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William Lundigan

William Lundigan


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Also Known As: Died: December 20, 1975
Born: June 12, 1914 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Syracuse, New York Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Where Angels Go ... Trouble Follows! (1968) as Mr. Clancy
A young progressive nun creates headaches for the Mother Superior.
The Way West (1967) as Michael Moynihan
A senator hires a veteran scout to accompany a wagon train from Missouri to Oregon.
The Underwater City (1962) as Bob Gage
The White Orchid (1954) as Robert Burton
Terror Ship (1954) as Peter Duncan
Riders to the Stars (1954) as Richard Stanton
Early astronauts try to solve the mysteries of space travel by capturing a meteor.
Inferno (1953) as Joseph Duncan
20th Century-Fox put a lot of eggs in this 1953 film---Cinemascope, 3-D and stereophonic sound on prints for the few theatres equipped for that sound system in 1953, and the result was possibly the best 3-D film made during the craze. The basically-simple plot, in theory but more than that in execution, concerns a spoiled and alcoholic millionaire, Robert Ryan, who breaks his leg falling off of a horse, and is left to die in the desert by his cheating wife, Rhonda Fleming (born for Technicolor and 3-D), and her lover, William Lundigan.
Serpent of the Nile (1953) as Lucilius
Cleopatra seduces Marc Anthony into helping her conquer the world.
Down Among the Sheltering Palms (1953) as Capt. Bill Willoby
Two Army officers stationed in the South Pacific find romance in this idyllic setting.
I'd Climb the Highest Mountain (1951) as William Asbury Thompson
A Methodist minister and his wife are called to a small mountain community to help its residents.
Love Nest (1951) as Jim Scott
Jim and Connie's postwar New York building troubles keep Jim from working on his novel. Ex-WAC from Jim's army days Roberta moves in, further upsetting Connie but pleasing Jim's friend Ed. Tenant Charley, who marries tenant Eadie, loans money to Jim to help him keep the building, money which this Casanova obtains from rich widows.
The House on Telegraph Hill (1951) as Major Marc Bennett
A concentration camp survivor assumes a dead woman''''s identity but gets caught in a wealthy family''''s intrigues.
Elopement (1951) as Matt Reagan
Industrial designer Howard Osborne (Clifton Webb) wants his daughter Jacqueline (Anne Francis), shortened to Jake by her efficient-minded father, to follow in his footsteps and study abroad. But, following her graduation dance, she finds herself in the arms of and in love with her psychology professor, Matt Reagan (William Lundigan), and they decide to elope, telling only her godfather. He, when the Osbornes discovering Jake missing, tells them of her plans. They descend furiously on the Reagans, only to find Matt's father, (Tom (Charles Bickford), equally upset at the news. The two families, with a great dislike for each other, start off for a marriage mill across the state line, and join forces when the Reagan car breaks down. Meanwhile, Jake and Matt quarrel and decide they have made a mistake and start for home.
Mother Didn't Tell Me (1950) as Dr. William Wright
I'll Get By (1950) as William Spencer
Updated version of "Tin Pan Alley" concerns two songwriters and their romantic entanglements with the pretty pair of sisters helping them plug their songs.
Follow Me Quietly (1949) as Lt. Harry Grant
Police track a mysterious killer nicknamed "The Judge."
Pinky (1949) as Dr. Thomas Adams
A light-skinned black woman returns home after passing for white in nursing school.
State Department File 649 (1949) as Ken [R. Seeley]
The Inside Story (1948) as Waldo Williams
A collection agent arrives in a small town with $1000 for a local farmer. Whilst waiting for the farmer to arrive the money is put in a safe at a hotel for safe keeping. However, it is removed by mistake and solves a number of financial problems before it is returned.
Mystery in Mexico (1948) as Steve [Hastings]
An insurance agent searches Mexico for a missing colleague.
The Fabulous Dorseys (1947) as Bob Burton
Two bandleaders rise to the top then split up the act over sibling rivalry.
Dishonored Lady (1947) as Jack Garet
Madeleine Damien is the fashion editor of a slick Manhattan magazine by day and a lively party girl by night. Unfortunately, the pressures of her job, including kowtowing to a hefty advertiser, and her bad luck with men are driving her to a breakdown. She seeks the help of a psychiatrist, and under his orders, quits her job and moves into a smaller flat under a new identity. She becomes interested in painting and a handsome neighbor. He soon finds out about her past when an ex-suitor implicates her in a murder.
With the Marines at Tarawa (1944)
Documentary cameras capture the U.S. Marines'' campaign to take Tarawa Island.
Headin' for God's Country (1943) as Michael Banyan
Northwest Rangers (1943) as James Kevin Gardiner
A Mountie tracks a childhood friend gone bad.
Salute to the Marines (1943) as Rufus Cleveland
A retired Marine gets caught in the middle of the Philippines campaign.
Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case (1943) as Alvin F. Peterson
A wheelchair-bound doctor tries to prove a convicted killer's innocence.
Apache Trail (1942) as Tom Folliard
An outlaw and his brother are on opposite sides of a stagecoach robbery.
Sunday Punch (1942) as Ken Burke
A young girl copes with a boarding house full of boxers.
The Bugle Sounds (1942) as Joe Hanson
An old-time cavalry sergeant's resistance to change could cost him his post.
Andy Hardy's Double Life (1942) as Jeff Willis
A new college student lets romance get in the way of his studies.
