because of the menacing quality of the most pronounced scar completely marring his right cheek all the way across to his right ear.He was clearly a good friend to have and had a great sense of humor.The perfect diction leads many to criticize him as a snob,but I see a confident man who took no ---- from anyone,and a highly intelligent man,to boot!

  • Chased By Chubby Laughton

    • brownman
    • 2017-04-30

    Aesthete vs jock.Highly intelligent,very attractive.Friend of Vincent Price and fellow art lover,they opened a gallery in 1943-1945 in L.A.,closing when rent control no longer made the gallery affordable to 2 rising stars,both excellent actors.George was the one with the friends and connections,Vinnie with the real art background,his major at Yale and a masters degree program in England.Vinnie was 3rd generation Yalie,don't think George's family went to college before him,although his father had some innovations for the cotton mill machinery he supervised.George's paternal grandparents were both from Glasgow area,maternal grandparents from New Hampshire,his parents both from Rhode Island,like himself,dad from Westerly,mom from Waverly.Had a sister 2 and 1/2 years younger.Ex-wife also an actress,son actor/director/producer,grandson Oliver actor/producer.All very handsome men.This guy was definitely deserving of my attention for past few years,and deserves a Star on Walk Of Fame,at very least.Did he ever get any Lifetime Achievement awards?Doubt it,WTH is wrong with Hollyweird to not commemorate this man's legacy?His son should be invited to the next TCM Film Festival-he has amazing stories!

  • Mac We Miss Ya!

    • attorneysgeneral
    • 2017-04-25

    Hope wherever you are,you're tall and handsome as your days on Earth.You were intellectual,non-jock,but full of fun and a true original.You also make me want to know more.Very few acting appearances were groaners,very few can say that.You blew Bogie and Pretty Boy off the screen in Knock On Any Door,same for everyone else in My Name Is Julia Ross.Commandos Strike At Dawn was a tease of your good guy roles,and your bad dudes were chilling!Too bad more of your TV appearances aren't made available.Think Mike needs to write your story since he's told some good samples of your life.That you'd one time been studying piano was a revelation,and your singing "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" in Thirty Minutes To Live on TV was but a taste of what might be only better when you were Glee Club in high school and college.Oh,FYI,his perfect diction was from studying theater,not from his being a Brown alumnus!

  • Watch The Hands,They're Beautiful on this man

    • musicman
    • 2017-04-17

    Tall,fair,dignified,usually played a cultured villain.This man was so much more.You could have a philosophic discussion with him and he'd listen to you.His career probably could have been more,but he seemed to accomplish whatever he set out to do,and anyone so well thought of by co-workers and friends is all anyone can ask for.He was class,appreciated the beauty in life (he was gorgeous,IMHO!) and took whatever with a grain of salt.Miss ya,MAC!

  • Dashing Macready

    • arthistorylecture
    • 2017-04-07

    Why is it that of all the Hollywood actors who attended Ivy League schools,this man gets trashed on Social Media as being pompous?That stage training included proper diction to eliminate local dialects and to help project to the back row mean anything to trash talkers,or is it just that someone who speaks proper English is a target of bullies?This man was well-educated because he was highly intelligent,also managed to be a heck of a lot of fun,per those who really knew him in all walks of life.Think it's too bad this generation can't appreciate many of those who came before us.Think George would've enlightened the bullies of today,or they would've made his life tough for being such a nerd,and being musically gifted.

  • Macready My Man!

    • bruno
    • 2017-04-07

    Tall,fair-skinned,fair-haired,Norse-looking (SCcottish grandparents came to this country in 1860s).Considered ice cold by those who judge by acting roles only,this guy was salt-of-the-earth,a true friend,and rightly deserves a star on walk of fame,honoring at TCM film festivals,was in Dtective Story with Lee Grant,his son Mike should've been issued an invite to the festival.We'll never forget your acting,have all your films,George,you true gentleman!

  • Love This Guy!

    • bringa lee
    • 2017-04-01

    Okay,never expected to like him.Always associated him with his character roles.Then read Wikipedia and IMDb sites,and found him quite interesting.A real Renaissance man of sorts.Good friend of Vincent Price,no doubt fit in well with other H'wood art collectors,seemed to have a good sense of humor,and to be a nice guy off-screen.Was limited because of scars on areas of his face,esp his right cheek.Admit that that made me leery of him at the start,thinking a car accident,the head injury maybe lead to personal problems,but doesn't seem to be the case.I've read many good things said about his dedication to acting from co-stars and production people.So I change my mind and adore this character actor,putting him in a class of other favorites as Vincent Price,Basil Rathbone,Dan Duryea,Robt Ryan.

  • Hey,From Rhodey,George!

    • pwavidance
    • 2017-03-30

    We miss this son of New England's Rhode Island,land of oceans,beaches and tolerance.This man deserved all the success he achieved,and then some more.Did the studios ever give him the break they gave the less attractive,less talented than him?Never saw him give an awful performance,but others have and everyone raves at how good those crummy acting jobs are.This guy is a legend,and deserves to be commemorated like those who didn't live up to his standard.He had a philosophy on achieving an acting career,and never lost sight of it.Trul an underrated performer,enlivened any role he did.

  • Yeah,rah,Brown Bear

    • paul bickford
    • 2017-03-28

    George Macready,native son of Providence,RI,2nd generation Scottish-American,Brown University Liberal Arts degree,worked in Providence bank & NYC newspaper office,begrudgingly to satisfy George Sr that he could work in business.Then,encouraged by director Richard Boleslawski,he became what he was destined to be,an actor.He worked hard at his craft,ever prepared,winning a spot in Jessie Bonstelle's acting troupe,even though they ignored him when he tried to get aninterview prior to his so impressing her with his providing hi own lines and that of the leading lady,who'd forgotten them.And,he survived a plunge to the stage floor when a harness raising him snapped.He was a great villain,could also play a decent good guy,did many tv guest starring roles,a few cameos,was Martin Peyton on PP for almost 3 seasons,continued to work after emphysema forced an LOA for health reasons on PP.Think he deserves proper credit for having lasted about 30 years in a brutal Hollywood,and the slings and arrows from today's crowd who think they can bash someone at will and get away with it.Can honestly say those selling his photos,autographs and various memorabilia are making good money on this handsome man's legacy.My wife just loves him,as do my girls.And he's been gone for 44 years!

  • George,Wish I Knew Ya Better

    • george deaves
    • 2017-03-27

    Frat brother,great singer,full of fun!What else needs to be said about this all-around great guy!You'd want him as your best buddy,and he was someone who always stood out from the crowd!Love ya,George,and miss ya dearly.

  • And Let's Not Forget The Talented Mr Macready

    • themightyquinn
    • 2017-03-24

    Absolutely love this actor!From the second he strolls on the screen until he either dies or gets busted,he has me enthralled.That voice,that great profile,that precise diction speaks of a highly trained stage actor.He needs a month long salute or two!He may not be everyone's cuppa,but he rates more highly in my book than many alleged talents who were only two-bit hacks!That he finally made it in the 1940s while the boys were off fighting,and stayed up there until the late 1960s says a lot.Makes me wonder how long he could've worked if not for health problems forced retirement in 1971!

  • George You've Been Gone As Long As I've Been Here

    • bourbonandbranchwater
    • 2017-03-20

    Have relatives who knew this Yankee from school and New England as well as NYC.Always thought he was extremely attractive and well-spoken,a true gentleman.He also seemed to be self-effacing.Should've made more money for his TV appearances,Thriller and some other shows offered bare bones for appearances,had tried for the big named stars,who turned their noses up at the pay,but George took what he was offered.And his appearances as Martin Peyton,he was praised for always being prepared,even if Ruth Warrick said he was ornery like Martin,let's not forget Macready was out from late August 1967-early Oct 1967 with severe respiratory issues,seeing as he had COPD,he could've died from a slight cold,and he was quite skinny during PP,and having had tooth/gum problems from long-term smoking.He quit smoking for a time,but must've resumed because he put on much weight while on LOA for "bronchial congestion".His last film,Return Of Count Yorga,he was quite heavy,and the idiots commenting on the film said he looked like Margaret Rutherford,but I think they also needed to know how sick he was and appreciate that it was a bittersweet performance,which made me cry,and want to hug this great man!Miss You,The Great Macready!

