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Philip MacDonald

Philip MacDonald



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Cast (feature film)

Garden, The (1990) as Joseph/Jesus
A meditation on mortality and the AIDS crisis.

Writer (feature film)

Take it or Leave It (1981) as Screenwriter
Ring of Fear (1954) as Writer
Mystery writer Mickey Spillane tries to help Clyde Beatty deal with a plot to sabotage his circus.
Tobor the Great (1954) as Screenwriter
As projected here, a thinly-disguised NASA, working with nuclear rockets, is ready for manned flights in the mid-fifties...but Dr. Ralph Harrison doesn't think so, and resigns in protest. Colleague Prof. Nordstrom promptly enlists his aid in developing an alternative robot Spaceman! Naturally, foreign spies are keenly interested... Uses documentary footage of early space research.
Circle of Danger (1951) as From Story ("White Heather")
Mask of the Avenger (1951) as Adaptation
When his father is murdered, an Italian nobleman becomes an outlaw to avenge the crime.
Circle of Danger (1951) as Screenwriter
The Man Who Cheated Himself (1951) as Screenwriter
A woman in the process of divorce shoots her husband and gets her police lieutenant boyfriend to help hide the body.
The Dark Past (1949) as Screenwriter
A psychologist tries to analyze the criminal who's taken him hostage.
Nora Prentiss (1947) as Contr to scr
An ambitious singer ruins a doctor''''s life.
Love from a Stranger (1947) as Screenwriter
Cecily Harrington (Sylvia Sidney), struggling along on a small allowance, wins a fortune in a lottery. She decides to travel rather than marrying her fiance Nigel Lawrence (John Howard.) A stranger, Manuel Cortez (John Hodiak), comes to rent her flat and she falls in love with him, and they are married. For their honeymoon, they go to an isolated English college where she, unlike the audience, doesn't realize she has married a fortune-hunting Bluebeard with a few murdered wives in his past. The question is will she be able to repent in leisure her decision to marry in haste.
The Body Snatcher (1945) as Written for Screen by
To continue his medical experiments, a doctor must buy corpses from a grave robber.
Dangerous Intruder (1945) as Original Story
An actress, Jenny (Veda Ann Borg), is hitchhiking across the country when she is accidently struck by a car. The driver, Max Ducone (Charles Arnt), offers to take her into his home until she can resume traveling. Later Ducone's wife is murdered and Jenny determines to find the killer. With the aid of detective Curtis (Tom Keene as Richard Powers), she discovers that Ducone is the murderer, having killed his wife in order to have the funds to finance his antique collection.
Strangers in the Night (1944) as Original Story
A lonely, mentally unbalanced woman invents a fictitious daughter and has the "daughter" write to a Marine stationed in the South Pacific. When the soldier returns back to the States, he goes to look up his pen pal, and is told by the "mother" that the daughter has moved away. An acquaintance of the women tells the soldier the truth, and in a rage the "mother" kills her. In order to cover up that crime, she realizes she must kill the soldier, too.
Action in Arabia (1944) as Orig scr
An adventurous reporter tangles with Nazis in the desert on the eve of World War II.
Sahara (1943) as Story
An international platoon fights off Nazis in World War II Africa.
Street of Chance (1942) as Contr to scr constr
Whispering Ghosts (1942) as Original Story
Rebecca (1940) as Adaptation
A young bride is terrorized by the memories of her husband's glamorous first wife.
Gentleman's Gentleman, A (1939) as Play As Source Material
Blind Alley (1939) as Screenwriter
When a gangster takes him hostage, a psychiatrist psychoanalyzes the criminal.
Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation (1939) as Orig scr
Mr. Moto is after a robber who takes the royal jewels from the Tower of London. He is aided by an archaeologist who is looking for Cleopatra's crown in Egypt.
Mr. Moto's Last Warning (1939) as Orig scr
A Japanese spy tries to stop secret agents from blowing up the Suez Canal to trigger world war.
Mysterious Mr. Moto (1938) as Orig scr
Mr. Moto has himself imprisoned on Devil's Island so he can help his cellmate (Ames) escape and thereby get the goods on a gang of international killers.
Princess Comes Across (1936) as Story adpt
A Brooklyn girl masquerades as a princess to land a Hollywood contract.
Yours for the Asking (1936) as Screenwriter
Casino operator Johnny Lamb hires down-on-her-luck socialite Lucille Sutton as his casino hostess, in order to help her and to improve casino income. But Lamb's pals fear he may follow Lucille onto the straight-and-narrow path, which would not be good for business. So they hire Gert Malloy and Dictionary McKinney, a pair of con-artists, to manipulate Johnny back off the path of righteousness.
Spring Tonic (1935) as Contr to scr const
Charlie Chan in Paris (1935) as Story
Charlie's visit to Paris, ostensibly a vacation, is really a mission to investigate a bond-forgery racket. But his agent, apache dancer Nardi is killed before she can tell him much. The case, complicated by a false murder accusation for banker's daughter Yvette, climaxes with a strange journey through the Paris sewers.
Mystery Woman (1935) as Screenwriter
The Last Outpost (1935) as Screenwriter
Limehouse Blues (1934) as Contr to trmt
Charlie Chan in London (1934) as Orig scr
The Mystery of Mr. X (1934) as Adaptation
A sophisticated jewel thief tries to prove himself innocent of a string of cop murders.
Rynox (1932) as Novel As Source Material
Business tycoon F.X. Benedik claims he has been threatened by a mysterious stranger Boswell Marsh. When F.X. Benedik is found murdered. Tony takes over the business and tries to track down the mysterious Marsh.
Rasp, The (1932) as From Story
Hotel Splendide (1932) as From Story
Jerry Mason inherits the Hotel Splendide at Speymouth but is disappointed when he sees it's a quiet place with a few permanent residents. Gentleman Charlie, a jewel thief arrives after a long spell in prison expecting to be able to dig up the pearls he had buried - only to find the hotel has been built on the site.
Rynox (1932) as Screenwriter
Business tycoon F.X. Benedik claims he has been threatened by a mysterious stranger Boswell Marsh. When F.X. Benedik is found murdered. Tony takes over the business and tries to track down the mysterious Marsh.
Rasp, The (1932) as Screenwriter

Film Production - Construction/Set (feature film)

Carry on Columbus (1993) as Chargehand Standby Propman
The Sultan of Turkey sends two spies to spy on Chris Columbus, a mapmaker with dreams of finding a new sea route to the gold-rich Indies. Financed by the king and queen of Spain, Columbus sets sail with a motley crew and a map in Hebrew translated by a dumb mariner. Losing their way, they end up the

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