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George Macready

George Macready



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  • My Favorite Actor

    • migrainefever
    • 2016-10-28

    Glad to see more of this actors films playing here.He really was a classic,gratefully accepted character roles and no complaints.Looks like a fun person once he let his guard down.Such sad eyes.

  • George Needs His Propers

    • bio
    • 2016-10-18

    This man needs to be properly saluted for his body of work.Feel he never was given adequate acknowledgement for any films.He often appeared smirking-he was suppressing laughter,IMHO!He seemed to have a great sense of humor,and could be heard laughing at times.He had a twinkle in those beautiful blue eyes.

  • Great Actor,Fine-looking Man

    • macuisle
    • 2016-10-14

    His noticeable scar from a car accident as a college student would seem to have doomed a Hollywood career,but he was a man with great discipline and a plan for success.He was a great villain,and he enlivened everything he was in,be it tv or films,would've loved to see him in a play,but it wasn't to be as I was too young.Too bad he retired in the early 1970s due to failing health.RIP,George and thanks for all your great acting and your courage.

  • A Chara

    • maureenmccreary
    • 2016-10-13

    Have to do a salute to this man,a wonderful person and actor.He was genuine in everything he did.And a true gentleman.He was ever gracious for the respect shown him during filming,always willing to help everyone.We thank you kindly for your dignity and grace!

  • His Son Should Write His Bio

    • biographybookform
    • 2016-10-13

    I can honestly say he is my favorite actor.Some may say otherwise,but he's totally honest in whatever he does.Tall,distinguished looking very cultured with a sandpapery voice,tho' he had a pleasant enough singing voice.He exploded on the screen as Ralph Hughes in My Name Is Julia Ross,a Sherlock Holmes type thriller based on The Woman In Red about 5th columnists,here about a cover up of Ralph's wife's murder for slapping him (a well deserved one,too).He plays with knives and his mother tries to keep him in check,with little success.He's great as a cabinet Sec'y in Seven Days In May'one of his last roles,as Sec'y Of State Cordell Hull is beautiful,a nice way to be remembered considering his failing health!Many Tv performances now available on dvd!He needs a day long salute for his birthday,TCM!

  • Tried And True Actor

    • nophonybaloney
    • 2016-10-12

    I wish to thank Mr Macready for his many dynamic acting roles over a 30 year film career,29 to be exact,the first Commandos Strike At Dawn,in which he was awesome.His final performance,sadly was in The Return Of Count Yorga,he was funny,but it was sad knowing he probably never knew how someone who was a preteen when he died has come to really respect his body of work.Someone needs to write a biography of him before I die!He's someone I just want to know more about,was he so seemingly aloof or just insecure or a typical New Englander?So far as those claiming he seemed so know-it-all,he obviously (to me,IMHO) had a tremendous sense of humor.He was cultured (listen to his describing St Elsior? in The Green Glove,talking about the Moors attempted conquest of France-they conquered my ancestors in Sicily,so I'm fascinated by George's speech to Gaby),and don't find him pompous,only those who criticize this wonderful actor.He needs a salute under the stars on his B'day!

  • TheOld Team Needs Ya George

    • brownbears
    • 2016-10-10

    Watched Paths Of Glory,and am amazed at his performance.He really showed chops,and looked extremely F-I-N-E! doing it-highlighted his facial scar from 1919 car accident.No wonder he seemed subject to bad headaches,judging from the neck massages he got in some tv/film roles.He could be menacing,but also he could do comedy,played a great art expert which he really was (interesting when he showed Gaby,the girlfriend in The Green Glove around the historic landmark,really enjoyed the history lesson!).Seemed a brilliant man,and maybe many felt threatened by that and diss him regularly.Too bad there aren't many more like our George!Such a gent!