  • Macready Looks Like My Man Paul

    • paulhenreidfan
    • 2017-03-15

    Henreid was the good guy, Macready usually the villain. If not for the scar completely across his right cheek, how different could Macready's career have been? Think he was perfect as character actor, don't think he'd been happy as hero/romantic lead, he brought much to all his roles. Too many trash him as being super conceited, when all I've ever seen is the exact opposite. I see someone who was proven to live modestly, provided for his family, loved by family and friends. Neighbors knew him from Brown alumni and loved him! Had some musical background in piano and was a Gleek in high school and college. Just seems like a plain ole nice guy in real life, maybe not in reel (films).

  • Tall,Handsome,Sexy In A Way

    • scotchwhiskey
    • 2017-03-12

    Too much has been said trashing this classical actor,and not enough praising his talent.That he had perfect diction and a dynamite scar crossing his right cheek is about the only thing anyone can say about him.I'd like to hear more positive things like how much fun he was to work with and how he always appreciated suggestions from other cast or crew as to what would enhance his role.He sounds like he could be mischievous,and seemed to be respected for being a stage actor.He also seemed to be a very private person once the cameras stopped rolling.

  • Blond,Blue-eyed,Handsome Devil!

    • snowinne
    • 2017-03-10

    Born 1899,same year as Bogie,Cagney and some of the other more promoted stars,George Peabody Macready,Jr started out being discouraged from pursuing his love of acting.His father wanted him to be an engineer,and encouraged young George to take a lot of math and Greek studies while at Brown Univ.He graduated with a B.A. in Liberal Arts,Brown being a college that students aren't forced to follow a curriculum for their chosen majors.He worked for a while in a bank,then on a NYC newspaper in the Traffic Dept,and as he said had his own filing systemwhich no one could figure out!Chalk it up to a mischieveous nature?One of his boarding house neighbors was director Richard Boleslawski who encouraged young George to forget the facial scars hampering his dream of an acting career,so he quit the newspaper and became a serious actor.The rest is history.IMHO,he made the right decision,and anytime anyone else tried to make decisions for him,they were wrong!He was and always had been very attractive,was full offun,cultured,brilliant and would've made a great lawyer,like my dad,who met him in NYC and thought the world of George!NEEDS A Full-length Biography while his kids are still with us!And a salute Under The Stars!

  • Real Gentleman In Real Life

    • mydadmeHiminNY
    • 2017-03-10

    While my dad was working his way thru college in NY,he met many stars at the various jobs he held.I'll never forget how fondly he spoke of Mr Macready.This man was all class.A serious bookworm all of his life,he could've done anything for a living,but chose acting-a profession many continue to malign.The only thing,George did it with style and grace,while others had praise heaped on them for exploiting their basest natures,he tapped things from deep down and was equally convincing,seeing as he was sophisticated while many others were not much more than bums without class or manners!Someday,I hope someone gets wise and asks his son to do a bio on his dad,or at least a spotlight moment,I've read a lot of loving true statements about George,and he's due a big salute!

  • Hope You've Organized The Heavenly Choir

    • firsttenoringlee
    • 2017-03-08

    Never ceases to amaze me on screen.He can chuckle before delivering a line,and yet everyone calls him snobbish.Very little seems to be available about his life post divorce,so other than his art gallery with Vinnie and screen appearances,he must've lived a pretty lonely life.Can't believe with a personality like his that he was solitary for long.There's a photo taken of him and Hedy Lamarr on Lady Without Passport that is absolutely bangin',his face has smudges and his shoes and socks muddy,but he has such a huge smile on his face-absolutely charming!He's gotta have a salute UNDER THE STARS in August on his birthday!He deserves it,TV/stage/films,how can he not rate.He's made me laugh with so many of his screen antics-Tarzan's Peril eating Jane's lunch and her trying not to burst out laughing (he acted starved!).And Charlie in Gunsmoke-his costume is hilarious and I waited for the ayups and I reckons,but his lines were funny.And as the vindictive judge in The Rifleman-the hair and beard,his character looked crazy!JUST LOVE THIS MAN!GREAT ACTOR,BRILLIANT HUMAN BEING!

  • One Fine Actor and Handsome Man

    • goodlooker
    • 2017-03-07

    Always a pleasure to watch.The Alligator People is a good film because he manages to deliver some schlocky lines with a straight face,and he's the elder statesman/doctor in the film.My favorites are his villains in The Missing Juror (love him in the steamroom scene in that towel up to his armpits while his co-star only has it around his middle) and My Name Is Julia Ross with May Whitty and Nina Foch trying to keep up with him.He did many other fine films and TV,and hope many long unseen tv appearances will become available on dvd soon!Miss ya,ya gorgeous hunka man!Would've loved to know you!

  • Great Actor,I Love Him!

    • suchagoodman
    • 2017-02-26

    Hollywood debut in Commandos Strike At Dawn with Paul Muni.He is convincing as a schoolteacher with a goal to fight Nazis.His line about writing a book that he'd be disappointed if they didn't burn it is classic,is paraphrasesd in his final,sadly,film role in his son's Return Of Count Yorga,which he was too sick to film so his one scene was shot in his own garden.Always seemed to have a tremendous sense of humor,and seemed well liked.Some say he had a limited acting range,which I fail to see how,he was in many different roles on screen and TV,doing occasional stage roles.Just wish he'd lived past 1973,would've loved to tell him how great an actor I thought he was!

  • George,We Miss You

    • mystryman
    • 2017-02-26

    Great actor,highly intelligent,handsome features scared by a 1919 car accident in which he was hurled through the windscreen of a Model T.It needn't have stopped him for one second from pursuing acting,he was groomed to be one with piano lessons meant to make him a concert pianist which actually seemed more to encourage his natural intelligence.He was active in Glee Club in high school and college,tried out for Drama Club at Brown Univ,but apparently they couldn't see talent when they saw it.He was Brown Football Manager,tried his hand in a bank and newspaper,but was encouraged to go for it in acting.While marriage and art gallery owner didn't pan out,he was successful in H'wood for almost 30 years,and would've been longer but for a failed screen test in 1932,failed because they couldn't moderate his voice for the microphone-another SNAFU like Brown Drama Club,not recognizing greatness when it walks up to you!

  • That's Why He's Perceived As Cold

    • virgoman
    • 2017-02-15

    George Mac was born under the sign of Virgo,in Rhode Island,and was seen as a stoic Yankee.But he had a certain twinkle in those blue eyes,something many fail to see.I see a great sense of humor,maybe born of many years in the theater,probably more likely that the man himself was much deeper than many ever thought.He's seen as an art collector and great reader,someone who created crossword puzzles.A great intellectual who wanted to act and was great at it,even if he's not as appreciated as he should be.While Laughton and Olivier are extolled,George is written off as histrionic or grandiose.Think that came with the stage training,as well as the "perfect diction".Would love to hear his Rhode Island accent,if it ever existed off the set.Think he was well-rounded,could cook,garden,collect art,spot a phony miles off.Think that's why so many rank on him,he was no one's fool!

  • My Choice To Be On A Deserted Island With

    • northmenvikings
    • 2017-02-12

    Give me plenty of water,food for a few days until rescue,and George and I'm set on my deserted island:conversation,laughs and I could get along.Not sure he could,but know I'd find plenty to keep me occupied.I'd tell him what I thought of his acting,I'm sure he'd appreciate it and we'd talk of back home in New England and NYC.His knowledge of art would entertain and his other pursuits.Don't think the conversation would run out before rescue,at least not on his part.

