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My Sister's Keeper (2002)
Two sisters -- one suffering from mental illness, the other a career-oriented New York professional -- have a tense, difficult relationship, until -- ultimately -- they are able to achieve mutual understanding and acceptance.<P>Christine wants nothing more in life than to fit in and live independent
Beyond the Prairie II: The True Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder Continues (2002)
Laura and Almanzo Wilder leave their home in South Dakota to seek a better life in Missouri. Laura documents their daily life in her letters home to her parents, Charles and Caroline Ingalls, and late at night writes the stories she will eventually have published. Once they arrive in the small town
Rosa Parks Story, The (2002)
Television movie about Mrs. Rosa L. Parks, the woman who inspired others when, exhausted after a long day at work, she refused to give up her seat to a white man on a city bus in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955. Mrs. Parks was then arrested and jailed. Her courage and defiance led to the Montgomery bus
Little John (2002)
A father takes in the child his estranged daughter believes she has given up for adoption. Twelve years ago, unmarried Natalie became pregnant and made the decision to give up her child for adoption. Her hard-working father, John, learned about the existence of the child and took him in. In the inte
Crossed Over (2002)
In 1988, fours years after the death of her troubled son Peter in a hit-and-run accident, Beverly Lowry is still in a state of mourning compounded by feelings that she failed as a mother. When Beverly reads an article about death-row convict Karla Faye Tucker, she is intrigued by the contrast betwee
Seventh Stream, The (2001)
Real and mythical worlds collide when a mysterious woman arrives in a small Irish fishing village in 1909. Quinn, a grieving widower, and his fishing partner, Willy Stewart, are taken by surprise when their third partner, Dunhill, appears with an unbelievable catch of fish and a mysterious woman. Th
Town Without Christmas, A (2001)
In the small town of Seacliff, Washington, a child's letter to Santa Claus captures the nation's attention. When the little boy, Chris, writes that he wishes to leave this world so he will no longer be a burden to his divorcing parents, a race begins to find him before he harms himself. M.J. Jensen,
Murder, She Wrote: The Last Free Man (2001)
Jessica Fletcher attends a lecture in Virginia given by Dr. Cassandra Hawkins about the murder of a white plantation owner on his wedding night in the 1860s. While at the lecture, Jessica learns that her distant aunt, Sarah McCullough, owned a slave named Sam Pinckney and that he may have been unjus
Flamingo Rising, The (2001)
Hubert Lee, an eccentric dreamer, builds the world's largest drive-in theater across the street from a funeral parlor, much to the chagrin of the owner of the parlor, Turner Knight. Edna, Hubert's wife, sympathizes with Turner's predicament and reaches out to befriend him. Their lives become further
In Love and War (2001)
Television movie based on the book by Eric Newby that tells the true story of a captured British soldier and an Italian woman who fall in love in Italy during World War II. Newby's life is saved by the heroic actions of this courageous young woman and a small, brave group of Italian farmers and vill
Murder on the Orient Express (2001)
A contemporary adaptation of Agatha Christie's whodunit surrounding the death of a malicious American businessman aboard the Orient Express en route from Istanbul to Paris. Detective Hercule Poirot enlists the help of his friend Wolfgang Bouc to secure a last minute first-class cabin on the Orient E
Like Mother, Like Son: The Strange Story of Sante and Kenny Kimes (2001)
The story of Sante Kimes, a con artist, thief and murderer, and her troubled son and partner in crime, Kenneth. Sante and Kenny Kimes were conficted of murdering Irene Silverman in a scheme to steal her $7 million Manhattan home. They have also been indicted in the 1998 murder of a business associat
Follow the Stars Home (2001)
A determined woman raises her daughter, born with severe genetic abnormalities. She's helped immeasurably by her mothers, a young neighbor, and a doctor who's the brother of her husband, who left their marriage when young Julia was born.<P>When Dianne Parker marries Mark McCune, their lives couldn't
For All Time (2000)
Charles Lattimer is a successful advertising executive married to Kristen, an ambitious venture capital associate. Charles wishes for a simpler life and on a train trip to a nearby city, he is magically transported to Somerville, a small town that existed in the late 1800s. Frightened at first, Char
Love Lessons (2000)
Fifty-year-old Sunny Andrews, a partner in a thriving flower shop, and her husband, Mick, are getting ready to retire and begin the next stage of their lives. Then, Sunny discovers that she is pregnant -- a condition she never dreamed possible. Reeling from the news, Sunny turns to her usually suppo
Runaway, The (2000)
Coming-of-age story of two teenagers, Luke, who is white, and his black best friend, Sonny, who spark the flames of change while growing up in a racially divided small town in rural Georgia in 1949. Born on the same day at the same time, they have been ordained at birth to bring change by the powerf
Father's Choice, A (2000)
After the death of their mother, 13-year-old Kelly and her 10-year-old sister Chris are sent to live with their father Charlie "Mac" McClain. Mac has been living the life of a rough-hewn cowboy and has barely seen his two daughters since he divorced their mother. The girls, saddened by their mother'
Missing Pieces (2000)
Atticus Cody is an uncompromising man whose relationship with his son has never been the same since Scott, then a teenager, drove the car that crashed and accidentally killed his mother. Atticus could never bring himself to talk about the accident and offer Scott forgiveness. In turn, Scott, a talen
Murder, She Wrote: A Story to Die For (2000)
Television movie based on the series "Murder, She Wrote," which was broadcast on CBS from 1986 - 1996. While Jessica Fletcher is giving a lecture at a writers' conference, another guest lecturer -- Yuri Malenkovich, the author of a non-fiction book about the KGB -- is murdered.<P>While at the writer
Flowers for Algernon (2000)
Television movie based on Daniel Keyes' book about Charlie Gordon, a mentally retarded man who becomes super-intelligent by means of a scientific experiment. As Charlie gains intelligence and loses his childlike innocence, he must learn how to survive in the unforgiving adult environment that has sh
Take Me Home: The John Denver Story (2000)
Television movie based on the life of singer-actor John Denver, who died in a plane crash in October 1997. Based on John Denver's autobiography "Take Me Home," as well as material from his first wife Annie Martell Denver, his children and business associates Milt Okun and Hal Thau. At age 21, John D
Cupid & Cate (2000)
Cate, the youngest of four DeAngelo sisters, is searching for her place in life, due to her strained relationship with her overbearing, widowed father, Dominic. She spends her days in her unsuccessful vintage clothing store and her evenings with her unimaginative fiance. Her sisters -- Francesca, a
Beyond the Prairie: The True Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder (2000)
Television movie that covers the pivotal time in the life of author Laura Ingalls Wilder as she leaves the secure, familiar arms of her pioneer family to begin a new life as a wife and mother. In 1944, memories of her blossoming adulthood overcome an elderly Laura Ingalls Wilder as she travels back
Linda McCartney Story, The (2000)
Telefilm based on Danny Field's biography about photographer and activist Linda Eastman McCartney and her 30-year relationship with musician Paul McCartney, beginning as the Beatles headed toward their breakup and ending in 1998 with Linda's death from breast cancer at age 55.<P>In 1965, Linda Eastm
Picnic (2000)
Adaptation of William Inge's play about a drifter who shakes up a small Midwestern town when he falls for his old friend's fiancee. Hal arrives in Elgin, Kansas, looking for his college chum, Alan Benson, a wealthy young man whom he plans to ask for a job. Currently a drifter with no money, Hal conn
Nuttiest Nutcracker, The (2000) as Publicist
During a snowstorm, Marie, a lonely and distraught teen-ager sits by the window waiting for her parents to arrive. As she closes her eyes and begins to fall asleep, the fun-filled, madcap misadventures begin with in a place where the leading characters are nuts, fruits and vegetables.
