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Eugene Lourie

Eugene Lourie


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Also Known As: Died: May 26, 1991
Born: April 8, 1903 Cause of Death: complications from stroke
Birth Place: Russia Profession: Art Director ...


Director (feature film)

Gorgo (1961) as Director
Entrepreneurs capture a giant sea monster not realizing it''''s really an infant with a protective mother.
The Giant Behemoth (1959) as Director
A radioactive dinosaur plots a deadly path to London.
The Colossus of New York (1958) as Director
Jeremy Spensser, genius humanitarian, is killed in an accident just after winning the Nobel Peace Prize. His father William, a brilliant brain surgeon, works on the body in secret before burial; later revealing to his other son Henry that he has the brain on life support and hopes to encase it in a robot body! The resulting being is large, strong, and develops many strange powers. Initially it has Jeremy's gentle personality but this, too, begins to change, and a year later it decides to end its long seclusion... Unusual piano music score.

Cast (feature film)

Breathless (1983) as Dr Boudreaux

Writer (feature film)

Gorgo (1961) as Story
Entrepreneurs capture a giant sea monster not realizing it''''s really an infant with a protective mother.
The Giant Behemoth (1959) as Screenwriter
A radioactive dinosaur plots a deadly path to London.
Revolt in the Big House (1958) as Screenwriter
Gannon is an imprisoned racketeer kingpin who tries to manipulate his young cellmate into staging a riot and prison break, but the cellmate tries to back out when he realizes other inmates may be killed in the process.

Producer (feature film)

Confessions of an Opium Eater (1962) as Assoc prod (see note)

Art Director (feature film)

Bronco Billy (1980) as Art Direction
Billy McCoy presents "Bronco Billy's Wild West Show" a traveling show that has seen better days. When he meets Anoinette, a woman from a rich family who has been left without a dime, she becomes the new assistant in his act. Things don't get much better for the traveling show, but Antoinette warms u
Amazing Captain Nemo, The (1978) as Art Direction
Navy scientists find the legendary Captain Nemo living in suspended animation in his Nautilus on the bottom of the sea. He is revived and soon becomes involved in a war started by the King of Atlantis.
Lacy and the Mississippi Queen (1978)
This lighthearted Western was an unsuccessful series pilot in which two sisters -- a gun-toting tomboy and a beauty with an engaging smile -- team up to track down a pair of train robbers, suspects in the shooting of their father.
Time Travelers (1976)
A pilot movie in which Irwin Allen, recycling his earlier hit series "The Time Tunnel," has a young doctor and a research scientist, in search of a cure for a deadly epidemic, being whisked back through time to Chicago in 1871 on the eve of the great Chicago fire hoping to find the physician who the
What Are Best Friends For? (1973)
An amiable comedy about the determined efforts of a married couple to find a girl for their recently divorced best friend.
Delphi Bureau, The (1972)
A suspense drama that has a government agent with a photographic memory assigned to solve the disappearance of an entire fleet of old Air Force planes. Luckinbill again played the talented operative in the subsequent series (1972-73) with Celeste Holm repeating her role, later to be replaced by Anne
Eliza's Horoscope (1972) as Art Direction
Kung Fu (1972)
A young Chinese-American, fleeing a murder charge in China, becomes the champion of oppressed laborers building the transcontinental railroad in the American West of the 1870s. This was the pilot for the popular series (1972-75).
Haunts of the Very Rich (1972)
Seven people who arrive at an idyllic tropical resort after receiving a mysterious invitation find their dream of paradise turning into a hellish nightmare with little chance of escape.
Death Takes a Holiday (1971)
In this updated remake of the 1934 movie that starred Fredric March, Death in human form comes to earth to learn why people hang onto life so tenaciously and unexpectedly falls in love with a beautiful young woman. The film reunited veteran actors Melvyn Douglas and Myrna Loy for the first time sinc
What's the Matter with Helen? (1971) as Art Director
After their sons are convicted of murder, two women relocate to Hollywood to start a talent school.
Custer of the West (1968) as Art Director
The flamboyant Cavalry officer courts disaster when he fights the Sioux and Cheyenne tribes.
Bikini Paradise (1967) as Art Director
Crack in the World (1965) as Art Director
While trying to drill through the earth's crust in hopes of finding a new source of energy beneath the molten rock, a scientist inadvertently creates a crack in the world, resulting in worldwide disasters.
The Strangler (1964) as Art Director
A lab technician with low self esteem, brought on by his dominant mother, becomes a serial killer of female nurses.
Shock Corridor (1963) as Art Director
A reporter fakes insanity to crack a murder committed in an asylum.
Confessions of an Opium Eater (1962) as Art Director
So This Is Paris (1955) as Art Director
American sailors on leave strike up fun and romance with several Frenchwomen in Paris.
The Diamond Queen (1953) as Production Design
Limelight (1953) as Art Director
A broken-down comic sacrifices everything to give a young dancer a shot at the big time.
The River (1951) as Production Design
Members of an English settlement cope with the exotic lure of life in India.
A Woman's Vengeance (1948) as Art Director
Country squire Henry Maurier is patient with his wife Emily, a neurotic invalid, but her brother surprises Henry with his young mistress Doris. The same night, Emily dies of her chronic heart disease, and Henry promptly marries Doris, to the chagrin of neighbor Janet Spence, who loves him. When a post-mortem shows that Emily's death was precipitated by arsenic, Henry is placed on trial for his life. But is he guilty?
Song of Scheherazade (1947) as Art Director
In 1865, the cadets of a Russian Naval Academy ship have shore leave in Morocco; among them is (fictionalized) future composer 'Nicky' Rimsky-Korsakov. In search of a piano, Nicky and singing ship's doctor Klin meet a family of once-wealthy Spanish colonists...and their daughter Cara who secretly dances in a cabaret. Romantic complications ensue, but Nicky seems less interested in Cara's favors than in inspirations for his future masterpieces.
The Long Night (1947) as Production Design
A veteran tries to free his former love from a sadistic lover.
The Southerner (1945) as Production Design
A sharecropper fights the elements to start his own farm.
The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry (1945) as Art Director
Bachelor Harry Quincey, head designer in a small-town cloth factory, lives with his selfish sisters, glamorous hypochondriac Lettie and querulous widow Hester. His developing relationship with new colleague Deborah Brown promises happiness at last...thwarted by passive, then increasingly active opposition from one sister. Will Harry resort to desperate measures?
French Way, The (1945) as Art Direction
World War II has begun, but Parisian neighbors Dalban (biographer of Napoleon) and Mme. Ancelot still feud over his claim that her great-great-grandmother did *not* sleep with the Emperor! Their underage children Claire and Bernard are in love, but cannot marry over their parents' opposition. Dalban enlists beautiful cabaret star Zazu to divert Bernard's attention with a showgirl. But Zazu has her own ideas about young love...and strange things happen in air-raid shelters!
This Love of Ours (1945) as Art Director
At a convention, medical researcher Michel Touzac goes with colleagues to see stage caricaturist Targel, whose assistant Florence recognizes him...and attempts suicide. Saved by Touzac's new technique, Florence is revealed in a flashback as Michel's abandoned wife Karin, whom their daughter Susette thinks is dead. Can Susette cope if they now re-unite?
The House of Fear (1945) as Art Director
In Society (1944) as Art Director
Two bumbling plumbers are hired by a socialite to fix a leak. A case of mistaken identity gets the pair an invitation to a fancy party and an entree into high society. As expected, things don't go too smoothly.
Three Russian Girls (1944) as Art Director
The Impostor (1944) as Art Director
This Land Is Mine (1943) as Production Design
A soft-spoken school teacher tries to prove he''s not a Nazi collaborator.
Sahara (1943) as Associate (Art Direction)
An international platoon fights off Nazis in World War II Africa.
The Rules of the Game (1939) as Art Direction
A famed flier pursues a married woman during a weekend at her husband's country estate.
La Bete Humaine (1938)
A railroad engineer enters an affair with his friend''''s amoral wife.
Grand Illusion (1937) as Art Direction
French POWs fight to escape their German captors during World War I.
Messager, Le (1937) as Art Direction
Aventure a Paris (1936) as Art Direction
The Lower Depths (1936) as Art Direction
Hommes nouveaux, Les (1936) as Art Direction
Sous les yeux de l'Occident (1936) as Art Direction
Baccara (1935) as Art Direction
La Petite Sauvage (1934) as Art Direction
Jeanne (1934) as Art Direction
Napoleon (1929) as Art Direction
Napoleon rises to become France''''s military champion in this influential classic.

