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Cast (feature film)

The Love Machine (1971) as Manny
John Phillip Law, Dyan Cannon, Robert Ryan, Jackie Cooper, David Hemmings, Maureen Arthur, Shecky Greene, Jodi Wexler. Based on the best-selling pulp novel by Jacqueline Susann, this behind-the-scenes expose of a national television network follows the career of a ruthless executive who sleeps his way to the top. The music score includes two songs by Dionne Warwick - "He''s Moving On" & "Amanda''s Theme".
The Wrecking Crew (1969) as Desk clerk
Secret agent Matt Helm tries to stop a super-villain from stealing a billion-dollar gold shipment.
The Love-Ins (1967) as Mr. Henning
A former college professor becomes a cult''''s Messiah and sexually preys on its young women.
A Touch of Larceny (1960) as Nightclub singer
To better his lot, a British officer fakes his defection to the Russians so he can sue the press.
6.5 Special (1958)
A spin-off from the BBC television show. At the suggestion of her girlfriend, a young singer decides to try and make her name in London. Catching the overnight '6.5 Special' the two find the train full of 1950's British pop stars only too ready to burst into song. As the presenters of the show are also on board, our heroine is assured of a spot on the following Saturday's 'Six Five Special'.
Battle of Rogue River (1954) as Hamley
A U.S. agent is caught between Oregon settlers and the Indians.
Calamity Jane (1953) as Officer
The Wild West heroine helps bring a star attraction to Deadwood and finds love.
Lullaby of Broadway (1951) as Reporter
A star's former servants try to keep her daughter from learning of her fate.
Fighting Coast Guard (1951) as Upper classman
G. I. Jane (1951) as Lt. Bradford
All That I Have (1951) as
Gasoline Alley (1951) as Harry Dorsey
Joe Palooka in Triple Cross (1951) as Bill
Joe and Anne Palooka, along with Joe's trainer Knobby, are vacationing when they a kidnapped by The Professor and his gang. The Professor plans to make Joe throw a fight (and shows up at the fight dressed as Anne's aunt).
When You're Smiling (1950) as Dave
Beauty on Parade (1950) as Johnny Fennel
Mary Ryan, Detective (1950) as Gordon
Girls' School (1950) as Hotel clerk
Peggy Donovan (Joyce Reynolds) enters an exclusive but financially-strapped finishing school for girls operated by Colonel Matthews (Thurston Hall) and his sister Emily (Julia Dean). Student Lucille Farnsworth (Laura Elliot) discovers the Peggy carries $30,000 in her luggage and reports it to the Colonel. She also writes to a Chicago address on the luggage that Peggy is at the school. The letter puts gambler Dave Vickers (Wilton Griff) on Peggy's trail. Peggy convinces the Colonel that the money is rightfully hers and offers to buy up the school's outstanding notes for a partnership. When Vickers arrives, Peggy confesses that her late father was a professional gambler and Vickers' partner. The latter claims half of the money which her father had saved away for her. She is willing to divide the money but when the Colonel learns it was won in a questionable card game, he turns it over to the police.
David Harding, Counterspy (1950) as Burton
Blondie's Hero (1950) as Corp. Biff Touhey
Riders of the Whistling Pines (1949) as Joe Lucas
The Dark Past (1949) as Fuller
A psychologist tries to analyze the criminal who's taken him hostage.
Shockproof (1949) as Clerk
A beautiful ex-con falls for her parole officer while still dating the crook who landed her in prison.
Manhattan Angel (1949) as Elmer
Miss Grant Takes Richmond (1949) as Homer White
An inept secretary goes to work for a bogus real estate firm thinking it's for real.
Slightly French (1949) as Assistant
An out-of-work movie director turns a carnival girl into a French heiress to make her a star.
Glamour Girl (1948) as Buddy Butterfield
My Dog Rusty (1948) as Rodney Pyle
A faithful dog helps his master's father win a mayoral race.
Walk a Crooked Mile (1948) as Alison
The FBI and Scotland Yard join forces to stop security leaks at a nuclear power plant.
The Return of October (1948) as
An heiress discovers her racehorse is the reincarnation of her rich uncle, back to win the Kentucky Derby.
Port Said (1948) as Sailor
The Fuller Brush Man (1948) as Chauffeur
A bumbling salesman gets mixed up in murder.
The Jolson Story (1947) as Roy Anderson
The singer and star of the first "talkie" risks it all to become a star.
Two Blondes and a Redhead (1947) as Tom Randell
Socialite Cathy Abbott (Jean Porter) is working in the chorus of a Broadway show instead of being enrolled at an exclusive girl's school as her parents (Regina Wallace and Douglas Wood) think. When the show closes, she brings two of her chorus friends, Patti Calhoun (June Preisser) and Vicki Adams (Judy Clark), home with her. In addition to trying to make her friends acceptable to the snooty society of which her family is part, she is also being blackmailed by a rival. She and her two friends win over the blue-bloods with a couple of chorus routines, and she discloses she will be marrying the butler, Tommy Randell (Jimmy Lloyd), rather than the pompous Freddie Ainsley (Rick Vallin).
Key Witness (1947) as Larry Summers
Cigarette Girl (1947) as Joe Atkins
Boy (Jimmy Lloyd) meets Girl (Leslie Brooks.) Boy tells Girl he is an oil company president and she tells him she is a popular night club singer. Boy and Girl are telling each other little white lies. But, via some contrived plot complications, Boy becomes a tycoon and the former night club cigarette-selling Girl becomes the Cinderella of Broadway, singing with the Russ Morgan Orchestra. Boy and Girl tell each other they are still more comfortable just being their humble selves. Girl neglects to tell Boy that her singing has been dubbed.
Sea Hound, The (1947)
Columbia's 34th serial production starring Buster Crabbe, the Serial King himself, who had the lead in five from Universal and two for Columbia, was based on the radio serial,("Captain Silver's Log of) The Sea Hound", heard on the Blue Network 1942-44,on Mutual 1946-47 and, briefly on ABC in 1948, and also the comic book (six issues across four years) that had little demand in 1945-49 and not much now among Golden Age collectors, with Crabbe, playing Captain Silver and getting more money for it than producer Sam Katzman paid for the rights to use the character, and some claim the copyright owner may have paid Katzman to use the character. Captain Silver (Buster Crabbe) and his friends---Jerry (Ralph Hodges) and seagoing cowboy Tex (Jimmy Lloyd) and a chinese inventor named Kukai (Spencer Chan) ---are cruising through tropical waters, between California and Catalina, aboard the "Sea Hound" when they pick up an SOS from the yacht "Esmeralda." Silver sails to Typhoon Cove and finds the yacht under attack by "pirates." Aboard the attacked craft are Ann Whitney (Pamela Blake), yacht owner Stanley Rand (Hugh Prosser) and Vardman (Pierce Lyden.) Silver and crew beat off the attackers and he learns that Ann is searching for her father, John Whitney (Milton Kibbee), who vanished into the jungle during a search for a fabulous treasure of Spanish gold. Later, Silver discovers the "pirates" are in the employ of a sinister master-criminal known as the Admiral (Robert Barron.) Using a map in Rand's possession, Silver locates the treasure chest when he descends to the ocean floor in a diving suit, but finds it empty. 14 water-logged, none-too-thrilling chapters later, Silver locates the treasure, rescues Ann's father and puts an end to the Admiral and his henchmen, including Rand and Vardman who veteran serial-watchers had an eye on as far back as chapter 1.
The Bandit of Sherwood Forest (1946) as Crossbowman
Robins Hood''''s son reunites the Merry Men to battle royal corruption.
The Gentleman Misbehaves (1946) as Jimmy Drake
Talk About a Lady (1946) as Reporter
Night Editor (1946) as Clerk
A detective hides key evidence in a murder case rather than reveal he was cheating on his wife.
It's Great to Be Young (1946) as Ricky Malone
Ricky Malone (Jimmy Lloyd), Spud Winters (Bob Haymes AS Robert Stanton and not Kirby Grant as Robert Stanton, since Grant hadn't used that name in over five years, but I digress) and some other returning G.I.'s are trying to break into show business by the old summer resort resort. Terry (Leslie Brooks and she needs no number since she was in films 40 years before Leslie Brooks (I) directed his one-and-only film), a runaway daughter of a big producer who is trying to stifle her show-biz career, hires on as the (dubbed) singer.
Gallant Journey (1946) as Dan Mahoney, also known as Professor LaSalle
An aviation pioneer fights his family's objections to invent a flying machine.
Snafu (1945) as Danny Baker
A 14-year-old has to re-adjust when he''''s returned to his family after falsifying his age to become a World War II hero.
Ten Cents a Dance (1945) as Billy Sparks
I Love a Bandleader (1945) as Assistant band leader
An amnesiac thinks he''''s a popular bandleader.
The Story of G. I. Joe (1945) as Private Spencer
War correspondent Ernie Pyle joins an Army platoon during World War II to learn what battle is really about.
Let's Go Steady (1945) as Henry McCoy
She's a Sweetheart (1944) as Pete Ryan
Together Again (1944) as Master of ceremonies
The female mayor of a small-town ignites local gossip when she falls for a sculptor.
Comrades (1928) as "Tommy"