  • Amazing Actor,Bright Light That Shone In H'wood

    • lovetaluvyababe
    • 2016-10-04

    Can't believe he was never nominated for Oscars or Emmys.Brilliant man and quite boffo actor.He needs to have a day dedicated to his films,maybe some of his Tv Playhouse performances.His escaped mental patient opposite Ida Lupino in House For Sale is chilling.A completely different character is his Count in A String Of Beads with him playing a joke,opposite Angela Lansbury,and they actually get her to crash society,marrying the Count in the end!Love him in all types of roles.He looked to be a man with purpose,who knew his own mind,improved the world for being in it,and about time he got his propers!Here's to you,blue eyed Scotsman!

  • You were an amazing actor,Cous

    • cousin
    • 2016-09-30

    Watched him at various stages of his career,from aging hippie in Return of Count Yorga,from his 1st feature role in Commandos Strike At Dawn.He was well known on NYC stage,coming to CA in 1942,and seemed to never look back,deserving well-earned praise for his acting.RIP,George,we miss you.Your turn as Martin Peyton was classic,our reason for watching that serial.You kept everyone on their toes,and there was never a soap villain to equal you,now or then.

  • Watched I Beheld His Glory

    • corneliussisterrose
    • 2016-09-27

    Wonderful performance he gave in this tv film.Roman centurion who becomes a true believer.

  • TV's Playhouse 90,Story of Dr Wassell

    • balenmename
    • 2016-09-23

    For those who harp on his overacting-see these dvds and become a believer how talented George was.Ordered tv movie version of In The Presence Of Mine Enemies to see Sir Charles Dance in Macready's role.The Playhouse version was from the final show of May 1960,and aslso starred Robert Redford in the part that Chad Lowe played opposite Sir Charles.Redford was definitely equal to Macready in this teleplay.In Dr Wassell,he had an uncredited role,but you could tell it was him,skinny,blond,fine-looking.Glad Te Story of Dr Wassell was well received,Cooper did very well,and I'm no fan of his.The many roles he was overly praised for,if Macready got half as much attention I'd be surprised.But at least his looks didn't fade so much as some of the overhyped pretty boys.George played it smart,spoke of gratitude for the character parts and villains and what came to him.

  • Brilliant Prosecutor Knock On Any Door

    • knockwurst
    • 2016-09-21

    After seeing him in Bogie's 1st producing effort,all I can ask was anyone else in that movie?He was awesome,fiery hot in his court representation of the state.Could use him in CT Court System.A must see actor!Hope you're hearing me up there,Mac!

  • Gotta Admit He's A Great Actor,Baddie Or Not

    • macreadied
    • 2016-09-15

    Riveting performer with bluest eyes I've seen in a while.Which makes it hard to see him always or nearly always a bad guy.Never boring,he's mesmerizing as he evolves as Martin Peyton in PEYTON PLACE.Once or twice in guest spots he's a little over-the-top,but we love ya George!

  • Deserved Oscar Nominations

    • knockonanydoor
    • 2016-09-13

    The more of this gentleman's TV/film appearances I see,the more I like him.Many scripts seemed rather drab,but he always seems to make them better.As he got older,the pickings got fewer,he was Martin Peyton for 3 years,and admit even that evil character I loved.Peter Ford made George himself sound ambiguous in Gilda,but it was Ballin who was.So,the character was gay,maybe Bi,he was great in the movie,and attractive!Paths Of Glory/Seven Days In May/Detective Story,he and Kirk were outstanding.Bring on more old Macready programming!Thanks TCM

  • Love My Cousin (we're his family from scotland)

    • johnandmaryloumcreadie
    • 2016-09-12

    George's grandparents emigrated from Scotland,in case anyone's wondering.Wife & I visiting from No.Ireland,orig from Scotland.He was a fine-looking man,and he showed the dedication to his craft,in the day when acting was frowned upon still.We're proud of the lad,he did some terrible creatur,scare me half to death inna some.And what's this Gilda being Macreadied?Unnerstand she had to be zippered inanout because of the bairn she'd just had.Georgie got off some good zingers in that movie.Proud to say he's a relation.