Lost Child, The (2000)
A young married woman learns that she is a Navajo; she was stolen at birth and raised by an upper middle class Jewish family in the eastern United States. The woman's family must deal with her desire to move West, to explore her real culture and past.Her adoption was never kept secret from Rebecca,
Season for Miracles, A (1999)
A woman takes off with her jailed sister's children to prevent them from being placed in foster care, and with the help of a stranger, is able to give them the Christmas they've always dreamed of. Emilie Dalton comes to the aid of her sister Berry when she is sent to a hospital jail ward on a drug c
Behind the Mask (1999)
Dr. Bob Shushan is an overworked and absent father who runs a center for the mentally and physically challenged. When Shushan suffers a heart attack, his life is saved by a James Jones, a young patient at the center. The two men forge a friendship and help each other rekindle the father-son bond tha
Michael Landon, The Father I Knew (1999)
Television movie about the late actor Michael Landon, focusing on his relationship with his son, Michael Jr., in the wake of the public breakup of Landon and his second wife Lynn, Michael Jr.'s mother.
Silk Hope (1999)
An irreverent and irresponsible woman finds a reason to change her life when her mother dies and she tries to save the family farm. Frannie Vaughn is vivacious and charming, but too many parties and too many men have tarnished her reputation in the small North Carolina town where she was raised. Whe
Final Run (1999)
Pilot Glen "Lucky" Singer, who is skeptical of computers, is on vacation when he and his family are caught on a runaway train that is controlled by a computer.
Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax, The (1999)
Television movie about the recently widowed Emily Pollifax, who is looking for some adventure in her life. One day she decides to follow her childhood dream of being a secret agent and, through a comedy of errors, suddenly finds herself on a plane bound for Marrakesh, Morocco on a secret C.I.A. miss
Forget Me Never (1999)
Drama about the struggle of a woman in her 40s battling Alzheimer's disease. Diane McGowan, a legal secretary with a lawyer's knowledge of the law, has a full life with her job, her grown children and her husband Jack. When she begins to forget vital information and finds that she is losing hours of
Sarah, Plain and Tall: Winter's End (1999)
Continues the saga of Sarah, a New England woman who moved to the Midwest after answering an advertisment for a wife placed by a widowed father at the turn-of-the-century. It is now 1918 and Jacob's father, John, a man who abandoned his family years ago, wants to come home at the end of his life. Me
Memory in My Heart, A (1999)
A chance encounter with a woman she once knew, sparks memories long buried for Rebecca. Rebecca is happily married to Joe, but is haunted by the fact that she can't remember anything from the eight years before she met her husband. After she faints in a supermarket, Rebecca encounters Lynn, a woman
Deep in My Heart (1999)
Traces the journey of a black baby who is born to a white woman in the early 1960s, given up for adoption and 34 years later reunited with her birth mother. In 1961, Gerry Cummins is raped by a black man near her home in Boston. When Gerry discovers that she is pregnant, she and her husband Bob hope
Night Ride Home (1999)
Drama about a family shattered by the death of their son and the journey they must take to heal and find each other again. Neal and Nora Mahler seem to have little in common, but their marriage has endured with the help of their lovable son Simon. Nora is devoted to Simon, while Neal and their daugh
Harvey (1999)
Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same name by Mary Chase about gentle but eccentric Elwood P. Dowd's friendship with a white rabbit who is over six feet tall and invisible. Elwood's sister Veta, concerned with finding the right husband for her daughter Mertyle Mae, is frustrated by El
Replacing Dad (1999)
When Linda Marsh catches her husband George, the school principal, with their daughter's fifth grade teacher, she becomes unglued. George moves out and Linda spends her days in her robe and her nights watching television. Her children Drew and Mandy are also having a rough time, but 4-year-old Willi
Holiday Romance, A (1999)
Cal, a high-school superintendent, relocates to his hometown of Bethlehem, Kentucky, to investigate the troubled high school's finances. With his sullen niece Fern in tow, Cal moves in with his Korean-War veteran father Jake. Cal's calculations reveal that the school music program must be cut to sav
Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years (1999)
Television movie based on the memoirs of African-American centenarians Sarah L. Delany and her sister Dr. Annie Elizabeth Delany. Chronicles a century of American life as seen through the eyes of the Delany sisters, woven into a tale of family, love, courage and tenacity.