  • The New England Paul Henreid

    • catsablanca
    • 2017-02-06

    Both men had same type voice,both blond and blue-eyed,but Henreid was a leading man,whereas George was a character actor,and I gather,just plain character to those who knew him.Possessing a delightful sense of humor,good looks somewhat marred by a scar crossing his right cheek and jawline reaching under his right ear.Can't tell me this didn't cause his headaches which get worked into an appearance when they happened.He wore Wayfarers in "Vicious Circle" episode of Alfred Hitchcock,and he was lying down on a sofa,so he must've been ailing and his pal Paul Henreid worked it into the action.Think he also had headache worked into a Perry Mason script,and Man From UNCLE.Too bad he's been gone 43 years,would've delighted in getting to know him.And for those who trash his looks,acting,diction-GET A LIFE!This guy had one and seemed grateful for what acting provided him.Love ya,Big George,RIP!

  • Watched In TCMHD

    • gildainspades
    • 2017-02-01

    Can honestly say,if it weren't for Macready's sinister performance,would never'd watched Gilda.Don't find Hayworth such a hot actress,or Ford anything but a mumbling cuckolded (more so than what she does to uber Aryan hubby) clown.If this is supposed to be classified as ROMANCE,why is it so nourish?George gives it the class it needs to compare to Casablanca,which of course it's the complete opposite.And we're supposed to buy the good girl truly in love with her ex-boyfriend at the conclusion?The only thing real about the ending was the demise of Ballin,and he's the only part of the trio who deserved to survive.Ford and Hayworth may have had a long-term affair,but they don't convince me as being in love in Gilda.And what husband would tolerate what Ballin did in Gilda,the wife disappearing and the messenger boy having to pull her chestnuts out of the fire,even after Ballin's "suicide"?The only meaningful dialogue that's convincingly true is Ballin's,everyone else is played for fools.

  • Hey,George,Who Ya Terrorizing Today

    • hrothgar
    • 2017-01-29

    World's greatest villain along with Basil Rathbone.The fact that both men were anything but evil in real life speaks volumes.Both came to act in Kit Cornell's Romeo & Juliet,Baz as Romeo,George as Parris.George did many villainous roles in the era Rathbone turned his back,could've been his death knoll to save his marriage.Only problem,Baz's wife forgot you have to have more income if you spend like a drunken sailor!George was happy to be a character actor,showing us a complex man in most roles,TV stage or film.He was hardly limited in range.Should have tapped his delicious sense of humor more often,as this guy always gets me laughing withhis antics.Love ya coz!

  • Better Villain Than Anyone Gives Credit

    • behindblueeyes
    • 2017-01-25

    Fine looker for a villain,who should be as ugly as their hearts.But then,the devil can be attractive.GILDA playing this Sunday,his first claim to fame.His Ballin is the best reason to watch a confusing film.When he's on screen,he just drips venom as well as class.He was good in his debut,Commandos Strike At Dawn as Norse schoolteacher,was quiet for 1943,naybe because of a divorce,opened an art gallery with pal Vincent Price in 1943,had moderate success in film until Gilda,did 4 Westerns with Randy Scott,boffo performance in KNOCK ON ANY DOOR (wonder how Bogie felt being wiped out of court by him),some swashbucklers (The Swordsman he was dynamite!),Detective Story he got a good slapping around from Kirk Douglas,verbal sparring 3 more times with Kirk (Paths Of Glory-another Oscar worthy turn,2 Weeks In Another Town,Seven Days In May-another strong performance).His other more minor film roles he does justice as he does most of his TV performances,may be where the statement of his flamboyance comes in-he's certainly not effeminate,whether that references his art appreciation or his being full of fun and having a great sense of humor (his family called him gregarious-Liberace was flamboyant if that's what anyone means).Check out this great actor,I do every opportunity,and glad TCM has more of his films coming up,and hope he gets his day on his birthday in August in TCM Summer Under The Stars,as time has passed to give him a Lifetime Achievement Award.RIP,George!

  • One Fine Actor

    • georgedaman
    • 2017-01-24

    We could use actors of his training and caliber today.He took a licking in many a film,and didn't complain,but he probably should.The essence of good acting is to convince the audience by making it look real.Kirk Douglas roughed him up for real in Detective Story,and slapped a pipe out of his mouth in Two Weeks In Another Town,but they worked together 4 times,and quite well,but doubt good ole George gave anyone a tough time on set.Seemed like a good friend to have per people I know who absolutely praise him.Can believe it,he seems totally an honest person.

  • Macready For President

    • hailtothechief
    • 2017-01-20

    A Philosophy formaking it in H'wood,this guy definitely seemed to have.Seemed discouraged that his facial scars should detract from his making it as an actor,Director Richard Boleslawski,a friend in NYC,encouraged a young,unhappy Macready (working at a newspaper,as George Sr wanted George Jr to be a businessman,most esp an engineer,so George Jr quit the paper and never looked back.He seems to have been a quick study,tried out for Jessie Bonstelle's company,she saw him in a performance where he had to feed the lead actress her lines as well as giving his own,and fell to the stage when a harness broke,and he was mainly unscathed,winning a place with Jessie's theater troupe for 3 years,returned to the Broadway stage in 1932,toured with Kit Cornell and Basil Rathbone & Company in Romeo and Juliet,then Helen Hayes/Vincent Price in Victoria Regina and after a turndown for a H'wood career in 1932,which prob broke George's heart (his booming voice killed the mikes),he was successful in 1942 (he thought he blew it when a flag wouldn't raise-a knot was in the rope,as pointed out by a Boy Scout) then the rest is history.He really was a fine actor,IMHO,and a gracious person,and somewhat of a good looker,too!

  • May You Be A King In Heaven

    • waytogo,giorgio
    • 2017-01-16

    What words can describe someone who never got the appreciation he deserved from H'wood during much of his career.He was far from an actor with limited range.Far more attractive than many leading men,but held on to his looks long after theirs faded.Thought he was still very handsome well into his 60s,and how many men or women can claim that w/o cosmetic surgery?He did mainly TV thru the 1960s,and only managed 3 films until forced to retire due to emphysema.Many said they didn't like his movies,but praised his acting in Peyton Place,many of his later episodes his breathing was very labored after forced to take a medical leave due to bronchial congestion/?pneumonia (in August no less).He personified class,amused me with many of his mannerisms-so New England (Me,too-from the Northeast,that is!).He obviously had a strict philosophy when it came to acting and stuck to it-as Ileana Douglas talked about in her hosting back in the Fall for those who tried to last in H'wood.A good friend when you needed someone to rely on,he was a dear person,and we know he was from a family member!

  • Hello,Good Looking

    • mikenike
    • 2017-01-13

    Ice man,cool,calm,collected.Outstanding in iciest role,Ballin from GILDA,and Gen Mireau in PATHS OF GLORY.Defied his father by becoming actor,after trying to please the old man working in a bank then on NY newspaper.Probably always knew he'd be an actor.Often accused of being histrionic and pompous,those are just fancy words.Only one tv appearance qualified as over the top,as a US military prison commandant opposite Jeanne Cooper as his wife.He consistently impresses me with his efforts,and his looks.While others probably would've given up,he kept at his craft,showing great talent in spite of a severe facial scar that would've turned others away from the profession.He had piano lessons much of his youth,as his mother fancied him a concert pianist,was in glee club thru high school and college,and showed a decent singing voice in "Thirty Minutes To Live" tv drama.Thanks for the entertainment,big man!

  • The Great Macready

    • oscar
    • 2017-01-04

    Am quite a fan of the iceman.Have read countless remarks at how icy cold his characters were,doubt if the man himself was.He seems to always have a chuckle before delivering lines,many complain of his smirk,I see a veiled smile,and instead of a nose in the air snobbery,maybe nearsightedness or just a quirk.Social media have given a showing of how nasty people can be when it comes to anyone who's different,and George must'be heard it all in his acting days,"scar-faced villain","pock marked face" (say what?-I see an attractive face),"squirrel-faced" (must've dug deep for that insult),no wonder he seemed cold and aloof.If my livelihood depended on people with nothing better to do than to insult my face,my diction,my acting I'd become icy to shut all the jerks out,too.Wait,what am I talking about,I had to do that,too,only not as successfully as Big Mac,whi,in spite of it all,really appreciated meeting with the fans and was seen as quite gregarious.Rock On in our memories,Big Mac.RIP!

