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Myrna Loy

Myrna Loy



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  • Beautiful

    • Paul Retriever
    • 2016-08-19

    A beautiful actress, a pretty woman, who played nicely with a great sense of humor. She was very discreet in her private live and avoided scandals. she had a darkside like other actors and actresses. She refused advances of many actors like Clark Gable or John Barrymore. Discreetly, Myrna Loy had an affair with Spencer Tracy during Whipsaw (1935), Libeled Lady (1936) and test Pilot (1937). But she stayed worthy.

  • simply the best

    • Rob
    • 2013-11-15

    Fell in love with her when I was a kid watching a rerun of the Best Years of our Lives and been in love with her ever since

  • My all time favorite!

    • Anna
    • 2013-10-27

    She is by far my favorite actress! I love every movie of hers! Wish TCM would give her a day during Summer Under the Stars.

  • Best actress.

    • R.Crittenden
    • 2012-12-11

    Beautiful, strong actress who could hold her own against the top male actors out there. Would recommend any and every movie she ever played in. She brought entertainment and everyday life together on the screen. Women loved her, men loved her. She could play all the roles, beautifully.

  • Amazing Myrna Loy

    • Wendy
    • 2012-09-02

    I have just read, "Being and Becoming". For any Myrna Loy fan this autobiography is a must! I always knew that Myrna was not only incredibly beautiful, classy, elegant, and a smart actress. Her wonderful works, her beliefs in women's rights, explain it all. I still dream that I am Myrna to her William Powell. Please don't let her be forgotten. There will never be another Myrna.

  • My friend

    • terry lease
    • 2012-08-02

    Myrna made it look so easy. He voice and he movements on screen was never forced or unreal. I think their are few actors in her class.

  • Myrna..We still remember You!

    • Patricia Squire
    • 2011-10-03

    As an old movie buff, there are no movies I enjoy more than those starring Myrna Loy and William Powell. The chemistry between those two was never seen before or after. The movies are so enjoyable, and they remove you from the day to day stress we experience in our daily lives. I don't think Miss Loy or Mr. Powell would have imagined that 70 plus year later, their movies would bring such joy to so many. I salute you Miss Loy and Mr. Powell for bringing me such entertainment as I enjoy my own Myrna Loy and William Powell Marathon.

  • Myrna - great actress and great American

    • dar
    • 2011-08-18

    Have long admired Myrna Loy because of her singular acting ability. She made a lot of movies and some of them were really not very good movies; Myrna, on the other hand, was always superb, no matter how bad the movie was. She never received an Oscar because she just made it look too easy. Just finished reading her autobiography - Myrna Loy: On Being and Becoming - that she wrote in 1987. What an interesting book. What an interesting lady!

  • Legendary Lady

    • David Atkins
    • 2011-02-27

    Myrna Loy made many classic films and was so great in all of them that thankfully the Academy awarded Loy an Honorary Oscar for her impeccable performances. One stands out among many: William Wyler's The Best Years Of Our Lives. A brilliant title, evocative in every way, a superb film. As a Veteran myself but of a different war, I was emotionally drawn into this brilliant William Wyler film. The homecoming when Frederic March arrives home is one that is so memorable so moving so real that it is to me one of the most moving in all movie history. Loy and March play the scene beautifully and only someone with the emotional count of a stone is failed to be moved. In her later years Loy became a supporting actress and one of the stars Doris Day whom she worked with on Midnight Lace saluted Loy's elan. Always and Always. I saw Myrna Loy in some play in Washington DC, and as she entered the audience rose to greet this incomparable star.

  • An Elegant Lady

    • Carrie
    • 2010-07-20

    I have been in love with Myrna and her talent since the first time I saw her. What an amazing actress she was. She could speak volumes just by the lift of an eyebrow or an subtle expression of her lovely face. I admire her to the inth. Good in comedy and dramtic roles. "Evelyn Prentice" is one of my all time favorite movies, and I can't watch the "Thin Man" movies enough. What a beautiful, amazing, talented, elegant lady.

  • My favorite!

    • Jeff
    • 2010-03-17

    I was first introduced to this wonderful woman when I watched an episode of "Biography" about her on A&E sometime in the late 90's. After I watched the episode I went out and found "After the Thin Man" at a local video rental store and loved it. I've watched a good deal of her films since and she quickly became my favorite actress of all time. I believe she is one of the most underrated performers in Hollywood history.

  • Fabulous Lady

    • Belinda
    • 2010-02-05

    I watch TCM everytime a Myrna Loy film comes on. Glamorous and authentic. Love her! Also looking forward to the First EVER TCM Film Festival in April. Got my pass and I can't wait to be there!

  • Myrna was amazing.

    • Tammi
    • 2009-01-13

    Not only was she beautiful and stylish but she was talented, witty and brilliant. I admire her sense of fashion and the fact that she had a face which suited any hat. I love Myrna;s hats both on and off screen. I would love to have a copy of the suit she wears in the opening scene of The Thin Man.


    • belef
    • 2008-10-07

    She was a great and beautiful woman. I read in 3 books (Spencer Tracy by James Fisher, The leading men of MGM by Jayne Ellen Wayne and Kate Remembered by Andrew Scott Berg), rumors abound that Spencer Tracy and Myrna Loy had an affair during WHIPSAW in 1935. I don't know if this rumor is true but I like her.