At the Mercy of a Stranger (1999)
Elizabeth Cooper, a wife and successful real-estate agent finds that her husband, Dr. Thomas Cooper, has taken out a contract on her life. She ultimately trusts her life to John Davis, the hitman hired to kill her, and the unusual friendship that develops between them concludes in a plot to trap the
Miracle on the 17th Green (1999)
Mitch McKinley wakes up one day to realize that he is unfulfilled in his job as an advertising executive and that he has always dreamed of playing golf on the pro circuit. Middle age hasn't helped Mitch's feeling that life is passing him by and when he unexpectedly loses his job, he decides to try o
Durango (1999)
Coming-of-age drama set in 1939, focuses on a blooming romance set against the backdrop of an Irish cattle drive. Follows the journey of young Irishman Mark Doran, a cattle farmer who decides to walk 40 miles with his cows to the village of Trallock to get a fair price for his herd rather than sell
Rockford Files: If It Bleeds... It Leads, The (1999)
Ernie Landale, a longtime friend of private detective Jim Rockford, strongly resembles a wanted man identified by the media as a serial rapist. He becomes frightened and embarrassed when the town begins to accuse him of the crimes. Ernie relies on Rockford to find the actual perpetrator and clear hi
Beauty (1998)
A contemporary retelling of the classic story "Beauty and the Beast," based on the novel "Beauty" by Susan Wilson. Alix Miller meets novelist Lee Crompton when her artist father Alexander is too ill to paint Lee's family portrait. As they work together, Alix begins to fall in love with Lee despite h
Best Friends For Life (1998)
Sarah and Harriet have been best friends since childhood. They married at the same time, had children within the same year and now find themselves facing uncertain futures after the sudden deaths of their husbands. Though they have much in common, Sarah is a relaxed nature lover, while Harriet is in
Still Holding On: The Legend of Cadillac Jack (1998)
"Cadillac" Jack Favor is a legend on the rodeo circuit, breaking records and enjoying life with Texas beauty Ponder and their young son Tommy. His life is tragically changed when he picks up a couple of hitchhikers who have murdered an elderly couple. Jack survives the encounter unharmed, but Cheste
Love Letter, The (1998)
Scotty Corrigan and Debra Zabrinskie are a young, modern couple in the midst of planning their upcoming wedding. While shopping with Debra for a wedding dress in an antique store, Scotty finds himself drawn to an oak desk and decides to buy it. In the desk drawer he finds a letter written by Elizabe
Dallas: War of the Ewings (1998)
Television movie reunion of the characters from the television series "Dallas." J.R. Ewing schemes and manipulates anyone who gets in his way as he pursues his quest to regain control of Ewing Oil. J.R.'s brother Bobby and his ex-wife Sue Ellen now run Ewing Oil, though Bobby would be more content r
Forever Love (1998)
Lizzie and Alex Brooks are in love and the parents of a little girl, Emma. Without warning, 24-year-old Lizzie suffers a stroke and slips into a deep coma. Alex, determined to observe his vow to love Lizzie in sickness and in health, brings her home and takes care of her. Alex is helped by Lizzie's
Marriage of Convenience, A (1998)
Chris Winslow, formerly a driven executive, sacrifices her career to raise her late sister's infant son Kevin. Seven years later, the unknown father suddenly appears, provoking questions. Anxious to resolve the issue of custody, Kevin recommends a solution to the judge -- that the unlikely couple se
Patron Saint of Liars, The (1998)
Early one morning in 1981, an unhappy Rose Cleardon leaves her husband Thomas without telling him that she is two months pregnant with their child. Confused and guilt ridden, Rose seeks solace at her church where a priest suggests she take refuge at St. Genevieve's home for unwed mothers in Kentucky
Grace & Glorie (1998)
When Grace Stiles and her grandson Roy are swindled out of the family farm by a crooked land developer, Grace is forced to live in a primitive cottage on the property. Roy soon realizes that he is unable to give Grace the constant care she requires because of the demands of his new job. Glorie, a fo
Anne Tyler's "Saint Maybe" (1998)
Seventeen-year-old Ian Bedloe lives with his parents and older brother Danny in Baltimore 1965. When Danny meets Lucy, a divorcee with two children, Ian and his parents are disturbed when Danny and Lucy quickly marry and have a daughter, Daphne, seven months later. Ian wonders whether Danny is reall
Chance of a Lifetime (1998)
Reporter Tom Maguire and his editor Irene Duncan respect each other professionally, but personally they are opposites. Irene is searching for the perfect mate, while Tom fears commitment. When Tom slips a disc in his back after pushing Irene's car out of the mud, Irene offers to let him stay with he
Echo of Thunder, The (1998)
Gladwyn and Larry Ritchie lead a hard life as palm tree farmers in the Australian outback. They struggle daily with the elements and the bank to keep a roof over their heads and feed their three children, Pearl, Opal and Jasper. Despite the hardships, they are a closeknit family until a letter arriv
Little Girl Fly Away (1998)
When Cath begins to receive threatening phone calls and letters, her husband Frank insists on calling the police. When Detectives Engelhart and Pyne question Cath about her stalker, her behavior leads the detectives to suspect that she knows her tormentor. Upon investigating, they discover that Cath
Father For Brittany, A (1998)
Heartbroken by the medical confirmation of her sterility, Kim Lussier appeals to her husband Keith to pursue an immediate adoption. Keith, unsure that he is ready to become a father, tries to delay the process before reluctantly yielding to Kim's pleas. As the Lussiers prepare for the arrival of the
Price of Heaven, The (1997)
A young man returns to his small Southern home town as a celebrity after appearing on the cover of "Life" with Marilyn Monroe. He finds he must choose between the girlfriend he left behind and the daughter of a wealthy mill owner. With the help of an unlikely friend, he discovers the value of love a
To Dance With Olivia (1997)
A couple's marriage falls apart after the accidental death of their young son. The father, a succesful lawyer, has moved on with his life, but his wife, Olivia, still spends all of her days in mourning. They reexamine their relationship when they become involved in the murder case of the young son o
Something Borrowed, Something Blue (1997)
Three brides-to-be have secrets that may jeopardize their upcoming nuptials.
Sisters and Other Strangers (1997)
When a woman is found dead, her estranged sister is accused of murdering her over a property dispute. The accused sister conducts her own search for the truth.
Heart of Fire (1997)
Based on the true story of a firefighter who goes to extraordinary measures to rescue a young girl who is trapped beneath a gasoline tanker that has crashed and ignited.
Barbara Taylor Bradford's "Love in Another Town" (1997)
Adaptation of Barbara Taylor Bradford's novel, "Love in Another Town." After 25 years of marriage, Maggie Sorell's husband leaves her. With the help of her best friend Samantha, Maggie recovers and moves back to her old hometown. There she meets Jake Cantrell, a younger man with whom she falls in lo
Borrowed Hearts: A Holiday Romance (1997)
Kathleen Russell, a struggling single mother, wishes that she and daughter Zoey can move into a real house and out of their rundown apartment in time for the holidays. Kathleen's boss Sam Fields, offers Kathleen and Zoey money to pose as his wife and daughter to impress Javier Del Campo, a wealthy i
Absolute Truth, The (1997)
A producer of a news program is forced to confront the issue of morals and ethics in the world of politics and television journalism when she is given inside information on a presidential candidate who has been sexually harrassing his employees.