Music (feature film)

Walking with Dinosaurs 3D (2013)
70 million years ago, a diminutive underdog dinosaur named Patchi triumphs against all odds to become a hero for the ages. The runt in his family of Pachyrhinosauruses, he has to use his wits and heart to compete with his larger brothers and sisters, particularly Scowler, the alpha male of the group
The Iron Giant (1999) as Song Performer ("I Got A Rocket In My Pocket")
In this animated fantasy, a boy befriends a 50-foot robot from space.
The Right Stuff (1983) as Song Performer ("I Got A Rocket In My Pocket")
The first astronauts fight for their place in space.
Sapphire (1959) as Title Song Performer
In 1950s London racial hostility to Commonweath immigrants is openly paraded. A pregnant girl, initially assumed to be white, is murdered. As two detectives start to investigate, and discover her racial origins were much more mixed, public prejudices and those of the officers themselves are exposed.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) as Head grip
An idealistic Senate replacement takes on political corruption.
Love Me Forever (1935) as Head grip
A mob figure helps launch a singer's career only to lose her to a younger man.
One Night of Love (1934) as Grip
An aspiring opera singer and her mentor fight so much they barely realize they''''re in love.
Blind Date (1934) as Grip
A young woman is torn between a wealthy suitor who wants her body and the honest young man who wants what's best for her.
Lady for a Day (1933) as Grip
A gangster helps an old apple-vendor pose as a society woman to fool her visiting daughter.

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