  • Attractive Villain

    • giorgioamati
    • 2016-09-08

    Was hoping his abortionist was actually going to roll out the back of the wagon in Detective Story,he's such an evil man.Have read so any reviews trashing his looks (he's very handsome IMHO!),his acting (once in a while he's a little close to being over-the-top.8/29/1899-7/2/1973,born Rhode Island,stage work until 1942,then mainly films.Scar on right cheel curving up under the right ear gave him a distinguished look (wonder if he had PTSD from going thru the windshield after the car hit an icy patch,and hit a telephone pole).Seemed very focused in his acting roles,I don't like just anyone,but something about his general demeanor seems open and honest.Married 1931-1943 to Elizabeth Dana Patterson,who remarried hubby 2 in July 1943.By late 1950s started to sound like COPD was creeping up,quit smoking after a medical leave from Peyton Place in 1967,and put on some weight.When he received a letter from an exec on Peyton,he quipped did anyone need him to play "Fatty Arbuckle-type role".I can respect someone like that who not only quit a serious addiction,but was so self-deprecating.Someone needs to write his BIO,esp while his kids are still around!


    • rhodeyred
    • 2016-09-07

    Villain of the Clifton Webb/Waldo Lydecker class,only more attractive!And no gay vibe,like Webb/Price/Anderson from LAURA.Ballin's cane was a delightful prop,something an ex-Nazi in Gilda would employ.Watched him in The Golden Condor last night-evil villain who actually didn't get to die.Will continue to watch George in the coming few months,can't wait to catch The Great Race,and am thrilled TCM is playing some of his exceptional performances in next few months.Thanks TCM for being on air and giving the fans what they want!

  • Named After Him

    • georgie baver
    • 2016-09-06

    My parents were big fans of his,my father knowing never to talk whenever he was on screen.We all tried to talk so perfectly like him,but couldn't-we didn't have that raspy voice.He was quite an attractive person (no,I'm not gay) and really brought a light to the screen,not just from his cigarettes and I pick up on a kind vibe,like he liked to help other people.His family was blessed to have him.

  • 29 Year Career In Hollywood,Good Solid Actor

    • countyorga
    • 2016-09-05

    Many Tv appearances in 1950s & 1960s,did mainly villains on screen and many tv performances.Would love to see him get his day where Hollywood finally appreciates his body of work,while his kids are still with us.His goodness as a human being seems to come thru,even playing the most appalling villain,just as Basil Rathbone played a great evil character,and to a lesser degree,George Sanders,who IMHO couldn't hold a candle to Macready in looks or hiss worthy villainous roles.He just seemed to make many of his co-stars better than they would be.No wonder Vincent Price praised him when he wrote home to his folks after appearing on Broadway in his first NY stage role.

  • Most Underrated Actor From Days Gone By

    • georges
    • 2016-09-04

    His son actually had some acting & producing credits.Can't help but think that he was so neglected at Awards time for some of his finest performances,at least hope the fans let him know the love.Gilda was more than just Rita & Glenn,there wouldn't have been a chance of them meeting up again if not for ballin,nor would Johnny have survived his conning the sailors out of their money.Duffy Of San Quentin was his fine 15 minutes on screen that I enjoyed the most,not to mention De Kelley arresting his character for bribery.Paths Of Glory,his Gen Mireau & Kirk's Col Dax are best scenes of a fine movie.And several years earlier George was an abortionist that Kirk's detective goes after and gets,in a way,as he sends him to the hospital.I enjoyed the 2 Yankees together in Dead Ringer(Macready from Rhode Island,Davis from MA).Looked like fun.So many other great performances and good tv work.And HE WAS HANDSOME!Too many hacks have panned him as an actor,and it's time he was properly recognized!