Child's Wish, A (1997)
When a young girl is diagnosed with cancer, the crisis causes her concerned father's work to suffer and he is fired. Unemployed and without medical insurance, he searches for a new job to no avail. A senator learns of the family's plight and encourages them to testify to help convince Congress to pa
Murder, She Wrote: South By Southwest (1997)
Television movie based on the series, "Murder, She Wrote," which was broadcast on CBS from 1986 to 1996. Jessica Fletcher searches for a woman who witnessed the murder of a man trying to expose a serious flaw in a top-secret government satellite code.
Journey of the Heart (1997)
A single mother discovers that her blind, autistic son possesses musical abilities. She decides to move to Boston where he can attend a special school. As his training at the school serves as a catalyst to his maturity and emotional development, his mother must face the realization that her son may
All the Winters That Have Been (1997)
Dane Corvin returns to Raven Island where 20 years before he and Hannah Craven had fallen in love. She vowed never to see Dane again because he had arrested her brother, who he had been investigating. Dane is now determined to win her back and slowly re-enters her daily life. But Hanna has a secret,
Nightmare Come True, A (1997)
Sarah had encouraged her mother to escape her abusive relationship, so she isn't surprised when her mother disappears. She feels uneasy that her mother hasn't contacted her and begins to have nightmares about her mother that her father and boyfriend dismiss. As the dreams intensify, Sarah believes h
Deep Family Secrets (1997)
A woman, who is determined to prove her father innocent of the murder of her mother, discovers hidden family secrets. Inspired by actual events.
Sunshine Boys, The (1997)
Al Lewis and Willy Clark, a one-time popular comedy team, reunite for a movie after years of estrangement. They pick up fighting right where they left off eight years before, until Clark suffers a heart attack on the set. Based on Neil Simon's 1972 Broadway play and its 1975 film adaptation.
Too Close to Home (1997)
A mother is so consumed with a possessive love for her son that she may have committed murder in order to keep him by her side. When the son's new wife is found murdered, the mother is arrested for the crime. In denial about his mother's guilt, the son, a successful lawyer, agrees to defend her. Bas
Indefensible: The Truth About Edward Brannigan (1997)
Ed Brannigan Sr. is a successful and respected attorney celebrating the addition of his son, Ed Jr., to his law firm. Ed Jr. introduces his divorced father to his attractive friend Rebecca Daly. The two are immediately attracted to one another and Ed Sr. invites her to a dinner party at his seaside
When the Cradle Falls (1997)
When the child of a couple disappears, they attempt to dispel the suspicion that they might be behind the kidnapping.
Get to the Heart: The Barbara Mandrell Story (1997)
Television movie based on the life of country singer Barbara Mandrell, exploring her climb to fame and the head-on car accident that almost destroyed her life.
Indecent Seduction (1996)
A handsome high school teacher and popular coach with a history of illicit entanglements with students seduces a vulnerable young student. When the principal is alerted to the situation, he believes the coach's denials, but the teen's mother discovers a love note and files charges against the coach,
Once You Meet a Stranger (1996)
Remake of the 1951 feature film, "Strangers on a Train." Two women meet on a train and are bound together in a pact to commit murder.
Sweet Temptation (1996)
Drama about a divorcee who lives with her younger boyfriend and her teenage daughter. The trio's life together is destroyed when the daughter and boyfriend begin an intimate relationship.
Ivana Trump's For Love Alone (1996)
A television movie based on Ivana Trump's novel "For Love Alone." A world champion skier defects from Czechoslovakia and begins her rapid climb to high society and wealth.
Uninvited, The (1996)
After Patti Johnson gives birth to a still-born child, she and her husband try to forget the tragedy. They move into a new house, but a number of supernatural phenomena that takes place there, lead them to believe that the house is haunted. Patti turns to the town psychic, who confirms her suspicion
Mary & Tim (1996)
Mary, a widow in her 40s, has created a satisfactory life for herself since the death of her husband some years before. Her world is turned upside down when she hires Tim, a handsome but mentally challenged young man, to be her gardener. As the two develop special feelings for each other, Mary is fa
Dallas: J.R. Returns (1996)
Television movie reunion of the series, "Dallas," which was broadcast on CBS from 4/2/78 to 5/3/91. After five years of exile in Europe, J.R. Ewing surprises everyone when he returns to Texas to reclaim Southfork from his longtime enemy Cliff Barnes. The whole Ewing clan reconvenes in Dallas where a
Every Woman's Dream (1996)
A charismatic man manipulates two women into marrying him and believing his complex web of lies. Based on a true story.
Vows of Deception (1996)
When Lucinda, an ex-con hoping to start a new life, meets Matt, a cop, they don't hit it off but Matt fixes her up with his best friend Clay, as a practical joke. Clay falls for Lucinda and the two eventually marry, much to Matt's dismay. As Lucinda begins living an extravagant life, she resents Cla
Unlikely Angel (1996)
An angel who was a self-involved, small-time country singer in her lifetime, returns to Earth in order to earn her wings by uniting a family that is experiencing emotional upheaval during the Christmas holidays.
To Sir With Love II (1996)
Sequel to the 1967 feature film, "To Sir With Love." After retiring from a distinguished career as an educator in London, Mark Thackeray moves to the United States to take a teaching assignment in a south side Chigago school. Now, a widower, he also tries to locate a woman, supposedly living in Chic
Rockford Files: Punishment and Crime, The (1996)
Detective Jim Rockford rekindles an old love affair with a blind woman and tries to protect her cousin from the Russian underworld.
Face of Evil (1996)
An ambitious and manipulative young artist, Darcy Palmer, will stop at nothing to get her way. On the run after stealing her valuable wedding bands on the eve of her wedding, Darcy assumes the identity of a college freshman who is found dead after meeting Darcy at the airport. She continues to wreak
Black Fox: The Price of Peace (1995)
After blaming Britt for his wife's decision to stay with the Native Americans who captured her, an abusive husband organizes a party of vigilantes to accompany him into Indian territory.
Family of Cops (1995)
The entire family of a Milwaukee police chief becomes entangled in a web of murder and deception when the youngest daughter is accused of killing a multimillionaire businessman.
