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Overview for John Le Mesurier
John Le Mesurier

John Le Mesurier



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Also Known As: Died: November 15, 1983
Born: April 5, 1912 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Bedfordshire, England, GB Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu, The (1980) as Perkins
On Dr. Fu Manchu''s 186th birthday, someone spills his age-reversing elixir, and the evil doctor sends his minions off to find the ingredients to make more. The first item they need is the Star of Leningrad diamond which they steal while it is on exhibition in Washington. The FBI needs help in solving the crime so they send for Nayland Smith, a retired Scotland Yard investigator and an expert on his nemisis Fu Manchu.
Shillingbury Blowers, The (1980) as Council Chairman
Unidentified Flying Oddball, The (1979) as Sir Gawain
A NASA spacecraft proves Einstein right when, travelling faster than light, it ends up near King Arthur's Camelot. On board are big-hearted Tom Trimble and Hermes, the look-alike robot he built. Tom immediately makes friends with pretty Alisande and enemies with the awful knight Sir Nordred. It seems Nordred is out to oust Arthur, while Alisande's father is not the goose she believes him to be but is also a victim of Nordred's schemes. It's as well the Americans have arrived.
Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? (1978) as Doctor Deere
Mystery abounds when it is discovered that, one by one, the greatest Chefs in Europe are being killed. The intriguing part of the murders is that each chef is killed in the same manner that their own special dish is prepared in. Food critics and the (many) self-proclaimed greatest Chefs in Europe demand the mystery be solved.
Stand Up Virgin Soldiers (1977) as Colonel Bromley-Pickering
Jabberwocky (1977) as Chamberlain
After the death of his father the young cooper 'Dennis Cooper' goes to town where he has to pass several adventures. The town and the whole kingdom is threatened by a terrible monster called 'Jabberwocky'. Will Dennis make his fortune? Is anyone brave enough to defeat the monster? A medieval tale with Pythonesque humour.
What's Up Nurse (1977) as Dr Ogden
Adventure Of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother, The (1975) as Lord Redcliff
The famed detective's brother tries to steal his thunder.
Confessions of a Window Cleaner (1974) as Inspector Radlett
Robin Askwith, Anthony Booth, Sheila White, Dandy Nichols, Bill Maynard, Linda Hayden, John LeMesurier. An apprentice window washer gets an eyeful peeking in on a French maid, a nymphomaniac, a frustrated schoolteacher, a stripper, and a lesbian. Val Guest (EXPRESSO BONGO) directed this leering British sex comedy.
Brief Encounter (1974) as Stephen
An updated version of the 1946 film classic (based on Noel Coward's 1936 drama) retelling the bittersweet tale of two married strangers who meet by chance in an English train station and drift into a short but poignant romance. Sophia Loren made her TV acting debut, not as the proper British lady of
Barry Mckenzie Holds His Own (1974) as English Emigrant
Dad's Army (1971) as Sergeant Wilson
Film of the BBC TV series "Dad's Army". Shows how the Walmington-On-Sea Home Guard (affectionately known as the Dad's Army) were formed. Characters include Mainwaring the bank manager, Fraser the undertaker and Jones the butcher. Mainwaring and company save the day when a crew of a German aircraft take the vicar and villagers hostage in the church.
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (1970) as Pelham
A psychiatrist falls in love with a patient's past life.
Doctor in Trouble (1970) as Purser
Dr.Burke is in love with Ophelia but doesn't have time to propose to her as she leaves for a cruise to the Mediterranean. Also on board the cruise ship is an old school chum of Burke's who plays 'Dr.Dare' in a very popular TV series and who women flock to. Burke (Phillips) decides to join the cruise, but is first apprehended as a stowaway, and then becomes the captain's steward. For Burke, trying to talk to Ophelia is a hard enough task, but he meets some funny characters on board, such as a pools winner and a very stubborn captain.
The Magic Christian (1970) as Sir John
Sir Guy Grand adopts homeless bum Youngman to be heir to his obscene wealth, and immediately begins bringing him into the intricacies of the family business, which is to prey upon people's greed by use of the vast holdings of the Grand empire. They leave no stone unturned as sporting events, restaurants, art galleries, and traditional pheasant hunts turn into lurid displays of bad manners and profiteering. Things climax at the social event of the season, the inaugural voyage of the new pleasure cruiser The Magic Christian.
The Italian Job (1969) as Governor
A stylish robber plans to steal a gold shipment.
Salt & Pepper (1968) as Colonel Woodstock
