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Also Known As: Died: January 10, 1997
Born: February 22, 1907 Cause of Death: natural causes
Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Color Adjustment (1991) as Himself
An examination of the relationship between prime-time television and America's racial consciousness.
50 Years of Action! (1986) as Himself
The history of the Directors Guild of America is recounted. Begun in the years when people in the United States were fighting for unions, the guild was initially not recognized by the movie studios. The organization was started by twelve men and evolved fairly peacefully until 1950 when president Jo
Brink's Job, The (1978) as J Edgar Hoover
After a long time of bad luck, the little criminal Tony and his gang successfully rob one of Brink's security transport, taking $30,000. Surprisingly their coup doesn't make the press. Curious Tony checks out their headquarters and finds out that their security standard is low beyond belief. Now a really big coup is prepared...
Top Secret (1978) as Carl Vitale
A hip American agent and his foxy associate try to recover a hundred pounds of stolen plutonium in Italy before it can be used by terrorists.
Islander, The (1978) as Paul Lazarro
A mystery-adventure set in Hawaii. This series pilot never got anywhere. It's about a retired mainland lawyer who buys a small Honolulu hotel and finds himself in a murderous situation involving a runaway grand jury witness, a ruthless mobster, and a racket-busting U.S. Senator framed for beating up
Pocketful of Miracles (1961) as Steve Darcey
A good-hearted gangster turns an old apple seller into a society matron so she can impress her daughter.
Guys and Dolls (1955) as Harry the Horse
A big-city gambler bets that he can seduce a Salvation Army girl.
Money from Home (1954) as Jumbo Schneider
Matt and Dean are in trouble. Dean owes tons of gambling debts. To pay it off, he promises to fix a horse, so that it does not run. To do that, he intends to use his animal lover, veterenian apprentice cousin, Jerry to do this. Of course, he doesn't tell Jerry the real reason. Hilarity ensues as mistaken identies are assumed, while along the way, Jerry meets a female vet and Dean falls for the owner of the horse he's promised to fix. Goons and mobsters are also lurking around; so beware!
The Diamond Queen (1953) as Mogul
Stop, You're Killing Me (1953) as Lefty
The surprise appearance of four corpses interferes with a beer baron's plans to crash high society.
Here Come the Nelsons (1952) as Duke
The entire Nelson family become embroiled in confusion by the misunderstandings caused when Ozzie invites the attractive grown-up sister of a school chum to stay with the family during a centennial celebration in the community of Hillsdale. Meanwhile, Harriet unknowingly duplicates Ozzie's hospitali
Young Man With Ideas (1952) as Brick Davis
A country lawyer moves his family to Los Angeles.
Breakdown (1952) as Nick Samson
Behave Yourself! (1951) as "Short-wave" Bert
A young couple's dog gets them mixed up in a string of murders.
Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man (1951) as Morgan
Two bumbling private eyes turn a boxer invisible to save him from being framed for murder.
Come Fill the Cup (1951) as Lennie Garr
Alcoholic newspaperman Lew Marsh hits bottom, loses his job and is rehabilitated by Charley Dolan. After six years on the wagon he gets his job back and devotes himself to other recovering alcoholics. His boss enlists his help to sober up his nephew, Boyd Copeland, who has married Lew's old sweetheart. Boyd, who is involved with a cabaret singer and the mob, presents quite a challenge.
The Iroquois Trail (1950) as Ogane
A frontiersman helps the British fight off French invaders and double-dealing Indians.
My Dream Is Yours (1949) as Grimes
A talent scout turns a young unknown into a radio singing star.
Two Knights from Brooklyn (1949)
The owners of a taxi company fight off gangsters and a sinister health guru.
Daughter of the Jungle (1949) as Dalton Kraik
Take One False Step (1949) as Pacciano
