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Editing (feature film)

Spree (1967) as Film Editor
Hillbillys in a Haunted House (1967) as Film Editor
Country singers take on ghosts and international spies when their car breaks down near a haunted house.
A Time for Killing (1967) as Film Editor
Confederate soldiers keep the war's ending a secret so they can escape to Mexico.
Billy the Kid vs. Dracula (1966) as Film Editor
The notorious outlaw fights to save his fiance from the dreaded vampire.
Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter (1966) as Film Editor
Baron Frankenstein''''s granddaughter turns the legendary outlaw''''s partner into a monster.
Brushfire! (1962) as Film Editor
Confessions of an Opium Eater (1962) as Film Editor
Operation Eichmann (1961) as Film Editor
After the war, the Nazi who exterminated six million Jews escapes from Europe but is eventually recaptured.
Hell to Eternity (1960) as Film Editor
A young man adopted by Japanese-Americans becomes a hero in World War II.
House on Haunted Hill (1958) as Film Editor
A millionaire offers total strangers a fortune to spend the night in a haunted house.
The Sign of Zorro (1958) as Editor
Don Diego dons the mask of Zorro to free the town from the tyrannical rule of a dictator.
No Escape (1953) as Supervising Film Editor
A woman and a songwriter suspected of murder join forces to crack the case.
According to Mrs. Hoyle (1951) as Editing
A retired teacher sells her apartment to a group of gangsters.
Blue Blood (1951) as Film Editor
The Hidden City (1950) as Editing
Bomba comes to the rescue of a princess.
Jiggs and Maggie Out West (1950) as Film Editor
Blue Grass of Kentucky (1950) as Film Editor
Hot Rod (1950) as Editing
A young man restores an old car behind his disapproving father''s back.
Bomba on Panther Island (1949) as Film Editor
Bomba the Jungle Boy must stop a man-eating black panther.
Forgotten Women (1949) as Film Editor
The Sky Dragon (1949) as Film Editor
Bomba, the Jungle Boy (1949) as Editing
A photographer and his daughter discover a wild boy in the jungle.
I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes (1948) as Film Editor
Tom (Don Castle) and Ann (Elyse Knox) are a down-and-out dance team, and while Don seeks engagements, Ann works as an instructor at a dance academy, with Detective Judd (Regis Toomey) one of the many customers she meets. On a hot summer night Tom, awaken from his sleep, tosses his only pair of shoes out the window to quiet two noisy cats. He goes down to retrieve them and can't find them, but Ann discovers them in front of their door the next morning. A near-by recluse is found murdered in his old shack that same day while Tom finds a wallet filled with old $20 bills. Footprints, bearing an imprint like those on a tap-dancer's shoes, plus Don's new-found wealth combine to make a good circumstantial evidence case for Judd against Tom and he is convicted. On the night before his execution, Ann seeks Judd's help in proving Tom is innocent. He turns up a suspect, Kosloff (Robert Lowell), but an air-tight alibi clears him.
Night Wind (1948) as Film Editor
Trouble Preferred (1948) as Supervising Film Editor
Joe Palooka in Fighting Mad (1948) as Film Editor
Joe Palooka goes blind during a fight. An operation restores his vision, but he's told not to fight for a year. His trainer Knobby has picked up another fighter, but gangsters are pressing him to fix fights. Joe decides to risk his eyesight to save Knobby's honor.
Arthur Takes Over (1948) as Film Editor
Valley of Fear (1947) as Film Editor
Johnny Williams (Johnny Mack Brown) returns to his home town of Beaufort, and finds himself when being chased by banker Henry Stevens (Tristram Coffin), Grangers Association head Les Travers (Ed Cassidy as Edward Cassidy)and real estate agent Frank Wilkins (Ted Adams.) At the Williams ranch, cowhand Rusty Peters (Raymond Hatton) explains that Johnny's uncle, ostensibly killed in an accident, is believed by the townspeople to have embezzled money from the local bank that is holding mortgages that now must be foreclosed. Neighboring rancher Tom Lansing (Steve Darrell) offers to help Johnny clear himself from the accusation that he received the stolen money. At the scene of the "accident" in which his uncle died, Johnny finds new evidence and is shot at by Duke (Eddie Parker as Edwin Parker), henchman of the man secretly trying to grad up the land by taking over the mortgages. Joan Travers (Christine McIntyre) is antagonistic toward Johhny when her fiance Stephens goes to jail for the embezzlement to trick the real culprit to relax his guard, so Johnny and Sheriff Burt Wheeler (Pierce Lyden) can bring him to justice. After the sheriff and several others are killed, another real estate agent (Edward Peil as Edward J. Peil)confesses that Lansing is the brains behind the land-grab and murders.