In the Heat of the Night: By Duty Bound (1995)
A movie in a series of telefilms based on the series "In the Heat of the Night." Sheriff Gillespie and Chief Forbes track down the murderer of a young woman and her unborn child, but they face political complications when their prime suspect turns out to be an employee of the local businessman compe
West Side Waltz, The (1995)
Three disparate women are united in a unique circle of friendship. Based on the play by Ernest Thompson.
Black Fox (1995)
Two "blood" brothers -- one a former plantation owner, the other his former slave and childhood friend -- leave California with their families to settle in Texas, where they hope to find a life free from racial tension. Set in the 1860s.<P>After some of the villagers are kidnapped by Native American
Black Fox: Good Men and Bad (1995)
Britt becomes a U.S. marshal and tries to find his brother when the latter sets out on the trail of the man who killed his wife.
Friends at Last (1995)
Drama about a married couple who grow apart, lead separate lives and then rediscover their strong emotional connection.
Reunion (1994)
A mother is wracked with guilt and despair after her five-year-old son chokes in his sleep and finds comfort from "visits" by the boy's ghost.
In the Heat of the Night: Who Was Geli Bendl? (1994)
Second in a series of television movies based on the series "In the Heat of the Night." A famed international actress comes to Sparta, Georgia, sparking intrigue and murder.
Another Woman (1994)
A restaurant owner must reconstruct her life, her marriage, and her memory following a near-fatal beating.
I Spy Returns (1994)
In this movie sequel to the TV series, Kelly Robinson recruits his son and Alexander Scott's daughter for intelligence work.
Is There Life Out There? (1994)
After a brush with breast cancer and the death of her father, a woman realizes that something is missing from her life and decides to pursue a college education. Her husband feels threatened by her academic exploits, but eventually comes to appreciate them. Inspired by Reba McEntire's song and its a
Broken Lullaby (1994)
When a genealogist travels to Eastern Europe to trace the family history of her wealthy aunt, her search for missing records and a priceless Faberge egg leads her to a Russian Count and into a romance with a mysterious art expert.
Children of the Dark (1994)
The true story of parents who discover that their two young daughters have a genetic disease that makes it fatal for them to be exposed to ordinary light.
In the Heat of the Night: A Matter of Justice (1994)
Television movie based on the CBS dramatic series of the same name. A serial killer is on the loose in Sparta, Georgia, and Gillespie and Forbes must track him down while easing the pain of the young victims' families.
Treacherous Beauties (1994)
A photojournalist searching for the identity of her brother's murderer becomes romantically involved with the prime suspect.
Change of Place, A (1994)
An art history student switches places with her fashion model twin sister and gets caught in a dangerous game of deceit, industrial espionage, and love.
Christmas Romance (1994)
Romantic comedy about a young widow, her two daughters and a cranky banker sent to evict them, snowed in together during Christmas.
Thicker Than Blood: The Larry McLinden Story (1994)
Television movie based on the true story of a man who wages a paternity battle against his former live-in girlfriend for his nonbiological son.
Beyond Betrayal (1994)
In order to escape her abusive husband, a woman attempts to change her identity and start a new life.
Donato and Daughter (1993)
When two nuns are murdered by a serial killer, a father and a daughter, police officers who have been estranged, are assigned to the case.
Man From Left Field, The (1993)
In order to get into a baseball league, a group of children find a seemingly mute drifter with amnesia to act as their adult coach.
Precious Victims (1993)
A young mother is accused of murdering her two daughters after she claims that both of them had been kidnapped on two separate occasions. Based on a true story.
Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag, The (1992) as Unit Publicist
Story about a shy, dull librarian who searches for a little excitement by confessing to a murder that her husband/cop is investigating.
Interceptor (1992) as Publicist
An Air Force pilot must play hero when a military flight is hijacked by foreign terrorists.
Through the Eyes of a Killer (1992)
When a woman breaks up with her contractor boyfriend, he restructures her apartment so he can secretly watch and terrorize her.
Message from Holly, A (1992)
A hard-driving, successful executive must decide whether she wants to assume responsibility for the care of her dying friend's six-year-old daughter.
Dark Backward, The (1991) as Unit Publicist
A struggling comedian gains notoriety when a third arm grows out of his back.
Into the Sun (1991) as Unit Publicist
Story about a Hollywood actor and the relationship he forms with a top Air Force pilot in preparing for a role.
In Broad Daylight (1991)
A group of small-town residents, terrorized by a local bully, decide to take the law into their own hands. Based on a true story.
Long Road Home (1991)
A migrant farm worker in California struggles to keep his family alive during the Depression of the 1930s.

Publicity (special)

Celine Dion: A New Day Has Come (2002) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Concert special featuring Celine Dion and guests Destiny's Child and Brian McKnight.
44th Annual Grammy Awards, The (2002) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Coverage of the 44th annual Grammy Awards presentation, the recording industry's highest honors.
U2's Beautiful Day (2002) as Publicity (Cbs)
Taped from a live performance, popular band U2 performs hit songs that made them global rock stars from the Slane Castle in Dublin, Ireland. In addition to their performance, the special will include a behind-the-scenes look at backstage footage.
56th Annual Tony Awards, The (2002) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live coverage of the 56th annual Tony Awards presentation, saluting the shows and stars of the 2001-2002 Broadway season.
43rd Annual Grammy Awards, The (2001) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live coverage of the 43rd annual Grammy Awards presentation from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.
N Sync Live! The Atlantis Concert (2001) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
N Sync perform from the Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.
Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts, The (2001) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Coverage of the Kennedy Center Honors presentation, which pays tribute to outstanding Americans who have distinguished themselves in the performing arts. Honorees are: actors Jack Nicholson and Julie Andrews, opera singer Luciano Pavarotti, composer Quincy Jones and pianist Van Cliburn.
53rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, The (2001) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live coverage of the 53rd annual Primetime Emmy Awards.
CBS Sports Presents: MTV's TRL the Super Bowl (2001) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
MTV's "Total Request Live" breaks out of its Times Square studio for its Super Bowl edition, featuring guest appearances by music artists, celebrities and National Football League players.
Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration (2001) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Concert special from Madison Square Garden celebrating the music career of Michael Jackson.
