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Overview for Edmund MacDonald
Edmund MacDonald

Edmund MacDonald



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Cast (feature film)

Red Canyon (1949) as Farlane
That Lady in Ermine (1948) as Captain Novak
A newlywed countess falls for a Hungarian invader.
Black Eagle (1948)
Blondie's Anniversary (1947) as Burley
When Blondie mistakes a gold watch Dagwood carries home as her anniversary gift, it leads Dagwood into trouble with his boss, a loan shark, and crooked building contractors.
Shoot to Kill (1947) as Lawrence Dale
Gangster Dixie Logan is framed by crooked DA Lawrence Dale. His wife secures a job as Dale's assistant, the better to find the proof of the DA's dishonesty. She gets help from Reporter Mitchell, who falls in love with her.
They Made Me a Killer (1946) as Jack Chance
Detour (1946) as Charles Haskell
A hitchhiker takes on a dead man''''s identity only to face blackmail by an unscrupulous woman.
The Lady Confesses (1945) as Lucky Brandon
Hold That Blonde (1945) as Victor
Ogden Spencer Trulow III (Eddie Bracken) is a wealthy kleptomaniac who turned to stealing when he was spurned by a girl. His psychoanalyst advises him to find another girl for a cure. He fastens his interest upon Sally Martin (Veronica Lake), who happens to be engaged upon helping some crooks steal a valuable necklace. Complications include two scantily attired individuals, one of them drunk, clinging to the cornice of a skyscraper and a large band of crooks in quest of the precious jewels.
Incendiary Blonde (1945) as Charley Vettori
In this true story, Texas Guinan rises from Wild West shows to become New York's "Queen of the Nightclubs" during Prohibition.
Roger Touhy, Gangster (1944) as Barnes
The Story of Dr. Wassell (1944) as Rear Admiral's aide
A Navy doctor fights to help wounded sailors escape the Japanese during World War II.
Sailor's Holiday (1944) as Fred Baxter
Timber Queen (1944) as Joe Birsdell
The Mantrap (1943) as Assistant D.A. William Knox
Hangmen Also Die! (1943) as Mr. Pillar
When a Nazi officer is assassinated, Czech patriots band together to protect his killer.
Sherlock Holmes in Washington (1943) as Detective Lt. Grogan
Sherlock Holmes tries to recover a stolen document during World War II.
Hi' Ya, Chum (1943) as Terry Barton
Corvette K-225 (1943) as LeBlanc
In 1943, 'Mac' MacClain, Canadian Navy, has lost his ship and many men to a German torpedo. While waiting for a new ship, he befriends Joyce Cartwright, sister of one of his dead officers. We follow the building and launch of new Corvette K-255, the 'Donnacola'. And who should be Mac's new subaltern but Joyce's other brother Paul, fresh out of the academy. Mac will do his best to make a good officer of Paul...if they both survive their hazardous sea duty.
Castle in the Desert (1942) as Walter Hartford
Paul Manderley, eccentric historian, and his wife, descendant of the Borgias, live in an isolated castle-like mansion in the Mojave Desert. When a guest suddenly collapses, Charlie Chan is invited to stay. As the standard mystery-mansion props come into play, and all means of outside communication are sabotaged, it becomes evident that one of the inhabitants has access to poisons and is prepared to use them...
Madame Spy (1942) as [Lt. Cmdr.] Bill ["Grumpy"] Drake
Flying Tigers (1942) as Blackie Bales
American flyers help the Chinese fight off Japanese invaders.
The Strange Case of Doctor Rx (1942) as Inspector [Captain Bill] Hurd
After five men previously acquitted of various criminal charges are murdered by a mysterious avenger known as Dr. Rx, police Inspector Hurd (Edmund MacDonald) and Sergeant Sweeney (Shemp Howard) ask private investigator Jerry Church (Patric Knowles) to help them on the case. He takes the case after talking to Dudley Crispin (Samuel S. Hinds), a brilliant attorney who had defended three of the murdered men. Crispin gains an acquittal for his latest client, Zarini (Matty Fain), but the latter falls dead in the courtroom. Jerry marries Kit Logan (Anne Gwynne), who becomes frightened and persuades Jerry to quit the case. He stays however after Ernie Paul (John Gallaudet), suspected of the Zarini murder, threatens to "get" him if he does not stay on and clear Paul. Dr. Rx captures Jerry and attempts to frighten him into insanity by strapping him on an operating table, and pretending to exchange the detective's brain for a gorilla (Ray Corrigan in his gorilla suit).