  • Hey,Good-looking,What's Cookin'

    • goodineveryscene
    • 2017-01-02

    Seen him in TV,films,didn't cotton to him at first because the scar made me think he was a bad person in life.Whatever I've read about him,I now know that wasn't true.Reading about his scar from auto accident,thought it happened in 1940s like Van Johnson's accident/scar.But George's happened at least 20 years before he finally made it in H'wood,yes,he tried in 1932,but his booming voice didn't mesh with the microphones.Probably as well for him,as who knows how studio bosses would've been to a younger Macready.When he did make it,his marriage had disintegrated,he was partners in an art gallery with buddy Vincent Price,and his career hit the big time,as much as it can with heavies.And he was a wonderful actor and villain,who seemed to give his all!Needs a full 24 hour salute on his birthday,Aug 29th,Summer Under The Stars!

  • Hello From Your Scottish Cousins,and Irish

    • weegeordie
    • 2016-12-28

    Beannacht Ort,a cara,just wanted to say how we've loved your films,and too bad you aren't here to enjoy some of the accolades directed to you now.You were the life of the party,and a great actor.Too bad so many try to say you had limited range.While Mike said you weren't directly related to the great Wm Macready,you certainly had innate talent that we got to appreciate.Slan,Mac!

  • Great Character Actor

    • bygorgeous
    • 2016-12-26

    So many great appearances on screen-big and small.When he's on,can't see anyone else.Too often written off as "scar-faced villain",but he was so much more.He could hold his own with the comedy,often chuckled before delivered a line,making you wish you were in on the joke,had a rich sense of humor.Great individual,considerate and a true gentleman,a Virgo thru and thru,appreciated what was aesthetically beautiful to look at,art connoisseur.

  • Auspicious Debut

    • commandosatdawn
    • 2016-12-20

    According to his son,George wasn't able to raise the flag in this gem.Don't remember that,as I thought the kids raised it,and he thought he'd blown his role,convinced he was washed out,but a boy scout extra told him that a knot was preventing the flag from being raised.Seems to me that was prop dept responsibility.George was very impressive in Commandos,his debut film,looked cute dancing in the wedding scene,IMHO,drop-dead gorgeous!Blond and blue-eyed,a convincing Norwegian who wants to go fight Nazis,joins the Resistence with Muni.Rock On!George

  • Studmuffin!At Least We Think So

    • georgieboy
    • 2016-12-20

    Sexy voice,beautiful blue eyes,blond-gray-white hair,attractive features in the course of 3 decades on film.Even has a pleasant singing voice,was in glee club high school and college.Started acting on advice from director RichardBoleslawskiand a lifelong interest in acting,fortunately didn't let a serious facial scar deter him as he answered his true calling (his dad wanted him to be an engineer) after working in a bank and on a newspaper quite unhappily to satisfy dear old George Sr that his only son was a businessman,expected to follow in the footsteps of father/grandfather in the mills.Grandparents (paternal) emigrated from Scotland,maternal GPs from New Hampshire.Tried to get film start in 1932,but his booming voice was too much for the microphone,can't understand why someone didn't retest him,but the extra stage experience seemed to be what made him successful in 1940s.Wonder if that's why his wife filed for divorce,preferring a businessman to an actor.Still seemed quite actively involved in his kids lives.

  • No Path Of Glory

    • sayonarared
    • 2016-12-20

    One seriously dissed actor,had at least 3 Oscar worthy nominations flubbed for some reason and much lesser actors rewarded for lesser performances.Can't believe Buttons would rival George as Gen Mireau,a great villain in uniform!Or Harold Russell,who got an honorary,which is ll he ever earned,as he was not of Maready's caliber or experience.And let's not discuss the total unfairness of Knock On Any Door where even his co-stars weret in his class.He needed someone who could push his nomination,so apparently no one cared enough to do so!Ballin,Kerman,Mireau go on as your legacy,George,we your fan club will never forget you or let you down!

  • Interesting #66 By George

    • 66filmcredits
    • 2016-12-09

    66 people in his high school graduating class,66 film credits.At least he made it past his 66th birthday,by George.By that birthday,he was working steadily on Peyton Place,3 years as curmudgeon Martin Peyton,tho' he did mellow at times.Think he was so grumpy-looking in PP because his health was on the decline due to COPD,which also killed Leonard Nimoy among others.He quit smoking while on medical leave from PP,but didn't seem to stop for good,as he put on weight while out for 13 PP's.He was very skinny as Martin,but rather heavy in Return Of Count Yorga,unfortunately his last film.Probably on steroids ,bronchodilators for Emphysema.You always gave a good effort on screen,big and small,George my man.We miss you dearly.

  • He's From Rhode Island?

    • bygorgeous
    • 2016-12-06

    With that speaking voice,never would've guessed his origins in Southern New England.Would love to hear him hawking ketchup,as heard he advertised Hunt's ketchup.He's in Dec 7's Tora,Tora,Tora salute to 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day,a role he deserved t least an honorary Oscar-they gave one to Harold Russell,why not a top-notch performance by George as Sec'y Of State Cordell Hull?Russell was nominated,and wonin a year Macready was robbed as Ballin Mundson in GILDA,a move I'm offended by.While Russell was inspiring as an actual WWII vet,he faltered in his performance,crappy line delivery,where the plot in Gilda was crap except for Macready's scenes.Gilda & Johnny stank as a couple-BALLIN'sfilm all the way!GO GEORGE,yeah you Brown Bear (football team's manager,frat boy,how he got his lovely scar and ecelled in acting despite all the critics-we love ya,my man George).

  • Hey Gorgeous George From Providence

    • wellhello
    • 2016-12-01

    His grandson Oliver is also an actor,and grandson John an ex-Olympic athlete.Both look like grandfather in his high school yearbook-HANDSOME!Yes,I do mean that,and the scar from being ejected from a car crash thru the windscreen made him no less attractive.And to pursue an acting career when he had what would surely expose him to cruel remarks because of the scar,he deserves much credit!H'wood owes his family,as he departed this world in 1973,IMHO depriving the future generations of seeing a true great who never let down and never let up on acting to see dedication that's needed,not insipid one liners from superhero crap that makes millions,but says what?Crap is King?This man had class,talent,looks,drive to make it in professions as law,art,engineering/architecture,so many other fields,but shared his talent on stage/screen big and small.Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to your craft,Dear George.Look forward to seeing you again on 75th Pearl Harbor Day as Sec'y of State Hull in Tora,Tora,Tora,and seeing you on the other side of life.Love ya!

  • That Voice,That Face,That Man

    • sandpaperyvoice
    • 2016-11-23

    George would seem to have had a sure-fire short career if he didn't have a God-given talent for acting.He was denied a place in Drama Club at Brown,had a near disaster of an appearance when a harness snapped while lifting him above stage after having to deliver lines for his own character as well as his leading lady who blanked on stage-Jessie Bonstall was in the audience and was duly impressed with Macready and he became a member of her troupe-hence the perfect diction.He later was vacationing in Europe when he heard of a part in Macbeth and returned to join that production.He did Commandos Strike At Dawn,a WWII film in 1942,was in the process of divorce thru July 1943,opened an art gallery in LA with Vincent Price from 1943-1945,and then in 1944 when turning full attention to movies,his career went thru the stratosphere,playing wonderful villains.When TV dramas came along,he started tv appearances in 1948 and continued until late 1960s.He never ceased to impress me with his philosophy on acting and life.He seemed to be able to rise above adversity-I'm sure he was skewered when his marriage broke up,esp since there were 3 kids even though it seems his ex-wife remarried w/I short period of the final decree,IMHO-she was cheating (I think she really hurt him-in one of his Randy Scott Westerns he called his late wife "a hag",and he seemed quite bitter).Just hope he did find some happiness post-divorce,he deserved it!