Ricky Martin's Super Bowl Saturday Night (2001) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Music performances by Ricky Martin, along with play-by-play of events, as football, music and entertainment come together to celebrate the greatest party ever thrown the night before the big game. Interviews with celebrities and NFL players are also included. Broadcast from the MacDill Air Force Bas
35th Annual CMA Awards, The (2001) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Coverage of the 35th annual CMA Awards presentation from the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.
Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life (2001) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
The Backstreet Boys perform from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, during their "Around the World in 100 Hours" tour. The program also features footage from their early days together.
Carol Burnett Show: Show Stoppers, The (2001) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
A reunion of the cast of "The Carol Burnett Show," a variety series telecast from 1967 to 1978 on CBS, and during the 1991-1992 season on CBS. The program features comedy performances, never-before-seen bloopers and outtakes, reminiscences from the stars' years together and a tribute to costume desi
AFI Awards 2001 (2001) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Awards show honoring the best of film and television from the previous year. The presentation includes 19 award categories -- 12 for film and seven for television -- as well as six "moments of significance." The program also counts down the year's 10 best films.
Garth Brooks: Coast to Coast Live (2001) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Garth Brooks performs in a series of live concerts originating from a different city in the United States with a different group of guest stars. The first show takes place at The Forum in Los Angeles; the second takes place on the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Enterprise as it returns to Norfolk from the
55th Annual Tony Awards, The (2001) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live coverage of the 55th annual Tony Awards presentation from Radio City Music Hall in New York City, honoring the shows and stars of the 2000-2001 Broadway season.
Gloria Estefan, Caribbean Soul: The Atlantis Concert (2000) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Concert special featuring Gloria Estefan performing from the Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas.
54TH ANNUAL TONY AWARDS, THE (2000) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live coverage of the 54th annual Tony Awards from Radio City Music Hall in New York.
Tina: One Last Time Live! (2000) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Music artist Tina Turner performs from Wembley Stadium in London, England.
Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts, The (2000) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
At the 23rd annual Kennedy Center Honors Gala, a tribute to distinguished artists, taped at the Kennedy Center Opera House in Washington, D.C., dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov, musician Chuck Berry, singer and conductor Placido Domingo, actor/director Clint Eastwood and actress Angela Lansbury are salute
David Copperfield: The Great Escapes (2000) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
An hour of magic and illusion featuring magician David Copperfield performing great escapes, including: "Fires of Passion," Copperfield dangles upside-down, 10 stories high, and must free himself before fire burns through the ropes; "Niagara Falls Challenge," Copperfield is chained to a burning raft
Judds Reunion: Power to Change, The (2000) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
The Judds in concert from Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky.
34th Annual CMA Awards, The (2000) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live telecast of the 34th annual Country Music Association (CMA) awards from the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. CMA Awards are presented to the Male Vocalist of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year and Vocal Duo and Group of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year and Entertainer of the Year. A
42nd Annual Grammy Awards, The (2000) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live coverage of the 42nd annual Grammy Awards presentation from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.
1st Annual Latin Grammy Awards, The (2000) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Presentation of the first annual Latin Grammy Awards celebration honoring the best in Latin music from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Awards are presented in 40 key categories covering many genres and sub-genres of Latin music.
NFL All-Star Comedy Blitz (1999) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
A comedy special from the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the NFL's partnership with The United Way.
1999 Grammy Awards (1999) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live coverage of the 41st annual Grammy Awards presentation from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. Highlights include a celebrity tribute to Duke Ellington led by Wynton Marsalis.
Celine Dion: All the Way... A Decade of Song (1999) as Publicist (Cbs/New York)
Pop music artist Celine Dion in concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.
Ricky Martin: One Night Only (1999) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Pop music artist Ricky Martin in concert from Liberty State Park against the background of the New York City skyline.
53rd Annual Tony Awards, The (1999) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live coverage of the 53rd annual Tony Awards presentation from the Gershwin Theater in New York City.
Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts, The (1999) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Coverage of the 22nd annual Kennedy Center Honors. Comedian/pianist Victor Borge, actor Sean Connery, dancer/choreographer/teacher Judith Jamison, actor Jason Robards and singer/songwriter Stevie Wonder are recognized by the board of trustees of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts for
Rock N' Roll Forever: Ed Sullivan's Greatest Hits (1999) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Compilation of rock and roll performances as originally telecast on "The Ed Sullivan Show."
Grammy's Greatest Performances (1999) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
A countdown of the 10 greatest Grammy performances of all time in the categories of pop, country, rock and r&b.
34th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards, The (1999) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live coverage of the 34th annual Academy of Country Music Awards presentation from Los Angeles, California and Universal Studios Escape in Orlando, Florida.
33rd Annual Country Music Association Awards, The (1999) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live coverage of the 33rd annual Country Music Association Awards presentation from the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.
To Life! America Celebrates Israel's 50th (1998) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Variety special honoring the State of Israel's 50th Anniversary.
Sonny & Me: Cher Remembers (1998) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Cher hosts a special tribute to entertainer and congressman Sonny Bono. Features footage from their years together on "The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour," broadcast on CBS in the early 1970s, and "The Sonny and Cher Show," also on CBS.
CMA 40th: A Celebration (1998) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Special celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Country Music Association.
32nd Annual Country Music Association Awards, The (1998) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live presentation of the 32nd Annual Country Music Association Awards from the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tennessee.
40th Annual Grammy Awards, The (1998) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live presentation of the 40th annual Grammy Awards, honoring excellence in music.
Celine Dion: These Are Special Times (1998) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Celine Dion performs her greatest hits and songs from her Christmas album.
Ladies Home Journal's Most Fascinating Women of '98 (1998) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Ladies Home Journal honors their choices for the most fascinating women of the year.Features Emmy Award winner Camryn Manheim, CMA's Female Vocalist of the Year Trisha Yearwood, Congresswoman Mary Bono and Kentucky teenager Missy Jenkins, who returned to school six months after being shot and paraly
Really Big Show: Ed Sullivan's 50th, A (1998) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Special celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Ed Sullivan Show, hosted by The Smothers Brothers. Features memorable moments from the program's 23-year run that began in 1948, including performances by the Beatles and Elvis Presley, interviews with Marlon Brando, Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney
52nd Annual Tony Awards, The (1998) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live presentation of the 52nd annual Tony Awards honoring excellence in the Broadway theater. Awards include Best Play, Musical, Leading Actor (Play, Musical), Leading Actress (Play, Musical), Featured Actor (Play, Musical), Featured Actress (Play, Musical), and Revival.