The Courtship of Andy Hardy (1942) as Jeff Willis
A teenager dates a girl whose parents' divorce is being decided by his father.
The Great Mr. Nobody (1941) as Richard Amesworth
An accident-prone reporter stumbles into love and a big story.
Sailors on Leave (1941) as Chuck Stephens
A Shot in the Dark (1941) as Peter Kennedy
A reporter and a police detective sort through the clues in a night-club owner''''s murder.
The Case of the Black Parrot (1941) as Jim Moore
A newspaperman sets out to catch a sea-going thief.
Highway West (1941) as Dave Warren
A woman discovers her respectable husband is a notorious gangster.
International Squadron (1941) as Lt. Rog Wilkins
A hotshot flyer endangers his colleagues in the Royal Air Force as they fly against the Nazis.
Three Cheers for the Irish (1940) as [Michael] Flaherty
A Scottish lad and Irish lass risk their families' wrath by marrying.
The Fighting 69th (1940) as Timmy Wynn
A braggart soldier learns the true meaning of heroism when he joins World War I's all-Irish unit.
Santa Fe Trail (1940) as Bob Halliday
Romantic rivals get caught in the battle to stop abolitionist John Brown.
The Man Who Talked Too Much (1940) as Johnny Forbes
A defense lawyer sets out to topple a powerful gangster.
The Sea Hawk (1940) as Danny Logan
A British buccaneer holds the Spanish fleet at bay with the covert approval of Elizabeth I.
East of the River (1940) as Nick Lorenzo
A young gangster and his honest brother fall for the same woman.
Dodge City (1939) as Lee Irving
A soldier of fortune takes on the corrupt boss of a Western town.
The Old Maid (1939) as Lanning Halsey
An unmarried mother gives her illegitimate child to her cousin.
Three Smart Girls Grow Up (1939) as Richard [Watkins]
Now that their parents are back together, the Craig girls think life is going to be easy. It is, until Kay falls in love with Joan's fiance! Complications arise when youngest sister Penny tries to find Joan a new boyfriend so that Kay and Richard can be together.
The Forgotten Woman (1939) as Terrence Kennedy
They Asked for It (1939) as Steve Lewis
Legion of Lost Flyers (1939) as Ralph Perry
Freshman Year (1938) as Bob [Potter]
Reckless Living (1938) as Stanley Shaw
Wives Under Suspicion (1938) as Phil
A D.A.''''s personal life mirrors the love-triangle murder he''''s prosecuting.
The Missing Guest (1938) as Larry Deardon
Letter of Introduction (1938) as
An aging actor, trying to make a comeback on Broadway, is surprised when his estranged daughter shows up. It seems that she is an actress and is also trying to make it on Broadway. He tries to re-establish his relationship with her while also trying to hide the fact that she is his daughter from the press.
State Police (1938) as Private Smith
The Jury's Secret (1938) as Announcer
Bill Sheldon (Larry J. Blake as Larry Blake) has a grudge against Midland City newspaper publisher Brandon Williams (Samuel S. Hinds) as Sheldon blames the city's recent flood against Williams for using his power and influence to hold up government flood control money. When Williams is found murdered, Sheldon is charged with the crime that was actually committed by Walter Russell (Kent Taylor), the paper's rebel editorial writer. Ney York reporter Linda Ware (Fay Wray) arrives to cover the story and finds that Russell, her old sweetheart, is on the jury hearing Sheldon's trial. She also discovers that he is the killer. Russell forces an acquittal and, before another trial can be held, realizes that his conscience will not permit him to let Sheldon be tried again.
Sinners in Paradise (1938) as Offstage radio announcer
A seaplane departs for China. On board are a nurse escaping a loveless marriage to do work with refugees, a woman hoping to surprise her estranged son, a wealthy heiress trying to distance herself from labor troubles, an oily politician, a moll and a mobster fleeing the wrath of the gangs they've double-crossed, two rival munitions salesmen out to cash in on the misery of war, and a fresh-faced young steward. Caught in a course-altering storm, a crash-landing destroys the plane, kills the plane's officers, and tosses the surviving passengers into the sea. They are washed ashore on an isolated island inhabited solely by mysteriously reclusive Mr. Taylor and his servant, Ping. Until Taylor decides if, how and when he will allow them to take his boat back to China for help, this disparate band must work together, change their self-centered ways, and examine their motives for wanting to escape from the island and their pasts.
The Black Doll (1938) as Rex Leland
Nicholas Rood (C. Henry Gordon), dishonest mine owner, finds a Black Doll on his desk and knows that vengeance is about to overtake him for murdering his former partner. He is knifed as he talks to his daughter Marian (Nan Grey). She summons her fiance Nick Halstead (Donald Woods), a private detective. He finds that six people had a motive for the murder; Rood's sister Mrs.Laura Leland (Doris Lloyd); her son Rex (William Lundigan); Rood's associates Mallison(Addison Richards) and Walling (Arthur Hohl); Esteban (Fred Malatesta), a servant and Dr. Giddings (Holmes Herbert.) Sheriff Renick (Edgar Kennedy) and his deputy Red (Syd Saylor) get the clues all mixed up, but Nick finally narrows the search down to one suspect...
Danger on the Air (1938) as Dave Chapman
A Girl with Ideas (1937) as Herman
Westbound Limited (1937) as Dispatcher
That's My Story (1937) as Howard Fields
Prescription for Romance (1937) as Officer
The Lady Fights Back (1937) as Doug McKenzie
Armored Car (1937) as

Cast (short)

Service with the Colors (1940)
This short film focuses on new army recruits prior to the U.S. entry into World War II. Vitaphone Release 9933-9934.

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