  • George And The Creep Factor

    • ruthroman
    • 2016-11-23

    In a tv drama "Panic",Macready plays a man obsessed with a woman he tries to convince is his wife.Wouldn't have minded getting to know him in real life,as I see someone who had a great sense of humor and could be a great friend once he let his guard down,something New Englanders like me are well known for,and George was a Rhode Islander,so he's cool exterior and appears aloof.Add that he's a Virgo,and you have a super icy person.He was called cantankerous by Ruth Warrick,but maybe he didn't want to get involved with the backstage antics of Ryan O'Neal and his harem,and the overrated Mia Farrow.Now Ed Nelson,and Tim O'Connor,Frank Ferguson,Dan Duryea,he should've mixed with as well as our Ruth (Phoebe Tyler).She was right to go after him to lighten up and succeeded!Hilarious what she did,and what a beautiful picture of the 2 Hannah Cord/Martin Peyton from cast party mock wedding of Martin to Hannah.Just saw their "Son",Steven Cord,in Thunder Of Drums with Richard Boone on TCM yesterday-great actor James Douglas!

  • Daughter Of The Mind,TV Movie by 20th Century Fox

    • wemissgorgeousgeorge
    • 2016-11-23

    Watched this late career movie with George,good cast,Ed Asner,Don Murray,Gene Tierney,Ray Milland about a Professor working for the Pentagon on a weapon system whose daughter died and he has visions of her trying to contact him.Well worth viewing,IMHO!Also had John Carradine as an illusionist.Only a few hammy performances by the Big Mac,on tv series,but my opinion is he was far better in the long run than many other overhyped actors,like Brando and he was as consistent as his buddy Vince Price.I always bet on George!

  • Would Have Been An Ideal Role To Retire On

    • cordellhull
    • 2016-11-20

    His last great appearance with a very powerful final speech from Sec'y of State Hull.Was effective as narrator in Count Yorga,rather campy in Return Of Count Yorga as wacky Prof/occultist (without his upper dentures,as in his appearance in Night Gallery movie) Prof Rightstat also a rather heavy George (loved him nonetheless-he was great actor)who hopefully retired to enjoy what time he had left-would love to think he wasn't suffering too much with emphysema,but H'wood in its heyday seemed to feature chainsmoking in all films-must be why Kirk Douglas is still around,not too much of a smoker.What surprises me is as much of a smoker as Georgie was,his skin was in good shape in his sixties,even as crazy professor,his last role and what beautiful hands he always had!All the better to strangle his women with?So far as would any woman want that smoky voice in her ear,I for one think it a nice pleasant,YES!

  • George We Couldn't Get To Know You,But Why?

    • brownbearfan
    • 2016-11-20

    You hid behind a cold exterior,was it just because we New Englanders are considered so cold,or were there other hidden reasons?Yourcareer took off while your personal life suffered.You claimed you were calm and at heart a kind man,but your every action should show this.You played great villains,but your good guy roles were outstanding,too.I've become a dedicated fan,sometimes that perfect diction makes me want to be able to smack him,say talk in your real Rhodey accent,no wonder he was called pompous.Classically trained stage actor of mid-1920s-1940s,great in his 1st role in Commandos Strike At Dawn,then he was going thru divorce,which I'll bet was a very bitter one,judging by his being seemingly a cold fish.Denied even a single Oscar nomination,pivotal roles in Gilda,Knock On Any Door,Oaths Of Glory,Seven Days In May,many excellent TV performances-lovelovelove Martin Peyton,Scrooge-like patriarch of Peyton Place/New England town.Grandson of Scottish immigrants,art collector,fail to see why he isn't better acclaimed-is it because unlike a Cagney,you wouldn't let anyone see who you really were?A real enigma!

  • Precise Diction

    • providence
    • 2016-11-19

    The Great Race on 1/19/16 in am,The Green Glove on ThisTV at 6am 11/19/16 with George acting opposite "Johnny" from Gilda,Glenn Ford with Macready as art dealer/gangster,and appreciate every second he's on screen,he's cultured with a heart of a bad guy.George,you kept the real you hidden under an aloof exterior,as if you were afraid of being hurt.I sense not only a kind man,but one who needed love and understanding.Hope you found both in life,we miss you!Your dedicated new fans.

  • Martin Peyton

    • ruthwarwick
    • 2016-11-16

    Just read in "...Phoebe Tyler" how Ruth,as Mrs Cord in Peyton Place tried to get our George to crack up on set,how one time she dressed in a teddy,gave him his meds (he wouldn't laugh),then she climbed in bed with him and they were off to giggleland from there.Another time,her final appearance in PP,she sets the house of Peyton on fire,then dressed as a witch,chases George across the lawn,tackles him,then the two wrestle in the grass,and George prevails,both laughing with glee!So tell me he had no keen sense of humor.Very professional,maybe cantankerous as he was aging with severe health problems,COPD aka emphysema!Think he's deserving of a special day,esp his birthday,Aug 29 finally!

  • GEORGE Sanders or Macready

    • sanderson
    • 2016-11-12

    The 2 great Georges were great character actors,but to me,Macready is easier on the eyes and ears.Have heard and seen perfectly horrendous statements about his looks and his acting,calling him pompous (prob only when the role called for it),smirking-seemed to have a keen sense of humor and remarkably humble nature-see nothing uppity about him!Had so many great roles in 1940s and 50s,great tv appearances from 1948 in dramas.Think he deserves much praise for lasting until 1970 as an actor,esp with emphysema,and he was seemingly starting to sound like he had COPDby late 1950s,but kept on acting when others might've thrown in the towel.Just think he was so underappreciated,and would love to see that remedied while his kids are still around!Thanks for all your great acting,by George!Miss you,and hope to meet you in the great beyond when it's my turn!

  • Handsome Hunk,Facial Scar Intriguing

    • chattycathy
    • 2016-11-09

    Find this man very attractive,his voice kinda sexy,and the scar not so intimidating since getting to know much of his body of work.Very prolific TV career,seemed to have remarkable memory,managing to work thru 1971,then I'm sure forced to retire due to COPD.He really had many wonderful contributions to film,and seemed quite appreciative for any role,probably becoming a major villain in the absence of Basil Rathbone from 1947-1954.Think a biography needs to be published about him,as I find what's available about him in print to be fascinating-maybe his ex-wife found him boring and fooled around on him and decided the grass was greener,but I would've gone for him in a flash,as he was the whole picture,far more interesting than his art gallery partner,Vince Price.This guy deserves some sugar!

  • Well,Hello Good-looking

    • howya
    • 2016-11-07

    George Macready,the consummate villain.Cultured,fine diction,brilliant man,great judge of the finer things in life.What impresses me most about him is that he seemed actually humble about his acting talent.A deep scar on his right cheek extending under his jawline nixed a career as leading man,but he contributed so much to every film as either a villain or supporting character,and he was grateful for whatever praise he received.I recommend viewing tributes to him on FIND A GRAVE,and a grandchild of his contributed and appreciated all the love on the site for her grandfather.Time to give this man a richly deserved day-long birthday tribute during Summer Under The Stars on August 29th!He is class personified.

  • One Fantastic Actor

    • thebaz
    • 2016-11-04

    Cultured,well-educated New Englander,who debuted in 1942s Commandos Strike At Dawn as a Norwegian schoolteacher.Very impressive here,and went on to do many character roles,quite famously as Ballin Mundson and Gen Mireau,in Gilda and Paths of Glory,with many other strong performances.Some tv roles he could overdo it,in some Westerns,but he was bang on in movies,so he must have better directors in films.He was attractive,IMHO,don't care what anyone else thinks,far better looking than Paul Henreid,who I think he resembled.He acted Bogie & Derek off the screen in Knock On Any Door,as well as many other actors in other films!Let's give this man his due,finally.