  • Suave Sophisticated Dude

    • robtli
    • 2016-09-03

    Saw him so many years ago when he terrorized everyone of us as Martin Peyton,and thought who did he think he was.Well,he was George Macready being one of his iconic devils with little regard to who was hurt.And when he left the series,I can't believe he & Ruth Warrick didn't leave about the same time,esp since his breathing was sodifficult,I was so sad to see him go.Now,more of his movies are becoming accessible,THISTV had Paths Of Glory on twice in past few weeks,and he was EXCELLENT as a general-what was reason for his not getting an Oscar for that role,and who actually won that year?And was he nominated at least for Knock On Any Door-Dean Jagger won for Twelve O'clock High,great movie,but that role wasn't that great!Some day,as Walter Brennan winning twice over Basil Rathbone,the Academy will realize their choices stink-Basil deserved a nomination & AWARD for The Dawn Patrol in 1938-Brennan was a stinking racist!George,there are many of us who loved you throughout your career,and you live on in our memories,may you RIP!See you when I get there,too!

  • Excellent Character Actor

    • brownthompson
    • 2016-09-03

    Glad to see he has a few good movies playing here this next few months.Have to admit he is a pleasure to watch.He could be a little over the top,but who could forget some of his greatest roles as Ballin in Gilda,Gen Mireau in Paths Of Glory,Redijerk in Tarzan's Peril (he made watching Tarzan bearable-not a Tarzan fan!).Love his ultra scummy convicted innocent man who exacts revenge in The Missing Juror (or his covered almost from head-to-toe in steamroom scene with Jim Bannon practically letting it all hang out,or his looking ready to purr while Mazurki rubs his neck).Basil Rathbone used to be my fav villain,but just love watching Georgie in action.Musta been fun to work opposite him!

  • The Perfect Villain

    • rhodeislandmyhometoo
    • 2016-09-01

    Suave,sophisticated,well-educated,attractive with a dynamite scar used to perfection.The fact that he loved to play bad characters is probably why he had such a long career.Some of his TV performances are just so perfect!And Martin Peyton was the granddaddy of all his evil villains!Definitely worth watching anything he was in.We miss you,George,you were grace and dignity all the way,even as a reprobate in Gunsmoke's The Lynching Man!

  • Class And Grace

    • betterballin
    • 2016-08-31

    He's the paternal grandfather of Olympic gymnast John Macready.He was a good character actor,though many pick at his roles.To me,he is riveting!The blue eyes,the hair,the aristo bearing.So,he looks like he's smirking.Maybe he was easily amused and had to suppress a smile at ridiculous dialogue.I'd say he was fun on a film set.I also thought he was a fine looking man right up to the end,suffering with COPD from at least 1967,necessitating a medical leave from Peyton Place,tempoarily replaced by another great,Wilfred Hyde-White,which I haven't watched any of those episodes as yet,but soon will!He also has a grandson,Oliver who is an actor,and also very attractive!

  • Did Alright In The Great Race

    • generalkuhster
    • 2016-08-29

    Happy Birthday,and miss all your great bad guys.This was a fun movie,The Great Race,and could see shades of Gen Mireau from Paths Of Glory.I've been watching this man in Peyton Place,and am amazed at his dedication to the show.Even as he struggles to get his breath in and the words out,he's impressive.Relieved to see him walking under his own power in Fame Is The Name Of The Game a few years after Peyton Place.If ever I would've volunteered to be a private nurse to anyone in H'wood,it would've been for Mr Macready-I like the underlying person,behind all the creeps and killers.Think he was very honest,someone who'd help a co-star anytime,and was just the genuine article!Miss you!

  • Happy Birthday To A Great Underappreciated Actor

    • happytiger
    • 2016-08-29

    Emphysema and heart failure claimed him in 1973 just shy of his 74th birthday.You created so many memorable characters,usually villains.When you played what you actually were for a time,an art gallery owner,you didn't resort to an effeminate portrayal.You had class and grace and as you aged,great dignity.I respect your work,and have been enjoying much of your movies on dvd which fortunately a lot of them are readily available.Not saluting you with champers,but raising a glass of iced tea to George Macready!

  • 8/29 George's Birthday

    • itsyourbirthday
    • 2016-08-28

    It's your birthday,so get up and dance.Thanks for being a great villain,sometimes a great regular guy.Makes me LOL seeing him in Gunsmoke's The Lynching Man trying to wrap himself around cowboy vernacular-he looks like he tried not to laugh.He was robbed at Academy Award time for Paths Of Glory and Knock On Any Door (was John Derek actually in the same movie with this man?)Derek being referred to as Pretty Boy,and Macready rubbing his scar,that incredibly interesting addition to a very attractive face,IMHO!One needs just look at his college yearbook photos to see what I mean-he's gorgeous!And Dead Ringer with Bette Davis,really liked him in that.