Kennedy Center Honors, The (1998) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Actor/comedian Bill Cosby, Broadway composer and lyricist team John Kander and Fred Ebb, singer/songwriter Willie Nelson, composer/conductor Andre Previn and actress Shirley Temple Black are honored for their contributions to the performing arts.
53rd Presidential Inaugural Gala (1997) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Broadcast of the entertainment gala marking the presidential inauguration of Bill Clinton for his second term.
Ladies' Home Journal Most Fascinating Women of '97 (1997) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Special tribute to the women chosen by the "Ladies' Home Journal" magazine editors as being the most compelling and influential of the year.
Christmas Concert of Hope Starring Natalie Cole, The (1997) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Holiday concert special hosted by Natalie Cole, which benefits the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASA). During the concert, Hillary Rodham Clinton is presented with the Distinguished Service Award from CASA.
Disney's Melinda: First Lady of Magic (1997) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Magic special featuring Melinda in illusions including a double levitation, a speeding car disappearance, and an interactive mass mind-reading.
1997 Miss Teen USA Pageant, The (1997) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Coverage of the 1997 Miss Teen USA Pageant broadcast live from South Padre Island, Texas.
Where Are They Now? (1997) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Special revisits several renowned personalities who were involved in some of the most sensational and memorable stories in recent history.
51st Annual Tony Awards, The (1997) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live presentation of the 51st Annual Tony Awards, honoring excellence in the Broadway theater. Also included are celebrity arrivals at Radio City Music Hall.
Searchers, The (1997) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Special centers around stories of people who are searching for the unusual. Profiled in the special are thrill-seekers, treasure hunters and cave divers searching for killer tornadoes, Nazi treasures, the secrets of what may be the world's largest underwater cave and an architectural student who cli
All-American Thanksgiving Parade, The (1997) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live highlights of the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from New York, with ice skating segments from Manhattan's Wollman Rink; America's Thanksgiving Parade from Detroit; the Aloha Floral Parade from Waikiki Beach in Hawaii; and the Opryland U.S.A. Aqua Parade from Nashville.
Television's Comedy Classics (1997) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Special presents popular comedy stars performing the routines on television that made them famous. Comedians from the past 50 years are saluted as clips from their early sketch comedy and stand-up routines are featured.
What's Right With America (1997) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Special celebrating America's freedoms. The first part is a drama which illustrates what could happen to an American family if the rights and freedoms enjoyed by citizens are suddenly taken away. In part two, several real citizens, whose lives personally reflect these liberties, are profiled.
31st Annual Country Music Association Awards, The (1997) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live presentation of the 31st annual Country Music Association Awards.
Ordinary Extraordinary (1997) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
An entertainment special highlighting extraordinary feats by ordinary people, including the story of a man who survived after losing half his brain in an accidental shooting, a bicycle champ who speeds down a ramp and does two complete back flips on his bike, daredevils who sit in cars dropped from
Uncommon Heroes (1996) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Special chronicles the true stories of four ordinary people who did extraordinary things to help others. Profiles include a firefighter who drove 180 miles to help search for a missing autistic child in the woods, the family of a deceased woman who decide to donate her heart to their family minister
Dolly Parton: Treasures (1996) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Special featuring Dolly Parton in concert as she salutes her favorite songs and the songwriters and performers who made them famous.
50th Annual Tony Awards, The (1996) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live presentation of the 50th Annual Tony Awards, honoring excellence in the Broadway theater. The special includes a salute to Tony's Golden Anniversary spotlighting historic moments from previous Tony broadcasts.
Martha Stewart's: Welcome Home For the Holidays (1996) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Lifestyle authority Martha Stewart offers her suggestions for holiday decorating, cooking and entertaining.
Wynonna: revelations (1996) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Special featuring Wynonna performing songs from her new album. Conversations with her family members and exclusive coverage of her wedding are also included.
Candid Camera's 50th Anniversary (1996) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Peter Funt and Leeza Gibbons host this TV special, celebrating 50 years of the landmark "Candid Camera" concept, which started as an Army radio show in 1946. Classic hidden-camera material, current footage of funny situations, and vintage celebrity clips from more than 600 episodes, are some of the
Ladies' Home Journal's Most Fascinating Women of '96 (1996) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
A tribute to women chosen by "Ladies' Home Journal" editors as the most compelling and influential of 1996. The women are honored with a combination of clips highlighting the scope of their influence and accomplishments, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.
Grand Ole Opry Musical Salute to Minnie Pearl (1996) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
A tribute to the late Minnie Pearl featuring country music stars performing at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium and the Grand Ole Opry House.
30th Annual Country Music Association Awards, The (1996) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live presentation of the 30th Annual Country Music Association Awards.
Beyond Belief... Amazing True Stories (1995) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Reality-based special chronicling true life stories that defy logic. A mother gives birth to fraternal twins -- 95 days apart; the world's smallest motorized car -- smaller than a grain of rice!
Tony Bennett Special: Here's to the Ladies: A Concert of Hope, The (1995) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Tony Bennett headlines this concert featuring duets with Brandy, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Patti LaBelle, Liza Minelli and Roseanne.
1995 Grammy Awards (1995) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live presentation of the 37th Annual Grammy Awards, honoring excellence in music.
Best of Country, The (1995) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
A special featuring the top country music artists performing their 1994 hits and tributes to other performers like The Eagles and George Jones.
49th Annual Tony Awards, The (1995) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live presentation of the 49th Annual Tony Awards, honoring excellence in the Broadway theater.
29th Annual Country Music Association Awards, The (1995) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live presentation of the 29th Annual Country Music Association Awards.
TV's All-Time Favorites (1995) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Tongue-in-cheek awards show celebrating the campy side of television.
105th Tournament of Roses Parade, The (1994) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
A presentation of the 105th Tournament of Roses Parade.
Beyond Belief... Amazing True Stories (1994) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
A special profiling true life stories that defy logic. Included are a diver who holds his breath for over eight minutes, a doctor who removes half the brain of a young child in order to save his life, the creator of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, chronic back sufferers who find relief by swimming
28th Annual Country Music Association Awards, The (1994) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Live telecast from the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee, of the 1994 Country Music Association (CMA) Awards.
Break the Silence: Kids Against Child Abuse (1994) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
A special that tells the stories of four young child abuse survivors. Animation is also used to help narrate the children's stories.