  • My Favorite Actor

    • migrainefever
    • 2016-10-28

    Glad to see more of this actors films playing here.He really was a classic,gratefully accepted character roles and no complaints.Looks like a fun person once he let his guard down.Such sad eyes.

  • George Needs His Propers

    • bio
    • 2016-10-18

    This man needs to be properly saluted for his body of work.Feel he never was given adequate acknowledgement for any films.He often appeared smirking-he was suppressing laughter,IMHO!He seemed to have a great sense of humor,and could be heard laughing at times.He had a twinkle in those beautiful blue eyes.

  • Great Actor,Fine-looking Man

    • macuisle
    • 2016-10-14

    His noticeable scar from a car accident as a college student would seem to have doomed a Hollywood career,but he was a man with great discipline and a plan for success.He was a great villain,and he enlivened everything he was in,be it tv or films,would've loved to see him in a play,but it wasn't to be as I was too young.Too bad he retired in the early 1970s due to failing health.RIP,George and thanks for all your great acting and your courage.

  • A Chara

    • maureenmccreary
    • 2016-10-13

    Have to do a salute to this man,a wonderful person and actor.He was genuine in everything he did.And a true gentleman.He was ever gracious for the respect shown him during filming,always willing to help everyone.We thank you kindly for your dignity and grace!

  • His Son Should Write His Bio

    • biographybookform
    • 2016-10-13

    I can honestly say he is my favorite actor.Some may say otherwise,but he's totally honest in whatever he does.Tall,distinguished looking very cultured with a sandpapery voice,tho' he had a pleasant enough singing voice.He exploded on the screen as Ralph Hughes in My Name Is Julia Ross,a Sherlock Holmes type thriller based on The Woman In Red about 5th columnists,here about a cover up of Ralph's wife's murder for slapping him (a well deserved one,too).He plays with knives and his mother tries to keep him in check,with little success.He's great as a cabinet Sec'y in Seven Days In May'one of his last roles,as Sec'y Of State Cordell Hull is beautiful,a nice way to be remembered considering his failing health!Many Tv performances now available on dvd!He needs a day long salute for his birthday,TCM!

  • Tried And True Actor

    • nophonybaloney
    • 2016-10-12

    I wish to thank Mr Macready for his many dynamic acting roles over a 30 year film career,29 to be exact,the first Commandos Strike At Dawn,in which he was awesome.His final performance,sadly was in The Return Of Count Yorga,he was funny,but it was sad knowing he probably never knew how someone who was a preteen when he died has come to really respect his body of work.Someone needs to write a biography of him before I die!He's someone I just want to know more about,was he so seemingly aloof or just insecure or a typical New Englander?So far as those claiming he seemed so know-it-all,he obviously (to me,IMHO) had a tremendous sense of humor.He was cultured (listen to his describing St Elsior? in The Green Glove,talking about the Moors attempted conquest of France-they conquered my ancestors in Sicily,so I'm fascinated by George's speech to Gaby),and don't find him pompous,only those who criticize this wonderful actor.He needs a salute under the stars on his B'day!

  • TheOld Team Needs Ya George

    • brownbears
    • 2016-10-10

    Watched Paths Of Glory,and am amazed at his performance.He really showed chops,and looked extremely F-I-N-E! doing it-highlighted his facial scar from 1919 car accident.No wonder he seemed subject to bad headaches,judging from the neck massages he got in some tv/film roles.He could be menacing,but also he could do comedy,played a great art expert which he really was (interesting when he showed Gaby,the girlfriend in The Green Glove around the historic landmark,really enjoyed the history lesson!).Seemed a brilliant man,and maybe many felt threatened by that and diss him regularly.Too bad there aren't many more like our George!Such a gent!

  • Amazing Actor,Bright Light That Shone In H'wood

    • lovetaluvyababe
    • 2016-10-04

    Can't believe he was never nominated for Oscars or Emmys.Brilliant man and quite boffo actor.He needs to have a day dedicated to his films,maybe some of his Tv Playhouse performances.His escaped mental patient opposite Ida Lupino in House For Sale is chilling.A completely different character is his Count in A String Of Beads with him playing a joke,opposite Angela Lansbury,and they actually get her to crash society,marrying the Count in the end!Love him in all types of roles.He looked to be a man with purpose,who knew his own mind,improved the world for being in it,and about time he got his propers!Here's to you,blue eyed Scotsman!

  • You were an amazing actor,Cous

    • cousin
    • 2016-09-30

    Watched him at various stages of his career,from aging hippie in Return of Count Yorga,from his 1st feature role in Commandos Strike At Dawn.He was well known on NYC stage,coming to CA in 1942,and seemed to never look back,deserving well-earned praise for his acting.RIP,George,we miss you.Your turn as Martin Peyton was classic,our reason for watching that serial.You kept everyone on their toes,and there was never a soap villain to equal you,now or then.

  • Watched I Beheld His Glory

    • corneliussisterrose
    • 2016-09-27

    Wonderful performance he gave in this tv film.Roman centurion who becomes a true believer.

  • TV's Playhouse 90,Story of Dr Wassell

    • balenmename
    • 2016-09-23

    For those who harp on his overacting-see these dvds and become a believer how talented George was.Ordered tv movie version of In The Presence Of Mine Enemies to see Sir Charles Dance in Macready's role.The Playhouse version was from the final show of May 1960,and aslso starred Robert Redford in the part that Chad Lowe played opposite Sir Charles.Redford was definitely equal to Macready in this teleplay.In Dr Wassell,he had an uncredited role,but you could tell it was him,skinny,blond,fine-looking.Glad Te Story of Dr Wassell was well received,Cooper did very well,and I'm no fan of his.The many roles he was overly praised for,if Macready got half as much attention I'd be surprised.But at least his looks didn't fade so much as some of the overhyped pretty boys.George played it smart,spoke of gratitude for the character parts and villains and what came to him.

  • Brilliant Prosecutor Knock On Any Door

    • knockwurst
    • 2016-09-21

    After seeing him in Bogie's 1st producing effort,all I can ask was anyone else in that movie?He was awesome,fiery hot in his court representation of the state.Could use him in CT Court System.A must see actor!Hope you're hearing me up there,Mac!

  • Gotta Admit He's A Great Actor,Baddie Or Not

    • macreadied
    • 2016-09-15

    Riveting performer with bluest eyes I've seen in a while.Which makes it hard to see him always or nearly always a bad guy.Never boring,he's mesmerizing as he evolves as Martin Peyton in PEYTON PLACE.Once or twice in guest spots he's a little over-the-top,but we love ya George!

  • Deserved Oscar Nominations

    • knockonanydoor
    • 2016-09-13

    The more of this gentleman's TV/film appearances I see,the more I like him.Many scripts seemed rather drab,but he always seems to make them better.As he got older,the pickings got fewer,he was Martin Peyton for 3 years,and admit even that evil character I loved.Peter Ford made George himself sound ambiguous in Gilda,but it was Ballin who was.So,the character was gay,maybe Bi,he was great in the movie,and attractive!Paths Of Glory/Seven Days In May/Detective Story,he and Kirk were outstanding.Bring on more old Macready programming!Thanks TCM

  • Love My Cousin (we're his family from scotland)

    • johnandmaryloumcreadie
    • 2016-09-12

    George's grandparents emigrated from Scotland,in case anyone's wondering.Wife & I visiting from No.Ireland,orig from Scotland.He was a fine-looking man,and he showed the dedication to his craft,in the day when acting was frowned upon still.We're proud of the lad,he did some terrible creatur,scare me half to death inna some.And what's this Gilda being Macreadied?Unnerstand she had to be zippered inanout because of the bairn she'd just had.Georgie got off some good zingers in that movie.Proud to say he's a relation.