Visual Effects (feature film)

Crack in the World (1965) as Spec eff dir
While trying to drill through the earth's crust in hopes of finding a new source of energy beneath the molten rock, a scientist inadvertently creates a crack in the world, resulting in worldwide disasters.

Costume-Wardrobe (feature film)

Jeanne (1934) as Costumes
La Petite Sauvage (1934) as Costumes

Art Department (feature film)


Production Designer (feature film)

Whale For The Killing, A (1981)
Star and co-producer Peter Strauss is an outsider, stranded with his family in a Newfoundland coastal resort, where he flies in the face of custom and fights an entire community to prevent a trapped whale's slaughter with the support only of his wife and one of the locals, Richard Widmark. Emmy Awar
An Enemy Of The People (1978) as Production Designer
A scientist stands against an entire town when he discovers their medicinal spa is polluted.
Burnt Offerings (1976) as Production Designer
A family moves into a haunted house that seems to be stealing their lives.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Napoleon (1955) as Technical Advisor
Orson Welles รจ Hudson Lowe in questa mega produzione cinematografica che racconta scorci ed episodi della vita di Napoleone.
The Desert Song (1943) as Technical Advisor

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Brasier ardent, Le (1923)
A woman, named simply "Elle" (Nathalie Lissenko) and her husband, a wealthy industrialist (Nicholas Koline), are not on the best of terms. While she enjoys the way he caters to her every whim, she wonders whether he really loves her. He, on the other hand, torments himself by imagining rivals. One morning she awakens from a nightmare in which she has been pursued by a man in various guises (Mozzhukhin), who turns out to be the famous Detective Z, whose memoirs she has been reading. When she and her husband quarrel over leaving Paris permanently for a country estate, he goes to the "Trouve Tout" Agency and hires, of all people, Detective Z, to win back her affection. She promptly steals their marriage contract. Z tracks down the document and is nearly seduced in the process, but he resists her and returns to the comforts of home, his adoring mother, and a pet bulldog. In a chic restaurant one evening, she challenges him to a dancing duel, which he wins. After her confession of love, he goes home with a toothache. The contract is returned, the married couple plan to go away on a trip - all is ending as it should...

Art Director (special)

Chaplin Today: Limelight (2003) as Art Direction
Director Bernardo Bertolucci shares his impressions of Charlie Chaplin''s classic Limelight.
Return of Captain Nemo, The (1978) as Art Direction
On March 16, 1877, while searching for the lost kingdom of Atlantis, the submarine Nautilus wedges itself under a coral reef. Unable to free the submarine, its captain, Nemo, suspends himself in a crystalline chamber. One hundred years later, during U.S. Navy war games, divers Tom Franklin and Jim P

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