To the Shores of Tripoli (1942) as Butch
A brash young Marine has to redeem himself after trying to romance a female officer.
Call of the Canyon (1942) as Thomas McCoy
Who Done It? (1942) as Jenkins
Two would-be radio mystery writers find themselves in a real life murder mystery.
Whispering Ghosts (1942) as [Jerry] Gilpin
Heart of the Golden West (1942) as Ross Lambert
Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers), Frog Millhouse (Smiley Burnette), Gabby Whittaker (George Hayes) and the Sons of the Pioneers (Bob Nolan, Tim Spencer, Pat Brady, Hugh Farr and Karl Farr) undertake to protect the ranchers of Cherokee City from unjust charges levied against them for transporting their cattle to the stock yards of the packing houses. Trucking executive Ross Lambert (Edmund McDonald) doubles his rates and Roy decides to try and convince old Colonel Silas Popen (Walter Catlett) to run his riverboat as far as Cherokee City and transport the cattle that way. Roy and his friends plan a "western" welcome for Popen and his daughter Mary Lou (Ruth Terry), but James Barabee (Paul Harvey), head of the cattleman's association, sends Roy a wire warning him that Popen hates and fears anything smacking of the "wild west." Lambert and his henchman Cully Bronson (William Haade) intercept the wire and start a campaign to make Cherokk City appear lawless and wild, so that Popen will refuse to bring his steamboats up the river. They also set fire to the steamboat and rustle all the cattle, hiding them in an underground cave covered by a waterfall. Mary Lou discovers the lair and Roy and his friends shoot it out with the Lambert gang.
Timber (1942) as Pierre Lacour
Nice Girl? (1941) as Captain
A professor''s daughter tries to shed her nice girl image when she falls for one of his business associates.
Texas (1941) as Comstock
Friendly cowhands end up on opposite sides of the law.
The Bride Wore Crutches (1941) as Dick Williams
Great Guns (1941) as [Sergeant] Hippo
Sailor's Lady (1940) as Barnacle
Sailor (Hall) is going to marry his girlfriend (Kelly) when he returns, but she becomes foster mother to baby whose parents are accidentally killed. The baby is accidentally left on board a visiting battleship.
Yesterday's Heroes (1940) as Tex Jones
Trail of the Vigilantes (1940) as Ed Wheeler
Manhattan Heartbeat (1940) as Spike
Brigham Young--Frontiersman (1940) as Elder
Two young Mormons struggle to survive their people''''s journey to a new home in the West.
The Gay Caballero (1940) as Joe Turner
Black Friday (1940) as Frank Miller
When his friend Professor Kingsely (Ridges) is at deaths door, brain surgeon Dr. Sovac (Karloff) saves his life by means of an illegal operation that transplants part of injured gangster Red Cannon's brain. Unfortunately, the operation has a disasterous Jeckll and Hyde side effect and under certain conditions the persona of Cannon emerges. Sovac soon learns of the duel personality and of half a million dollars the gangster has hidden away. He attempts to find the money through the manipulation of his friend, an attempt that brings Kingsley closer to madness as he alternates between a meek professor of english and a brutal gangster out for murderous revenge on those who tried to kill him.
I Stole a Million (1939) as Policeman
Destry Rides Again (1939) as Rockwell
A deputy who''s sworn not to shoot again takes on a corrupt town boss and a sultry saloon singer.
Coast Guard (1939) as Lieutenant Thompson
A Coast Guard lieutenant and a reckless flyer vie for the same woman.
Prison Break (1938) as Chris [Nelson]
Enlighten Thy Daughter (1934) as Gerald Winthrop

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