  • Attractive Villain

    • giorgioamati
    • 2016-09-08

    Was hoping his abortionist was actually going to roll out the back of the wagon in Detective Story,he's such an evil man.Have read so any reviews trashing his looks (he's very handsome IMHO!),his acting (once in a while he's a little close to being over-the-top.8/29/1899-7/2/1973,born Rhode Island,stage work until 1942,then mainly films.Scar on right cheel curving up under the right ear gave him a distinguished look (wonder if he had PTSD from going thru the windshield after the car hit an icy patch,and hit a telephone pole).Seemed very focused in his acting roles,I don't like just anyone,but something about his general demeanor seems open and honest.Married 1931-1943 to Elizabeth Dana Patterson,who remarried hubby 2 in July 1943.By late 1950s started to sound like COPD was creeping up,quit smoking after a medical leave from Peyton Place in 1967,and put on some weight.When he received a letter from an exec on Peyton,he quipped did anyone need him to play "Fatty Arbuckle-type role".I can respect someone like that who not only quit a serious addiction,but was so self-deprecating.Someone needs to write his BIO,esp while his kids are still around!


    • rhodeyred
    • 2016-09-07

    Villain of the Clifton Webb/Waldo Lydecker class,only more attractive!And no gay vibe,like Webb/Price/Anderson from LAURA.Ballin's cane was a delightful prop,something an ex-Nazi in Gilda would employ.Watched him in The Golden Condor last night-evil villain who actually didn't get to die.Will continue to watch George in the coming few months,can't wait to catch The Great Race,and am thrilled TCM is playing some of his exceptional performances in next few months.Thanks TCM for being on air and giving the fans what they want!

  • Named After Him

    • georgie baver
    • 2016-09-06

    My parents were big fans of his,my father knowing never to talk whenever he was on screen.We all tried to talk so perfectly like him,but couldn't-we didn't have that raspy voice.He was quite an attractive person (no,I'm not gay) and really brought a light to the screen,not just from his cigarettes and I pick up on a kind vibe,like he liked to help other people.His family was blessed to have him.

  • 29 Year Career In Hollywood,Good Solid Actor

    • countyorga
    • 2016-09-05

    Many Tv appearances in 1950s & 1960s,did mainly villains on screen and many tv performances.Would love to see him get his day where Hollywood finally appreciates his body of work,while his kids are still with us.His goodness as a human being seems to come thru,even playing the most appalling villain,just as Basil Rathbone played a great evil character,and to a lesser degree,George Sanders,who IMHO couldn't hold a candle to Macready in looks or hiss worthy villainous roles.He just seemed to make many of his co-stars better than they would be.No wonder Vincent Price praised him when he wrote home to his folks after appearing on Broadway in his first NY stage role.

  • Most Underrated Actor From Days Gone By

    • georges
    • 2016-09-04

    His son actually had some acting & producing credits.Can't help but think that he was so neglected at Awards time for some of his finest performances,at least hope the fans let him know the love.Gilda was more than just Rita & Glenn,there wouldn't have been a chance of them meeting up again if not for ballin,nor would Johnny have survived his conning the sailors out of their money.Duffy Of San Quentin was his fine 15 minutes on screen that I enjoyed the most,not to mention De Kelley arresting his character for bribery.Paths Of Glory,his Gen Mireau & Kirk's Col Dax are best scenes of a fine movie.And several years earlier George was an abortionist that Kirk's detective goes after and gets,in a way,as he sends him to the hospital.I enjoyed the 2 Yankees together in Dead Ringer(Macready from Rhode Island,Davis from MA).Looked like fun.So many other great performances and good tv work.And HE WAS HANDSOME!Too many hacks have panned him as an actor,and it's time he was properly recognized!

  • Suave Sophisticated Dude

    • robtli
    • 2016-09-03

    Saw him so many years ago when he terrorized everyone of us as Martin Peyton,and thought who did he think he was.Well,he was George Macready being one of his iconic devils with little regard to who was hurt.And when he left the series,I can't believe he & Ruth Warrick didn't leave about the same time,esp since his breathing was sodifficult,I was so sad to see him go.Now,more of his movies are becoming accessible,THISTV had Paths Of Glory on twice in past few weeks,and he was EXCELLENT as a general-what was reason for his not getting an Oscar for that role,and who actually won that year?And was he nominated at least for Knock On Any Door-Dean Jagger won for Twelve O'clock High,great movie,but that role wasn't that great!Some day,as Walter Brennan winning twice over Basil Rathbone,the Academy will realize their choices stink-Basil deserved a nomination & AWARD for The Dawn Patrol in 1938-Brennan was a stinking racist!George,there are many of us who loved you throughout your career,and you live on in our memories,may you RIP!See you when I get there,too!

  • Excellent Character Actor

    • brownthompson
    • 2016-09-03

    Glad to see he has a few good movies playing here this next few months.Have to admit he is a pleasure to watch.He could be a little over the top,but who could forget some of his greatest roles as Ballin in Gilda,Gen Mireau in Paths Of Glory,Redijerk in Tarzan's Peril (he made watching Tarzan bearable-not a Tarzan fan!).Love his ultra scummy convicted innocent man who exacts revenge in The Missing Juror (or his covered almost from head-to-toe in steamroom scene with Jim Bannon practically letting it all hang out,or his looking ready to purr while Mazurki rubs his neck).Basil Rathbone used to be my fav villain,but just love watching Georgie in action.Musta been fun to work opposite him!

  • The Perfect Villain

    • rhodeislandmyhometoo
    • 2016-09-01

    Suave,sophisticated,well-educated,attractive with a dynamite scar used to perfection.The fact that he loved to play bad characters is probably why he had such a long career.Some of his TV performances are just so perfect!And Martin Peyton was the granddaddy of all his evil villains!Definitely worth watching anything he was in.We miss you,George,you were grace and dignity all the way,even as a reprobate in Gunsmoke's The Lynching Man!

  • Class And Grace

    • betterballin
    • 2016-08-31

    He's the paternal grandfather of Olympic gymnast John Macready.He was a good character actor,though many pick at his roles.To me,he is riveting!The blue eyes,the hair,the aristo bearing.So,he looks like he's smirking.Maybe he was easily amused and had to suppress a smile at ridiculous dialogue.I'd say he was fun on a film set.I also thought he was a fine looking man right up to the end,suffering with COPD from at least 1967,necessitating a medical leave from Peyton Place,tempoarily replaced by another great,Wilfred Hyde-White,which I haven't watched any of those episodes as yet,but soon will!He also has a grandson,Oliver who is an actor,and also very attractive!

  • Did Alright In The Great Race

    • generalkuhster
    • 2016-08-29

    Happy Birthday,and miss all your great bad guys.This was a fun movie,The Great Race,and could see shades of Gen Mireau from Paths Of Glory.I've been watching this man in Peyton Place,and am amazed at his dedication to the show.Even as he struggles to get his breath in and the words out,he's impressive.Relieved to see him walking under his own power in Fame Is The Name Of The Game a few years after Peyton Place.If ever I would've volunteered to be a private nurse to anyone in H'wood,it would've been for Mr Macready-I like the underlying person,behind all the creeps and killers.Think he was very honest,someone who'd help a co-star anytime,and was just the genuine article!Miss you!

  • Happy Birthday To A Great Underappreciated Actor

    • happytiger
    • 2016-08-29

    Emphysema and heart failure claimed him in 1973 just shy of his 74th birthday.You created so many memorable characters,usually villains.When you played what you actually were for a time,an art gallery owner,you didn't resort to an effeminate portrayal.You had class and grace and as you aged,great dignity.I respect your work,and have been enjoying much of your movies on dvd which fortunately a lot of them are readily available.Not saluting you with champers,but raising a glass of iced tea to George Macready!

  • 8/29 George's Birthday

    • itsyourbirthday
    • 2016-08-28

    It's your birthday,so get up and dance.Thanks for being a great villain,sometimes a great regular guy.Makes me LOL seeing him in Gunsmoke's The Lynching Man trying to wrap himself around cowboy vernacular-he looks like he tried not to laugh.He was robbed at Academy Award time for Paths Of Glory and Knock On Any Door (was John Derek actually in the same movie with this man?)Derek being referred to as Pretty Boy,and Macready rubbing his scar,that incredibly interesting addition to a very attractive face,IMHO!One needs just look at his college yearbook photos to see what I mean-he's gorgeous!And Dead Ringer with Bette Davis,really liked him in that.