Prof. Andrew Gentling, in Los Angeles to help found a new college, is inveigled by old flame Catherine Sykes into a midnight drive. Next day Catherine is missing, believed killed; friend Martha convinces Andrew that he's a prime suspect and should investigate before he's arrested. But this only puts Andrew in a more deadly kind of danger.
Alias a Gentleman (1948) as Harry Bealer
An aging convict tries to keep his daughter from following in his footsteps.
If You Knew Susie (1948) as Steve Garland
A vaudeville couple tries to retire but gets mixed up with gangsters.
Shep Comes Home (1948) as "Swifty" Lewis
Madonna of the Desert (1948) as Nick Julian
Jinx Money (1948) as Lippy Harris
The Bowery Boys find a dead gangster''''s loot-and the mob out to get it back.
Open Secret (1948) as Sergeant Mike Frontelli
The Gangster (1947) as Cornell
A troubled gangster, who has lost all faith in people, loses his weak grip on life.
The Fabulous Joe (1947) as Louie
To quote a Marine D.I. in San Diego or John Wayne in several movies, "Listen up, we ain't going to plow this ground twice." In 1947, Hal Roach made a film called "Curly", which was an expanded version of 1930's "Our Gang" short "Teacher's Pet", with Frances Rafferty and Larry Olsen taking the roles played by June Marlowe and Jackie Cooper in the original short. Hal Roach also made a film called "The Fabulous Joe", basically about a drunk, a talking dog, gangsters and Marie Wilson running around in her skivvies. The two films, intended as bottom-half of a double feature, were released about two weeks apart, with "Curly" going out first. "The Fabulous Joe" came about two weeks later. At the same time, the two films were stitched together and offered, with the combined running time of 112 minutes, to exhibitors who didn't play double features. The film listed on this page, "Hal Roach's Comedy Carnival", is the result. "Curly" was an attempt by Hal Roach, who no longer owned the rights to "Our Gang" (aka "The Little Rascals") to create a version of "Our Gang" with a new set of kids, which would be known as "Curly and His Gang", and would be feature-length films in Cinecolor. "Curly" was the first one in the series and was followed in 1948 by "Who Killed "Doc" Robbin" with the same kids from "Curly" playing the same roles. Later, "Curly" and "Who Killed 'Doc' Robbin" were packaged together as "The Adventures of Curly and His Gang" for theatres and later sold to televison, and there are sources who keep adding the adult cast from the "Doc Robbin" film (Don Castle, Virginia Grey, Claire DuBrey, Paul Hurst and others)incorrectly to the cast of "Curly." The fun part of "Hal Roach's Comedy Carnival" is that it is comprised of two films that are about as opposite of each other as films can be. "The Fabulous Joe" is a screwball comedy filled with double entendre dialogue and scenes and as "Adult" as a film of the 40's could be and still get PCA approval. "Curly", as mentioned, is "Our Gang" updated and in color.
Violence (1947) as Fred Stalk
A female reporter goes undercover within a neo-Nazi group, then loses her memory.
Sinbad the Sailor (1947) as Auctioneer
The Arabian Nights hero sets off to find the lost treasure of Alexander the Great.
Her Kind of Man (1946) as Felix Bender
A singer can't choose between a charismatic gangster and an honest newspaperman.
The Gentleman Misbehaves (1946) as Trigger Stazzi
It's a Wonderful Life (1946) as Nick
George Bailey is a small-town man whose life seems so desperate he contemplates suicide. He had always wanted to leave Bedford Falls to see the world, but circumstances and his own good heart have led him to stay. He sacrficed his education for his brother's, kept the family-run savings and loan afloat, protected the town from the avarice of the greedy banker Mr. Potter, and married his childhood sweetheart. As he prepares to jump from a bridge, his guardian angel intercedes, showing him what life would have become for the residents of Bedford Falls is he had never lived.
Decoy (1946) as Joe Portugal
A woman saves her gangster boyfriend from the gas chamber to get her hands on his hidden money.
The Last Crooked Mile (1946) as Ed "Wires" MacGuire
Rainbow Over Texas (1946) as Kirby Haynes
A cowboy star takes on bandits during a personal appearance in his hometown.
Bowery Bombshell (1946) as Ace Deuce
The Bowery Boys tackle gangsters to clear one of their own from a bogus robbery charge.