Two nightclub owners investigate the murder of a secret agent found in their apartment.
Finders Keepers (1967) as Mr. X
The 25th Hour (1967) as Magistrate
A Romanian peasant fights to get back to his family after he''''s imprisoned by the Nazis.
Eye of the Devil (1967) as Dr. Monnet
A French nobleman deserts his wife because of an ancient family secret.
The Liquidator (1966) as Chekhov
A killer-for-hire gets mixed up with a plot to assassinate England''s Prince Phillip.
The Wrong Box (1966) as Dr. Slattery
Two elderly brothers plot to kill each other for a fortune.
Where the Spies Are (1966) as Col. Douglas MacGillivray
A country doctor dabbles in espionage to get a new car.
Masquerade (1965) as Sir Robert
An Arab heir plots his own kidnapping in a desperate bid for peace in the Middle East.
Agent 8 3/4 (1965) as Allsop
British Intelligence dupes an unemployed writer into thinking he''''s an industrial spy.
Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines; or How I Flew From London to Paris in 25 Hours and 11 Minutes (1965) as French painter
An international air race is threatened by sabotage.
Operation Snafu (1965) as Hixon
An unlicensed street peddler brings his conniving ways to the military.
Jig Saw (1965) as Mr. Simpson
The Pink Panther (1964) as Defense attorney
In the first Inspector Clouseau film, the bumbling French police detective tries to stop a notorious jewel thief from nabbing a princess'' diamond.
The Moon-Spinners (1964) as Anthony Gamble
When Nikki Ferris and her aunt took a trip to a small Greek island, they never expected to get involved in jewel theft and murder. A strangely reluctant innkeeper, a handsome Englishmen, a missing boy and a mysterious yacht all play a part in this Mystery/Romance based on a Mary Stewart novel.
Never Put It in Writing (1964) as Adams
Why Bother To Knock (1964) as Father
The Wrong Arm of the Law (1963) as Assistant commissioner
The crooks in London know how it works. No one carries guns and no one resists the police. Then a new gang appears that go one better. They dress as police and steal from the crooks. This upset's the natural order of the police/criminal relationship and the police and the crooks join forces to catch the IPOs (Impersonating Police Officers), including an armored car robbery in which the police must help the gangs to set a trap.
The Mouse on the Moon (1963) as British delegate
A small European nation launches a space program using the local wine as rocket fuel.
The Main Attraction (1963) as Bozo
An unscrupulous drifter causes problems for a small European circus.
In the Cool of the Day (1963) as Dr. Arraman
A man''s efforts to save his friend''s marriage lead to infidelity.
Never Let Go (1962) as Pennington
A cosmetic salesman sets out to prove to himself and his wife that he is not a failure.
I Like Money (1962) as Blackmailer
Mr. Topaze (Peter Sellers) is an unassuming school teacher in an unassuming small French town who is honest to a fault. He is fired when he refuses to give a passing grade to a bad student, the grandson of a wealthy Baroness (Martita Hunt). Castel Benac (Herbert Lom), a government official who runs a crooked financial business on the side, is persuaded by his mistress, Suzy (Nadia Gray), a musical comedy actress, to hire Mr. Topaze as the front man for his business. Gradually, Topaze becomes a rapacious financier who sacrifices his honesty for success and, in a final stroke of business bravado, fires Benac and acquires Suzy in the deal. An old friend and colleague, Tamise (Michael Gough) questions him and tells Topaze that if what he now says and practices indicates there are no more honest men.
Waltz of the Toreadors (1962) as Vicar
General Fitzhugh, an aging Lothario has an overactive eye for a pretty woman. Despite a long and satisfying career as a seducer extraordinaire, something always seems to get in the way of his bedding the breathtakingly lovely Ghislaine, a more-than-willing town local.
Only Two Can Play (1962) as Salter
A Welsh librarian fed up with his meager, married existence meets a beautiful woman with whom he tries to consummate an affair.
Village Of Daughters (1962)
A traveling salesman stumbles into the job of matchmaker in a small Italian village.
We Joined the Navy (1962) as Dewberry Senior
Jigsaw (1962)
Local police detectives try to solve the murder of a woman in a British coastal town.
A Coming-Out Party (1962) as Piggott
A somewhat happy-go-lucky bunch of Brits in a German POW camp find their new acerbic fellow prisoner is a key officer who must be got out at all cost.
Call Me Genius (1961) as Office manager
Anthony Hancock gives up his office job to become an abstract artist. He has a lot of enthusiasm, but little talent, and critics scorn his work. Nevertheless, he impresses an emerging very talented artist.
Five Golden Hours (1961) as Dr. Alfiera
A con artist who fleeces wealthy widows falls for his latest mark.