  • Birthday 8/29

    • happy
    • 2016-08-28

    A very Happy Birthday to someone I consider very underappreciated.Even the powers that be on Peyton Place realized what a gem they had in Mr Macready as conniver Martin Peyton.He was apparently quite touched when one of the execs wrote him while he was recovering from a health scare,temporarily replaced by Wilfred Hyde-White,and he wrote back he was feeling sorry for himself.I would too if I had emphysema and my every breath was an ordeal while spewing lines on a 2-3 times per week night time soap which produced so much talent.He & Phoebe Tyler herself,Ruth Warrick were quite the team.I have respect for someone who went on for 3 years as the old tyrant Peyton and earned the respect of everyone involved for his acting,esp an exec who said he never cared for Macready's movies.I love every single one I've had the pleasure to find!Thanks for all your characters and what you've given in entertainment with or without tongue-in-check,or making me LOL with your antics in Tarzan's Peril.Tarzan may've had the loincloth,but Mr Macready MADE that picture for me.All that was missing was him eating a banana as well as scarfing down Jane's dinner!

  • Marvelous Actor

    • greatevilvillainsheplayed
    • 2016-08-28

    Being from Southern New England,I was surprised to discover thia amazing actor was a neighbor from Rhode Island.Had to start watching his work.Admit I'm now a dyed-in-the-wool fan!Some may be less than impressed by his acting talent,but Richard Boleslawski recognized his,and I'm glad,he would've been wasted in an office.Handsome with one heckuva sexy scar from an auto accident in his late teens.He was the epitome of grace and dignity,IMHO!So,I'm going to enjoy my George Mac dvds and photos,and hope he's in Heaven and knows that I'm a loyal fan!

  • Great Actor,Worth Watching

    • birthdaycomingMonday
    • 2016-08-26

    Have to admit he's become an absolute favorite of mine.Many of his villains easily rival Basil Rathbone in pure evil.Wouldn't have minded running my hands through Ballin Mundson's hair when he sat up waiting for Gilda to come home from "swimming".Or rubbing his neck in The Missing Juror.Tall,blue-eyed,usually with a twinkle in his eye with precise diction,I suspect some of the gravelly quality of his voice from the scarlet fever he contracted from the veterinarian who stitched his face after that 1919 car accident (unsanitary hands led to scarlet fever for George),though some say it was a heavy smoking habit which later caused emphysema.He really deserved an Oscar for Gen Mireau in Paths Of Glory,as did Kirk Douglas,their scenes together are amazing!

  • George Mac

    • greatactoryalovetohate
    • 2016-08-15

    He rarely plays a good character,but is a great villain.Said he preferred bad guys,always seems to have a twinkle in his eye.The Missing Juror he was a vengeful man after the jurors who wrongfully convicted him.He was a hoot in Monster V Ape serial,absolute husband from hell in Gilda (would gladly trade places with Gilda-she deserved whiny Johnny),gangster Joe Mannion in Down To Earth-had little to do but looked handsome doing it,good turns in Westerns both bad and good guy roles.My new favorite villain!

  • Best Part In Gilda Is Ballin Mundson

    • stagescreenactor
    • 2016-08-08

    Love this actor so much,,have gone out and bought as many dvds of his movies that I can find.Never really watched Gilda for the Johnny-Gilda story.But once I first saw Ballin,I was mesmerized!Who was this character?Not that much is explained about him,except he has some dealings with some ex-Nazis,and an arrangement with a man who sells tungsten that Ballin fronts.I suppose his salt-and-pepper hair helps give Ballin a Nazi-like appearance,but so far as the love triangle,Ballin wins in my book (or at least George Macready does in looks!).He was scary in My Name Is Julia Ross and I Love A Mystery,The Missing Juror,Westerns-he was a good guy in Doolins Of Oklahoma,Duffy Of San Quentin he was a crooked prosecutor,can't wait to get dvd of Knock On Any Door-when John Derek's Nick keeps being called "Pretty Boy",Macready touches his scarred cheek.Anyone with any doubts of his being smart as well as handsome,see his Brown Univ Yearbook photos.And sounds like he was a very nice man,too!