Radio Stars on Parade (1945) as Lucky Maddox
A pair of wacky agents take their clients to audition for the top radio shows.
Captain Kidd (1945) as Cyprian Boyle
An infamous pirate tries to double cross the King of England.
Frontier Gal (1945) as Blackie
Zombies on Broadway (1945) as Ace Miller
Two bumbling press agents seek a real zombie for a nightclub opening.
Why Girls Leave Home (1945) as Chris Williams
Diana Leslie (Pamela Blake) is rescued from drowning by reporter Chris Williams (Sheldon Leonard). The latter believes it is an attempted murder rather than the suicide indicated by a note, since the girl had made an appointment to meet him at the dock. The story is told in flashback as Williams visits the people who know Diana. The parents (Virginia Brissac and Joel Friedkin) feel responsible as, against their wishes, Diana had accompanied musician Jimmie Lobo (Elisha Cook Jr.) to the Kitten Club and had gotten a job as a singer but they had not seen her following an argument when she came home that ended with her being slapped by her brother Ted (Fred Kohler Jr.). One of the Kitten Club showgirls, Flo (Constance Worth) tells Chris that when Diane came to the club for an audition, she incurred the wrath of the heavy-drinking featured singer Marianne Mason (Claudia Drake) and club owner Steve Raymond (Paul Gulifoye) delegated her to the hostess ranks of girls whose job was to steer customers to the illegal gambling. This led to a couple of suckers, Wilbur Harris (Walter Baldwin) and Ed Blake (Robert Emmett Keane), losing heavily in the crooked game with Harris committing suicide and Blake being killed in the the ensuing melee.
River Gang (1945) as Peg Leg
Crime, Inc. (1945) as Captain Ferrone
Uncertain Glory (1944) as Henri Duval
A French playboy gets serious when his country is threatened during World War II.
Gambler's Choice (1944) as Chappie Wilson
Trocadero (1944) as Mickey Jones
To Have and Have Not (1944) as Lieutenant Coyo
A skipper-for-hire's romance with a beautiful drifter is complicated by his growing involvement with the French resistance.
Timber Queen (1944) as Smacksie Golden
The Falcon in Hollywood (1944) as Louie Buchanan
A society sleuth tours the movie capital, where he uncovers an actor's murder.
City Without Men (1943) as Monk LaRue
Hit the Ice (1943) as [Harry] "Silky" Fellowsby
Flash Fulton (Bud Abbott) and Weejie McCoy (Lou Costello) take pictures of a bank robbery. Lured to the mountain resort hideout of the robbers and accompanied by Dr. Bill Elliott (Patric Knowles) and Peggy Osborn (Elyse Knox), they also meet old friend Johnny Long (Himself) and his band and singer Marcia Manning (Ginny Simms). Dr. Elliott and Peggy are being held in a remote cabin by the robbers, but Weejie rescues them by turning himself into a human snowball that becomes an avalanche that engulfs the crooks.
Passport to Suez (1943) as Johnny Booth
A reformed thief goes undercover to stop Nazi agents from hijacking planes.
Harvest Melody (1943) as Chuck
Taxi, Mister (1943) as Glorio [previously known as The Frisco Ghost]
A taxi driver's love for a gangster's moll could ruin the company he runs with a friend.
Klondike Kate (1943) as "Sometime" Smith
Molly (Glenda Farrell) and her troupe of dancing girls and "entertainers", sent for by saloon owner "Sometime" Smith, arrive in a Klondike mining town by train. Smith is out of town and rival saloon owner Jefferson Braddock (Tom Neal) signs the girls up to work in his saloon. Also arriving is Katherine (Kate) O'Day, with a deed of ownership, willed her by her father, to Braddock's saloon. She hires attorney and self-appointed Judge Horace Crawford (George Cleveland) to handle her ownership claim, but she soon sees that the deck has been stacked against her when Crawford works the trial as the judge and also the lawyer for both sides. She takes a job as singer in the saloon, replacing Lita (Constance Worth) both as star and Braddock's "favorite." Lita helps Smith win a crooked-and-staged game of "High Card" giving Smith ownership of Braddock's saloon. But Smith double-crosses her and she shoots him somewhat dead, and Braddock is accused of the killing, and is about to be lynched.
Pierre of the Plains (1942) as Clerou