Robin Hood of Monterey (1947) as Film Editor
The Cisco Kid tries to help a man framed for killing his father.
King of the Bandits (1947) as Film Editor
The Cisco Kid has to evade the law while tracking down the bandit impersonating him.
Raiders of the South (1947) as Film Editor
Johnny Brownell (Johnny Mack Brown), former Confederate officer turned Federal agent, is sent to Texas during the reconstruction years to obtain evidence against a gang of raiders who have been making life difficult for the local carpet-baggers. He saves the life of Shorty Kendall (Raymond Hatton), an unreconstructed rebel about to be hanged, and this wins him the gratitude of Belle Chambers (Evelyn Brent), a widow whose husband was killed in the Civil War who hates all Yankees with a fevor. It is she who heads the gang of Raiders, but Johnny soon proves she is a pawn of a conscienceless lawyer, Preson Durant (John Merton), who is using Bell's raiders to cover up his own schemes. Reno Browne is on hand as Belle's daughter Lynne, billed as Reno Blair, as she always was in any film with Johnny Mack Brown.
Black Gold (1947) as Film Editor
A Native American man trains a horse for the Kentucky Derby.
Trailing Danger (1947) as Film Editor
North of the Border (1946) as Film Editor
The Mask of Diijon (1946) as Film Editor
Thunder Town (1946) as Film Editor
Secrets of a Sorority Girl (1946) as Film Editor
Linda Hamilton (Mary Ware), president of Alpha Beta Sorority and Conover College campus queen, faints while at a sorority party in the company of ex-reporter Paul Reynolds (Rick Vallin), who is taking a post-graduate course. Linda learns from doctors that she has only one year to live but hesitates in telling her father, District Attorney Hamilton (Addison Richards), who is devoting his energies to wiping out illegal gambling. Linda goes with Paul to the Blue Parrot Cabaret, a notorious gambling den. Bail bondsman Justin Farley (Frank Ferguson) telephones casino owner Nick Vegas (Anthony Warde) that the police are about to make a raid and Vegas, knowing Linda is the district attorney's daughter, takes pictures of her. Several nights later, Paul takes Linda to another gambling house and more pictures are taken showing her at the roulette table and drinking. Realizing that she has hurt her father by going to the places he is trying to exterminate, she still goes to a plave ran by Whitey King (Ray Walker.) Reynolds arrives and he and Whitey get into a fight which is interrupted by a raid. Paul rescues Linda, who has been knocked unconscious. A motorcycle cop chases Paul's car and is killed when he runs into the car after Paul brakes sharply. Paul revives Linda and tells her she had been driving the car (quickly justifying the belief of audience members that no Rick Vallin character could stay heroic through a whole film.) Paul then goes to Linda with the pictures and reveals he is the secret leader of the gambling rackets, and tells her to ask her father to resign or he will give the newspapers the pictures. She refuses and Paul goes to civic committee meeting, where Mr. Hamilton is being proposed to run for governor, and shows him and other officials the pictures, plus Linda's stolen diary in which she has written about the wreck with the motorcycle policeman. Hamilton arrest his daughter and she is put on trial for the killing. Probably not a big deal to one who has only a few more months to live...
'Neath Canadian Skies (1946) as Film Editor
Six Gun Man (1946) as Film Editor
Ambush Trail (1946) as Film Editor
Bolton, trying to get the ranchers to leave, has his outlaw gang ambush all incoming supply wagons. Curly Thompson, out to stop them, gets framed for murder and put in jail.
Navajo Kid (1945) as Film Editor
The Enchanted Forest (1945) as Film Editor
An elderly hermit befriends a young boy lost in the forest.
Shadow of Terror (1945) as Film Editor
Crime, Inc. (1945) as Film Editor
Atlantic Flight (1937) as Film Editor
A pioneering aviator helps bring a madcap heiress and a fellow flyer together.
Hoosier Schoolboy (1937) as Film Editor
Navy Blues (1937) as Film Editor
Dangerous Holiday (1937) as Film Editor
A Man Betrayed (1936) as Film Editor
Born to Be Bad (1934) as Cutter
An unmarried pregnant woman is determined that her child will not grow up to be mistreated.

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