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Barry Langley

Barry Langley


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Director (feature film)

The Man Who Had Power Over Women (1970) as Assistant Director
A disenchanted talent agent falls for his best friend¿s wife.
The Bofors Gun (1968) as Assistant Director
On the night before he is to be sent home, a British soldier in the 1950s, has to face an Irish gunner.
Berserk (1967) as Assistant Director
A lady ringmaster milks the publicity from a string of murders.
The Penthouse (1967) as Assistant Director
A Study in Terror (1966) as Assistant Director
Sherlock Holmes tries to unmask Jack the Ripper.
Saturday Night Out (1964) as Assistant Director
The Dream Maker (1964) as 1st, 2d & 3d asst dir
Mystery Submarine (1963) as 1st, 2d & 3d asst dir
Stolen Hours (1963) as Assistant Director
An American heiress with an incurable disease falls in love with her surgeon.

Assistant Direction (feature film)

Conspiracy (2001)
On January 20, 1942, the administrative apparatus of the Third Reich, mobilized by Reinhard Heydrich, gathered at Wannsee, outside Berlin, to set in motion the detailed plans of Adolf Hitler's "Final Solution," the extermination of the entire Jewish population of Europe. At the top-secret Nazi meeti
Heart (1999) as 2nd Assistant Director
Maria, who loses her son in a tragic motor accident, becomes obsessed with the man who receives his heart. He is Gary, a businessman with marital problems. Following his earlier heart attack, his wife Tess has been having an affair with Alex, an unpleasant writer. When Gary is rejuvenated by his hea
Canterville Ghost, The (1996)
A contemporary version of Oscar Wilde's novella. The late (16th century) Sir Simon becomes the most frustrated ghost in all of England when he just can't seem to scare a modern American family with reappearing bloodstains, clanking chains and midnight howls in a haunted castle.
Annie: A Royal Adventure (1995)
Annie and Daddy Warbucks visit England because he is going to be knighted. What they don't know is that the evil Lady Hogbottom and her henchman are out to steal a secret formula developed by the eccentric scientist Warbucks is sponsoring.
Death Train (1993)
A United Nations anti-terrorist strike force tries to stop a hijacked train carrying a nuclear bomb and a squad of deadly triggermen from being delivered to Iraq.
Shell Seekers, The (1989)
A movie dealing with the conflicts and relationships of three generations of an English family from World War II to the present. Recovery from a heart attack brings a fierce awareness of the joy of life and the need for her own independence to a woman whose grown children treat her like an invalid.
Tears in the Rain (1988)
A "Harlequin Romance Movie" about an American woman who travels to England to deliver a sealed letter to the wealthy Lord Bredon, fulfilling her mother's dying wish. While there, she discovers a long-buried wartime affair, as well as the passion within herself which is unleashed by the Lord's hands
Taffin (1988) as Assistant Director
An Irish ex-priest becomes a detective.
Lady Jane (1986) as 1st Assistant Director
After the death in 1553 of Edward VI, a faction pushes into power his second cousin Lady Jane Grey.
Hyper Sapien: People From Another Star (1986) as 1st Assistant Director
Emerald Forest, The (1985) as Assistant Director
An American engineer, overseeing the construction of a dam in Brazil, loses his son in the rain forest and then goes up against insurmountable odds to find him.
Top Secret! (1984) as Assistant Director
An Elvis-like singer falls for a French resistance fighter during World War II.
Pirates of Penzance, The (1983) as 1st Assistant Director
Frederick, son of a wealthy 19th century man was to be apprenticed to a pilot, but because of his nearly deaf nurse-maid, he was apprenticed to a pirate instead. And not just any pirate, but the Pirate King, leader of the not-so-fierce "Pirates of Penzance." Now Frederick has fallen in love with swe
Scarlet Pimpernel (1982)
A rousing retelling of the adventure classic with Anthony Andrews as the foppish English nobleman who masquerades as the dashing Scarlet Pimpernel to rescue French aristocrats from the guillotine during the Reign of Terror. This sumptuous new version (there had been five movies made of the tale prev
McVicar (1981) as Assistant Director
Dragonslayer (1981) as Assistant Director
In spite of the fact that it is terrorized by a fire-breathing dragon, the sixth-century kingdom of Urland seems to be at peace. This is because their king has entered into a pact with the beast, promising to sacrifice virgins twice a year if it will leave rest of the citizens alone. Usually, the virginal victims are taken from poor families, but when the king''s daughter is to be the next sacrifice, a wizard and his apprentice are recruited to use their magic to kill the dragon.
Corn Is Green, The (1979)
In this remake of the 1944 Bette Davis movie, reuniting Katharine Hepburn and director George Cukor for the tenth time in forty-seven years (he directed her in her first movie, "A Bill of Divorcement," in 1932), Lilly Moffat, the strong-willed spinster teacher, goes again on her mission to educate t
Four Feathers, The (1978)
The fifth filming of the adventure classic about a British soldier in the 1880s who fights to regain his honor after being given four white feathers, symbols of cowardice. Previously made in 1921, 1929, 1939 and 1956. Olga Lehmann received an Emmy Award-nomination for her period costumes.
39 Steps, The (1978) as Assistant Director
On vacation in England, Richard Hannay comes into possession of information regarding a Prussian plot to start World War I. After a spy is murdered, Hannay is blamed by police and by spies who will do anything to get the plans back. Meanwhile, Hannay must also stop a group of terrorists who plan to
Black Panther, The (1977) as Assistant Director
To the Devil, a Daughter (1976) as Assistant Director
An occult writer fights to save a friend¿s daughter from Satanists.
Hennessy (1975) as Assistant Director
When his family is killed, an Irishman with IRA ties plots to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II.
Dark Places (1973) as Assistant Director

Assistant Direction (special)

Daughters of Cain, The (1998) as 1st Assistant Director
Two-part episode in the dramatizations of Inspector Morse mysteries by Colin Dexter, featuring the cranky, beer-tippling Inspector Morse and the ever-loyal Detective Sergeant Lewis. The investigation into the murder of Oxford University Professor Dr. Felix McClure, turns out to be far more complicat
Way Through the Woods, The (1997) as 1st Assistant Director
Steven Parnell, the "Lovers Lane Killer," is murdered in a prison fight before his trial. Parnell has confessed to killing two young couples and a woman on a day trip to Oxford. Inspector Morse re-opens the case, convinced that the evidence doesn't add up.
Fat Chance (1993) as 1st Assistant Director
During the investigation of the suspicious death of a divinity student, Inspector Morse meets a woman who runs a hostel for troubled women.

Assistant Direction (TV Mini-Series)

Two Mrs. Grenvilles, The (1987)
A miniseries based on Dominick Dunne's novel about the sensational Woodward murder case of 1955. Showgirl Ann Arden marries wealthy Billy Grenville and must contend with the disapproval of her patrician mother-in-law, Alice. Ann's rag-to-riches ascent into New York society comes to a halt when she s

Assistant Direction (TV Mini-Series)

Hold the Dream (1986) as 1st Assistant Director

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