A French-Canadian trapper''''s adventures jeopardize his romance with an innkeeper.
Tortilla Flat (1942) as Tito Ralph
Inhabitants of a Southern California fishing village strive for the simple pleasures of life.
Street of Chance (1942) as Joe Marucci
Lucky Jordan (1942) as Slip Moran
A racketeer struggles to adjust to military life after he''''s drafted.
Born to Sing (1942) as Pete Detroit
Fledgling entertainers put on a show for Uncle Sam.
Week-End in Havana (1941) as Boris
A ship company employee, Jay Williams (John Payne), is sent to Florida where one of the company cruise ships is stuck on a reef off of the coast. He obtains waivers from all of the passengers with the exception of Nan Spencer (Alice Faye), a department store salesgirl who wants her vacation NOW, not later. Jay is instructed to take Nan to Havana and set her up in the best hotel and keep her entertained. She visits a night club where the star attraction is Rosita Rivas (Carmen Miranda), and meets Rosita's worthless manager, Monte Blanca (Cesar Romero), who makes a play for her. Trouble also comes in the form of Jay's fiancee, Terry McCracken (Cobina Wright Jr.), when a romance develops between Nan and Jay.
Rise and Shine (1941) as Menance
The college president, the head cheerleader and a gambling gangster try to keep a flunking football star in the game.
Married Bachelor (1941) as Johnny Branigan
A married gambler has to pose as a bachelor to pay off his debts.
Buy Me That Town (1941) as Chink Moran
With the gang business washed up, Ricky Dean (Lloyd Nolan), suave first lieutenant to racketeer Chink Moran (Sheldon Leonard), and Louie Lanzer (Albert Dekker), a has-been fighter with itchy fingers, decide to take a peaceful vacation in the country. They are followed by three hard-boiled characters, Fingers (Horace MacMahon), Ziggy (Edward Brophy) and Crusher (Warren Hymer). Ricky, thinking they are to be rubbed out for deserting Chink, who has been drafted into the Army, stops his car and confronts them. But they merely want to ask Ricky to be their new boss. He declines but promises to call them sometime if the need arises. They are speeding through a Connecticut village and are stopped by yokel Constable Sam Smedley (Olin Howlin as Olin Howland). Judge Paradise (Richard Carle), with his daughter Virginia (Constance Moore) as court clerk, fines them $5.00 each, plus $37 costs - or 30 days in jail. They, while waiting to hear from Jimmy's lawyer, are taken to the cells and are amazed to find the tumbledown jail wide open, with prisoners walking in and out. The door won't lock. The judge explains to Jimmy that Middle Village is unincorporated and broke, its sole income being traffic fines. The town's bonds, for everything from the houses to the village pump, are owned in New York. He also adds that anyone in jail in an unincorporated village is safe from the outside law - Federal,State and City. Ricky, fine paid, hustles back to New York and buys the town bonds for $40,000. Back in Middle Village, Ricky starts the ball rolling;he retains Judge Paradise, sends for Fingers, Ziggy and Crusher, and renovates the jail into a luxurious club. His lawyer then starts a stream of "customers on the lam" who pay $1000 a week for the comfort and protection of the Middle Village Jail. New fire chief Crusher, police chief Ziggy and the others board with Henrietta (Barbara Jo Allen), a maiden lady with aspirations of becoming a gun moll. She also startles them with her collection of wanted posters, their pictures among them. Louie and Henrietta fall for each other. Virginia, in love with Ricky, tries to talk him into doing big things for the town, such as reopening its one-and-only factory. Ricky agrees when the Army offers a defense contract for shell casings. Meanwhile, Chink has gotten out of the Army and buys Louie's half interest in Middle Village. He tells the "boys" they are suckers for letting Ricky spend the jail "take" on civic improvements and he plans to wreck the factory deal.
Tall, Dark and Handsome (1941) as Pretty Willie
A softhearted gangster tries to go straight.
Private Nurse (1941) as John Winton
Another Thin Man (1939) as Phil Church
Not even the joys of parenthood can stop married sleuths Nick and Nora Charles from investigating a murder on a Long Island estate.

