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Also Known As: Died:
Born: January 3, 1898 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: London, England, GB Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Gideon of Scotland Yard (1959) as Ponsford, the Duke
A Scotland Yard inspector struggles to get through a typical day on the job.
The Story of Esther Costello (1957) as Paul Marchant
A bitter divorcee works to educate a deaf and blind girl.
Dishonored Lady (1947) as Felix Courtland
Madeleine Damien is the fashion editor of a slick Manhattan magazine by day and a lively party girl by night. Unfortunately, the pressures of her job, including kowtowing to a hefty advertiser, and her bad luck with men are driving her to a breakdown. She seeks the help of a psychiatrist, and under his orders, quits her job and moves into a smaller flat under a new identity. She becomes interested in painting and a handsome neighbor. He soon finds out about her past when an ex-suitor implicates her in a murder.
One More Tomorrow (1946) as Owen Arthur
A playboy and a lady photographer allow social differences to come between them.
The Wife of Monte Cristo (1946) as De Villefort
The Fighting Guardsman (1945) as Sir John Tanlay
A French nobleman robs from his fellow aristocrats to help the poor.
Jealousy (1945) as Dr. David Brent
The wife of an alcoholic writer must take a job as a taxi driver to make ends meet. A young man she picks up as a fare befriends her, but when her husband is found murdered, the police suspect she and her new "friend" committed the murder.
The Woman Who Came Back (1945) as Dr. Matt Adams
The Brighton Strangler (1945) as Reginald Parker
An actor playing a notorious killer begins to live the part.
A Game of Death (1945) as Don Rainsford
A novelist and a pair of siblings are among the innocents stranded on remote island at the mercy of Nazi madman.
The Hairy Ape (1944) as Tony Lazar
A ship's stoker becomes obsessed with a society beauty who finds him repulsive.
Abroad with Two Yanks (1944) as Cyril North
Biff and Jeff, two American G.I.'s on furlough in Australia during The Second World War, are enjoying their time the way most soldiers on leave do. When they meet the beautiful Joyce, however, they both fall head over heels for her, and start competing for her attentions. As their R&R time begins to run out, the schemes they each come up with to win her affection and foil the other's plans to do the same become more and more outrageous.
Passage to Marseille (1944) as Manning
Devil's Island escapees join up with the Allies during World War II.
The Gorilla Man (1943) as Captain Craig Killian
A wounded soldier discovers his hospital is secretly run by the Nazis.
Murder on the Waterfront (1943) as Lt. Com. Holbrook
Nazis and entertainers are involved in an inventor's murder.
Old Acquaintance (1943) as Preston Drake
Two writers, friends since childhood, fight over their books and lives.
The Mysterious Doctor (1943) as Sir Henry Leland
Nazi agents use a headless ghost as a front.
Adventure in Iraq (1943) as George Torrence
Americans are captured by Arabs working for the Nazis.
Eagle Squadron (1942) as Paddy Carson
Gentleman Jim (1942) as Clinton De Witt
Fanciful biography of 19th-century boxing champion Jim Corbett.
Now, Voyager (1942) as Elliot Livingston
A repressed spinster is transformed by psychiatry and her love for a married man.
Scotland Yard (1941) as Sir John Lasher/[Dakin Barrolles]
Inspector Cork pursues a bank robber who serves in the army and receives facial injuries. After plastic surgery he shows up as a bank president planning an enormous robbery.
One Night in Lisbon (1941) as Commander Peter Walmsley
How Green Was My Valley (1941) as Ianto [Morgan]
A Welsh mining family faces the struggles of life together.
Confirm or Deny (1941) as Captain [Lionel] Channing
Newsman Mitch and teletype operator Jennifer, whose job is to see he doesn't send innapropriate stuff out of the country, dodge bombs during the blitz of London while falling in love.
Tin Pan Alley (1940) as Reggie Carstair
Songwriters Calhoun and Harrigan get Katie and Lily Blane to introduce a new one. Lily goes to England, and Katy joins her after the boys give a new song to Nora Bayes. All are reunited when the boys, now in the army, show up in England.