  • Very Memorable Actor

    • tvstageandmovies
    • 2016-08-06

    The only film I ever saw that he was underused was Down To Earth.He was a gangster,and died in a violent way.The publicity photo of him is an absolute classic,tall,distinguished,handsome.He was great in TV Western roles,movie Western roles,mysteries.Just love watching him.Have discovered many classics he acted in,some I'm sure TCM have played in the past.Doolins Of Oklahoma he's a lawman,Coroner Creek a nasty rancher who's cruel to his wife and is a killer.He almost gets what is promised to him in the great Duffy Of San Quentin.Gilda,you can have Johnny (love the way he says the name),Ballin is smoking hot!The Alligator People he was phenomenal!

  • The Suave Villain,Also Sympathetic Character Actor

    • quiteagoodactor
    • 2016-07-31

    Think that too many are down on Mr Macready.Seen some of his acting hooted at.He really brings something to every role.He'll probably be best known for GILDA,but Paths Of Glory was Oscar worthy!The Seventh Cross,he really was sympathetic,just a scared countryman afraid of the SS-who wouldn't have been?Saw a few Westerns he did with Randy Scott-he was excellent!

  • Never Seen George Give A Bad Performance

    • doolinsofoklahoma
    • 2016-07-31

    Watched The Doolins Of Oklahoma,He was both narrator and a U.S. Marshall.Wonderful in what could've been sshlocky Alligator People,and he was very empathetic to his patient,and have to love that swamp buggy he pulls up to the Hawthorne place in.He always looked good tooling down the road in a convertible.He's rather fine looking!And pure evil in My Name Is Julia Ross,based on Anthony Gilbert's The Woman In Red.Makes ya want to hide your overnight bag,as well as the knives!He turned out to be a decent character in The Seventh Cross.

  • Enjoyed His Movies & TV Appearances

    • greatactor
    • 2016-07-29

    Anyone who thinks Macready as overacting doesn't take time to savor his roles.Just watch ALLIGATOR PEOPLE to see a sensitive performance.To see pure evil,My Name Is Julia Ross is tops.Could easily see the future Ballin Mundson as Jerry in Now Voyager (similar voices,some similar features),but Paul Henreid deserved acclaim in that film (he and George were in The Conspirators,showing Aug 10,so I'll see for myself).His appearance in Four Star Theater "House For Sale" he was menacing Ida Lupino.The Green Glove again opposite Glenn Ford he was Nazi collaborator.

  • Great Actor

    • thegeorgebeforeclooney
    • 2016-07-25

    He has something about him that glues my eyes to him.Gilda,Detective Story,The Seventh Cross,Tora Tora Tora,the last at the end of his prolific career.Thanks for showing his films,TCM!

  • Incredible Voice!

    • gorgeousgeorge
    • 2016-07-25

    My eyes strictly on George in any scene-such menace and poise!Gilda is really Ballin & Johnny,not Gilda,Gilda Gilda!She hardly registers to me.Add Calleia,Geray,Mohr,such a good bundle of men in the clinch.What that vet did to his face,really gave George something special.Those eyes,that hair (full head of hair thru his career) even when it was gray.Just an all-around solid actor.

  • Distinguished Actor

    • handsome
    • 2016-07-25

    Never knew he was a fellow New Englander.While in college,was in a car accident,giving him the distinguishing scar.I think it only adds to his allure.That voice belongs on recordings of great classic literature.One of his last films,Tora Tora Tora,he was quite good as Sec'y Of State under FDR.As Ballin,in Gilda,he was incredibly sexy.Saw him in TV shows,brilliant as always.

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