Writer (feature film)

Shadow of Terror (1945) as Original Story

Producer (feature film)

I Spy Returns (1994) as Executive Producer
In this movie sequel to the TV series, Kelly Robinson recruits his son and Alexander Scott's daughter for intelligence work.
Top Secret (1978) as Executive Producer
A hip American agent and his foxy associate try to recover a hundred pounds of stolen plutonium in Italy before it can be used by terrorists.

Director (special)

Aces Up (1974) as Director
The story of Jose and Raul, two spirited Puerto Rican guys who struggle to run the Ace Moving and Hauling Service.
Singles (1972) as Director
The misadventures of Michele and Ruth, working girls at a greeting card company who are also best friends and roommates. In the pilot episode, Michele and Ruth attempt to reform an inept burglar they find robbing their apartment.
Make More Room For Daddy (1967) as Director
The program picks up the lives of the Williams family three years after the demise of "The Danny Thomas Show." As Linda, Danny's youngest child, begins college, Rusty, his son, enlists in the army following his graduation from college. Soon, Rusty meets and falls in love with Susan MacAdams, a colon
Everything Happens to Me (1961) as Director
The pilot film for "The Joey Bishop Show" (1961 version). The misadventures of Joey Mason, a Hollywood press agent. In the pilot episode, Danny's plans for a Hollywood TV special run afoul when Joey takes charge--and almost blows the deal.
Andy Griffith Show, The (1960) as Director
The pilot episode for the series of the same title. The story of Andy Taylor, sheriff, justice of the peace, and newspaper editor in a small southern town called Mayberry. In the pilot episode, broadcast as a segment of "The Danny Thomas Show," Danny and Kathy Williams encounter Andy's hostility whe

Cast (special)

Dick Van Dyke Show Remembered, The (1994)
A retrospective of the 1961-66 sitcom starring Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore.
9th Annual Television Academy Hall of Fame, The (1993)
The Television Academy Hall of Fame honors seven new inductees: John Chancellor, Dick Clark, Phil Donahue, producer Mark Goodson, Bob Newhart, soap opera producer Agnes Nixon, and Jack Webb.
Andy Griffith Show Reunion, The (1993)
A special reuniting cast members from "The Andy Griffith Show."
Big Eddie (1975) as Edward "Big Eddie" Smith
The pilot film for the series of the same title. The story of "Big Eddie" Smith, a Runyonesque character from Broadway's glorious past who has renounced his past life as a gambler to run a mostly-legitimate rental outfit in Manhattan. In the pilot episode, Eddie calls on his old underworld connectio
Wonderful World of Burlesque I, The (1965) as Guest
A star-studded music and comedy salute to vaudeville.
It's Always Sunday (1956) as George
The story of Charles Parker, a soft-touch minister whose kind reputation constantly causes trouble. The pilot episode relates Reverend Parker's efforts to help George and Eddie, a pair of itinerants who have just arrived in town.

Producer (special)

Aces Up (1974) as Producer
The story of Jose and Raul, two spirited Puerto Rican guys who struggle to run the Ace Moving and Hauling Service.
Singles (1972) as Producer
The misadventures of Michele and Ruth, working girls at a greeting card company who are also best friends and roommates. In the pilot episode, Michele and Ruth attempt to reform an inept burglar they find robbing their apartment.
Everything Happens to Me (1961) as Producer
The pilot film for "The Joey Bishop Show" (1961 version). The misadventures of Joey Mason, a Hollywood press agent. In the pilot episode, Danny's plans for a Hollywood TV special run afoul when Joey takes charge--and almost blows the deal.
Andy Griffith Show, The (1960) as Producer
The pilot episode for the series of the same title. The story of Andy Taylor, sheriff, justice of the peace, and newspaper editor in a small southern town called Mayberry. In the pilot episode, broadcast as a segment of "The Danny Thomas Show," Danny and Kathy Williams encounter Andy's hostility whe

Cast (short)

The Gem of the Ocean (1934)
In this musical short, a French woman finds mystery and romance on a luxury liner. Vitaphone Release 1766-1767.

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