  • Birthday 8/29

    • happy
    • 2016-08-28

    A very Happy Birthday to someone I consider very underappreciated.Even the powers that be on Peyton Place realized what a gem they had in Mr Macready as conniver Martin Peyton.He was apparently quite touched when one of the execs wrote him while he was recovering from a health scare,temporarily replaced by Wilfred Hyde-White,and he wrote back he was feeling sorry for himself.I would too if I had emphysema and my every breath was an ordeal while spewing lines on a 2-3 times per week night time soap which produced so much talent.He & Phoebe Tyler herself,Ruth Warrick were quite the team.I have respect for someone who went on for 3 years as the old tyrant Peyton and earned the respect of everyone involved for his acting,esp an exec who said he never cared for Macready's movies.I love every single one I've had the pleasure to find!Thanks for all your characters and what you've given in entertainment with or without tongue-in-check,or making me LOL with your antics in Tarzan's Peril.Tarzan may've had the loincloth,but Mr Macready MADE that picture for me.All that was missing was him eating a banana as well as scarfing down Jane's dinner!

  • Marvelous Actor

    • greatevilvillainsheplayed
    • 2016-08-28

    Being from Southern New England,I was surprised to discover thia amazing actor was a neighbor from Rhode Island.Had to start watching his work.Admit I'm now a dyed-in-the-wool fan!Some may be less than impressed by his acting talent,but Richard Boleslawski recognized his,and I'm glad,he would've been wasted in an office.Handsome with one heckuva sexy scar from an auto accident in his late teens.He was the epitome of grace and dignity,IMHO!So,I'm going to enjoy my George Mac dvds and photos,and hope he's in Heaven and knows that I'm a loyal fan!

  • Great Actor,Worth Watching

    • birthdaycomingMonday
    • 2016-08-26

    Have to admit he's become an absolute favorite of mine.Many of his villains easily rival Basil Rathbone in pure evil.Wouldn't have minded running my hands through Ballin Mundson's hair when he sat up waiting for Gilda to come home from "swimming".Or rubbing his neck in The Missing Juror.Tall,blue-eyed,usually with a twinkle in his eye with precise diction,I suspect some of the gravelly quality of his voice from the scarlet fever he contracted from the veterinarian who stitched his face after that 1919 car accident (unsanitary hands led to scarlet fever for George),though some say it was a heavy smoking habit which later caused emphysema.He really deserved an Oscar for Gen Mireau in Paths Of Glory,as did Kirk Douglas,their scenes together are amazing!

  • George Mac

    • greatactoryalovetohate
    • 2016-08-15

    He rarely plays a good character,but is a great villain.Said he preferred bad guys,always seems to have a twinkle in his eye.The Missing Juror he was a vengeful man after the jurors who wrongfully convicted him.He was a hoot in Monster V Ape serial,absolute husband from hell in Gilda (would gladly trade places with Gilda-she deserved whiny Johnny),gangster Joe Mannion in Down To Earth-had little to do but looked handsome doing it,good turns in Westerns both bad and good guy roles.My new favorite villain!

  • Best Part In Gilda Is Ballin Mundson

    • stagescreenactor
    • 2016-08-08

    Love this actor so much,,have gone out and bought as many dvds of his movies that I can find.Never really watched Gilda for the Johnny-Gilda story.But once I first saw Ballin,I was mesmerized!Who was this character?Not that much is explained about him,except he has some dealings with some ex-Nazis,and an arrangement with a man who sells tungsten that Ballin fronts.I suppose his salt-and-pepper hair helps give Ballin a Nazi-like appearance,but so far as the love triangle,Ballin wins in my book (or at least George Macready does in looks!).He was scary in My Name Is Julia Ross and I Love A Mystery,The Missing Juror,Westerns-he was a good guy in Doolins Of Oklahoma,Duffy Of San Quentin he was a crooked prosecutor,can't wait to get dvd of Knock On Any Door-when John Derek's Nick keeps being called "Pretty Boy",Macready touches his scarred cheek.Anyone with any doubts of his being smart as well as handsome,see his Brown Univ Yearbook photos.And sounds like he was a very nice man,too!

  • Very Memorable Actor

    • tvstageandmovies
    • 2016-08-06

    The only film I ever saw that he was underused was Down To Earth.He was a gangster,and died in a violent way.The publicity photo of him is an absolute classic,tall,distinguished,handsome.He was great in TV Western roles,movie Western roles,mysteries.Just love watching him.Have discovered many classics he acted in,some I'm sure TCM have played in the past.Doolins Of Oklahoma he's a lawman,Coroner Creek a nasty rancher who's cruel to his wife and is a killer.He almost gets what is promised to him in the great Duffy Of San Quentin.Gilda,you can have Johnny (love the way he says the name),Ballin is smoking hot!The Alligator People he was phenomenal!

  • The Suave Villain,Also Sympathetic Character Actor

    • quiteagoodactor
    • 2016-07-31

    Think that too many are down on Mr Macready.Seen some of his acting hooted at.He really brings something to every role.He'll probably be best known for GILDA,but Paths Of Glory was Oscar worthy!The Seventh Cross,he really was sympathetic,just a scared countryman afraid of the SS-who wouldn't have been?Saw a few Westerns he did with Randy Scott-he was excellent!

  • Never Seen George Give A Bad Performance

    • doolinsofoklahoma
    • 2016-07-31

    Watched The Doolins Of Oklahoma,He was both narrator and a U.S. Marshall.Wonderful in what could've been sshlocky Alligator People,and he was very empathetic to his patient,and have to love that swamp buggy he pulls up to the Hawthorne place in.He always looked good tooling down the road in a convertible.He's rather fine looking!And pure evil in My Name Is Julia Ross,based on Anthony Gilbert's The Woman In Red.Makes ya want to hide your overnight bag,as well as the knives!He turned out to be a decent character in The Seventh Cross.

  • Enjoyed His Movies & TV Appearances

    • greatactor
    • 2016-07-29

    Anyone who thinks Macready as overacting doesn't take time to savor his roles.Just watch ALLIGATOR PEOPLE to see a sensitive performance.To see pure evil,My Name Is Julia Ross is tops.Could easily see the future Ballin Mundson as Jerry in Now Voyager (similar voices,some similar features),but Paul Henreid deserved acclaim in that film (he and George were in The Conspirators,showing Aug 10,so I'll see for myself).His appearance in Four Star Theater "House For Sale" he was menacing Ida Lupino.The Green Glove again opposite Glenn Ford he was Nazi collaborator.

  • Great Actor

    • thegeorgebeforeclooney
    • 2016-07-25

    He has something about him that glues my eyes to him.Gilda,Detective Story,The Seventh Cross,Tora Tora Tora,the last at the end of his prolific career.Thanks for showing his films,TCM!

  • Incredible Voice!

    • gorgeousgeorge
    • 2016-07-25

    My eyes strictly on George in any scene-such menace and poise!Gilda is really Ballin & Johnny,not Gilda,Gilda Gilda!She hardly registers to me.Add Calleia,Geray,Mohr,such a good bundle of men in the clinch.What that vet did to his face,really gave George something special.Those eyes,that hair (full head of hair thru his career) even when it was gray.Just an all-around solid actor.

  • Distinguished Actor

    • handsome
    • 2016-07-25

    Never knew he was a fellow New Englander.While in college,was in a car accident,giving him the distinguishing scar.I think it only adds to his allure.That voice belongs on recordings of great classic literature.One of his last films,Tora Tora Tora,he was quite good as Sec'y Of State under FDR.As Ballin,in Gilda,he was incredibly sexy.Saw him in TV shows,brilliant as always.

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