Adventure in Diamonds (1940) as Michael Barclay
Diamond Frontier (1940) as [Dr.] Charles Clayton
Katia (1938)
To the Victor (1938) as David Moore
Non-Stop New York (1937) as Inspector Jim Grant
King Solomon's Mines (1937) as Henry Curtis
African explorers enlist an exiled native chief to help them find a legendary treasure.
Doctor Syn (1937) as Denis
When customs and excise men arrive at the village of Dymchurch in Kent, they uncover an intricate smuggling network being coordinated by the local parson, Dr Syn. Unknown to all but a few locals Dr Syn also hides a secret past, that he was once the notorious pirate Captain Clegg.
Sabotage (1936) as Ted Spencer
An unhappily married woman discovers her husband is an enemy agent.
The Man Who Lived Again (1936) as Dick Haslewood
Dr. Laurence, a once-respectable scientist, begins to research the origin of the mind and the soul. The science community rejects him, and he risks losing everything for which he has worked. He begins to use his discoveries to save his research and further his own causes, thereby becoming... a Mad Scientist, almost unstoppable...
This Woman Is Mine (1935) as Trelawney
18 Minutes (1935)
Lorna Doone (1935) as Jan Ridd
High drama, set in the English moorland of the 1600's. John Ridd wants revenge on the criminal Doone family, but falls in love with the daughter of the family, Lorna.
Thunder in the East (1934) as Commander Fergan
Java Head (1934)
The port city of Bristol, England, in the 1800s is home to Java Head, a sailing ship line company. The owner has two sons. One, a handsome seafarer, is in love with a local girl, but cannot marry her due to a long-running feud between their fathers. After a lengthy voyage, he returns with a very exotic, noble Chinese wife, which scandalizes the conservative town. His other son, a "landlubber", seeks to convert to steamships, to the disgust of his father. Even worse, he is secretly dealing in contraband.
The Private Life of Henry VIII (1934) as [Thomas] Peynell
The famed English monarch suffers through five of his six disastrous marriages.
Wedding Rehearsal (1932)
To avoid marriage, a nobleman schemes to marry off the eligible women on his family''''s list.
Seas Beneath (1931) as Franz Schiller
In the waning days of WWI, a U.S. "Mystery Ship," sets sail for the coast of Spain towing a submarine. Their mission is to find and sink a U-boat that has been especially effective in attacking Allied shipping. Posing as a harmless schooner, the mystery ship is in fact fitted with a formidable gun capable of sinking a U-boat. Stopping in the Canary Islands to refuel, the crew interacts with locals involved with Germans, and with Germans themselves, including the sister of the U-Boat commander, who is lurking offshore waiting for the coming battle.
Lilies of the Field (1930) as Walter Harker
The Man Hunter (1930) as George Castle
Sweethearts and Wives (1930) as Sam Worthing
One Night at Susie's (1930) as Hayes
A boarding house keeper''s gangster tenants step in to help when her son is framed for murder.
The Second Floor Mystery (1930) as Lieut. Norman Fraser
Rich People (1929) as Captain Danforth
The Racketeer (1929) as Jack
A young beauty marries a gangster to help her musician boyfriend's career.
Love, Live and Laugh (1929) as Dr. Price
The Doctor's Secret (1929) as Hugh Paton
Her Private Affair (1929) as Carl Weild
A judge's wife gets mixed up with a blackmailing gigolo.
Sunset Pass (1929) as Ashleigh Preston
The Unholy Night (1929) as Captain Dorchester
A mad strangler haunts the London fog.
Alfred Hitchcock: Sabotage and The Lodger (1926)
This Hitchcock double feature includes two of his early, English films: Sabotage and The Lodger. In Sabotage, at the beginning of World War II, German spies have insinuated themselves into British society and are planning bombings that a group of citizens are trying to stop. And in The Lodger, a lan

Cast (short)

On the Loose (1931)
In this short film, comedic duo Thelma Todd and ZaSu Pitts are excited when they are taken out by two gentlemen but discover quickly that they are not going to be wined and dined.

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