  • A true lady

    • Peter
    • 2008-09-09

    I think that Ms. Loy represented the best qualities that anyone can possess. Watching her you feel that she was the perfect wife as she had the words that were always so right such as her performance in "Best Years of Our Lives", but still be playful and a joy in the Thin Man series. Her looks were so classic with a style of dignity and class that came with the looks proving that beauty is not only skin deep.

  • Hats off 2 real talent

    • Jada
    • 2008-04-29

    Myrna is the best of the best. She justs sets the screen on fire. She was wonderful in every movie that I have seen of her. I would say that she is one in a million.

  • Myrna

    • bill taylor
    • 2008-04-19

    Great voice and every mans dream wife. She was great in every film I have ever seen her in. Hope tcm has a myrna Loy star of the month soon.

  • Woman of the Year

    • Patricia Squire
    • 2007-09-03

    She is the #1 actress of all time.

  • Simply Amazing!!!

    • louann sabatini
    • 2007-08-16

    Myrna Loy was beautiful, sophisticated, loving, funny and wasn't afraid to speak her mind on things that mattered. I have seen her in many movies and i think that she is one of the greatest leading ladies they ever brought to Hollywood. Her style of acting was amazing because she able to portray a sweet, beautiful, risk taking, smart, funny, witty person and when she wanted something she would get it in a sophisticated, sultry and funny way...It saddens me that she never won or received an academy award for her many memorable roles but she will always be remembered for her great acting skills that she gave to film and will be known for ever in our hearts.

  • Top 10 all time woman

    • Pat Dron
    • 2007-08-11

    Love all her movies, seen all the thin man pictures, very fun loving a sexy woman with style.

  • A woman of substance

    • Robin
    • 2007-08-10

    How wonderful to know that this talented and charming woman was also a thinker and a defender of the Constitution. How she would hate the current politics of this White House! Such a lovely woman.

  • cheers for myrna

    • ian
    • 2007-08-10

    I am captivated again by Myrna Loy for her beauty, wit, charm, and screen presence, which holds up 70 years later. I just watched some of her movies spanning the 30's, 40's and 50's, and I found that she held my attention through every scene. Her movies with William Powell will always remain her best.

  • myrna loy

    • bill
    • 2007-08-10

    One of the greatest "sins" of the oscar awards process history(there have been countless) is their neglect of MYRNA LOY. Long before the "honorary" oscar there were numerous opportunities to recognize her theatrical accompishments. A versatile and accomplished actress and human being, I have always marveled at her ability to not just portray but seemingly actually become the character in each of her theatrical endeavors.

  • Love Myrna Loy Movies

    • Alice
    • 2007-08-09

    I love watching Myrna Loy..she was a great actress..I could watch her movies & William Powell's every day...just love their movies...and my tv is always on channel 53..the (TCM) movie channel in my area...

  • Myrna Loy

    • craig
    • 2007-08-08

    I cant cant find anyone today that has talent. Maybe a cartoon Homer Simpson maybe. Myrna Loy is talent, a role model, class act!

  • My Newest Treasure

    • ~K
    • 2007-08-02

    I'm 18 years old and the first thing I do in the morning is turn my television to TCM. I do it almost religiously... It was only last week that I found a Myrna Loy movie. Double Wedding was on and the moment I saw her I was hooked to her acting... I have a lot of favorite actresses (from the early/best films) and she has managed to trump her way into my top five... I am also an inspiring script writer and Double Wedding is certainly one I would like to revisit... and it's all because of this incredible actress.

  • i wish she had a signature collection

    • Angeline
    • 2007-07-18

    i adore myrna loy! she has a great mix of timing and sarcasm as mrs. charles but in any other situation, you can always count on her gentle humore. I'm surprised she doesn't have a signature collection of her own. garbo has one, gable has one, shouldn't she have one? her movies deserved to be cherished

  • Myrna Loy - Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice!

    • Renee N.
    • 2007-05-02

    I'm 20-years-old and a new admirer of the talented and unforgettable Myrna Loy. I discovered her about three years ago and she's been one of my idols ever since. Myrna was absolutely beautiful, sophisticated, and smart, all qualities I wish I could embody as well as she did. She glowed a real warmth on screen that was rarely matched by other actresses in her own time or even now. As a leading lady to William Powell especially, she was brilliant. I wish we had movie stars like Ms. Loy today.

  • One of a kind

    • K
    • 2006-06-24

    There will never be another Myrna Loy. Best actress of all time.

  • Most Beautiful Lady In Her Time

    • Joe Martin
    • 2006-05-10

    I enjoy her wit, looks, personality, and acting. She would definitely be top on my list of women I would have wanted to meet in person.


    • Danielle
    • 2006-04-25

    Myrna Loy is one of the bessst actresses in the world!! she is soooo beautifull!! :^)

  • The Queen!

    • Myrna
    • 2006-03-01

    Ms.Loy is the Queen of movies. Was, is, and forever will be. Grace, brains, and beauty flowed in her work and life. Always fighting for good both on and off screen. Ms.Loy is, in many ways, Nora Charles. Funny, beautiful, and smart. And at the sametime, was nothing like her. Ms.Loy had problems in married life that is really none of our business. God Bless Ms. Loy.

  • Myrna Loy: Awesome Actress

    • Linda Roseberry
    • 2006-02-09

    Underrated and understated performer whose equal as yet to be born. Ms. Loy was classy with a capital C. She is famous for comedy but could deliver an amazing performance in more serious venues. Everyone who enjoys watching excellent vintage movies should view Ms. Loy's movies filmed in the 30's & 40's.

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