First Gentleman, The (1994) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
An ex-Chicago detective's wife is elected the first female president of the United States, but he can't resist the impulse to investigate a Washington suicide and the political cover-up surrounding it.
Coming Up Roses (1993) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
A special preceding the 104th Tournament of Roses Parade. Featured is an equestrian show and a profile of Angela Lansbury, this year's Grand Marshal.
Carol Burnett Show: A Reunion, The (1993) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
A reunion of the cast of "The Carol Burnett Show," which aired on CBS from 1967 to 1978. Includes clips culled from more that 300 original episodes of the series.
Storm the Castle (1993) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
A game show based on a Japanese series. Six five-member families are challenged in a variety of settings in order to claim prizes hidden in a giant castle.
Women of Country, The (1993) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
A special celebrating the history and evolution of female artistry in country music over the last century.
Magic of David Copperfield XV: Fires of Passion, The (1993) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
A special starring master illusionist David Copperfield, who hangs upside-down from burning ropes ten stories above razor sharp spikes and a raging fire.
Country Music Celebration, A (1993) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
A musical tribute to the Country Music Association (CMA) on the occasion of its 35th anniversary.
Willie Nelson The Big Six-O: An All-Star Birthday Celebration (1993) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
A special celebrating Willie Nelson's 60th birthday. Included are musical performances of songs either written by or performed by Nelson, as well as birthday greetings and favorite stories about the singer by his friends.
Back to School '92 (1992) as Publicist (Cbs)
A special focusing on the education crisis in our country and how to solve it.
America Behind Closed Doors (1992) as Publicist (Cbs)
A special that features dramatizations of actual events as well as interviews with three people who have had repressed memory experiences so painful that they have been blocked from their conscious minds.

Publicity (TV Mini-Series)

Annie Get Your Gun (2003) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Living With The Dead (2002)
Based on the life of medium James Van Praagh. Ted Danson stars as a tortured psychic who comes to terms with his ability to communicate with the dead who are using his telepathic gift to help solve murders.
Perfect Murder, Perfect Town (2000)
Miniseries based on Lawrence Schiller's book about the struggle between John and Patsy Ramsey and law enforcement in Boulder, Colorado, after the murder of their young daughter, JonBenet, on Christmas night 1996. The fact-based story, which draws on recorded interviews with investigators, prosecutor
American Tragedy (2000)
An account of O.J. Simpson's legal team in the "trial of the century."
Shake, Rattle & Roll (1999)
A love story about America's love of music and a couple's love for each other. Beginning in the American South of 1955, the story follows the passionate affair of a young couple, Lyne Danner and Tyler Hart, and the rise and fall (and rise again) of The HartAches, the band they form. Their story is s
Mario Puzo's The Last Don II (1998)
Don Domenico Clericuzio passes away following the celebration of his 86th birthday, leaving the family vulnerable to rival Mafia families. After the death of his wife Athena, Cross De Lena is pressured to return to the family, but his arrival upsets Rose Marie. Her belief that the family was involve
Bella Mafia (1997)
Drama about family, loyalty, love and revenge based on the novel by Lynda La Plante. The world of Don Roberto and Graziella Luciano is turned upside down when their favorite son Michael is murdered. Michael's secret girlfriend Sophia is pregnant with his child, unbeknownst to the family. After she g
Mario Puzo's The Last Don (1997)
Based on Mario Puzo's novel of the same title, the three-part miniseries follows the epic story of Domenico Clericuzio, the aging don of the most powerful Mafia family in America. When he attempts to move into more legitimate businesses -- motion pictures and legalized gambling -- old secrets are un
Steve Martini's Undue Influence (1996)
A defense attorney promises his dying wife that he will help her sister win a custody battle against her ex-husband, who is also a powerful politician. But when a murder takes place, and he tries to investigate it, he finds himself caught in a complex web of infidelities and homicide.
Ruby Ridge: An American Tragedy (1996)
Miniseries about the 11-day siege and shootout at the Ruby Ridge, Idaho, home of white separatist Randy Weaver, which left his wife and son dead and the FBI seriously discredited amidst charges of a coverup.
Titanic: The Survivors Story (1996)
Miniseries relating the fictional stories of some real-life passengers on the Titanic, which sank in the North Atlantic on April 14, 1912. Among the stories are those of a rich American woman and the man she loves, who had secretly booked passage to join her on the Titanic's maiden voyage; a gossipy
Children of the Dust (1995)
Set in the West of the 1880s, a half-black, half-Cherokee gunslinger leads a wagon train of freed slaves on a dangerous journey to start new lives in the Oklahoma Territory. Even with their newfound freedom, however, they cannot escape the evils of racism.
To Be the Best (1992)
A two-part miniseries based on Barbara Taylor Bradford's novel. The designated heir to a department store empire finds herself caught between the desire to expand her business and the obligations of her family life.

Publicity (TV Mini-Series)

Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (2000)
Miniseries dramatizing the life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, based on the biography of Donald Spoto. Beginning with Jackie's childhood in the dysfunctional Bouvier family, the story follows her marriage to President John F. Kennedy, with whom she co-authored progressive policies on civil rights an
Erich Segal's Only Love (1998)
Miniseries based on Erich Segal's novel. Dr. Matthew Hiller meets the lovely Silvia Dalessandro while working for an international medical organization. The two are kindred spirits and fall in love, despite her pending pre-arranged marriage. When the lovers are stationed in Africa, they are ambushed
Night Sins (1997)
Miniseries based on the novel by Tami Hoag about a mysterious child abduction in a rural town. Megan moves to Washington to work as a field agent with the State Bureau of Investigation. When she meets Mitch, the police chief, she finds herself attracted to him and finds her new hometown to be an idy
Million Dollar Babies (1994)
Based on the true story of the Dionnes, a French Canadian couple who had identical quintuplets in 1934 and then struggled to regain custody of their children from the greedy, media-hungry doctor who delivered and exploited them.

Publicity (TV Mini-Series)

Nanny Cartoon Christmas Special, The (2000) as Publicist (Cbs/Los Angeles)
Animated Christmas special featuring characters from "The Nanny." Fran takes Brighton on a journey to teach him the real meaning of Christmas, they meet up with Santa and a black cloud called The Abominable Babcock who threatens to cancel Christmas by creating a snow storm.

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