The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's (1961) as Minister
When the school burns to the ground there's clearly been some arson around. The pupils are found guilty and the judge hands them into the care of a pretty dubious child psychiatrist. The sixth form are soon kidnapped and on their way to Arabia with the Ministry of Education, Barchester police, and an Army Bath Unit after them. But real rescue fourth form.
Invasion Quartet (1961) as The colonel
Four British soldiers infiltrate enemy territory to destroy a strategic artillery placement.
Doctor in Love (1961) as Dr. Mincing
The fourth of the seven films in the "Doctor" series featuring Sir Lancelot Spratt and Doctor Richard Hare.
Follow a Star (1961) as Birkett
Norman Truscott is a store worker who dreams of stardom. Vernon Carew is a singer who's star is fading. Vernon manages to get a recording of Norman singing and passes it off as himself.
I'm All Right Jack (1960) as Waters
A veteran starting out in business gets caught between management and labor.
The Day They Robbed the Bank of England (1960) as Mr. Greene
Turn-of-the-century Irish patriots plan to overthrow the British government.
Let's Get Married (1960) as Dean
School For Scoundrels (1960) as Headwaiter
Based on the Stephen Potter "One Upmanship" and "Lifemanship" books, Henry Palfrey tries hard to impress but always loses out to the rotter Delauney. Then he discovers the Lifeman college run by "Professor" Potter and discovers the secrets of success. But has he the courage to put all his lessons into effect ?
A Touch of Larceny (1960) as Admiral
To better his lot, a British officer fakes his defection to the Russians so he can sue the press.
Man in a Cocked Hat (1959) as Grand Duke
A bumbling diplomat tries to rebuild relations with a Pacific island kingdom.
Shake Hands with the Devil (1959) as British general
An Irish rebel leader becomes addicted to violence.
Too Many Crooks (1959) as Magistrate
When her husband refuses to ransom her, a kidnapped wife takes over the gang.
The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959) as Barrymore
Sherlock Holmes investigates the haunting of an isolated British estate by a murderous canine.
Ben-Hur (1959) as Doctor
While seeking revenge, a rebellious Israelite prince crosses paths with Jesus Christ.
Gideon of Scotland Yard (1959) as Prosecuting counsel
A Scotland Yard inspector struggles to get through a typical day on the job.
Happy Is the Bride (1958) as Chaytor
In a quiet summer corner of Wiltshire that is forever England, David and Janet decide to tie the knot. Unfortunately this is the cue for everyone else to take over proceedings, to the dismay of the couple and the increasing despair of Janet's father. One way or another the wedding - if there is one - is going to be an unforgettable occasion.
Law and Disorder (1958) as Pomfret
Hell, Heaven or Hoboken (1958) as Adjutant R.A.P.C.
British intelligence hires a man to impersonate General Montgomery during World War II.
High Flight (1958) as Commandant
A flight trainer tries to deal with a headstrong cadet.
Brothers in Law (1957) as Judge Ryman
Newly qualified barrister Roger Thursby joins his flatmate as a trainee at a London law firm. Thrown in at the deep end by the absent-minded senior partner, his first few appearances in court border on the disastrous as he encounters a succession of cantankerous judges.
Pursuit of the Graf Spee (1957) as Chaplain
The British navy fights to trap a deadly German battleship during World War II.
The Vampire (1957) as Chief Justice
An experimental treatment turns a small-town doctor into a vampire.
Private's Progress (1956) as Psychiatrist
Stanley Windrush has to interrupt his university education when he is called up towards the end of the war. He quickly proves himself not to be officer material. This leads him to meets up with wily Private Cox who knows exactly how all the scams work in the confused world of the British Army. And Stanley's brigadier War Office uncle seems to be up to something more than a bit shady too.
Baby And The Battleship, The (1956) as Aide
After a quayside mix-up with the Italian family of his fiancée, Able Seaman Knocker White finds himself literally left holding the baby. Unable to return it before his ship sails he enlists the help of best mate Puncher Roberts to smuggle the child aboard. But babies are surprisingly demanding and gradually the whole crew is drawn into helping keep it fed and washed - and undiscovered. Even so, the officers above deck start to puzzle over the increasingly strange happenings on board.
Twist of Fate (1954) as 1st man at casino
A woman is taken in by the gifts she receives from a wealthy baker, unaware of his motives or his marriage status.

Cast (special)

File It Under Fear (1973)
The story of a rural community that is rocked by a series of library murders.

Cast (special)

Married Man, A (1984) as Eustace Lough

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